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25 Best SFA - Sales Force Automation Software in 2020

Finding the best SFA Sales Force Automation Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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Are you looking out for buying a perfect Sales Force Automation System to automate and streamline the business sales processes for your company?
Here is how SoftwareSuggest can help you in finding exactly what you are looking for;

Since SoftwareSuggest's deployment in the industry for providing suggestions and successful recommendations for business software we have observed and then devised certain conclusions which might help you in deciding which sales automation tool would best fit your business

A major part of SFA Software buyers is from the Manufacturing industry, followed by the Distribution and then Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Manufacturing - 22.4%
  • Distribution - 17.6%
  • Software / IT - 4.7%
  • Pharmaceuticals - 11.8%
  • Others - 43.5%

From this, we clearly defined that an industry with a sales team off and above 10-15 people requires an SFA to streamline the process for better business execution.

Also, 78.9% of the total customers preferred to buy the software with Online/Web-based deployment. This is followed by 8.9% customers who preferred to buy the sales tools which offer both: Installation-based deployment and Web-based deployment. This clearly shows that as far as Sales Software is concerned, not many are open to buying just the Installation-based solution. As the online SFA software provides better compatibility and integration options with all the managers and the people they are designated to manage.

  • Online - 55.9%
  • Offline - 29.9%
  • Both - 14.2%

All this analysis might help you in selecting a perfect fit software for your business, if you need any more assistance with the same, feel free to connect with us on the number provided on this page's top right corner.

We are happy to help.

Framed below is some more information about sales automation software, read on!

What is Salesforce Automation Software?

Salesforce Automation (SFA) Software is a comprehensive dynamic program that enables business managers to monitor their sales processes closely and track sales-related data, from time to time. Besides managing sales, business heads can also use the software to control their stock and inventory and track customer interactions. SFA is a compact and powerful application that provides relevant data, vital for analyzing sales performances and predicting future sales. It's customized versions specifically meet the needs of every business and empower them to improve the efficiency of sales personnel and gradually push up sales.

How Does Sales Force Automation Work?

Sales Force automation works with the sole motto to provided maximum sales profit by allowing sales professional to do a thorough analysis of market trend. With its help, retailers can do real-time forecasting of the market and proceed accordingly.

This is how Sales Force automation works to help augment your business.

  1. It increases the productivity of your organization - As all processes like lead generation and lead conversion can be done automatically with the help of SFA software, the operations are fast and accurate. It automatically converts leads into contact and opportunity-objects for fast operations. With minimal manual work involved, your tasks are free from errors as well. Thus, you are able to generate more revenue and sales lead in less time.
  2. It helps you to do real-time data analysis - With its fully automotive operating system and built-in report templates, you can easily carry out the real-time data analysis of existing market trend and take the necessary steps. Sales Force automation is known to augment your business growth by providing you accurate analysis helping retailers to use their database wisely.
  3. Easy accessibility to the information and database - As your Sales Force automation software comes with a cloud-based integration, it is quite easy to get access to any crucial information from anywhere and anytime. Its components like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud allows you to get any detail right away. For example, with the help of its Marketing Cloud component, you can create effective marketing strategies around the clock. Thus, more business is on your way.
  4. Statement of work generation is easy - For any business, the generation of the statement of work is indeed an imperative task. With its automated document management, SFA software helps you to generate an easy-to-understand statement of work. It easily captures the quotes and converts them into a professional statement helping you to reduce manual effort and increase.
  5. Makes you independent - With Sales Force automation software, there is no need to have retailers and distributors to promote your business. It alone is more than sufficient. It easily handles all your lead generation and marketing related tasks, eliminating the need for any auxiliary help. It further reduces the operation cost.
  6. It helps you to generate detailed sales reports - Generating sales report is something that is tedious and highly time-consuming. But SFA software does it effortlessly. With its help, you can easily create detailed sales reports with all the details mentioned in that. It automatically fills up the details like sales figures and lead generation in your sales reports making them more viable.

Features of Salesforce Automation Software

The best SFA software helps the sales team leaders and business heads to streamline their sales process and make the most of their efforts. To achieve this, the sales management software has the following features:

1) Activity and ask Management
SFA programs enable the sales and the customer service teams to maintain a continuous record of their operations, over a period. Using this software, professionals can document all actions along with the probable results. They can also schedule their tasks and ensure on-time work, on a regular basis. Basis the work progress, users can clearly demarcate the current status and execute work according to deadlines. Once they complete the work, it automatically features as an activity.

2) Alerts and Notifications
SFA software sends real-time alerts and notifications in the pre-set emails. Business heads can schedule a convenient time for receiving notifications and alerts, for instance, 10 a.m. every day. The notifications contain email reports of all activities and status of work, in regards to the previous day. Thus, professionals get the necessary data, in a nutshell.

3) Managing Appointments
Most SFA software comes with an inbuilt calendar where users can schedule their business appointments, team meetings, and customer interaction sessions. They can set reminders and monitor their work plan, at regular intervals. Using this feature, professionals can keep track of their activities and maintain consistent relationships with leads and prospects.

4) Monitoring Sales Opportunities
Another excellent feature of SFA application, it enables the sales team to look into their sales cycle and procedures and identify critical loopholes and fruitful opportunities. The powerful software provides useful analytics using which the sales professionals can assess the current situations and based on their understanding, can strategize the further course of action to maximize sales.

Advantages of Salesforce Automation Software

1) Increased Sales
The primary benefit of installing SFA software reflects on the increasing sales figures of business. With this solution, sales personnel can manage their contacts, maximize their efforts, and find new rather innovative ways to push sales. When it comes to organizing sales campaign, they can use the software analytics, target the most relevant customers, and proactively engage them within their products/services.

2) Increased Leads
Sales automation application also helps the Salesforce to manage their leads, follow the most suitable ones, capture them, and turn them into customers. Besides leads, users can also create, deploy and manage lead generation campaigns. Collating software generated data, they can filter out the most valuable leads and take further action to bring them to their product or service bouquet.

3) Optimized Productivity
Targeting more prospects and customers and making the most of the sales efforts automatically enhances the efficiency of professionals and boost the team’s productivity, as a whole. Using an SFA software, employees can manage simultaneous jobs and accelerate growth.

4) Making Informed Decisions
The database of a sales force automation program serves as an extensive resource of information that enables the sales personnel and customer service executives to take the right choices. It provides useful insights and analytics that allow professionals to make informed decisions and achieve sales targets.

Some Potential Disadvantages of Salesforce Automation Software

Given all the above advantages, SFA application is also prone to certain problems like:

1) Time-Consuming Data Entry Work
SFA software works according to the entered data. And the work of the data entry operators is very time-consuming. Besides time, a lot of effort goes into the data-entry process.

2) Hard to Integrate
Even in today’s age and time, most SFA software is difficult to sync and integrate. More often than not, users come across technical issues and non-compatibility of software. This again restricts the level of customization. Although the sales apps are easily customizable, problems in integrations fail to deliver the relevant results.

3) High Maintenance Cost
Software Maintenance cost is very high unless it’s Cloud. However, Cloud technology is still emerging in the sales software solutions industry. Conventional SFA applications involve the cost of regular updates and installing latest versions of the software.

SFA vs CRM: What is the Difference Between SFA and CRM

There are a lot of people who still think that CRM and SFA refer to the same technology. Although used interchangeably they belong to two different sets of software. The most fundamental difference between an SFA and a CRM software is that SFA looks after the entire sales process while a CRM software is all about retaining and taking care of your customer.

Main Services by CRM

  • Tracks campaigns for future sales/marketing campaigns
  • Customer Profiling including purchasing and shipping history
  • Customer data warehousing
  • Tracking of customer communication tracking
  • Design processes for customer retention

Main Services By SFA

  • Cold calling
  • Sales funneling and sales pipelining
  • Workflow management
  • Knowledge of sales and product information
  • Tracking and Scheduling of appointments

CRM is best suitable for your business when

  • You are looking for an overall picture of customers activity
  • Automation of the time consuming manual Processes
  • Cross-selling to clients
  • Optimization of marketing campaigns
  • Improvement in customer service

SFA is best suitable for your business when

  • You want to increase your sales
  • Automation of certain aspects of a sales process
  • To monitor sales manager when they are out of office
  • Team motivation
  • Transparency in sales people and processes

Let's see how they differ from each other:

One of the most basic differences between SFA and CRM is that SFA looks after the entire sales process and track the efforts made by the sales team, on the other hand, CRM is all about it taking care of the customers.

CRM is mostly is a customer-centric tool, and its main focus is on maintaining a good relationship between its customer and business. SFA main aim is to look at the sales process and automate all the processes that once used to be done manually. It tackles logistical and practical issues that relate to generating leads, making sales and closing deals.

The main feature of a CRM tool is to include different types of customer profiling and communication tracking features. Its features are focused towards customer retention by aggregating details for customer intelligence. SFA features are focused on internal operations, in conducting sales contests and making sure that the business is doing everything it can to boost profits through sales force management.

SFA brings scheduling, information sharing and workflow management at the tip of the sales team finger. When CRM is amalgamated with communication and sales history it can give you a clear picture of what's working and what's not.

A CRM tool is mostly used by marketing departments, customer service departments, and clients. On the other hand, it is solely used by the sales agent and their management team.


How to Use the Sales Force Automation Software Effectively

Before using an SFA software make the necessary changes needed to support the sales process. If required create effective training programs. Sales Department must get their pipelines ready on a number of platforms which should include all levels of sales management: branch, district, regional, zonal, national and international.

There are a lot of SFA tools available in the market most of which can be customized according to the customer needs. A lot of ERP tools are also now equipped with SFA modules.

  • Contact management and scheduling are the core functionality of an SFA software. The address book of an SFA software not only stores the name, title and contact details of an individual but comprises of a complete history about the salesperson and the sales team handling the deal which includes written and email correspondence and detailed notes on meetings and phone calls. These recording can also be stored on networks which means if the regular salesperson isn't available when the customers call up for some queries his colleague can handle the call after accessing all the relevant information available on the network.
  • Talking about Scheduling, it includes basic entries, reminders, and automatic scheduling of regular meetings. These free up the sales agent time so that they can focus that time on increasing the quality of interaction and concentrate their time on other important activities. These scheduling can also be dynamic, asking the salesperson to make follow up calls if the customer doesn't place the expected order or reply to a quotation. It can also be used to send out automatic notification based on the customers previous buying patterns.
  • All the data in the salesperson portable machine can be synchronized with the network system either by a modem or a wireless link. This process is called replication. All the contracts and orders prepared during site visits can be directly fed into the core processing system.
  • These synchronized data allows the salespeople to share the information amongst each other. If possible try linking your customer management, accounts, and stock systems together so that all the information is available on one screen.
  • With the help of a Sales Force Automation Tool, you can easily set the priority of each deal and can also form a clear demarcation between the cold sales lead and hot sales opportunities. These enable you to track down how important a deal can be and how much time will be consumed approximately to close the deal. This will allow the managers to assign resources effectively.
  • Forecasting using SFA tool helps to make intelligent decisions about resource allocation, budget allocation and define almost every aspect of the business. Beyond Forecasting, this tool can be extremely useful to get all sort of reports and metrics. These will help you to easily differentiate between the sales process based on a market segment and geographical Territory.

Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing Salesforce Automation Software

Considering the pros and cons, businesses must look for the following factors while purchasing SFA software:

1) Contact Management
From the interdepartmental staff to customers to vendors and other business peers, contacts are THE MOST crucial aspect of any organization. Thus, the SFA software must store each section of the contacts and ease management. Based on the size, and nature of the business, companies must look for specific software that will easily fit within its operations and adapt to the business domain.

2) Sales Forecast
The selected SFA application must provide useful data and analytics, preferably in the form of graphs and charts to help management in making proper sales and revenue estimates

3) Access to Mobiles
With the world going mobile, professionals must look for something which they can access from anywhere and anytime using their personal devices. High mobile interface keeps people on-the-go. It enables the business leaders and sales managers to track real-time data and maintain updated records, on a timely basis.

4) Customisation
In the end, it’s all about personification and getting the desired results with complete accuracy. While browsing through various options, organizations must first think of the purpose and need behind purchasing SFA software. Based on their understanding, they must go for the software that is best suitable for fulfilling their requirements.


To sum up, sales automation software has revolutionized sales processes and management. It is a flexible, customization, and convenient solution. At the same time, it’s more accurate and works in real-time. Above all, SFA software serves a dual purpose- sales tracking and customer relationship management and is highly beneficial in today’s competitive industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • On-premise Sales Force Automation software is installed on the devices your company already owns. It implies:
    1. Local hosting
    2. The initial investment for a perpetual license
    3. Paid support and updates
    4. You’ll be responsible for data safety
    As SaaS software is cloud-based, it enables you to use applications through the cloud. All that it requires you to have is an active internet connection. When you choose to deploy cloud-based SFA software, you benefit with,
    1. Quick deployment
    2. Reduce the need for dedicated, internal IT resources
    3. A little to no maintenance costs
    4. The provider will be responsible for the safety of your data
    5. Scalable and reliable
    The former will render you more control over the software than the latter. However, knowing these differences will surely enable you to determine which mode of SFA deployment is most suitable for you.
  • Some of the basic functionalities you can’t do without include:
    1. The provider should deliver good technical support
    2. It should let you add/delete modules as per your needs, i.e., customizable
    3. It should work online as well as offline
    4. It should work with any type of devices
    5. It should integrate some cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality or Image Recognition
  • Industries with a functional sales team can happily leverage the benefits of SFA tools. They can quickly enter the product information into the system adhering to the industry standards and parameters clearly.
  • SFA software helps businesses centralize customer information. Moreover, it automates and streamlines the sales process; thus, assisting the sales team in closing more leads and increasing sales. Some features that help in this process include analyzing sales forecasts, contract administration, stock control, product management, quotation management, proposal, and presentation creation.
  • Well, investing in SFA software can yield fruitful results for small businesses. As it is capable of automating time-consuming tasks like following-up with customers and responding to leads, it maximizes the productivity of your team by letting them focus on tasks that drive higher lead conversion rates.
  • In CRM, sales force automation (SFA) is an integrated application that streamlines and automates processes like lead generation, sales, performance, and forecasting.
  • Sales force automation eliminates the time consumed by recurring administrative tasks, thus, enabling sales reps to focus more on core activities and focus more on driving sales

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