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Best Supermarket Billing software

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Supermarket Billing Software

Supermarkets are large grocery story suitable to shop with a variety of options available. And while one can visit and spend time in choosing the best, the task for supermarkets is to keep an accurate record of the inventory, as many items have limited shelf life and are perishable. This also means the stack needs to be maintained properly with a proper record of sales, and available items. With a number of customers visiting the store every day, it’s essential for the supermarket to share the load with some automated system that can keep them updated with the stock while also taking care of the long queues of the customer.

What is Supermarket Billing System?

Supermarket billing software is one such grocery store software that maintains accurate information of the items in the store and also assists in the billing process so as to maintain express checkout which is flexible and scalable. With grocery stores receiving multiple deliveries from multiple vendors each day, an efficient and accurate supermarket billing software let grocers verify new stock and enter it for immediate sale. The main purpose of the software for the supermarket billing system is to make the process easier for the customer as well as the superstore staff as it serves as a major customer care tool. It ensures that the billing process works smooth, the store obtains payment in time, before generating the invoice all the customer personal information is analyzed and billing systems are analyzed overall.

Features of Supermarket Billing Software

We all have been part of the long queue in a supermarket once in our life. The supermarket in UK are usually well equipped with software billing software in the system and hence automates the billing process by cutting down the manual entry time and entering the product details via scanning.

Supermarket billing software eases the billing process as it is loaded with many other features that support the overall system. Few of the features that make it a must to implement software are:

  • Reduce administrative work- With all the automation and standardization comes to reduce manual work, less workforce, and cost-effective functions. The fast and accurate invoicing reduces the margin of error compared to manually entering the records and maintaining all the paper works.
  • Sales on account- With information pre-recorded for customers, the sales process is smoothened with recurring customers. The sales are maintained on the system and record is kept so as to retrieve it on a later date.
  • Code Check- Bulk produce items don’t have individual price tags often. The cashier in the manual system seeks code from the list. However, with the code check feature in the supermarket billing system, the code for the product can be looked up and prices can get in a fraction of seconds.
  • Coupon Redemption- The application process and redeem the coupons associated at the time of check-out. The coupon details are pre-feed and on successful verification of the coupon code, the discount is being calculated-off from the final bill amount
  • Coupon printing?- Many advance system offers a discount coupon for the next purchase. At the time of checkout, based on the current purchase, the discount coupon for the next purchase is provided.
  • Sell per unit weight?- The billing systems integrated with scales at check-out weighs the item and print the weight, final weight, unit cost, and barcode on the receipt.
  • Inventory Auditing?- One of the key features of the advance supermarket billing software is the inventory auditing. The system keeps a record of the inventory and notifies when the inventory goes out of stock or about to go out of stock. This saves the bottom line and prevents inventory shrinkage by updating the products in the store.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs?- To maintain the relationship for a longer period of time, the recurring customer needs to be retained and awarded with loyalty awards. The loyalty points are rewarded based on the visit of the customer over a period of time. These loyalty points can be redeemed for the discount or gift cards.
  • Barcode reader?- With products mostly tagged with the barcodes (Barcode are vertical black lines that are encrypted with the product details, such as, manufacturing date, expiry date, price, etc.) the supermarket billing software scans the barcode and retrieve the product details from the system. This makes the billing process smooth as one doesn’t have to enter the details manually.

Benefits of using Supermarket Billing Software

The supermarket billing system is used to maintain a healthy relationship between the customer and the store managers by providing transparency in the billing system which validates that exact price has been quoted for the purchases. It ensures and provides ease of payment to customers. The other benefits associated are:

  • Efficiency?- The software for the supermarket billing system streamlines the ordering and the stocking process. It also makes the scheduling process easier and quicker. The overall efficiency of the supermarket increases with the implementation of the system as it not only manages the cash part but also take care of the inventory storage.
  • Product updates?- As supermarket is all about picking the product of choice by the customer, another major task of the supermarket billing system is to update regarding the product on short, send refill product notification, and discount certain items which have a short shelf life or are near to expiration.
  • Real-Time status update?- The supermarket billing software helps to stay organized in many ways. It helps in employee management and scheduling, customer relationship management, inventory management and accounts payable and receivable, all done in real-time.
  • Instant invoices?- Supermarket billing system helps send and print the invoices to the customer directly without the help of any third-party app. This increase customer satisfaction as the client gets the information of the transaction directly on the registered number.
  • Metrics, Reports, and Analytics?- The metrics and in-detailed report about the customer help in marketing further and send promotional messages to the potential customer. The metrics also help streamline the process and replenish the stock.

Supermarket billing software either can be bought as a standalone application offering only the invoice and billing services or can be bought as a system offering integrated services with a third-party application, such as barcode scanner, CRM system, etc. Prices vary widely for the type of services opted for the business.

With the ever-increasing queue in the supermarkets, the task is to make the process faster and automated. Having implemented supermarket billing software helps supermarkets in faster billing process and better customer record storage. The advanced cloud-based supermarket billing system can be accessed even remotely and helps companies stay updated with the day-to-day happenings of the supermarket. With the listed features above, supermarket billing system if implemented full-fledged helps automate the system, cut down on manual tasks and produce efficient results for the business with higher customer satisfaction.

Before implementing a full-fledged software, supermarkets can opt to use a free version of supermarket billing software with barcode from the internet. However, this version can only be used as a trial for a small segment of the customer base, say 10-20 or can be used in-house to get a fair idea of the overall software. The store functions become more efficient by using the barcode scanner supported supermarket billing system.

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