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Best Office Phone Systems For Your Business -2020

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How often do you give thought in buying office phone system? Probably never. We always choose a phone system for the organization based on the available sets and what is suggested by the shopkeepers. However, implementing a phone system needs a proper analysis of the organizational needs, workforce strength and everything in between.

What is the office phone system?

An office phone system is an advanced calling system designed to handle the complex needs of the business, like call routing- to transfer the call and connect it with the concerned department, customer service calls, internal communication needs, etc. With the advancement in technology, there is a cloud-based phone system available in the market that has high technical support and relies on Internet Service Provider. While shopping for a small business the one thing to look for is the office phone system integration with other applications and ability to provide optimal quality of service over voice, video, and data.

What is virtual VOIP hosted PBX system?

Also known as cloud hosted PBX system, virtual VOIP hosted PBX system use VoIP instead of traditional phone lines for the exchange of data. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange which cut down the mess of wired connections and uses internet connection for the calling purpose. The basic use of such a system at the office is for call routing, call forwarding, call recording, etc. These features help in better CRM and effective sales and marketing functions of the organization. The use of internet in the transfer of data from one place to another and flexibility to use make virtual VoIP PBX system a preferred office phone system over others.

This virtual VOIP hosted PBX system is a budget-friendly form of hosted VoIP and handles only inbound calls. The VoIP office phone system is most appropriate for a small business with a low volume of telephone traffic.

What are the features of office phone systems for small business?

The shift from landlines to mobiles and traditional phones to VoIP is the big infrastructure change in the technology overall. The efficiency with which the business uses the phone decide the feature to seek when making a purchase decision for the office phone system. However, the following are features of the office phone system, required by small businesses to serve the needs across the diverse range of industries:

  • Greetings- The most important feature of a modern day office phone system, it ensures the customer have a good calling experience with your business. With initial greeting overcall, the system ensures your business never misses a call. This feature is important for the business as it answers multiple callers at once. Hence allowing businesses to have a more effective conversation with the caller.
  • Voicemail- Voice mailing saves a huge amount of time and money for the business. It saves the overall time for manual work, writing each message and ineffective communication. The voicemail feature allows to re-listen the message, allow the caller to leave the message even when the staff is not on the desk and maintain the privacy of the caller. The advanced office phone system also offers the feature of voicemail to email, where the voicemail can be sent to the email and can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The more advanced phone systems also send notifications every time there is a new voicemail.
  • Mobile Twinning-One of the most essential feature to be implemented in the system today, Mobile twinning helps you pair your desk phone to the mobile. For staff being on the move, working on the field, or working remotely, this feature plays the major role in serving the customer as whenever there are a call, the desk phone, and the mobile rings simultaneously or the calls from the desk phone can be diverted onto the mobile. With IT and sales workforce always moving around, his feature makes them approachable over calls, eradicating the need for voicemail, hence providing better customer service. The more advanced mobile twinning system also provide mobile SIP applications. It provides not only the ability to receive the desk calls remotely but also to integrate third-party SIP apps. The app allows to integrate third-party SIP apps and allow access to advanced features like Geographical location tracking, video conferencing, etc.
  • VoIP office Phone system-A technology to slash down the cost! The voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is used for linking multiple departments and multiple sites to allow the exchange of messages, transfer of calls and other phone functions across the system, no matter the location. The VoIP office phone system is known to provide better call quality and less costly services as compared to the traditional phone system. With the ability to be accessed from the remote site, it makes the communication and exchange of information across departments and workforce easy.
  • Transferring calls- One of the basic feature every business entity requires, transferring calls refers to the transfer of any call to the concerned department or executive, easily and efficiently. It provides the caller and the potential customer the ease to seamlessly connect and communicate the message efficiently to the concerned department and individual. The multi-line office phone system is one of the most preferred office phone systems for the businesses of any size.
  • Self-Administration- Gone are the days that for every small change or feature access in the phone system a phone technician has to be called. The advances phone systems allow integration of phone with the computer and allow the admin to access the system and resolve the basic functionality issues, such as changing ringtone, announcement messages, greetings, setting up a new user, deleting an existing user, call queuing timers and messages, etc. Besides changing the technical phone line setup, the interface allows the user to change all the other basic functionalities of the phone system.
  • Call Recording- Call recording is one of the most brilliant and essential feature added to the phone system. For businesses dealing in sales and tele-calling, this feature is most important as it allows them to record the message when the executive is not available on the desk. With all the calls details recorded in the CRM and message being recorded, the customer can be get connected at a later stage.
  • Personal Directory- The personal directory is associated and interlinked with every smart office phone system and act like a phone book for every desk. The calls can be directed by selecting the contact from the handset directory, hence giving smart access to the data and cutting down the time consumed in searching the contact in phone back.

What is the PBX office Phone system

  • No restriction over the number of external calls
  • Unlimited growth in terms of trunks and extensions
  • The digital receptionist is available 24X7
  • Reporting and analytics available
  • Call Queues

All the above features, if implemented with a traditional office phone system are expensive. PBX office phone system cuts down the costing and makes use of the existing setup to implement smooth communication across departments and for external communication.

What is the use of Multi-Line Office Phones?

The traditional office phone system allows only one-to-one calling. However, with the introduction of multi-line office phones, communication can be done between 2-line business phone system, 4-line phone systems and multiple phone systems at the same time. The multi-line office phone system improves and streamlines communication across departments to communicate through internal lines and with the customers to communicate through the external lines. It cuts down the need for two different phone systems for internal and external communication centralize the overall phone system for the organization. Typically housed on the business premises, the multi-line office phone system connects to multiple handsets and cuts down the time of switching phone lines and routing within the organization and assigning calls to the respective department/individual is done automatically.

The office phone system technology has advanced in recent times. The innovation in the telecom industry and in the IT industry have made the placement of multiple phone system and socket around one place and interconnected in a way that it serves all the communication purpose through one single system. The traditional multi-line phone system was operated with the support of physical switchboards that directed callers to the individuals or departments. However, with the advancement in technology, the multi-line office phone system helped connect departments with greater flexibility, improved call quality, and less wired connections. This is further supported by advancement in features provided to the phone system. With all the above-mentioned features, the wise decision is to analyze the business need and make a purchase according to the features required.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Office phone systems have two categories – Multiline and PBX. Multiline are the most basic version that are designed to meet the needs to small business organizations. It has a central unified platform that is connected with numerous extensions. Receptionists route calls on desired lines for effective communication. PBX are more suitable for large firms, and do not require human assistance. They automate call transfers across extensions for better efficiency.
    • Wireless office phone systems can offer a range of benefits for small business organizations:
    • Flexibility in communication
    • More personalization
    • Enhance customer service
    • Integration with existing applications
    • Corporate contact directory
    • Multi-channel client communication
    • Modern office phone systems have stringent security measures to ensure that your sensitive information is not leaked. Password protection, data encryption, firewalls, and user access controls are some integrated security measures.
    • Most office phone systems are user-friendly and intuitive. They have navigable dashboards and simple features; hence do not require intensive user training.
    • Yes, organizations can purchase multiple phone lines for their business. They can also purchase additional phone lines at a later stage if the business expands.

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