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Best Sales Analytics CRM software

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Effective sales management is one of the most, if not the most, crucial aspects of running a business. It’s definitely more complex and nuanced than it sounds. Most organizations believe that marketing your product or service is the most important part of business. However, to do that too you must have a solid grasp of what your customers want and what is the best way to reach them andattract their attention.

Most sales professionals can instinctively predict these things. However, relying on instinct alone exposes you to many risks and over time may drain much time, effort and money, especially in fast-growing organizations.

Challenges in Sales Management:

Most business owners, heads of sales and Chief Sales Officers are constantly trying to find the answer to the following questions:

  • How can they accelerate sales?
  • How can they increase conversions?
  • How can they support their sales teams to achieve business objectives?
  • How can they enhance customer experience?
  • How can they drive marketing performance and increase ROI?

Sales Analytics software may just bring them closer to getting these questions answered.

What You Should Know About Sales Analytics Software

Sales analytics software are designed to simplify sales forecasting and present sales data that is predictive in nature. This data is presented in the form of statistical datasets and reports. Scores of data is collected, modelled and analysed swiftly. This data is presented in an easy, readable format, which sales teams can filter and analyse with little to no training.

Determining and tracking patterns in sales pipeline is a very time-consuming task involving considerable manual effort. A sales analytics software can automate the exercise to a great extent. It also makes it possible to analyse pipeline activity over a certain period of time, compare multiple forecast models to facilitate reliable forecasting.

In essence, a sales analytics software uses algorithms based on existing CRM software data to estimate the probability of possible sales outcomes.

How Does Sales Analytics Software Work?

Sales analytics CRM solutions use predictive algorithms, frameworks and technology to transform sales data into insights that inform sales decisions and create actionable outcomes. To do this they adopt a three-pronged approach.?

  • Information: Data management, data augmentation, design metrics, reporting and visualisation transform big data into meaningful business metrics.
  • Insight: These metrics help to identify underlying patterns, behaviour and help predict outcomes. Sales outcomes can be improved by understanding behaviour related to things such as bookings prediction, pipeline forecasting, “At Risk” teams, account sizing and X sell. It can optimize efforts to drive ROI by facilitating lead prioritization, channel management and resource allocation.
  • Impact: By enabling analytics, institutionalization and adoption through deployment, sales analytics systems operationalize data driven decisions to make sustainable business value a reality. This means faster growth and increase in sales ROI over time.

Who Uses Sales Analytics Software?

We will go into detail about how sales analytics CRM software can be a huge asset to an organization a little further in this article. However, let’s understand the value they create for the sales teams at all levels:

  • Sales Representatives: Sales analytics CRM solutions can help sales representatives prioritize sales projects based on their difficulty levels by enabling them to forecast potential sales outcomes.
  • Sales Operations Teams: Not all sales professionals are involved in direct selling. Some of them work as a part of a sales operations team that makes sense of sales data to help sales representatives sell better. A sales analytics CRM software can help them do a better job of that and save much time and manual effort.
  • Sales Managers: The insights gained from sales analytics CRM systems help sales managers keep track of the progress made by individual sales representatives and also the team as a whole. It also helps sales managers manage performance and increase the overall efficiency of the team.

Features of Sales Analytics Software:

Here are some of the common features offered by the best sales analytics software solutions in the market:

  • Dashboards: Sales analytics tools usually come equipped with dashboards enable you to access key information at just a glance or with a few clicks. The dashboard tracks, analyses and displays key performance indicators, metrics and key data points related to the sales activity of the individual and/or the team.
  • Forecasting Analytics: Forecasting analytics if done manually can be highly susceptible to human error. Sales analytics CRM solutions can automate most of it and eliminate much human intervention and investment of time and resources. Moreover, they present huge amounts of data in a simplified and even a visual format which facilitate swift and efficient decision making.
  • Mobile Capabilities: Sales teams, including sales managers, are often on the go and rely on mobile phones to take care of a lot of their sales functions. Many sales analytics CRM solutions offer dataset visualization across a variety of platforms, including the mobile phone.
  • Lead Analytics: Predictive lead scoring is another attractive feature offered by sales analytics systems.It helps you identify trends in the customer pipeline. It uses these trends to predict how far along a lead is in the pipeline. This allows sales teams to qualify and prioritize opportunities based on which leads are most likely to close.

Key Benefits of Sales Analytics Software:

Sales analytics CRM solutions can drive profitability, increase operational efficiency, and fuel innovation. They make it easier for businesses to execute focussed and targeted sales strategies that yield measurable results. They help your workforce make more profitable decisions.They let you understand the smallest aspects of your sales process, and help you prioritize opportunities. All of this will eventually help you interact with your customers more effectively.

There are some benefits of sales analytics CRM software that you will see immediately:

  • You will be able to view sales data in a variety of different ways
  • It will improve sales forecasting
  • It will help evaluate sales performance more precisely
  • It will identify challenges encountered by your sales team
  • It will manage your sales pipeline and solve problems before they arise

Over time, a Sales Analytics CRM software will benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Sales Strategy and Planning: The best sales analytics software will help you build data-driven sales strategy and plans, account strategy and also help you manage your sales talent.
  • Sales Operations: Sales analytics toolscan improve bookings prediction, optimize effort based on lead quality, identify teams at-risk and conduct data driven sales reviews.
  • Channel Effectiveness: Another important function of a sales analytics CRM solution is that it can also effectively manage indirect sales to boost revenue and share. It can do this by segmenting partners, optimizing investments and developing joint marketing programs to drive cross- sell strategy.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Huge amounts of raw data can be transformed into meaningful insights so that businesses can make better and more reliable decisions. These insights can increase conversion, reduce cycle time, optimize spend and bring predictability to sales outcomes.
  • Quicker Wins: Sales analytics CRM solutions help you gain more visibility on sales projects. It helps you identify low hanging fruits and opportunities to cross-sell with the help of forecasting patterns and pipeline location. They help the sales team prioritize projects. They enable managers to identify which strategies are not working for them and devise better ones. All of this ensure that the sales team wins more, much quickly.
  • Team Analytics: Sales analytics tools help sales managers keep track of the progress and performance of each sales team member. With reliable data, they are able to identify consistent top performers within the team and identify opportunities to raise the performance levels of the other team members, identify any gaps and raise the overall performance of the team.
  • Integrations: The best sales analytics softwaresolutions easily integrate with other types of sales software. This simplifies the workflow of the sales team. Instead of juggling different tools, all of your software will be available to them in one single place.
  • Goal Alignment: Sales analytics CRM solutions also align analytics to client goals and customize solutions to business context. They bring together capabilities that overcome multiple data, process and adoption challenges to drive implementation and results, thereby taking accountability of the outcomes.

What Must You Look for in a Sales Analytics CRM Software?

The best sales analytics software help sales teams make more successful decisions. It also helps them analyse and improve their overall sales process and recognize better sales opportunities. simplify sales analysis and forecasting.

From helping you to study customer habits to understanding market trends, and staying on top of the progress on deals, and helping the team move swiftly through the sales pipeline, sales analytics CRM solutions can bring immense value to the table. However, as is the case with any CRM solution, it is important to choose the best sales analytics software for your business needs. Here are some things that you should look for:

  1. Integration: The best sales analytics software are the ones that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes or those that you intend to implement in the near future.
  2. Flexibility: Off-the-shelf CRM solutions may not always be a perfect fit. However, there are flexible CRM solutions that can be customized and adapted to the needs of your business. This flexibility also puts you in an advantageous position when you need your analytics system to scale and change along with your organization.
  3. User-Friendliness: There is no dearth of software solutions designed to enhance business efficiency. However, every time a solution is introduced, employees are forced to learn a new set of controls and protocols. Ideally, you must choose a sales analytics CRM system that features intuitive controls, built-in tutorial programs, and multi-channel support. This will lead to a high adoption rate and help you realize the value of the software.
  4. Data Capacity: Sales analytics deals will big data after all. Ensure that your sales analytics CRM solution will be able to capture, process, and store massive amounts of digital information.
  5. Data Visualization: The whole point of analytics is to present a huge amount of data in a meaningful, insightful and a legible format. However, if your sales analytics system gives you reports that are just as confusing as the original data, you will fail to translate that information into real, usable insights. You must opt for sales analytics solutions that rely on data visualization, in the form of interactive graphs, charts, and other image-centric reports.Any business owner knows that sales is both an art and a science. Not only does it require passion, but great attention to detail. Business leaders must also acknowledge that it requires the use of more technical approaches to yield results and these approaches are what make sales management a rich and complex task. It is to uncomplicate these approaches that we recommend using sales analytics CRM software.
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