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Top SEO Software in 2020

Finding the best SEO Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is SEO Software?

SEO software, also known as search engine optimization software, is a keyword research tool designed to help you boost your search engine rankings. This efficient software is largely used by digital marketers and SEO companies for generating more traffic to their website, as well as their clients’ websites.

SEO ranking software generates qualified leads and helps you ramp up sales. The best software for SEO management comes with multiple tools, such as a mobile search tracker, keyword grouping/keyword discovery tool, competitor analysis, auditing, link management, content management, revenue management tool, and lots more to help you rank higher on Google and other search engines.

What Types of SEO are there?

There are three types of SEO software tools that aim at enhancing your search engine visibility and rankings, including your sales and ROI.

Here is a brief elucidation of the three types of SEO optimization software:

1. On-page SEO or Onsite SEO:

If you want your target customers to visit your website, it is essential to optimize your onsite SEO. On-page SEO refers to your web content, site structure, and HTML elements. If optimized correctly, on-page SEO can go a long way in improving your search engine rankings. Some of the on-page SEO fundamentals cited below will help you achieve the maximum results:

  • To derive maximum results from on-page SEO, you need to pick unique domain names for your website. Make sure the domain name chosen by you reflects what your website is all about.

  • Choose the right set of keywords to catch the attention of your target audience.

  • Create unique and engaging content to keep your visitors hooked.

Last but not least, you should also optimize your meta descriptions (the snippets of your web page description that become visible during search results). Meta descriptions play a key role in tempting your audience to click on your page and read more content. Though Google allows meta descriptions up to 220 characters, it is advisable to keep it within 160 characters since mobile devices do not allow descriptions beyond 160 characters.

2. Off-page or Offsite SEO:

Off-page refers to your ongoing web promotion efforts such as tweeting your blog posts, videos, images, etc., and sharing the same on social media platforms. It also refers to the process of getting backlinks from third-party websites to grab the attention of your target audience. By updating your social feeds regularly, you not only keep your readers engaged, but also encourage them to share your blogs/articles with their family, friends, and acquaintances. When the readers share the link to your website, it helps your website rank higher on Google’s SERPs. At the same time, it offers better exposure to your website, thus, driving more visits and more links. The more social media mentions and backlinks you earn, Google perceives you as a subject matter expert and raises the rank of your website to the top of its SERP.

3. Technical SEO:

It lays a robust foundation to provide your content with the best opportunity to rank higher on the search engine results page. Technical SEO refers to the procedure of assessing the technical facets of your website, such as its speed, responsive design, mobile-friendliness, hosting, indexing, etc. It aims at identifying your website’s shortcomings and fixing the same to enhance your website performance. Technical SEO makes it easy for search engines to access, crawl, and index your web pages effortlessly. Other than crawling and indexing, it covers a broad array of SEO topics, such as mobile/image optimization, internal/external links, SSL certificates, site structure, sitemaps, SSL certificates, and much more. In simple words, technical SEO makes your website secure, fast, and crawlable for search engines. It helps you implement structured data so that you can stand out on Google’s SERP.

Types of SEO Software Mostly Used

Here is a list of the most commonly used SEO software tools:

1. Keyword Tool:

It is used for creating a comprehensive keyword list for your business quickly and effortlessly. A keyword research software helps you in estimating the number of clicks or impressions received by your keywords for a bid. Besides helping you find competitor keywords, the keyword tool also helps you find out the number of times a specific keyword has been searched. This reliable tool also suggests long-tail keywords for search terms related to any topic.

2. Ranking Tool:

Popularly known as keyword rank tracker, keyword ranking tool is used for securing an impressive online ranking in your niche. A ranking tool helps you discover the latest keyword search trends so that you can understand the preferences of your target market and use the most popular keywords to fortify the way of reaching your target audiences online. It helps you eliminate non-productive keywords and also generates keyword statistics so that you can analyze the results and optimize your web pages accordingly.

3. Website Audit:

Website auditing is a time-consuming process that calls for a lot of patience. A website audit tool automates the process of website auditing and saves you from the monotonous manual checks. It instantly identifies website errors and keeps technical issues at bay. The most powerful website audit solution offers a web crawling tool to crawl your web pages and provide you with actionable insights.

4. Content SEO Tool:

Also known as the content analyzing tool, a content SEO tool aims at improving the quality of your content for readers, as well as search engines so that you can rank higher on SERP. This useful tool helps you analyze your content to identify and fix SEO issues such as keyword spamming and plagiarism. It also comes with an online editor that offers writing tips to help you rephrase and publish updated content so that you can attract more traffic.

5. Technical SEO Tool:

If you think your organic traffic is going down, only a technical SEO tool can rescue you from this disaster. Besides analyzing organic search performance, a technical SEO tool helps you identify missing meta keywords, meta descriptions, or page titles. What’s more, it also detects URL errors, canonical issues, pagination issues, and removes broken links.

5. Copy Audit:

This tool helps you analyze the quality of your existing content so that you can identify the weak areas of your content that are hurting your search ranking. Copy audit tools are highly preferred by webmasters for creating engaging online content.

6. AMP Testing:

AMP is the abbreviated form of Accelerated Mobile Pages. An AMP testing tool, also known as AMP validator tool, minimizes your website loading time, besides reducing the bounce rate. AMP testing tool is used for testing if your URLs are available for accelerated mobile pages. It not only makes your website AMP-compliant but also eliminates errors from mobile web pages.

7. Outreach SEO:

Outreach SEO offers the smartest way to achieve success in your SEO campaigns. The primary objective of SEO outreach is to help your website earn quality backlinks. Effective outreach helps you witness significant growth in website traffic and better visibility on SERP. Consequently, it ends up generating more sales leads, as well as revenue.

What are the Benefits of Using Enterprise SEO Software?

Businesses nowadays totally rely on SEO analysis software to succeed in their digital marketing campaigns. This software significantly enhances the productivity of your SEO campaigns, besides saving time. SEO analysis software offers myriad benefits that make it an essential digital marketing tool all across the globe. Here are some of the best benefits offered by search engine optimization SEO software:

1. Centralized Interface:

Search engine optimization SEO software helps you execute multiple errands in one system. Its clean and responsive dashboard helps you keep tabs on the latest SEO trends, search engine rankings, website performance of your competitors, and other important aspects of your SEO strategy.

2. Brings More Traffic to your Website:

The common goal of every business is to generate profits. In order to thrive in today’s cutthroat business environment, you need to have access to the best enterprise SEO software. The best SEO software not only helps you rank higher in SERP but also doubles your website traffic. Once you succeed in driving more traffic to your website, you start attracting more leads and end up generating more profits.

3. Evaluate your SEO Progress:

The best SEO software solutions automatically generate comprehensive reports on a weekly or monthly basis to show the progress you have made in your SEO efforts. This feature also helps SEO agencies to send detailed progress reports to their clients so that they can analyze how much online traffic their site is attracting, which keywords are driving more traffic to their site, and if the website is generating adequate leads.

4. Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console Tools:

This feature allows you to compare online traffic with search engine rankings, besides fixing issues, and providing you with an in-depth view of your SEO performance.

5. Provides Real-time Information:

Search engine optimization software provides you with real-time information about the performance of your content to keep you on top of everything. The instant updates help you make immediate alterations to your SEO tactics so that your strategy concurs with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Last but not least, enterprise SEO software helps you create brand awareness to fortify your brand credibility.

So these are some of the advantages of investing in the best SEO software ranking software. An automated SEO software streamlines your SEO efforts to minimize the chances of human error, besides enabling you to keep your team on the same page.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Any SEO Tool

If you want to outshine your competitors, you should consider investing in search engine optimization software. Countless SEO software with interesting features are available in the market today; however, not every software is capable of delivering brilliant SEO results. Therefore, before making the final purchase decision, you should keep some important factors in mind to avoid a bad purchase. We have listed a few factors to help you pick the best-fit enterprise SEO software solutions:

  • Data Accuracy: Make sure the SEO tool you are planning to purchase provides you with accurate data. At the same time, find out if the search engine optimization software offers rankings for desktop as well as mobile search results.
  • Competition Analysis: Ensure the SEO application offers competitor SEO research tool so that you can outrank your rivals. This tool is crucial for revamping your SEO tactics as it instantly identifies the keywords your business competitors are leveraging to rank higher in organic as well as paid search results.
  • Comprehensive Website Audit: Pick a search engine optimization SEO software that monitors your SEO progress daily. It should analyze each page of your website and notify you about the errors that require your immediate attention. At the same time, it should provide you with actionable insights for optimizing your web pages.
  • Automated Reports: Professional: Professional looking reports play a major role in building your brand image. Therefore, choose a search engine optimization SEO software that generates presentable SEO reports on a regular basis with accurate information.
  • Online Research: Do a bit of online research to know more about the SEO tool you wish to purchase. The best way is to go through the customer reviews and ratings on popular software review websites to make sure you pick the tool for your business. At the same time, visit the software website, and sign up for a free demo to understand how the SEO tool works.
  • Free Trial Period: Find out if the vendor offers a free trial period so that you can try the software before making the final purchase.
  • Technical Support and Training: Last but not least, make sure the vendor has a customer support team that offers round the clock technical support to help you with your queries. The best SEO tools also offer comprehensive training to its users via webinars, documentation, in-person, and live-online sessions.

Last but not least, make sure the SEO platform is easy to understand and operate. It should provide you with all the tools that you need to fortify your SEO strategy.

Potential Issues in SEO Software Solutions

Though search engine optimization software offers a lot of benefits to digital marketers, SEO experts, and businesses, it has its own share of drawbacks. Some of the potential issues in SEO platforms that need special mention are as follows:

  • SEO software tools take a lot of time to generate online traffic. Even the best search engine optimization software cannot help you reach the top of SERP overnight.
  • SEO software tools tempt businesses to focus entirely on their SEO strategies to secure the top rank on search engines. Once the websites start achieving higher search rankings, other important aspects, such as well-researched content, quality writing styles, and branding tactics take a back seat.
  • Security is another major issue with SEO software solutions. There are multiple free SEO optimization software systems that are highly reliable; however, some free SEO software tools available online are quite fishy and may end up collecting your personal data as soon as you install them. Therefore, you should avoid downloading free SEO applications from suspicious websites.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that investing in an SEO tool is not enough. You will still need the help of an SEO expert to make the software work for your website for generating desired results.


Despite the drawbacks mentioned above, search engine optimization software offers much-needed value to businesses of all sizes. We are living in the digital era wherein business growth is largely driven by strong SEO tactics; therefore SEO will stay forever and will keep evolving with the changing times.

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