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Best Org Chart Software and Tools For Your Organization

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What is the Org Chart Software?

An organizational chart better known as org chart is a figure that illustrates the structure of an organization. It depicts the position of all the employees in an organization arranged in the hierarchy level. In this way, the org chart acts as the representation of a company and its operating nature. Usually, an org chart can be created using MS-Word, Excel or any chart tools, but the process is quite tedious as the chart then needs to be shared with the team. Furthermore, any update made in the chart needs to be communicated effectively to the team. This is where the need for organizational chart software crept in. There are various offline and online org chart tools available in the market that helps the companies in creating, modifying, storing and sharing the org charts effortlessly. The org chart software automates the task of chart creation and saves both time and efforts of HR and administrative team.

The organizational chart is important for the smooth working of the enterprise in many ways.

  • It visually depicts the internal structure of the firm and the hierarchy that it follows.
  • The employees can easily find the best contact person for a particular matter by referring to the org chart.
  • Org charts give a clear picture of employee’s roles and responsibilities in the organization so that they can improve their performance.
  • Org chart helps the new joiners to understand the structure of the organization and to perceive their position in the firm.
  • The modern org charts serve as powerful org chart tools that stores and manages employee’s information in the chart.
  • It prevents duplication of the task by clearly identifying the tasks/duties allotted to each employee.
  • The org charts help the managers to manage the workloads.
  • Org charts facilitate in faster decision making as it helps the manager to visualize the responsibilities and working area of each employee.
  • The managers can easily see the promotional channels using org charts and allocate the task to the staff optimally.

Why Org Chart Software is needed?

The org chart is the representation of a company and its working culture. However, it keeps on changing with the onboarding of new employees and the resigning of old employees. On top of that, many employees shift positions, receive more responsibilities or their job role changes. So, the org chart needs to be updated from time to time in order to reflect these changes. When all this is done manually, it gives a headache to the HR managers and administrators. Thus, the organizational chart maker comes as a solution in such situations. The org chart software automates the task of org chart creation and has an in-built feature to update the chart with changes in the organization.

An organizational chart maker is loaded with many features and functionality that empowers the organizations and its employees. Some of the amazing features offered by best org chart software include:

  • The best organizational chart software facilitates sharing, collaboration, and easy sharing.
  • The org chart creator offers powerful search for the employees to find the right contact person for the task.
  • With the org chart software, the employees can access the information safely and securely from any device.
  • The best organizational chart software offers real-time updates.
  • It comes with security features that prevent editing or access by an unauthorized person.
  • The organizational chart builder contain contact information.
  • Best org chart software offers a drill-down capability that helps in finding detailed information about a person.

5 Things To Look for When Evaluating Org Chart Software

Most of the companies choose any org chart software just for the sake of buying it. However, in order to fully benefit from organizational chart software, you should choose software that caters to the needs of your business and aligns with your business model. In general, before choosing the best org chart maker for your business, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Ability to Collaborate

An org chart creator includes all the employees within the organization. The employees need to collaborate with each other and evaluate many charts from different departments. So, the organizational chart software should have the functionality to support collaboration. It should allow the members to share org charts with each other and work together to create, edit or modify the charts.

In any organization, new employees keep on coming and many old employees leave. So, the org chart software should be updated on a regular basis with each entry and exit. For this, you should always choose an org chart creator that ensures that the team has up-to-date information and the software is updated with every entry and exit to avoid any hassles.

2. Cloud hosting

Once a business creates an org chart, they face the problem of distributing it to all its stakeholders. Obviously, there is an option of emailing the software to all the employees. But, that is a time-consuming and tedious process if there are more than hundreds of employees. Furthermore, you’ll have to email the chart whenever there is any change in it. On the other hand, it is better to choose cloud-based software as it will make sharing quite easy. There are many organizational chart software that is based on the cloud. So, you can simply upload the org charts in the software and all the employees can access them. Any change made in the org chart is reflected instantly and the employees can easily access the modified version in real-time.

3. Drag-and-Drop Editor

Though you can make organization charts using MS-Word or Excel, that can create a lot of mess and havoc. However, in the case of org chart tools, the process becomes quite effortless. When choosing an org chart software, make sure that it offers the feature of drag and drop editor so that you can edit the chart intuitively. This feature even supports collaboration and makes the process of chart creation quick.

4. Feature to add custom fields

Different organizations have a different way of working and different hierarchy. It is important to arrange the team members in the proper hierarchy and each employee should have the contact details of the right person so that the escalation process can go in the right direction. With the help of custom fields feature, the businesses are empowered to add extra fields to the org chart that supplies all the useful information. In this way, businesses can update specific data in the charts and facilitate the employees in making informed decisions.

5. Multiple Display Types

An org chart software should offer multiple displays so that it can present the information in multiple layouts according to the need of the situation. Sometimes you may need a directory view to present the org chart while at times you may simply need a photo board view to depict the information. So, it is better to choose an organizational chart builder that offers multiple displays.

Steps to Getting Started with Org Chart Software

Implementing an organizational chart software in your enterprise can be a great deal but you can leverage its benefits to the fullest when you and your employees know it capability and its effective use. You should follow the right steps of starting organizational chart maker to reap its complete benefits. Here are the steps:  

Step 1: Use Current Data

Firstly, you need to decide the source of your data- whether it will be dwelled from the IT systems, through Google apps, or it will be loaded from the HR system. Next, you have to allocate the task to a person who will be responsible to update the data. The org chart software then comes into play. It is integrated with the systems and it automates the task of org chart creation and modification.      

Step 2: Determine Org Chart Type

There are different types of org charts that are offered by online org chart tools. So, you need o determine the type of chart on the basis of your organization’s needs. You can choose the org chart on the basis of visual representation that suits you the most. You can choose grids, photos, and even choose the method it will be updated. After the chart type is selected, you can also choose the process of sharing it with your team members.    

Step 3: Excite Your Team

The traditional org chart software were the tools made just for the managers or HR. However, modern-day organizational chart software is made for the whole team. The employees can update their data by themselves. So, after implementing the org chart creator in the organization, you should make your employees realize the benefits of interactive org chart to enhance the productivity of the organization.  

There should be an event or a meeting where the senior team leader can explain the capabilities of the organizational chart builder to all the employees. The enthusiasm of the employee should be kept high and they should be trained to effectively use the software.

The Benefits of Modern Org Chart Software

The modern organizational chart maker is much better than the traditional org chart software in many ways. Firstly, the software requires very less or negligible training to get started. The HR teams are empowered as they leave the task of profile creation to each employee thereby reducing their time and efforts in the whole process. The employees just need to answer basic questions about themselves like their background, work location, job title, contact information, skill sets, previous experience, etc, and their profile is created as well as updated in the org chart software. The modern-day intuitive organizational chart maker thus allows the administrators to get more time to focus on more important tasks and it even makes the employee self-sufficient.    

Most of the org chart software offer custom fields that can be defined by the businesses to share more information with the team and to create more detailed org charts. The employees are free to add their personal information in the org chart and build a personal connection with their team members. The employees can even update their profiles by adding new skills, experience and updating their job roles, responsibilities as and when these change. So, the profile of each employee becomes microsite where they can share both their personal and professional information and feel empowered.    

Org chart is a representation of the organization. It shows to the people the real strength and pillars of the organization. For the employee, the org chart is the source of information where they can find contact details of the person they need to connect within the hierarchical level. This almost saves 2-3 hours of employees time every week that is otherwise elapsed in searching for contact information of the people in their team.  They can easily find the right contact person for a particular project or a particular matter. So, there is a better flow of information and informed contact decisions with org chart software.

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