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What is Net Promoter Score?

The net promoter score is a simple metric that was designed by Fred Reichheld at Bain & Company to calculate customer loyalty levels. It is measured on an index that ranges from -100 to +100. Customers are asked one single question – if they would recommend the company to a friend and are asked to respond on a scale from zero to ten accurately. Depending on the response given, customers are then placed in these three categories:

  • Detractors: These are those customers that score between zero to six. They are the most likely clients to have a negative image of the brand or organization. These customers will also spend the least amount of money, lodge complaints, and spread negative word of mouth publicity.
  • Passives: These are the customers that score seven or eight on the NPS metric. They exhibit a highly balanced and neutral behavior towards the organization. They do not display or inform the organization about brand loyalty.
  • Promoters: These are the customers that have a score of nine or ten. Promoters are extremely loyal to the brand and likely to make heavy purchases of products or services. They always spread positive word of mouth recommendations and advocate about the organization in public.

How to Calculate NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

There is a set procedure to calculate the net promoter score. The first step is to gather all the survey data by asking customers to respond to the required question.

A company’s NPS is then calculated by subtracting the total percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

(Number of Promoters — Number of Detractors) / (Number of Respondents) x 100

The ideal NPS range is between 50 to 80.

The survey to calculate NPS is generally given through email or SMS, however, many companies have now started conducting it through the mobile application. It is very easy for organizations to calculate and record NPS manually. However, in case of lack of expertise, there are many third-party service providers that help to send out the survey and calculate NPS.

What is NPS software?

Nowadays there are many automated technological NPS tools that can help managers calculate the net promoter score easily. Most companies adopt net promoter score software to collect, analyze and record customer feedback. Surveys can be automatically sent through emails or SMS through NPS survey tools.

Net promoter score tools are very helpful as they help managers understand customer satisfaction levels so that efforts can be taken to improve the client experience. Most modern vendors provide net survey software that is highly customizable and can be molded to fit organizational requirements. Net promoter score software allows marketers to identify the obstacles that customers face so that they can improve issues instantly.

NPS Software Features

There are tons of innovative features in NPS systems. Customer sentiment can be effectively tracked through NPS survey tools. An ideal NPS tool should enhance task flow by streamlining all tasks related to the calculation of the net promoter score. Here are the important features that are part of NPS survey tools:

  • Automated Survey Sending: One of the most advantageous features of NPS survey software is the ability to send automated surveys. It eliminates all the manual field work and reduces dependency on field workers.Net promoter score software can also schedule the time at which the survey is sent to clients so that it reached them at the most effective time according to their geographical time zone.
  • Manage Customer Feedback Loop: One very important function of NPS survey tools is closing the loop after getting feedback from customers. Direct replies can be generated for clients through NPS systems. This process is automated and helps in keeping the follow-up time to a minimum. Net promoter score tools also accelerate interaction and engagement with customers and create a better relationship with the brand.
  • Target Audience Segmentation: Every organization caters to a specific audience segment. To make an NPS survey successful, it is very important for net promoter score software to survey the right category. Net promoter software tools act as business intelligence assets by choosing an appropriate sample from their databank. This enhances the probability of choosing the right audience for the survey and will give more accuracy in the results.
  • Complete Survey Customization: Net promoter score software enables marketers to customize the survey to suit organizational requirements. Most NPS tools allow managers to design professional surveys with the company logo, brand name, and customized templates. This helps to forge a strong brand identity in the minds of loyal customers. Brand colors and personalized thank you messages can also be added by NPS survey tools for a personal touch with clients.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The most important job of an NPS system is to calculate the net promoter score after collecting and analyzing customer feedback. Real-time data can be easily analyzed by advanced NPS survey software, and live dashboards display navigable information for managerial use. Net promoter score software can graphically display how the metric has changed over time for the brand so that strategic decisions can be taken on historical data.

NPS Software Benefits

Net promoter score tools are sophisticated assets that can go a long way in helping companies gain a competitive advantage in the business arena. Organizations across the globe have realized in the importance of investing in NPS systems as they have a number of advantages. Here are some benefits that businesses can accrue by getting NPS software:

  • Net promoter score tools can reduce the workload of employees by a large extent by automating surveys and scheduling them to be sent at an appropriate time.
  • Managers can make much better decisions as they have access to real-time data through NPS survey software. It has a simple interface and is highly user-friendly, hence all information can be easily retrieved for strategic decision-making.
  • Net promoter score software creates a powerful brand identity amongst the target audience. Using the company logo, brand slogan and colors on surveys can make a strong and positive impact on clients.
  • Customer health can be monitored through NPS tools, and adequate steps can be taken by organizations to provide a better customer experience
  • Most NPS systems can run and manage multiple campaigns at a time. Since the entire procedure is automated, managers can get live updates about survey delivery rates and response ratios.
  • A great benefit of NPS survey tools is that they do not function in isolation. They can be integrated with existing organizational software such as CRM and sales automation systems. This helps in the unification of data and smooth flow of information between departments.

All these advantages make NPS software a vital must-have asset. Net promoter score tools can enhance the customer journey and provide a better service experience. This will lead to better retention, loyalty, and engagement of clients in the long run.

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