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Top Time Table Management Software in 2020

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 Time Table Management Software

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What is Time Table Management Software

Timetable management software is a digital operation scheduling and workflow management solution, that streamlines the entire process of planning and scheduling of an educational institution, whether a school, college, or university.

Otherwise, a complex and time-consuming process, planning of a timetable can be automated with the help of time table management software. This entire process has a lot of advantages such as all the manual errors are eliminated, a lot of time and efforts are saved and real-time updates are made available to the concerned people.

All of this contributes to the smooth operations of an educational system and makes way for the optimal use of resources.

Why You Need Online Timetable Management System?

There are a number of reasons why you need an online timetable management system for your educational institute but if you are an educator you will know its true essence. 

Above all the reasons, using this system takes away all the struggles and complexities of preparing a time table manually. It streamlines the entire process of timetable planning, eliminates manual errors, and simultaneously updates everyone about any significant changes--small or big.

There is a lot of time and effort that goes into planning and executing a timetable management system. Subsequently, all of it can be saved and channelized towards other productive purposes. 

It saves a lot of stress too.

To sum it all, to move with the digital times and take all the innovations in your stride, you definitely need an online timetable management system

Benefits of Time Table Management Software

There is limited time at the school and there is a lot of learning to be done. The time table management software helps in the optimal use of limited resourced such as time.

Here are some of the top benefits of using time table management software in any educational institute:

1. The process is automated

One of the principal advantages of using time table management system is that the entire process is automated. Use the ‘auto mode’ and you are good to go, irrespective of the number of units, classes, or subjects you have in the school.

2. Eases payroll management 

The time table management software offers dual advantage of timetable management together with payroll management. Since it records the number of hours a teacher spends in the classroom and also the days she is absent, the payroll calculation gets a lot easier and uncomplicated.

3. Provides real-time updates

The teachers, students, and the parents get real-time updates of any changes that are made to the time table. This eliminates any kind of confusion and offers an effective learning experience.

4. Offers flexibility and customization

Good time table management software always offers flexibility and customization to its user in terms of different locations, languages, different numbers of classes, and subjects in a school. They also offer unique solutions for facilities such as labs in the school.

5. Reduces chances of errors

Timetable management software reduces the chances of errors that are very common in cases when the timetables are made manually. Reduction in errors means the different divisions of school can run smoothly.

6. Offers fool-proof security

Unlike the manual records that are vulnerable and do not offer any confidentiality, a school timetable management system is laced with all the necessary security measures that offer confidentiality to data and allows permissions and privileges that are role-based. With reliable timetable management software by your side, you will never have to worry about cyber attacks or loss of data.

7. Easy substitute management 

There is nothing more frustrating when you have planned out the timetable of the day and the teacher is absent. It can get very challenging to find an appropriate substitute teacher without disturbing the other scheduled classes. But with effective time table management software you can do it no time at all.

8. Saves manual time and effort

Having an online time table management system saves a lot of manual time and effort that can be used in a number of other productive ways. 

9. Helps to save paper

When you go digital by using an online time table management system, you do your bit in saving the environment by minimizing the use of paper. You do not just go paper-free but you can also store all that data for any future reference which is otherwise not easy with all the paper involved.

10. Is user-friendly

Even though the software helps to perform a number of complex tasks in no time at all, operating on the software itself is not complex at all. It is user-friendly and requires no special training.

The time table management software supports a number of languages. This means you can use it from any part of the world and that too in your national language.

Features Must look Before Choosing Time Table Management System

If you are thinking to integrate a reliable time table management system with the calendar system of your educational institute, you would like to derive maximum benefits from it as well.

To ensure that you get maximum benefits from such a software solution, you must also make sure that the time table management software you choose has the following features:

1. It should be user-friendly

If a software solution has an answer to all your problems yet is not user-friendly, it is no good to your institute. It is imperative that it should be user-friendly and does not require intensive training before its use. One of the major advantages of using such software is that it saves time and effort and if the same time and effort is wasted in executing the software, it does not solve the purpose at all!

2. It should be easily customizable

Every school has a different set of guidelines and different statistics too so it is vital that the time table management software should be easily customizable. A user should be able to customize different parameters such as the language used, number of schools, subjects, teachers etc. with great ease. It is a definite bonus to incorporate unique facilities offered by the school such as lab facilities.

3. It should consider the department regulations

There are a number of guidelines that are issued by the state department of education. They can be in terms of the length of the academic school year, the school duration, number of periods in a day, etc. To be really accommodating for an institute, the time table management system should consider all such regulations that are laid down by the department.

4. It must follow the principle of justice

If we are looking to maximize the use of available resources, it is crucial that the software must follow the principle of justice. This means every teacher should be allotted the same hours of work and it should be ensured that they are assigned only the subjects that they are qualified as well as comfortable to teach to the students.

The teachers should also be provided with free periods. This will not just increase efficiency but also give them time to prepare lesson plans and do corrections work.

5. It must follow the principle of variety

Apart from the principle of justice, it must also follow the principle of variety. This means that there should be variety in the timetable so both teachers and students do not feel fatigued or bored. For instance, no subject should be repeated one after the other, a teacher should not have two back to back classes in the same room; a class should not sit in the same room for the entire day, etc.

6. It should ensure maximum utilization of resources

One of the drawbacks of designing a timetable manually is also that it does not ensure maximum utilization of resources. So timetable management software must do that. Several factors must be considered such as the qualification and experience of a teacher and the size of a classroom etc for the purpose. There should be no wastage or under-utilization of resources.

7. It must include features like substitute management

For time table management software to be really valuable, it must include the feature of substitute management. When a teacher scheduled to take a class is absent, it should make it easier to substitute a new teacher to take up the class in no time at all. This will not just save the limited time at hand but will also ensure that no other schedule is disturbed for the day.

8. It should notifications

Apart from seamlessly making all the changes required in a time table, the software solution should also send real-time updates to students, teachers, and parents simultaneously. It avoids a lot of confusion and prepares everyone for the change when they receive notifications.

It might be an expensive affair initially for an educational institute to invest in time table management software that has all the above-mentioned features. But in the long run, it comes with multiple advantages that subsequently multiplies the revenue and makes up for such an investment. 

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