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Finding the best Utility Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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Utility Software

The software is designed to perform a very specific task, usually related to managing system resources. This is done basically to increase the efficiency and functioning of the organization.

For example, word processing systems, spreadsheets and database applications are termed to be ‘useful applications’ because they are large programs that are built to perform a variety of functions.

What is the main purpose?

The main purpose of Utility Software is computer security, with the help of antivirus systems, spywares and firewalls. Secondly, Disk organization, in the form of disk formatting, file transfer, defragmentation. Thirdly, System Cleanup, which includes regular updating of software, system cleanup tools etc.

Key features

  1. Data compression: This feature of the software helps the user to concise the data and removes unwanted words. The unwanted repetition of words is not required and will be notified.
  2.  Data Synchronization: This feature helps the user in proper formatting of the data as per the requirements of the type of file or the end user
  3. File synchronization: This helps the user to store all the files of the same type or related names to be stored together for convenience and ease.
  4. Disk compression: This helps increases the amount of information that can be stored on a hard disk drive of given size. It compresses the files of any size, unlike the disk compression software, which compresses only selected files on the basis of some pre-determined criteria.
  5. Disk Space Analyzers: This is a very efficient feature of the software. Disk space analyzers are useful in detecting the distribution of the used space.

Benefits of this Software

  1. Efficient management of data : Availability of all the data at the click of a mouse
  2. Increased level of storage and ready reference: increased storage and prevention of unwanted resource purchase, which in turn leads to cost cutting
  3. Prevents data theft and misuse with the help of security systems: Helps prevention of leakage of important and confidential data from reaching the competitors.

Reliefs to the buyer

  1. System protection: This software will protect the end user in all aspects such as data protection from unauthorized users, ease of transactions and circulation of data among the team and supervision of the end user on all activities at the same time.
  2. Regular Contact: This helps in maintaining regular contact with all the employees and obtaining the knowledge about the day to day updates and developments in the organization.
  3. De-fragmentation of the Disk: This feature of the software helps the user to fix any virus or security related problems and it is also used for the defragmentation of the hard disk.
  4. System Profile/Status: This feature of the software helps the user to provide overall protection from the system in terms of theft, manipulation or destruction of the data.
  5. Virus Scanners: This facility helps the users to scan for viruses, if any, when surfing the net online, or due to the injection of external mass storage devices.
  6. Text Editor: The formatting and restructuring of the text in terms of grammar corrections, usage of obsolete terms or inappropriate usage of words can also be done using the proficient features.
  7. Compression: The unwanted usage of words in the form of repetition can be omitted and be rectified by this.

Hence, after proper analysis and introspection of the above details of the product, an appropriate selection can be done. With increased analysis of the needs and requirements of the firm, a wise decision would enhance the profits and make the company reach great heights.

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