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25 Best POS Software For Business in 2020 | Get A Free Demo

Finding the best POS Point of Sale Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is POS Software?

POS Software or Point of Sale software is a set of software and other related tools/modules that any services provider use for carrying out the sales-related task. IT can be seen in retail stores, restaurants, fashion stores, etc. very often. It is the electronic data collector, through which, your customers pay you for the services that they have availed from you. A POS system software is integrated with many software and hardware including credit card machine, operating system, customer ID scanner, invoice printer, and so on as its main components.

What are their main features?

Before buying a best POS software for small business, it is very essential to pay attention to its features. Not all the business has the same requirements. For instance, for a restaurant, you need to have a table-booking system in your POS system while for a retail store there should be robust measuring scale along with your best POS Software (Point Of Sale Software). So, it always better to check the features of the small business POS system that you are going to buy. Your best Point of Sale system should provide you all-inclusive POS solutions for your business.

However, there are a certain set of features like Inventory management, Customized Invoice Generation and Sales Report Generation that should be a part of all POS solutions irrespective of their implementation industry.

Does your Point of Sale systems come with a free trial and Comprehensive training?

Yes. A free trial and comprehensive training are highly essential. Usually, a small business POS system software has a complex integration and comes with a full suite of features. To have a better understanding of all those, you need to have a free trial which will help you out decide upon whether it is just the right thing for you or not.

On the same note, an all-inclusive training will help you out to understand the modus operandi of said Point of Sale systems. If the POS system which you are planning to buy for your business lacks both or either of them then it is better to ditch the idea of buying it.

How much the Point of sale system costs?

Cost is another one of the most essential factors to take into consideration while thinking to buy a Point of Sale systems for small business. There are a number of POS solutions available in the market. It is very essential that your best POS software is affordable yet equally sufficient to handle all the operations of your business. Buying all-inclusive best POS software for small business is not a good idea as you are hardly going to use all of its features. Similarly, buying a Point of Sale system for a large-scale retail store or restaurant will not suffice your purpose and you need some additional help.

Does the POS system come with a mobile app support?

In the world of technology, having a mobile app support for your best Point of Sale system is imperative. It not only gives you around the clock accessibility to your business but also helps you to improve customer satisfaction. For instance, if the best POS system for the restaurant comes with a mobile app support to allow customers to book their desired table from home only then it this POS software or Point of sale software is indeed the best bet.

Does the Point of Sale systems provide an easy access to your database?

Having an easy access to your database is a pure bliss for any business. For instance, your best POS system should be able to provide you the detailed information of the total number of sales happened at your store from anywhere. On the same note, the POS system which comes with an integrated cable management is a must-grab.

Improve Your Business with (Point of Sale Software) POS Software 

By owning best POS software for small business, you can simply improve the sales figures, customer satisfaction and productivity of your business. This simple step makes a huge difference in your business in numerous ways. Here is our list of the top ways via which a small business POS system helps you to improve your business.

A Point of Sale systems for small business enhances your performance

Consider a scenario where you have to generate all those monthly and bi-monthly sales report for your business manually. We are sure that even after spending a long and brainstorming hour; the report would still have some errors. In addition, you are not likely to meet the deadlines as well.  On the same note, recording the barcodes of sold products is also highly daunting. But with the help of POS solutions at your retail store, you are going to do this and thousands of similar tasks with an ease leaving no scope of errors. While human handlings come to switch a full suite of errors, there is only one error in every 36 trillion barcode scanning done by a small business POS system or Point of sale software. Isn’t amazing? A Point of Sale systems for small business offers the whole suite of POS solutions under one roof.

Furthermore, manual transaction handling also takes considerable time which not only delays the entire operation but also puts your customers off. Thus, you have a whole set of dissatisfied customers. With the help of POS Solutions, you can handle it all with an ease.

Take another scenario into consideration. When you run a restaurant, your top POS system will help you to handle all the online booking which is highly daunting otherwise.

POS system software makes your operations more accurate than ever before

If you have the best POS system for restaurant installed then all your operations are 100% accurate. You can easily track all your customer ID codes, manage the inventory and help your customer to book a table of their own. Invoices generated by the best POS software or point of sale software are mostly accurate and automatically deducted the applicable discounts and coupons. In short, you will have all POS solutions by adopting single Online POS software for small business.

A Point of Sale systems for small business helps you maintain the consistency in your business

With the help of a robust small business POS system, you can easily streamline your line of business located at a different location. You will have a digital database of your centers right in front of which allows you to modify and alter the operations as per the need and demand of the customer.

How can you choose Point of Sale software for your specific business niche?
In today’s dynamic and rapidly changing business world, there are tons of point of sales systems available in the software marketplace. It is important to research carefully and choose the best POS system to make a dramatic positive change in your organization. Companies all over the globe have acknowledged the power of POS system for sale – this powerful platform can escalate business profits to great heights!

It is often confusing to decide on specific POS software and many times managers ask, “What is a Point of sale system?”  There is no doubt that Best point of sale systems for small businesses can help any budding organization accrue massive amounts of benefits and pump up operational efficiency. 

Niche software is also known as vertical market software because it caters to a specific market as opposed to a broader spectrum. There is no doubt that niche small business POS system is more timesaving, powerful, and cost-effective than generic software suites. While deciding on a POS system software of sale for your business niche, it is vital to check out the various features and technicalities to be sure that it will suit your organizational model.

Here are some simple functional aspects to keep in mind while choosing a small business Point of sale software:

Step 1: Assess your organizational requirements
It is of immense importance to understand the kind of business model and choose the best POS software for your company.

Step 2: Make Sure to Support Processes
Depending on your industry; choose POS software that has customized modules for your organization. It is also essential to make sure that your point of sale system for small business can be integrated with existing software suites.

Step 3: Personalize Your Software
Check out the various modules of the Point of sale software so that your managers can personalize the software according to your business requirements. Most software vendors also adjust the price of the small business POS system to fit your budget and make the deal more cost-effective for your organization.

Most emerging business industries have adopted tailor-made niche POS software systems  to meet customer demands and enhance service levels. Make sure to follow these simple steps before investing in point of sale software for your organization – it is an amazing platform that can transform your organizational productivity and bring output to the maximum level.

Best Key Benefits of POS Software

Owing a best POS software is indeed one of the best things that you can do to enhance your business as you will have comprehensive POS solutions right in front of you. Starting from invoice generation to enhanced customer satisfaction, the best Point of sale software does it all with perfection.

Here is our list of top benefits for a Point of sale software:

  • A Point of Sale systems for small business makes your organization more competent with its fully automated operating system.
  • Operations can be executed be more speed and accuracy leading to more revenue generation.
  • POS Solutions reduces operating cost. As it alone can handle a whole suite of operations, there is no need to hire an individual professional for the same operations.
  • Your best POS system for small business gives you a control over your entire database with its cloud-based integration. Easy access to data implies more prompt functions.
  • Best POS system software helps you to gain the confidence of your customers and providing them with user-oriented services. Thus, high customer satisfaction rate which makes you stand out of crowd.
  • With help of a Best POS system for small business, managing your stock is easy and effortless. As all the details are readily available, you can easily maintain your stock records.
  • The cloud based POS system simplifies the whole accounting process. No need to keep the manual record for sales which are subjected to both error and lengthy process. Invoices can be generated easily without any scope of errors.
  • Not only sales, a Point of Sale systems helps you to do effective employee management as well. You can keep a track of your manpower without much of brainstorming.
  • A best POS system for small business helps you to keep a record of all your tax-related activities. They keep you posted with the GST filling. Even Point of Sale software does the automotive GST calculation for you as well.
  • With the help of Best Point of Sale systems, you will have a detailed sales analytics of your sales figures which help you to

5 Top Reviewed POS Software Options

Depending upon their usability and viability to handle real-time work situation, here are our top 5 picks in the Point of Sale systems category.

  1. HDPOS smart: Designed to handle all your operations, this Point of sale system for sale is a boon for any business. You can easily keep track of your stock, sales and employees’ activity with the help of this best POS software or Point of sale software.
  2. Quickbooks POS: As this best POS system comes with a whole suite of integrated features, it reduces the operation cost and manual error leading to quick and accurate operations.
  3. Netsuite Retail: Netsuite Retail is a cloud based POS system software which can easily handle your multi-location retail stores and restaurants. The POS integration of this Point of sale for sale is incredible.
  4. Square POS: Square POS, being the leading POS system helps you to integrate success and customer satisfaction in your business. The well-thought-out operating system of this best POS system creates your customer profiles automatically which is very tedious otherwise.
  5. Shopify POS: A trademark of integrity and peerless usability, this POS tools for sale comes with an app support as well which help you to track all the activities from anywhere.

Features Guide - Common Features & Advance Features

A Point of Sale systems comes in various forms like a top POS system, best POS software, Point of Sale system for small business and so on. While some features are common, some are industry specific as well.

To have a better underrating of the common and advanced features of a POS system for sale, we have come up with a feature guide for you.

Common features of a Point of Sale systems

These features are the part of almost every Point of Sale Software available in the market irrespective of the industry they serve.

  • Inventory management
  • Billing management
  • Dashboard
  • Sales Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Point of Sale Tools/ Point Of Sale Tools
  • Retail Analytics
  • Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Returns, Refunds and Store Credits
  • Sales promotions handling

Advanced features of an (Online POS Software) Point of Sale Software

There are some advanced features of a Best Point of Sale systems that are part of only some industry-specific best POS system software only. Here is the list.

  • Food Costing
  • Table Management
  • Channel Management
  • Wait for List Management
  • Ordering Automation
  • Reservation & Booking
  • Menu Management
  • Wait staff Management
  • Supplier and Purchase Order Management
  • Export reports to Excel/Text/PDF Formats
  • CRM
  • Audit Trail
  • GST Management
  • Home Delivery & Due bill 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Inventory and stock management
    2. Sales monitoring and reporting
    3. Billing and order processing
    4. Multi-channel management
  • Some of the best retail point of sale (POS) systems are :
    1. Square POS
    2. Shopify POS
    3. Vend
    4. Revel POS
    5. Lightspeed POS
  • Some of the best restaurant point of sale (POS) software are :
    1. Limetray
    2. Torqus POS
    3. TouchBistro
    4. HDRestaurant
    5. Poster POS
  • Here are some of the best free and open source POS software :
    1. Spectrum POS
    2. JustBilling
    3. Point of Success
    4. WandaPOS
    5. Nextar POS Software
    6. Loyverse POS
    7. UniCenta, etc.
  • Yes. Both NCR(National Cash Register) and IBM(International Business Machines) offer proprietary hardware for POS installations.

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