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Top 25 Project Management Software Solutions in 2020

Finding the best Project Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What Is Project Management Software?

A project management software is complete software that can be used for planning, organizing, scheduling and developing resource estimates. It also helps in resource allocation. Project management allows the users, stakeholders and project managers to control costs and manage budgeting, documentation and quality management and can also be used as an administrative tool. Depending on the sophistication of the software, project management can be used to assign resources and can also manage risks and other issues. Project management plan acts as a collaboration tool and helps in making communication easier and clearer between the project team members and stakeholders. It also helps to predict what would happen if any changes take place. Today, almost in every type of business, various browser-based or desktop-based project management and contract management software exist.

Various Types Of Project Management Software:

Based on various aspects of the online project management tool, they can be classified on the basis of a number of different categories:

Desktop Based: This type of software is installed on each desktop or laptop of the users. This software has the most graphic and responsive interface.

Web Based: A web-based software project management is accessible through the internet and can also be accessed from any computer at any location. This software allows central data storage and easier collaboration.

Client Server: In this type, the software is installed on a company server, and multiple users are logged into the application at once. This software allows for centralized data storage to make collaboration easier.

Integrated This type of software combines easy project management tool functions with other aspects of company business. This type of application is either accessed through the internet or installed on the company's server.

By Deployment - Your project management software comparison will be affected by your choice of deployment of the chosen software. The best project management system for your company will be consistent with your deployment needs. You can get the following types of popular project management software on the basis of deployment:

  • On-Premise - The entire project management and collaboration tools and software are installed in your company’s system or servers. You simply have to pay a one-time proprietary licensing fee in order to use the software project management tools, as opposed to a recurring fee. However, security is not guaranteed when on-premise enterprise project management system are used, as such project management solutions are not backed by cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud-Based - Most companies are choosing to opt for cloud based project management tools and cloud based project management apps at present. With cloud-based enterprise project management software, you have to pay a recurring monthly subscription fee. However, you get assured safety, flexibility, mobility and customized solutions for your company provided by the cloud based project management software vendor.

By Specialization - You might want to ask yourself what exactly it is that your company needs the best project management system for. Does it even need full-fledged project management software solutions or does it simply need project management tools  such as project management collaboration tool, project management reporting tools, project tracking software, project management time tracking software or team project management apps? These are all related to project management but are nuanced in their functionalities. So, it makes sense to figure out what specific function you want your project management solution for. Here are some of the tasks:

  • Scheduling: A project management and time tracking software can be best suited to this need. If scheduling is the main concern for your project (say, for organizing an event, or a product launch), focus on simple project management tools.
  • Collaboration: If you need online project management software for multiple users who need to collaborate or edit the project simultaneously, go for the best collaborative project management software.
  • Integration: You might need a solution which should integrate effectively with various other tools such as CRM and HRM software. In such a case, a cloud based project management software is a great choice.

Why Should One Have The Best Project Management Software?

Businesses, small or large, unquestionably juggle various plans, projects, people, and tasks. So, in order to keep them organized while planning and running projects, in a way which is accurate, profitable and predictable, it's necessary to have a solution.

It’s a simple question that has so many facets. It goes without saying that most businesses have to take care of multiple projects at a time, some big and some small. Planning, organizing, scheduling, and executing projects effectively is no easy feat. In fact, it’s the sole reason project managers are paid as much as they are: their job is dynamic and difficult, to say the least. And even the best project manager and the best project team cannot do it all. They need the best project management system in order to supplement their efforts and hard work.

Project management apps, software project management tools, project tracking software, best project planning software, and other similar project management and collaboration tools have the great impact on the success of a project. From the initiation and planning phase to the execution and development phases, project management software solutions are what keep the project moving. The best online project management tools to help keep the team abreast of which stage the project is at. With project tracking software, for example, team members can track their progress through the various stages of the project.
Similarly, the best project planning software enables project managers to plan the entire project, down to every last detail, effortlessly. There even exist best project management software for small business, so really, it doesn’t matter what size your business is, a good quality project management software list certainly exists somewhere, and it can serve as a great guide on how to get the best project management apps, or the best online project management tools which can be a boon for your project teams.

Team project management apps not only help teams to collaborate effectively, it helps them to segment the project into doable parts so that they can go through various phases of the project in the most systematic manner possible.

The Best Project Management Software Benefits The Business Company In Many Ways:

  • Collaboration on Projects: Employees is often delegated individual tasks which are part of a big project which the whole team is trying to complete. Software project management offers methods to collaborate on projects by discussing timelines, documents, outstanding work etc. with the employees.
  • Budget Management:  One of the most important aspects of managing your projects is the budget. Project management tool benefits the project manager to determine the actual work budget so that the work can be aligned accordingly.
  • Internal and External: Communications software project management develops a channel for communication concerning projects and tasks both internally and externally with other clients and stakeholders.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring the progress of the work is quite essential to attain long-term success for any business. Dedicated software plays an important role in monitoring the stages of the project and also provides insights into whether the tasks are completed on time or not.
  • Optimized Decision Making As you are provided with all the details in one designated place, this software helps in making the right decision at the right time. The decision process is quite enhanced and much more accurate.
  • Collaboration in Projects- Collaboration is vital for a project to be successful. The best collaborative project management tools can make the jobs of each member of your team much easier! A project management collaboration tool will help them communicate and collaborate seamlessly, even if their members are in different parts of the world.
  • Budget Management- Cost control is an important aspect of any project. If a project is able to meet its goals after exceeding its budget by a factor of 10, then is that really a successful project? Project management software solutions are key to staying within budget on your projects. PM tools help you to keep track of every dime spent towards the project. Most importantly, the best cloud project management software will give clear indicators on whether you’re exceeding the allocated budget on a certain project and by how much.
  • Domain-specific project management- Your business could opt for general project management solutions and regular cloud based project management tools. It could also go for domain specific project management software apps. For example, your company takes up a number of marketing projects in a year, you could go directly for marketing project management software. If you decide to invest in the best project management software for marketing departments, you will have more productive marketing teams and more successful marketing projects.
  • Internal and External Communication- The most popular project management software will go a long way toward enhancing your communications with both internal and external stakeholders of the project. With the best project management system, you can expect greater clarity and focus on the goals of the project for each member in your team. This in turn, will help them to communicate better with each other. Also, the project manager can communicate the same information better to the external stakeholders of the project with the assistance of detailed reports provided by project management reporting tools.
  • Monitoring- Top project management software makes it quick and easy to monitor various aspects of a project. How many hours each member worked towards the project in a week, the status of the tasks assigned to each, overall progress on the project, etc. Every metric is visible on a SaaS project management software.
  • Simple project management apps -  can help even small businesses to monitor each aspect of their projects without breaking the bank. They could even use open source project management software if they don’t want any extra investment.
  • Productivity - The ultimate aim of any business in opting for the best project management software or any of its subsets such as PM tools (which include team project management apps, project management collaboration tools, team project management apps, project time management software, and project tracking software), is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness with which its teams are completing their projects. This is possible because the best cloud management software makes the goals of the project clear to every participant. Other project management features all contribute towards improving the workflow and making tasks flow effortlessly.?

Myths About Automated Project Management Software

What are some common misconceptions that people have about automated project software systems?

There are many unknown myths about automated project management software that causes organizations to think twice before investing in one. Here are some common misconceptions about project management software:

  • Myth – Only large companies can reap the benefit of project management tools.

Reality – All types of businesses can greatly benefit from project management platforms – especially small businesses and new startups as it can help them gain operational efficiency and standardize business processes.

  • Myth- Automated project management software suites are very complicated and tough for the workforce to implement.

Reality – Automated project management solutions are extremely user-friendly and no technical expertise is required for these systems. With some simple training, all your employees will be able to harness the benefits of project software and bring about a wave of productivity at the workplace.

  • Myth- Cloud-based project management software systems are not as safe as traditional models.

Reality – Cloud-based project management systems are the future of technology. They are secure and pose no threat to fraudulent activities. High levels of protection ensure that your critical data will not get into wrong hands and hence automated project management tool remains a secure option for any type of company.

Automated project management software is supposed to be very costly. Is this true or are they an affordable solution for companies?

There is a common myth that automating project management will prove to be very costly and expensive for any organization. Many times the top leadership of organizations decides against implementing project management tools, as they feel it will drain away the revenue and empty the finances of the company.

This is not true, as today the market is flooded with tons of cost-effective solutions that are specifically customized to suit any company’s budget. Organizations can particularly choose modules that are mandatory for their business needs, and upscale the software at a later time if required. It is a one-time investment to get top class project management tools, and it will give a high return on investment in the long term and boost an organization’s overall bottom line profits!

Many organizations feel that my business is running fine and that they do not need automated project management software. Is this approach correct?

Manual processes and outdated technology is the reason many companies fail and lose out on profits – your company can easily transform its business fortunes by investing in a great project management platform. Project managers, team members, and top executives can all enjoy total autonomy and control over operations by getting a comprehensive date-enabled project management system.

Robust project management can help your organization transform routine business processes – your company can benefit from massive time and money savings, along with a better employee morale and higher work engagement. There is no doubt that automated project management is the best way to capitalize on resources, enhance efficiency, and bring about harmonization of work practices for any business organization.

Top Features Of Project Management Software

1. Planning and Scheduling - A basic reason why a company might want to get the best cloud based project management software is to plan and schedule its projects effectively. This might seem simple or easy, but since it is actually the initial stage of the project, the entire framework of the project revolves around this. It is very important to have everyone's responsibilities and tasks outlined and visible to avoid misunderstandings. The best online project management enables assigning tasks to the team members and also towards setting deadlines and priorities. An easy to use project management software will make scheduling even a gigantic project extremely simple.

2. Collaboration - Collaboration is essential for a project team of any size. A large project team consists of tens or hundreds of employees, each of them working on specific tasks and having different expertise. In order to complement their own tasks, project team members are required to access each other's work. So, it's very important to establish a quick and organized communication through multiple channels. A project management collaboration tool can seamlessly bring together various team members, allowing them to be in the loop with everyone else’s tasks. Project management and collaboration tools are a great way to ensure that connectivity between members is never compromised.

3. Documentation - A Project management tool enables easy and quick access to all your data in one place. While searching for the best easy project management tools, inquire about the types of information that can be managed and stored. Documentation of important processes is vital to projects. You can do this with simple project management apps or with specialized PM tools. Clear documentation of even the time spent on each task is important, for which project management time tracking software is ideal

4. Resource Management Besides the time management of your team, you would also require a proper project tracking software to keep track of other project resources like meeting rooms, materials used in the process etc. A project tracking software will help you keep an inventory of each material used for the project and each dime spent towards it.

5. Managing The Project Budget - The Larger the project more would be the expenses you would need to manage and document. For efficient expense management, the best cloud-based project management system software is required. You don’t need project management software comparison for this. The most used project management software are equipped with the best budgeting tools in addition to the best project management tools.

6. Mobile Functionality - Mobile is the thing in software right now. It makes sense that the best project management solutions should also have good mobile versions because project managers and team members cannot stay put at the office always. They’re often on the move. Which is why web project management apps is a good choice for such teams. Especially for teams which have a lot of remote members, you can use the best web based project management software or online project management tools in order to stay on track while using only a smartphone.

7. Flexibility - Whether you opt for a web based project management software, an open source project management software or any other software project management tools, your organization needs a solution that is flexible. It should be compatible with standard software used by your company and should integrate easily with other project management solutions. It should have an efficient mobile version or allow integrations with online project management apps.

8. Real Time Reporting - Like continuous performance management, real-time reporting is crucial for projects because they move quickly and missing out on a single detail might cost the members dearly in the later stages of the project. Hence, project management reporting tools should be used wherever possible in order to ensure that the project is moving as expected and within the proper time and budget frame. Of course, the best project management tools will have excellent reporting functionalities to begin with. Make sure to go through a project management software list to figure out which of the best online project management system has all the features your business needs in its ideal enterprise project management solutions.

You should seek guidance for choosing project software and get a free project management system software tracking spreadsheet. Also, the construction project management can be found online.

How Can Project Management Software Help Your Business Grow?

1. Better Cost Control - When it comes to budget vs actual cost, we often hear the word over-spending. Project management plan helps you to overcome the close gap between your budgeted and actual costs and also improves the project estimation process. And what do you need for the best project plan? The best project planning software, of course! With the right kind of cloud based project management, you can expect to control your costs in a more systematic manner. Track each expense with the best project tracking software and make sure that your project never exceeds its allocated budget.

2. Resource Capability Analysis - Resource capability analysis is one part of the project management app. When you work on resource capability analysis, you actually need to analyze the capacity of your business to fulfil certain jobs, projects, and milestones. Resource capability analysis, like budgeting, is integral to a project. In the planning and initiation stages, your team should have a clear idea of the company’s ability to meet the needs of the project they’re working on. Even a simple project management can do the trick. Resource capability analysis is a module in many project management apps. When you work on resource capability analysis, project management solutions will certainly come to your project manager’s rescue. Your need to analyze the capacity of your business to fulfil jobs, projects and milestones will be met effectively by the best online project management software.

3. Prioritizing -   A part of project management helps you to learn the art of prioritizing different projects and also scheduling the right timelines for them. Project management system software helps you to analyze the opportunity cost and then prioritize the projects because all the projects cannot be taken in a given time. Without good project management solutions to rely on,it would be very easy for project managers and their teams to fail to prioritize various project tasks appropriately. Project tracking software are essential in assisting teams to prioritize various tasks so the timeline is not adversely affected.

4. Planning - One of the most important tools for any business and organization is planning. That much is obvious. Right from the first stage, the best project planning software can be crucial to your project’s success. The project plan is like the skeleton for the project, it is the foundation. The final outcome will only be as good as the foundation. Therefore, cloud based project management can be heavily relied upon when it comes to the planning stage. Use the best project management system and you will never have to suffer due to haphazard, half baked project plans again.

5. Managing Risk - Risk management and foresight are essential for project management. Open source project management tools might not really be suited to such complex tasks requiring intense analysis. But the most popular project management software and a robust cloud based project management system are certainly up to the task. The best project management system will be one that can predict with relative accuracy, where the project will possibly encounter obstacles, and how the team can take measures to prevent the same. However open source project management tools are still better than nothing when it comes to risk management.

6.  Better Cash Flow - In many projects, a lot of the expenses take the cash form because of the urgency and day-to-day nature of the expenses. Simple project management software can help your company to manage its project expenses better and maintain a healthier cash flow. Project tracking software can help to a large extent in order to track project expenses.

Which One Should You Select: Project Management Software or Agile Project Management Software?

Project management software refers to the application that makes the project more efficient and is designed to facilitate project delivery. While using open-source project management solution, you can set more realistic deadlines and milestones, automate and tie-up interdependent assignments, and also keep your team members focused on your deliverables. While Agile project management tool helps the users to execute complex projects in a time-effective and intuitive manner, it creates suitable deadlines according to the submitted project details in the software, and you don't have to depend on inaccurate guesses.

Software project management is used to manage tasks and be organized in small businesses, creates project management offices with the solution in the mid-market companies and manages multiple projects simultaneously in the large enterprise. Agile project management system software is used by the software/IT companies to deliver projects and products more quickly and efficiently. Web easy project management tool is also used by the businesses in manufacturing, event planning, education, finance, architecture, construction, marketing and various other industries.

Project management tool benefits businesses in many ways like budget management, internal and external communication, monitoring, collaboration on projects, optimization of decision making. Agile project management apps benefit the businesses by providing better quality product, higher customer satisfaction, greater team morale, customized team structure, reduced risk, increased collaboration and ownership, and better performance visibility.

This has become a real dilemma for companies and project managers. Should they choose a regular online project management software or should they opt for specific project management solutions such as agile project management software?

It’s true that the choice of enterprise project management software depends entirely upon the needs of the firm, the types of projects normally undertaken by it, the background of the people involved in the project and many other considerations. Let’s say your business is a small one, maybe a startup. You need to complete a challenging but relatively less complex project. It would make more sense for you to get project management software for small business, rather than getting a super complex cloud based project management system that’s equipped with, say, scrum methodology. Your business needs simply don’t require it.

But suppose, your company’s project involves the development of an app. The entire process involves a number of complex procedures, which necessitates something powerful enough to manage it aka agile online project management apps.

The point is that it doesn’t have to be a necessarily complicated cloud based project management system with tons of modules, it could be the best simple project management software, but it has to be relevant to your company and the project’s needs.

As a rule of thumb, if your business is small and non-tech based, there is very little chance that you’re going to need agile project management solutions.  Moreover, agile alone cannot solve all your problems if you’re running a larger business. Most companies have to combine various cloud based project management methodologies and hence, use various project tracking software, web project management software, PM tools, team project management apps, and any combination of these in order to better configure their project management solutions to the specific needs of the projects undertaken by them.

Reasons To Select Agile Project Management Software Over Project Management Software?

Agile project management is preferred over project management due to the following reasons: 

  1. 1. Agile software project allows serendipitous possibilities.
  2. 2. It encourages you to start projects with so many good ideas that you never get off the ground out of fear.
  3. 3. Agile project management app encourages you to take opportunities and learn new skills.
  4. 4. They allow you to achieve results by forcing yourself into a repetitive design /implement cycle.

Sometimes, agile easy project management tools do not work well. Agile pm tool can be expensive especially if you do not have enough resources.

Your business may have a number of reasons for switching over from regular PM tools to agile project management software.
Maybe your business is scaling up, maybe you’re diversifying and taking up completely different projects from the ones you did before. Here are some reasons why making the switch is completely justified and would
in fact contribute greatly to your project’s success:

  1. Better Visibility - Agile online project management tools are preferred today because they impart incredible visibility in project management. As it breaks down the project into smaller “iterations” or smaller parts, each of which is individually reviewed, it makes it easier to handle glitches up to that point in time. The company does not have to wait till the entire project is complete and then find faults in it.
  2. More Flexibility - Due to higher visibility, the scope for feedback and changes gets widened immensely. In agile, even the best project management app does not follow a linear methodology. A number of different interconnected processes are handled simultaneously, which provides better adaptability and flexibility to your project.
  3. More customer engagement - In agile, even the smallest iteration involves extensive customer feedback. Customer feedback is taken very seriously in this methodology and acted upon as soon as is feasible. Greater engagement with the customer enables development of the best possible product with the use of the best project management app.
  4. Complex Projects - As mentioned before using agile or combining it with other existing project methodologies, is the best way to tackle complex, multifaceted projects with a lot of disparate but related components.  Using your online project management tools with the agile methodology will give your project teams a much more effective way of dealing with difficult projects.
  5. Time - When using the best project management system in the agile mode, you will definitely take lesser time to complete a project successfully than you would otherwise. Agile enables the software project management tools to function quickly because it involves breaking the project down into smaller segments. This brings simplicity to each element and allows teams to work faster.

Strategies To Improve Your Business With Project Management Software

1. Determine What The Business Needs - It is very important to assess the needs and requirement of your business. You should first list down the company's requirements like what industry is your business under, what are the processes your business currently have, which of the processes are effective for your business, and much more.

2. Research You should also check out which type of software is being used by some companies that belong to the same industry like, Microsoft project portfolio management tool, enterprise pm software, construction project portfolio management tools or any other software project management. Some management software apps are also available which offers the complete picture of the project management plan free.

3. Free Trial You should also take advantage of the free trials offered by the easiest project management tools.

4. Open Source Project Management Software There is some open source free project management solution available especially for small and medium-sized businesses. All the available software helps in improving your business.

Key Consideration While Selecting Project Management Software

1. Price The price of the software must be kept in mind while selecting it. The price must be weighed against the actual monthly costs of support and licensing. Careful research and software reviews of the third party are quite essential before committing to any project management solution.

2. Ease Of Use While selecting new software for your business, it is essential to think about the computer proficiency and skill level of the person who will be working on the software on daily. You should analyze the ways that you are currently collaborating and communicating and search that type of software that adds to your strengths.

3. Customer Support Each project portfolio management tools company has its own approach to customer service. Before selecting the software, you must make sure that the company you are choosing offers personal support and educational material in your language.

Lastly, we can say that with the availability of so many excellent programs, you are likely to find a project management app solution that is best suited for your business requirements.

How to Choose the Best Project Management Software?

Ideally, a decent amount of research into the various software available and a clear understanding of your project goals and needs is vital before you set out to look for the best project management software for your company.

Depending on what your company does, its size, your employees, and what kind of projects your business is involved in, there will be a multitude of choices from amongst the most popular project management software.

Choosing the best project management software, even the best project management software for small teams or the best project management software for marketing departments, can be a relatively easy task if you follow some simple guidelines.

  1. Outline Your Project Needs Accurately - There’s no getting around it: You should have a sufficiently clear idea of what your project is about, what its goals are, and what is the best way to achieve them. Each of the project manager’s decisions, including getting the project management time tracking software, has to be in service of the project. Think about where your current solution is failing and exactly what needs to be done to overcome the shortcomings with your present project management solutions. Is planning a problem? Then the best project planning software might be of your use. Or are you having problems with scheduling and tracking? The best project tracking software might be your answer.
    Just figure out why you need to get new PM tools which will cater to the gaps in your present needs.

  2. Select the Project Management Methodology - One of the important things you need to decide upon is what kind of project management methodology you’re planning to adopt. Cloud based project management does not have to be necessarily complex, especially if you’re using the appropriate PM tools. In certain simple projects, waterfall might make the most sense. In some huge, complicated projects it might be best to look for project management software features which align with the Agile methodology. Similarly, depending upon the type of project, Critical Path Method, Scrum, PRiSM, or a number of other methods may be applicable: sometimes, even a combination of two or more of these. If you want to stick to the methodology you’re currently using, opt for an enterprise project management software that caters to that. If you’re looking for a change, look for the best online project management tools which are compatible with your chosen methodology.

  3. Look for Providers - Now, based on the extensive framework of requirements specific to your project, start looking for the providers who could cater to them. You need project management software solutions which are compatible with your industry, teams, budget, and project complexity. You can go to software discovery platforms or ask around for qualified software vendors. Since you’ve narrowed down your requirements, it won’t be hard to narrow down the list of potential software providers for the best project management app for your company. Go with the one that ticks all the boxes for even simple project management apps.

  4. Hit and Trial - Take your shortlisted team project management apps or project management software apps for a test drive. Finalizing the best project management system for your company involves significant investment and should therefore not be done before you’ve properly evaluated the alternatives available to you. Providers of the most popular project management software will generally provide a free trial, which you can use in order to simulate the real project processes in your business and see how well the online project management software holds up in different scenarios. Once the test run of your chosen cloud based project management system is complete, you can evaluate which one truly met your expectations and yielded the best results.

Latest Trends In Project Management Software

Project management, like other fields in business, is constantly changing. It’s a dynamic function which is going through waves of change on a perpetual basis. Here are the best project management software trends that seem to be prevalent in 2018:

  1. Agile - Quite possibly one of the most used project management software terms used in the past two years. Agile has blown up and for good reason. More and more companies are planning to go agile with their PM tools. This is because using an agile approach with the best software project management tools makes projects run quicker and smoother, and easier to process for team members across the board. Agile online project management tools impart flexibility to the whole process, making it less complex.
  2. Hybrid Solutions - A number of companies have found that a single project management methodology does not work for them. So they decide to incorporate the parts of different approaches that are relevant to their needs in their overall project management strategy. This method enables them to create the perfect mix of various open source management tools, project management and time tracking software, the best project tracking software, and even simple project management apps in order to devise a customized strategy to suit their specific needs. So, software providers too, have taken notice and are coming out with new hybrid cloud based project management systems everyday.
  3. EI in Project Management - Of course, we’re up to our ears in news involving AI or Artificial Intelligence in project management. But now, it’s becoming apparent that EI or Emotional Intelligence also assumes great importance when it comes to successful implementation of even the most simple project management software. That’s the reason good project managers are in such high demand. Also, there are possibly going to be a ton of new certifications for project managers in the upcoming years that possibly focus on emotional intelligence, among other things.
  4. Resource Management - In many organizations, especially the ones which function traditionally, resource management in projects takes a backseat. Often scheduling and time tracking is not done as strictly for internal team members as it is for external subject matter experts. cloud based project management software. Expect this to change with companies incorporating more project management time tracking software for better resource management across the board. The best online project management tools and best project management app are now equipped with superior scheduling and tracking facilities to ensure appropriate resource management.

  5. Cybersecurity - Security is always a concern. Given the recent trend of cyber attacks in a number of high-profile companies across various industries, it’s hard to believe that anyone is safe. Your company would want to shield itself against any possible intruders online. Project-related information is sensitive and even the best project management system can fail to guarantee 100% security from online threats. More and more providers are working to make sure that their cloud based project management system can hold its own against data breaches and keep confidential information from getting out.

A Comparison of the Best Project Management Tools

A project management software comparison is of utmost importance before you embark on your journey to find the best cloud based project management software. This list should give you a fair idea of the various kinds of top project management solutions your organization could opt for in the present day scenario. Here are some of the best among the web based project management software, best project management app, best project management tools, and open source project management tools available in the market today:

  1. Zoho Projects - Zoho Projects is one of the best enterprise project management software available today. It enhances team productivity and output while making monitoring and collaboration easy. A version for Agile teams, Zoho Sprint, is also available
  2. Asana - Opt for Asana if you’re looking for a completely streamlined workflow. Share notes,  track tasks, upload attachments in multiple formats. You won’t need to use email or any third party communication services if you’ve got Asana as your cloud based project management system.
  3. Celoxis - An all-in-one SaaS and on-premise enterprise project management software. It has advanced reporting modules, multiple custom fields, and interactive Gantt charts that can help your team to handle upto 10,000 tasks!
  4. Smartsheet - It has a spreadsheet-like interface which helps teams to standardize the key elements of any project. It helps to improve task visibility and makes prioritization easy for the whole team.
  5. Ravetree - An excellent project management software for small business, Ravetree has extensive options available including Customer Relationship Management, expense and time tracking, team and asset management. It is very reasonably priced and is a great choice for companies using best project management app for the first time,
  6. Mavenlink - Manage the entire project lifecycle with Mavenlink. It allows time tracking, financial monitoring, and various other functionalities on a simple easy to use interface. Powerful integrations with other commonly used best project management app, in order to provide an all-rounded experience to the user.
  7. Zenkit - A, clutter-free, ‘zen’, simple project management software. Handle resource allocation, time tracking, budgeting, and reporting on a single, uncomplicated project management time tracking software. One of the best project management software for small business with regards to its interface.
  8. Trello - Trello uses kanban boards to give project teams a simple but useful high-level overview of different sub-tasks in a project. Especially great for remote teams as it has a web version also. It’s one of the best simple project management software which has a focus on visual task management.
  9. FunctionFox - One of the best project management software for small teams, FunctionFox is compatible across various platforms. It provides excellent time tracking and is especially well-suited for freelancers, graphic designers, writers, and other creative professionals.
  10. ProjectManager - As its name suggests, it might as well replace your project manager! Used by the likes of NASA and the United Nations, ProjectManager still manages to be a flexible solution among the best cloud management software, in that it’s applicable for companies of any size and in any industry. Manage every single aspect of your project and track how the project is progressing against the planned progress.

Web Based Project Management Vs Cloud Based Project Management

Every modern day project manager’s dilemma: to go for the best web based project management software or the best cloud project management software? Of course, it depends entirely on what your company needs and preferences.

A web project management software is suitable for the following conditions:

A lot of collaboration is required

  • Many team members are working remotely, in which case getting regular updates on the phone/video calls is not feasible
  • Easy commenting and file handling is required in order to keep the projects moving fast

In general, a web based project management software is especially suited to your company if your team members are working remotely. It normally includes tools such as to-do lists, task management resources, and other collaborative software project management tools. Portability and accessibility are the strong suits of web based PM tools. Ease of use and access are guaranteed when you use web based simple project management apps. Some open source project management tools are also web based and will provide adequate project management solutions in the absence of other solutions.

Now, when it comes to a cloud based project management system, it is hosted on the service provider’s server. It is very similar to a web based project management time tracking software. Cloud based project management software solutions have been steadily gaining popularity for a number of reasons:

  • Low costs and negligible maintenance - If the best project management app is cloud based, you have to pay a small amount on a subscription basis. There is no server maintenance involved as everything is stored on the host’s server.
  • Scalability - For many new companies, especially startups, a major requirement for online project management tools is scalability. This is something that web based simple project management apps can not really provide. But project management software solutions which are cloud based are easily scalable. Most providers of cloud based project management apps will also provide easy customizability and even custom APIs so that the software grows in accordance with the needs of the company.
  • Easy Implementation - Cloud based project management tools are much easier to implement than an on-premise version of the same project management software solutions. On-premise solutions typically require a complicated installation and configuration procedure before your project management team can even start using it. Worse, if it turns out it’s not in line with your project requirements, it’s that much harder to get rid of. The best project management tools are cloud based because they make every single process hassle free.

In conclusion, the functionalities afforded by software project management tools which happen to be cloud based are certainly much more extensive than those provided by even the best online project management tools.  However, this does not, in any way, undermine the functionalities and easy accessibility offered by a web based project time management software. Each has its own utility and place in the list of the best project management apps available for businesses today. You can choose either or both, depending what the words best project management system mean to your organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The primary purpose of project management software is to help with planning, scheduling, resource allocation, execution, and delivery of projects. Besides, it helps in easy communication and collaboration with stakeholders and clients.
  • Some of the best project management software for marketing teams are —
    1. Asana
    2. ProofHub
    3. Filestage
    4. Brightpod
    5. Trello
  • The net present value of a project is calculated by adding the present value of cash flows for each year associated with the investment. It is then adjusted or discounted so that it expresses in today’s dollars.
    NPV = ? (Year n Total Cash Flow)/( 1+Discount Rate)n
    Where ‘n’ is the year whose cash flow is being adjusted
    Software project management comes with an NPV calculator.

  • Project management for the construction industry is a methodology that helps in controlling schedules, costs, and specifications. Some of the best project management software for construction are:
    1. CoConstruct
    2. Fieldwire
    3. PM Vitals, etc.
  • The role and responsibilities of a software project manager surround many activities like:

    1. Planning of activity and sequencing
    2. Planning of the resources
    3. Time estimation
    4. Defining the scope and planning
    5. Cost estimation
    6. Analysation of risk
    7. Influencing the strategies
    8. Working compatibility with vendors
    9. The realization of the benefits
    10. Analysis of the portability
  • If you have project management but without the correct software, it means you can catch it in due course, but it will take your lot of time and will become very difficult for you. Therefore, with the project manager, using the best possible tool can help your business make a massive change in improving the operations of the organization. Using the correct software, along with its online task tracker, can help you manage your project much quickly and smoothly in many ways.
  • You can control the users or members and their accessibility levels in all your projects. Moreover, you can also customize the levels of access you give to each of your users per project.

    To view, edit or add and remove the members from the project, go to the option of the project’s Settings > Members.

    For adding new users, use the +Add button at the top to add the new user in the project, or you can also select multiple users at a single time. Moreover, you can also add users to your project from the project overview by using the same as the above manner to add people to your group from the project overview.

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