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Best Social CRM software

Finding the best Social CRM Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Social CRM software?

Customer service is primary to stay active and successful in any business. The business has to be optimized at the multi-channel level. This is where social CRM plays a vital role. It helps in offering a seamless response to the customers as well as the integration of social media channels in the social CRM. It is a strategy used to streamline the processes of the organization and to improve the profitability of the business. Interacting with the customers through the day is possible when you opt for Social Customer Relationship Management. The traditional CRM is the tool to manage sales, productivity, contacts, and a lot more. The business relationship is improved with conventional CRM. Social CRM is miles ahead.

CRM software has information about customers. Email, telephone, mobile, and other contact details can be accessed easily from the software. You can also access recent news about the company, and store all personal information of clients as well.

The principles of Social CRM and its need

Usually, when there are discussions about CRM; it can be related to technology, strategy, and process. When it is about CRM technology, it is a cloud-based product. The technology is used to analyze and interact between the company and the users. CRM strategy is a business philosophy to manage customer relations. The process of CRM is adopted to nurture business relationships.

Social media has changed the approach to customer-centric business. There are tasks which can now be done through the Social CRM applications. These tools and applications of the best Social CRM software help in transporting the business approach from company-centric to customer-centric. The principles of social CRM are-

  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Advocacy
  • Mutual value and co-creation

If your business needs to survive in the competitive world, Social CRM solutions are the most important technology, which you will need. You can be aware of the current trends, and improve the sales and leads, understanding the need for social CRM integration is crucial. The sales team can understand the sales forces better, and marketing team makes forecasting easy. Conversations with customers can be maintained and used at any point in time, using CRM. The HR team, supply chain management, and every other team can find CRM useful. Get to know more on this here.

Features of Social CRM System

  • Marketing Tools: Look for CRM software which has marketing tools. In-built marketing tools include SMS marketing, email marketing, and sales forecasting capabilities.
  • Call center: Call center features are excluded from low priced plans. However, you can link them with the CRM software. If you are looking to improve the graph, your choice should be CRM software which has call center capabilities.
  • Reports and dashboards: Reporting functionality is a part of the recent technology, which is necessary for a business. The dashboard and reports can offer live status. Transferring the data to the compatible format with your system is also integrated.
  • Workflows: CRM software needs project management, which is the primary task. There are built-in workflows, which help with the task management in any organization. You need to check if the application you require is present in the plan you choose.
  • E-commerce: If you are planning to go online, or extending the capabilities of the existing site, then you can find the inbuilt E-commerce features.
  • Lead management and sales: It is easy to generate leads, from various resources. Website traffic, social media platform, and newsletter sign-ups are good examples.

Benefits of a social CRM system

  • Improves your business process: Social CRM system helps in improving your process by making it transparent. You can improve your reach to the customer via all platforms. You get to get in touch with the customers via phone, email, or other interactive mediums. Consistency and efficiency of customer relationship management are carried over with the Social CRM solutions.
  • Internal communication is made easy: All your internal teams must be on the same page. Marketing, IT, and admin teams should carry the same idea. The real-time updates should be able to be viewed by all teams. The teams act in collaboration, and confusion and inconsistencies are made void. When you own a business process which is spread across the globe, getting such consistent and confusion-free communication is the key to retain customers. Social CRM tools can help you achieve the same. However, you can expect the tools to work better, only if you have chosen the best Social CRM software.
  • R&D of the business improves: Social CRM applications make the process sophisticated. This means research and development niche of your business gets more attention. The capabilities of your team are improved. The customer conversations are now the responsibility of your R&D team. It can develop innovative products or services that the market needs currently.
  • Competitive intelligence: What makes your business improvement cumbersome? Most of the times, it is because of the competitive edge. They can throw challenges, and often, you would be able to find how their conversions are successful hardly. With the best Social CRM software, you can measure the factors which have been pulling you down. You can figure out the right marketing strategy for your business.
  • Improves productivity: The ocean of information is at your hands when you have the Social CRM applications and Social CRM tools for your business. You get to know the customer needs, demographics, contact details, etc. The leads and conversions are hassle-free when you wealth of information. Ensure your sales team makes use of the CRM tools and the data you acquire from the software.
  • Being Upbeat: Want to know customer sentiments and feedback? The smaller gadgets ensure this can be done with a few clicks. Thanks to social media, you can make your brand accessible. Even if your customers don't tag you, you can reach their contacts with the Social CRM solutions.
  • Improve your customer relationship: Get to know everything about your customers through social media. Are they camping around? Has a customer changed a job? Or is there a bundle of joy that has popped in? Congratulate your customer, and build a deep relationship with your customers. The technology can be used to improving relations. Make use of the opportunity to reinstate your brand value among the customers.

Things to consider before buying Social CRM software

You can find leads and prospects when you deal with social CRM software. It helps in maintaining a relationship with existing customers and paves the way to acquire more customers. There are a lot of factors to consider when you are in the hunt for the best CRM software for your business.

Find out if the CRM software you have opted for is built for the size of your business. Do you need to consider if the employees can easily use it? Your answer to the question decides which CRM software you should opt for. You need to opt for the software, which makes it easy for you to integrate the software that you use currently.

If you are in a dilemma with the plethora of social CRM applications in the market, then here are things you need to know before picking the right one.

  • What area do you need the CRM for? CRM software helps in improving productivity. Studies prove that sales go up by 29% when you use CRM software. The sales forecast improves by 42%, while productivity moves up to 34%. There are a lot of CRM tools available in the market. But, where you do, you need them to improve efficiency is something you need to decide. Does your sales staff spend hours in filling data? Or do they spend considerable time in finding contact details? An analysis of this helps in identifying the best social CRM software. The simple tasks which take hours can be eliminated, and the same man force can be focused on getting more leads.
  • Is the social CRM software mobile-friendly? You cannot expect the CRM software, which is designed for a website to work on the tablet or a smartphone. When you want the sales representatives to perform better, it is essential to go for the CRM application, which is mobile-based. This is because, when they are on the move, the software still works efficiently. Companies which use mobile application for CRM software have improved their sales performance, significantly.
  • What does the software offer? Understanding CRM software is cumbersome. When you are not investing time in understanding it, using it becomes intimidating. Spend some time analyzing various software available on the market. Analyze the features, and check if your business and team can make use of it, with ease. You should be able to allot time to check if the training can ensure your staff makes use of the software as efficiently as possible. The company you choose the buy the software must include training part of the strategy.
  • Is it compatible? Customer relationship management has various parts. You can use one for email marketing and another for SMS marketing. If you want a new application or a Social CRM system, give a thought about the integration of the latest software with the existing application. The software which has many built-in integration options should be your choice if you have a huge business. You can use multiple applications for your needs.
  • Does it let you generate reports? Will you be able to get multiple reports? This is one of the capabilities of the CRM software; you should care about. You should be able to get adequate reports and work on various metrics, based on the reports you receive. You should be able to make most of the benefits of using the CRM software. Only if the reporting capabilities are higher, can you trust the CRM software!
  • Check out the customer reviews: Based on the customer reviews, you can quickly identify the best Social CRM system. If you can get personal recommendations, it is easy to find the right option. You can discover how the software works, the downsides, and pros of using it, how easy is the integration process, and if the software has helped in improving the sales and productivity. Also, get to know if the customer service is efficient and reliable.
  • Cost of the software: The package you decide to buy is the factor that determines the cost of the software. Try to find if all the modules/features of the package are vital for you. If not, you can always get the required modules/features. This can also bring down the cost of the software.
  • Budget: You need to ensure that all activities which you do are budgeted for. The pricing model that fits your business size and needs is what you need to seek. The costs are set as per user and month. When you look for more features, you would be paying more. When there are additional users, again, the plan is expensive. If you don't have a budget plan, you need to narrow it down to the features you need.

If you are convinced about the Social CRM tools and software, after narrowing down your search based on these factors, check if you can try the software for free. It is, after all, a big investment for your business. So, it is not a crime to spend weeks analyzing the right CRM software. In the trial period, examine if the software meets all the needs of your business. If not, check if the plans can be upgraded to get the results. If not, you can try another software.

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