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Best Restaurant Billing software

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Restaurant Billing Software Guide

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What Is Restaurant Billing Software?

Restaurant billing software is an amazing solution to make your billing process faster and easier. It delivers seamless connectivity and flexibility to keep track of the diverse functionalities of your restaurant while boosting your productivity. Whether it is a kitchen display system or petty cash accounting, home delivery or dine-in management, it gives you an insight into day-to-day financial tasks – to give the desired results in a customer-oriented and forward-thinking manner.

Why We Need Software To Manage Restaurant Billing System?

Serving the bill manually, as handwritten-receipts, might seem easy and cheap but can harm your business in the long run. In manual billing, you will not have any record of the number of ordered processed daily, weekly, or monthly. And hence, accurate information about profit or loss is difficult to obtain.

Even in the presence of the restaurant owner, the staff can make mistakes in calculating KOTs (Kitchen Order Ticket which specifies the details such as table number, items ordered, and quantity). Not only KOT, but many other functionalities such as Inventory management, Quick Billing, and even Marketing will suffer on account of such handwritten receipts. Having software to automate billing tasks will help your restaurant to build an exclusive brand reputation.

Thus, to run a restaurant profitably and efficiently, an advanced restaurant billing management system is required. It is a complete solution to navigate your restaurant through the highs and lows of the trade.

What Are The Features Of A Restaurant Billing Software?

features of restaurant billing software

1. Quick billing and Ease Of Use

Speed is a tremendous aspect of any restaurant. In fact, quick service is marked as the USP of the restaurant billing system. The best way to keep your customers happy is fast service. It makes a huge impact. Not only on customers but also for waiters, managers, or cooks, a slow system can be maddening.

Restaurant billing software should not be confounding for the sales team. It should require the least manual effort of your staff. And for doing so, speed is an aspect that directly contributes to ease-of-use and an intuitive layout. Thus, instead of spending time on each order, your software should generate instant KOTs to keep delays at bay.

2. Inventory

Talking about inventory is the least favorite task for most of the business owners. But for the effectual growth of any business, Inventory plays a crucial role. In order to maintain a smooth flow of supply, it is essential to control and organize each and every aspect of the stock – from the restaurant’s food costs to lowering wastes.

It lets you keep track of every ingredient and item sold. Hence, it keeps you from over-ordering. Consequently, you can increase your revenues up to a great extent. So, to go head-to-head in this extremely competitive market, make sure that your restaurant billing software has Inventory management. With this feature, it will automate your inventory tracking and every sold item will automatically get reduced from your inventory. This increases accuracy along with improving your bottom line.

3. Reporting

Having an insight into all your business functions rapidly increases your profitability. Though in order to optimize your restaurant performance, one must have a track on the following reports, which are available in a restaurant billing software.

4. Sales Reports

This kind of report presents output in numbers and visuals involving graphs and pie charts. It reflects the number and value of sales on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

5. Product Mix and Menu Reports

To have foresight on your restaurant’s overall success or failure, it will let you track sales by time and item so that you can compare which menu items sell best and which is popular.

6. Exception Reports

This is a helpful tool for loss prevention as it shows you complete track of every void and refund purchase your staff has issued. This will let you know about all the unapproved discounts your staff has given to friends or to regulars in exchange for inflated tips.

7. Labor Reports

To have an insight into the efficacy of your staff and illuminate weak links, these reports will give you complete track of how many sales each wait staff member is responsible for. 
So, your restaurant billing software must have real-time reporting and analytics features for keeping track of each function.

8. Marketing

As per the rapid development of technology and the increasingly frequent use of the Internet in the contemporary world, online marketing is the trending way of promotion. In fact, it has become one of the biggest sources of information for customers today.

An exquisitely developed website that pertains to reliable information for your visitors – be it the Menu, offers, contact details or opening hours, can be a great starting point for your restaurant’s online marketing strategy. Where does a restaurant billing software come in?

A high functioning restaurant billing system has the ability to update menus, offers, and changes in prices directly on your website. This will save your time to be spent on entering data and information for updating.

Gathering information of customers such as email address and contact numbers and keeping it saved in your software will help you in reaching them via direct marketing campaign or SMS marketing. You can also let them know about your new offers and discounts for increasing sales.

9. Cloud-based

Now, if the business owner wants to check any of the above records at any time, anywhere in the world, then the storage has to be hardware independent. And to do so, the required restaurant billing software should be cloud-based. The cloud-based functionality makes the resources available to users on-demand via the Internet. This implies that the key staff members, who have access to this software, can see all the reports and get updates without having to be physically present at the restaurant. It is the most reliable way to increase capacity, enhance functionality, or add any additional services without committing to potentially expensive infrastructure costs.

These key features of any best restaurant billing software will definitely boost productivity and enhance the efficiency of your restaurant.

Market Trends Of Restaurant Billing Software

Restaurant billing software has become the backbone of any successful restaurant business. More and more restaurant businesses are relaying over robust online billing software for seamless operations. If you also own a restaurant business and want to lead the way then it is important to understand some of the latest market trends of billing software for restaurants.

  1. As per the recent report presented by Grand View Research, Inc., the global billing software for the restaurant market is going to reach at the mark of USD 6.94 billion by 2025. The CAGR would be 14.6%.
  2. In the year 2016, the global restaurant billing system market was just USD 2.0 billion.
  3. During the forecasted period, the table & delivery management feature of the restaurant billing system is likely to experience the highest growth with CAGR of 17.6%.
  4. Front end software segment is going to experience during the forecast period. It is likely to acquire a 58.0% market share of the restaurant billing software market by 2025.
  5. The UK billing system is likely to experience a self-checkout and ordering system in the year 2-2018.
  6. The UK restaurant industry is likely to explore the benefits of NFC chips and wallet payments.
  7. Location-based marketing is what restaurants are going to opt for in the future.
  8. Asia-pacific region experienced the highest growth in the market of restaurant software for billing in the year 2016.

Benefits Of Restaurant Billing Software

When you own a restaurant, you need to pay attention to things like fast billing, customized menu, customer feedback system, easy table reservation, and stock information. Customers these days not only want sumptuous food. They want overall great service experience to stop by next time. Though doing all this is indeed a tedious task, all the hassles can be removed easily you own a restaurant billing system.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of benefits that owning a restaurant software grants the users.

Benefits of Resaturant Billing Software

1. Invoice customization

When you run a restaurant, there are certain things that come up in your way. Offers & discounts, change in the tax rate and exchange are the names of few.  When you encounter anything related to all these, you have to make changes in your invoices as well. Majority of restaurant software for billing offers invoice customization feature that makes it an easy job. You can add or delete the discounts, change the tax rate as per the latest trend or grant any reimbursement in your UK restaurant billings without any hassles.

2. Easy table management

An online restaurant software keeps the records of pre-booked tables and provides you with a detailed and updated layout of available space.  Once the table is occupied, the online billing software updates that particular table with an ordered menu in the system and helps you to deliver the right order to the right table.

3. Prompt notification and updates

Running a restaurant successfully demands your constant attention in various sections. You should be aware of whether the order has been delivered on time or not, is your inventory has all the stocks or not, whether your team is attending the guests or not, and so on. Advanced online billing software comes with instant push notification and update features that keep you posted with very progress.   It will notify you as soon as you run out of any item in your pantry or inform you whether any order has been delayed or not.

4. Around the clock accessibility

With the wake of technology, no one need not glue with your desk to keep a check on your restaurant’s operations. As many restaurant billing software offers mobile app support and cloud-based integration, you can easily gain access to the inside operation from any part of the world. You can see the number of orders received in a day, can check the stocks, and even create reports as well with even physically visit the restaurant.

5. It saves a lot on your operational cost

As a restaurant-related software comes with automatic integration and a whole suite of modules, you need not hiring any specific professional to perform the tasks. A restaurant billing software UK can easily take care of operations like CRM, marketing, accounting, and workforce management. Simple training and anyone is all set to operate it effortlessly.

In addition, online billing software reduces the cost of paper-based billing and manual record keeping.  You need not taking note of your inventory and previous orders. The cloud-based integration of online restaurant software saves everything easily and securely.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing The Best Restaurant Billing Software

There is no second opinion that owning a restaurant billing software is one of the most vital things for any restaurant business that seeks cost-effective, hassle-free, and quick operations. But, all this would be achievable only if you pick the right online billing software for your restaurant. There are certain things that need to take care while you are choosing the best restaurant billing software UK for your restaurant.

choosing best recruiting software

1. Choose as per your business size:

Not all restaurants are the same. Some are small eating hubs while others own a chain of restaurants in the same city. Before choosing the restaurant billing software UK for your restaurant, it is necessary to check the size and expansion of your restaurant business. If you own a single restaurant then installation-based or billing software open source would be a better option as a web-based UK restaurant billing system with mobile app support will offer a lot to you that you are not going to use. So, invest wisely. On the other hand, if you own a multi-chain restaurant and works on a national or international level, our recommendation is a cloud-based comprehensive restaurant software.  With a cloud-based integration of your restaurant billing software open source, you can gain access to your restaurant operations from any part of the world.

2. See its compatibility with other operational tools as well:

It is necessary that your best restaurant billing software should be compatible with other operational tools as well. If your restaurant-specific global billing software is not compatible with other tools then you will face huge trouble in the future.  It is recommended to availing a free-trial before the final purchase to understand how it mingles in your existing operating system.

3. Look out for the customization:

Your business need can be changed at any point in time. So, your restaurant billing management system should be capable enough to change itself as per your current restaurant business needs. Restaurant billing management system that comes with easy plan update features are the best bets.

4. Check its ease of use:

The best restaurant billing software UK is one which can be operated without much of brainstorming. There is no use of buying a high-end restaurant billing software which is a tough nut to crack when it comes to operating. A restaurant billing management system should have easy integration and handy tools that individuals of all educational and intellectual level can operate easily.

5. The after-sales service also gets counted:

You have to go a long way in your restaurant business. Buying online billing software only will not suffice the purpose.  You should pay attention to the after-sale service of your best restaurant billing software provider. Chose the one which provides training-on-demand, cost-effective annual maintenance services, and dedicated customer support to take care of all your queries.

For your restaurant business, the billing system can be deemed similar to a critical data repository. A reliable restaurant billing software helps you keep track of each transaction and determine how you performed on a daily basis. Besides, this software also helps you focus on the delivery of quality dining experiences to your customers as opposed to worrying about the invoices.

10 Best Restaurant Billing Software Comparison

Top Restaurant Billing Software

1. Horizon ERP

If you are seeking simple yet efficient billing software that comes with a complete set of account and inventory modules, the Horizon ERP is your best bet. The software is reliable, fast, as well as easy to work with. It is best for businesses that need to work with a large number of invoices daily.

2. GOFRUGAL Restaurant POS

In need of the best on-the-go mobile app for your billing software needs? GOFRUGAL POS is your ideal choice. With this software, you can easily modify the new GST rates, process invoices on the go, or apply the latest discount codes in a jiffy.

3. Poster POS

Backed by an easy setup, the Poster POS is the perfect billing software suited to all your restaurant management needs. This cloud-based restaurant billing software helps you manage the front office, inventory, back-office, reports, finances, as well as CRM. Not just that, this user-friendly software can be used offline on any of your devices.

4. FusionResto

The FusionResto comes with a robust API along with multiple payment methods. This software is suited to businesses of any size. From delivery to billing, this software can handle it all.

5. Pelagian Restaurant Billing

Need easy-to-use software for your restaurant billing needs? The Pelagian Restaurant Billing management system is a unique choice that can deliver efficient billing as well as order tracking facilities. Apart from this, you get access to options such as automated inventory management as well as notes for every purchase made through the software.

7. HDRestaurant

Whether you own a coffee shop, restaurant, pub, or fast food joint, the HDRestaurant app has been designed to act as your automated billing software with advanced features. This integrated app can work in sync with online portals designed for food ordering.

8. Torqus POS

The Torqus POS software comes packed with top-notch restaurant billing features. It was created to streamline each of your billing operations. With this billing software, you can also add discounts and gift vouchers to the bill in a jiffy.

9. IKonnect 

If you are looking for a single platform that brings together all the critical billing components, the IKonnect billing software is your best bet. Avoid long queues with the implementation of the automatic web-based assistance from this billing software.

10. SlickPOS

Trusted by several reputed brands, the SlickPOS billing software is a cloud-based platform that has been designed to deliver top-notch services. It can cater to specific restaurant needs such as online management of table booking, customized invoicing, as well as menu alteration.

11. Tally.ERP 9

If you are looking for top-ranking and most lauded software for billing, the Tally.ERP 9 wins the game. It has been considered an all-rounder for accounting, GST, inventory, payroll, as well as, banking. Dubbed as economical & popular software, it has been in business for a long time, making it the best choice for big or small businesses.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Best Restaurant Billing Software

Besides watching movies and shopping, dining at a restaurant is among the preferred means of relaxation and entertainment. The higher the foot traffic, the faster your restaurant needs to be in terms of billing. With the help of a restaurant billing management system, your business can be hassle-free, cost-effective, as well as quick in terms of operations.

However, achieving all this requires you to be vigilant when picking the right software for your billing needs.

Cloud-Based Restaurant Billing Software

With cloud-based billing software for your restaurant, you get access to the following facilities and features:

  • Track the sales or manage the outlet remotely
  • Sell more with the integration of online delivery partners
  • Send your customers the digital receipt to acquire feedback on their visit
  • Prevent recipe or inventory pilferage with better consumption tracking
  • Manage the table orders & send the KOTs to the kitchen directly
  • Can be used on multiple devices

With customers flowing in every few minutes, you need to focus more on customer service rather than handling the bills. However, billing is undoubtedly an essential part of your business, and there needs to be a solution in place to take care of this while you welcome your customers.

In such a scenario, restaurant billing software will surely come in handy. Whether you own a small café, bakery, or large chain restaurants, billing software will always ease up your invoicing needs along with other features in play. From tracking the sales to payment management, well-designed billing software for restaurants can ease your load to a great extent. So, have you decided which one is the right software for your business? If yes, go ahead and get one installed into your system right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For any restaurant, its billing system is like a data repository. It helps them understand their customers better – their most liked dishes and drinks as well as the discounts and offers that bring in more customers. Besides, it keeps track of all the transactions so that the owners can determine which of their outlets perform well and which ones require more attention. Moreover, it helps in:
    1. Inventory management
    2. Managing takeaways and deliveries
    3. Online ordering
    4. Handling multiple outlets
  • Whether you are a small restaurant owner, run a small bakery, food joint, or an ice-cream parlor, having restaurant billing software can be immensely beneficial. It enables you to build a cloud kitchen wherein you and your servers can forward the orders right to the chef through compatible devices. Right from tracking sales to managing payments, restaurant billing software can ease tasks to a great extent.
  • There are several ways in which you can improve your restaurant operations through restaurant POS software. This includes:
    1. Accepting online orders
    2. Managing inventory
    3. Integrating with CRM for customer engagement and marketing
    4. Taking customer feedback
    5. Keeping a tab on your business operations
  • No, you don’t need to make any additional investments for using restaurant billing software. All you require is an internet-connected device – be it a PC, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Any of the cloud-based restaurant software eliminates the need for investing in new IT infrastructure.
  • Annual maintenance fees are applicable only when you purchase licensed on-premise restaurant billing software. For cloud-based software, you require paying subscription fees, i.e., it doesn’t demand any annual maintenance fees.

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