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Best 25 Restaurant Management Software In 2020

Finding the best Restaurant & Bar Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is meant by Restaurant Management Software?

Restaurant management software systems are definitely the latest buzzing phenomenon in the corporate world – it is indeed the perfect way to trigger off a chain of productivity in your restaurant, bar or dining establishment.

There are tons of important activities that are required to manage a restaurant successfully and there is no doubt that getting a restaurant management system is the best way to streamline all business operations. Restaurant management software is basically a complete and holistic solution that enables managers to handle the routine complex tasks associated with restaurants easily and in a structured manner.

It augments the smooth workflow by having specialized modules for functions such as delivery, dine-in food management, cash accounting, inventory, and GST enabled billing. Modern restaurant management software systems come power-packed with loads of innovative features and even make it possible to manage the table management of dining intuitions.

So make sure to invest in the best restaurant pos system software to notice a massive escalation in all your performance parameters and delight your valuable customers with the highest levels of superior customer service.

What does your organization need to look out for while selecting bar and restaurant management software?

Today, the market is flooded with a variety of bar and restaurant software systems – it is very important to undertake a careful research so as to choose the very best restaurant pos systems for your organization. Sophisticated and state-of-the-art features make it a tough choice, and it is vital to get a service provider of the highest quality. Here are some important aspects that you should look out for before purchasing a bar and restaurant software platform:

1. Real-time reports and data – There are a host of cloud-based restaurant management systems available now, which excel in providing up-to-date and current information. This makes it possible for your restaurant staff members to check important information from any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer. It thrusts up the accessibility and keeps everyone connected over the internet – so make sure that cloud-based bar pos software or restaurant software is your first choice!

2. Security – It is absolutely essential to make sure that confidential customer or financial data is handled with utmost care, so make sure to look out for the best restaurant pos systems. Ensure that only authorized restaurant personnel can access sensitive information by keeping password protection, firewalls, and data encryption. Make sure that your restaurant management software ranks data privacy and security high to avoid any kind of theft, misappropriation or fraud cases.

3. Cash Management – There is a tremendous amount of cash flow in any restaurant establish and it is really important that your organization’s restaurant management system should be able to handle these monetary inflows and outflows with ease and efficiency. Make sure that your bar and restaurant management software has advanced modules that allow for smooth billing and accounting procedure to avoid any kind of confusion or mismanagement of funds, keeping all cash transactions running like well-oiled engine machinery!

4. High Customization and Integration – It is necessary to select a fully personalized and integrated restaurant scheduling software so that all your dining institutional needs are met in a structured manner. Different modules in modern restaurant ordering systems allow for a high level of customization – enabling managers to actually choose modules that are best-suited to their business model. It is also essential to look out for a restaurant billing software that can be integrated with your other business applications, so as to keep a centralized and unified database of important information.

5. Cost-Effective – Today, there are tons of revolutionary restaurant reservation systems that can absolutely change the way your bar and restaurant operate in a positive way. However, it is important to keep budgetary considerations in mind and choose a bar pos software that is affordable for the organization in the long run. Your restaurant management system should be cost-effective, and enable your organization to reap amazing benefits over time to make it worth the huge investment!

So make sure to keep these pointers in mind while choosing a restaurant billing software – it will be the golden key to success and surely play a huge role in escalating your business fortunes!

What are the various restaurant pos software dependent industries?

Restaurant pos software is surely the latest trend in the business arena and is completely changing our economy for the better! There are a number of industries that are completely dependent on bar and restaurant software systems. Here are some important industries that are utilizing restaurant management software systems to make a difference in the way they operate:

1. Fine Dine POS - There are a number of state-of-the-art fine dining establishments that have emerged in the last few years, and a high number of organizations utilize the service of a restaurant management software to streamline operations in a logical and sequential way. So, there is no doubt that investing in the best restaurant pos systems will go a long way and help your establishment gain a competitive advantage in the long run.

2. Pubs & Bar POS - There has been a huge increase in the number of pubs and bars that have opened recently and investing in bar pos software is a great decision to help your team enhance service to superior levels. Bar software definitely enhances the beverage management and helps in the overall supervision of any pub or bar establishment, so it is a must-have!

3. QSR POS – Quick-service restaurants are highly popular due to the speed and efficiency with which they serve their customer base. QSR POS systems enhance the ability to serve in a rapid and manner, and they also reduce the chance of any errors in client service. It is certainly a good idea to get quality restaurant management software for your quick service establishment and reap the benefits!

4. Food Truck POS – Food trucks are the new buzzing trend as they enjoy serving food in a mobile and customer-friendly way! Food trucks can immensely benefit from restaurant management system, as they have a number of simultaneous activities such as inventory, billing, and service that need to be managed efficiently. Getting the best restaurant pos system software will definitely be an added bonus for any food truck!

5. Coffee Shop POS – Coffee shops are the latest joints which encounter heavy customer traffic on a regular basis. Investing in a bar and restaurant software is surely going to give any coffee shop an added advantage over competitors, as it will ensure all workflow processes run smoothly in a cost-effective way. So make sure that your coffee shop enjoys the multitude of benefits by investing in good restaurant scheduling software.

6. Bakery POS – If you need to pump up the sales of your bakery, getting a restaurant ordering system is a smart move! The bakery business faces stiff competition, and a restaurant scheduling system will definitely bring about a simplified and well-run approach to the business – so, it’s a great way to build up sales and enhance customer satisfaction with your bakery.

7. Large Chain POS - Large chains of food joints have opened up everywhere and need to be managed well to move up the success ladder. Large chains can easily be managed with progressive restaurant reservation systems which will keep the workflow operations uninterrupted and move in a simplified manner. So, invest in restaurant software to keep your large chain operating to the best of its capability!

8. Food Court POS - Food courts are convenient and provide a large variety of food choices to customers at a quick speed! Investing in a bar and restaurant software is a superb decision to keep your food court growing on track and serving client base effectively. So make sure to get the best restaurant pos software for your food court to make a splash in the dining world!

Good and powerful restaurant management software can completely alter the dynamics of any organization, and keep it aligned on the path of long-term prosperity! If you get a restaurant management system fueled with adequate features and capabilities, it will definitely keep your dining institution more profitable and lucrative. So make sure to scan the best restaurant pos systems, make a careful choice and have your restaurant accrue some massive benefits!

Various new age features of restaurant management systems that help in the smooth functioning?

1. Table Billing – Managing the billing operations of any restaurant is a challenging task, and errors can lead to a drop in customer satisfaction levels. Your valued clients can make the appropriate payment with cash, integrated credit/debit cards, utilize coupons or vouchers and your restaurant billing software will have the capability to handle the accounts. A speedy, well-organized and structured billing system will help your restaurant team process a larger number of orders in a short span of time – pumping up the work operations. So, your organization definitely needs to get the best restaurant pos software to ensure that your revenue increases to great heights and all cash or card transactions are processed without any delays or problems!

2. Takeaway & Delivery – Most restaurants today provide a host of convenient options such as takeaway and delivery to their valued client base. Your restaurant management system will surely play a huge role in handling these takeaway and delivery orders, so as to prevent any time lapses or errors. So no more manual processing or paperwork, as restaurant scheduling software will prove to be a great boon for your organization by automating all takeaway orders. All you need is great restaurant management software to keep your customers delighted with timely delivery and service that is a step above all your competitor restaurants!

3. Online or Mobile Ordering – The modern consumer is tech-savvy and uses a multitude of online or web ordering service to get the best restaurant deals. Hunt out the best restaurant pos systems to help your customers order in a speedy, quick, and convenient manner online – it will surely increase their trust and faith in your restaurant. Make sure to invest in an online restaurant reservation system to gain a wide access to cyber clients and empower them to reserve book, and order through web portals. A sophisticated bar and restaurant software is an ideal solution as it gets your organization in real-time contact with virtual customers, thereby widening the scope of your business operations to gigantic levels!

4. Table Reservation – Administering the tables in any current day restaurant is a complicated and tedious task. In fact, if your dining establishes cannot handle the load o table management in an accurate and rapid manner, your customers may get annoyed and look for better options. Restaurant scheduling software is a massive asset for any organization as it can help to assign tables to guests, reserve table for groups, and keep waiters/staff updated in the real-time about the table schedule. So, if you need the smooth and precise management of tables, make sure to get the amazing bar and restaurant management software that will surely enhance productivity!

5. Feedback Management – Receiving and acting upon feedback from your valuable customers is a must in the hospitality management system industry. Restaurant ordering systems have a useful and innovative feature of feedback management where all the feedback, suggestions, and complaints can be stored in an electronic form through the sophisticated restaurant software. Your team managers can access and take action on this feedback at a later time of convenience to work on customer satisfaction and solve all queries in an efficient manner.

6. Multi-Currency – In today’s globalized world, you may receive currency from a number of international customers – restaurant management systems will definitely help you manage multiple modes of currency. If your restaurant does not accept multiple currency cash transactions, you may lose out on important customers, so it is surely a vital feature. The exchange rates are automatically updates so that there is no discrepancy in the accounts or billing – thereby all your multi-currency payments can be handled in a smart and quick manner without any delays or errors!

7. Menu Management – Keeping a diverse and multi-cuisine menu with a number of options is a necessity for modern dining institutions. Updating and managing a menu, along with the pricing of various food and beverage items is surely no easy taskbar software and restaurant management software will prove to be super helpful for any organization as it will aid in structuring the menu management in an effective way. So make sure to look out for the best restaurant pos systems to keep your menu cards on track and handle all orders in a controlled manner!

8. Inventory Control – Any restaurant deals with the purchase and maintenance of a number of stock materials – restaurant management systems are the best way to handle, store, and maintain an updated stock of inventory items. Most bar and restaurant software systems have integrated capabilities to handle inventory in the real-time and also provide notifications if any item falls short so that it can be replenished. So monitor and track your inventory by investing in the best restaurant pos software that will transform your bottom line results in a positive way!

Choosing open-source restaurant management software is not an easy job – there are tons of choices and it’s essential to make a sensible, cost-effective and logical decision that will serve your organization well in the time to come. So, don’t be in a hurry, research well, scan the various options, and invest in the best restaurant pos system software for your dining establishment!

What are some common retention strategies that your restaurant can implement to retain customers for a lifetime?

Keeping your customers hooked on to your restaurant is certainly no easy task in today’s highly competitive business world. Here are some great strategies that will surely enhance your customer retention to the maximum:

1. Reduce Customer Attrition- It is important to invest time in building an initial relationship with customers so that they keep coming back to your restaurant. Make all efforts to eliminate customer attrition to maintain a solid base of lifetime customers.

2. Extraordinary Client Service- In the hospitality industry, customer service is of premium value! Make sure your customers remain strongly bonded to your restaurant by providing them excellent quality levels – they will not need to shift to any other restaurant.

3. Frequent Feedback- It is important to take timely and regular feedback from valued restaurant patrons and act on suggestions given by them. Your customers should feel free to discuss any complaints or issues in restaurant service, and all efforts should be taken to promptly resolve them mutually.

4. Good Interpersonal Skills- Your restaurant staff needs to have strong and good interpersonal skills – customers enjoy courteous, well-informed, and pleasant staff members. Make sure that your front-desk staff, waiters, restaurant managers are well trained, and provide the best possible service with a smile!

These useful tips can help your restaurant retain prime customers – remember it is always easier to retain old customers than start afresh! So, keep your customer base stable and witness your restaurant’s bottom line profits increase to a great magnitude.

What are the various ways your restaurant can enhance customer relationship management?

A customer is a king – and it is definitely a good idea for restaurants to invest in the customer relationship management software system that will help them build a strong foundation with their customers.

Here are some hacks that can help your company increase customer relationship management

  • Investing in quality restaurant management software is one of the best ways to pump up your customer relationship management. It will help your restaurant manage all contact information, handle billing, and maintain a database of personal client data to provide better service.
  • Maintain frequent communication with your clients through blogs, emails, or restaurant letters –restaurant management software is a very helpful platform that can help you manage all business communication with your client base.
  • Make sure that your restaurant has loyalty programs for repeat customers so that they feel that the organization cares about their endorsement. Keep introducing special offers, discounts, and schemes for loyal customers to ensure a higher level of retention.
  • Utilize the power of social media to communicate with your regular clients and build a powerful online presence to attract new customers. Social media platforms can be utilized as potent marketing tools that can help your restaurant thrust up customer ratings.

Do restaurants need separate bar management software systems?

It is important to invest in a separate bar software for your restaurant, as handling the sales of beverages is a very specialized task. These bar pos software platforms can easily process and keep track of the drinks order, add the mandatory taxes, and handle the billing of beverages in a streamlined manner. All the stock requirements of resto-bars and pubs can also be catered through effective bar software solutions.

Here are some effective reasons why is necessary to purchase a separate bar management software for your organization:

  • Bars and pubs often have a different way of functioning from conventional restaurants, so it is important to get a bar software that will have specific modules for organizational requirements.
  • You get accurate information about the status of beverage inventory so that beverages can be replenished effectively.
  • Bar software can manage the menu of different drinks and beverages – and special discounts on particular days for ladies, students or corporates can also be added.
  • Billing can be efficiently handled through bar pos software systems and groups of customers have the facility to divide the bill also automatically through the system.
  • Any type of compulsory taxes or service charge on beverages or drinks can be easily added through bar software systems – keeping your organization in complete compliance.

Happy hours billing, special discounts, and an option of split billing are some other customized features of bar pos software systems – so don’t worry about getting a separate bar software as it is very necessary and will surely prove to be a massive asset for your organization in the long run!

What are the latest aspects of restaurant software market research?

The current global hospitality industry has witnessed phenomenal growth which is pioneered by the demand for restaurant management systems which have been very beneficial for restaurant and bar owners. The demand for bar and restaurant software platforms is growing at a rapid pace, and it is bound to become a global trend in the years to come.

The international restaurant point of sale (POS) software systems market size was projected at USD 10.17 Billion in the year 2016 and it has been growing at a rapid rate ever since. Some major reasons for the unprecedented growth of the restaurant management software industry are the range of innovative features, market research, competitive benchmarking, and analytics that ensure that any restaurant or bar owner will benefit from these revolutionary systems. It is also expected that the demand for mobile cloud-based POS system software is forecasted to increase at the maximum CAGR of 13.4% from 2017 to 2025- this figure clearly elucidates the popularity of cloud-based restaurant software systems and how they will make a splash in our dynamic economic world.

Restaurant software platforms come with a truckload of benefits for dining organizations such as higher sales, better customer engagement, quicker processes, and better brand reputation. The growing adoption of cloud-based restaurant ordering systems can help your organization climb up the success ladder and make a mark in the competitive industry – so make sure to get the best restaurant pos system software for your institution right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • If you run a food business, here are the benefits restaurant management software can bring to you:
    1. Optimize staffing rosters
    2. Analyze your business effectively
    3. Ensure proper food safety practices
    4. Maintain HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance
    5. Manage cash flow and increase accountability
  • Table management, cash flow management, accounting, employee scheduling, order monitoring, payroll processing, and analytics are some of the essential features that help you make your business operations smooth and faster.
  • A restaurant management system demonstrates a blend of:
    1. Customer-facing tools (online ordering, table reservation)
    2. Order processing (order management, restaurant POS)
    3. Kitchen operations (inventory management, kitchen display system)
    4. Restaurant marketing (CRM, loyalty program, feedback)
    5. Back-office tools (employee management tools, finance & accounting)
  • Cloud-based On-premise
    Data is stored in the cloud and thus accessible from anywhere. Data is stored on the local server.
    Subscription-based Includes high up-front costs
    High level of data security Security issues
    Automated software updates Require manual involvement

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