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Best Staffing Agency software

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Staffing agency software is a system designed to enable recruiting firms to manage the whole process of hiring candidates effectively. 

The software helps you build and maintain relationships with large pools of candidates. The primary purpose is to allow agencies to spend less time managing daily tasks and more time recruiting talented candidates. 

It integrates candidate profiles, contact information, and their expertise to streamline candidate profiles. In fact, these recruiting software for staffing firms automatically capture every interaction, store, and organize it by the client. And, more advanced software goes to provide performance tracking for employee evaluation to improve office efficiency. 

With cloud technology becoming the norm and the rise of artificial intelligence, the recruiting industry has gone through a drastic change in such a short time span.

1. Innovative Ways of Recruitment and Training

Last year saw the use of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in recruitment. This staffing software now comes lashed with innovative ways of hiring and training. 

It helps leaders or managers to improve their employee engagement and also find ways to train their workflow efficiently. The result is that it has considerably helped in terms of retaining talent for a much longer time.

Besides, expert staffing solutions collect a vast amount of data on their behavior through their responses during these training sessions. 

2. Blind Hiring

A few years ago, there were a few allegations of biased hiring. The top leaders, especially in the technology-innovation industry, suffered many accusations for having a lack of diversity in their workforce. 

The use of expert staffing solutions automates the whole hiring process and removes any human biases involved. The new method involves removing parameters like age, race, gender, and more to ensure that there are not even slight biases in the process. 

3. Social Media in Recruitment 

The year saw a rise in the use of social media for hiring candidates. Sticking to the old ways of randomly finding resumes on career websites is not going to help find real talents. Technology advancement has lead to a severe crisis of talented or skilled applicants. 

Corporate staffing solutions are adding tools that can help search talent through social media. The industry relies on data-driven insights to ensure a better candidate experience for their prospective employees.

4. Mobile Staffing Software

People are nowadays using mobile devices to do a job search on the web. For recruiting agency, it means that they need to focus more on creating a mobile-optimized career website.

Also, they need to focus on mobile recruiting software for staffing agencies. It will help them attract more candidates and carry out the entire hiring process smoothly. 

Some of the essential features of staffing industry software are as follows -

  • Integrations

A good staffing agency software should be able to seamlessly integrate with other applications to ensure the smooth functioning of the recruiting agency. It helps to extend the functionalities of the software. For instance, the integration with different social platforms can automatically share your jobs on these platforms. It eliminates the need to manually posts jobs every time you create one. 

  • Reporting and Analytics

Effective recruiting software for staffing firms should come with extensive reporting and analytics features. It should not only generate a lot of data but also provide insights for smart business decision-making. The data alone isn’t useful unless you have insights into which recruiting process is working and what is not. 

Furthermore, it helps you understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses so you can build a healthier business.

  • Job Management

Another essential feature of recruiting software for staffing agencies in job management. The staffing solutions should enable you to manage all your jobs from a single dashboard alone and also, let you track them as they move up through the pipeline. 

Besides, many staffing agency software lets you segregate candidates for each job based on activity. It ensures finding the right candidates for the position faster. 

  • Mass Mailing

Mass mailing is another vital recruiting tool for software staffing companies. It enables you to send any updates to more than one candidate or all of them in a particular job using the mass mailing feature. You could use them to send any reminder, alerts, or any kind of updates to companies, users, and vendors as well. 

You should be able to create your own templates and send the message with just a few clicks. 

  • User Management

In a staffing agency, there is a network of individual recruiters. A staffing industry software should be able to manage all your users individually, making sure each recruiter gets all the necessary tools and options to handle their own pool of candidates. 

Besides, it should have admin-based control that enables admins to determine the role of each user. The feature enables you to manage your team of recruiters easily. 

  • Back-Office Solution

Best applicant tracking solutions for staffing agencies are the ones that also automates back-office activities like creating and sending invoices to your clients on-the-go. It enables you to get clients’ approval faster and eliminate expensive human errors. 

It helps automate manual tasks and save your time and effort. 

  • Mobile Staffing Agency Software

With the adoption of cloud technology, staffing software solutions are becoming easily accessible. It should be compatible with devices other than desktops, such as mobile, tablets, and more. This gives you the advantage to access the system on the road and view candidate information at your fingertips. 

  • User Interface

The most important of all features is that the staffing software should come with an intuitive interface. That way, your recruiters won’t have to waste time taking extensive training on how to use the software. It should have quick navigation so that it helps you effectively manage your firm. 

There are hundreds of software staffing companies out there. This section highlights the best expert staffing solutions out there. 

Applicant Tracking System 

The applicant tracking system is the biggest category of recruiting software.

1. Greenhouse

The greenhouse is one of the fastest-growing ATS, which is popular for its structured interview style. It gives you a competitive edge to your hiring process by giving you a holistic view of the candidate activity. Besides, it lets you customize career page and job boards. 

2. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is one of the best applicant tracking systems for staffing agencies that focuses on both candidate and recruiter experience. It provides end-to-end recruiting capabilities on a single platform, suitable for the modern workforce. 

3. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a scheduling software for staffing agencies that comes with a comprehensive set of features to help you attract and hire skilled candidates. It automates candidate emails, scheduling, SMS messages, and interview management. 

CRM Software Recruitment

4. Yello

Yello is an all-in-one talent acquisition platform that enables recruiting firms to carry out their entire hiring process efficiently. From career fair events to interview scheduling, and candidate engagement, it takes care of all. They have some top clients in their list - Johnson&Johnson, Spotify, Adobe, and more. 

5. SmashFly

SmashFly is one of the most reliable recruiting platforms as AI powers it. With smart SmashFly, you and your team can effortlessly search, match, and hire candidates based on their skills and behavior. 

6. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a simple yet powerful healthcare staffing agency software. It helps streamline operations and maximize candidate engagement with an expert staffing solution. Besides, it provides you with actionable reports to help you make smart business decisions. 

AI and Automation

7. Textio Hire

Textio Hire is a staffing industry software that helps you write the best language for job postings. It enables you to find the right words to attract the right candidates. It can identify any biased words used in the description and suggest an alternative instead. 

8. Ideal

The ideal is an AI-power staffing industry software that enables you to shortlist applicants by analyzing rich candidate information. It collects data from resumes, conversations, assessments, and performance data and analyzes them to help you select the right fit for the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Definitely yes. The best staffing agency software provides an easy-to-use platform, which is aimed at providing an enriching experience for both recruiters and candidates. It improves the overall image of the employment brand.
  • A staffing agency software should offer customization and smooth integration so that whenever your business experiences any change - in terms of success and growth, it can quickly adapt to it. It should be flexible enough to adjust to changes in the future.
  • Absolutely. The whole purpose of staffing agency software is to improve the overall hiring process by streamlining it. The use of technology centralizes all data, automates your workflow, and let you handle a large pool of talent without any hassle.

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