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List of Best mobile Recharge Tools

Finding the best Mobile Recharge Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What is Online Mobile Recharge Software?

Online mobile recharge is software that upon installation allows a user to do multiple mobiles recharges, send bulk SMS API and even can create multiple APIs. To do all this, a user that you create an admin panel on the software. Since the technology keeps on evolving by each passing day, users can also pay for other utilities such as electricity and water bill, DTH recharge and data service recharges with equal ease.

The software is compatible to carry out pre-paid and post-paid transactions easily and quickly. In plain words, you can create safe and secure payment gateways for transactions such as mobile recharge, DTH recharge, and utility bill payments and so on. Apart from doing recharge and paying bills, some of the leading mobile recharge software also allows you to send/receive money from other users.

Features of Mobile Recharge Software

Conceived after much of inception and tested till perfection, online mobile recharge software is a comprehensive tool to eliminate the drudgery from the recharging operations.   Starting from creating bulk SMS to pay utility of all sorts recharge software can do this and beyond. The reason being is it's well- throughout features. Here are some of the key features that make it a useful tool.

  • Multiple recharge: This feature allows a user to do various recharges such as mobile/data/utility/landline phones and so one from a single platform only.  This feature imbued multiple functionalities of any of that all in one recharge software and makes it one-of-all solutions.
  • Secure payment gateways: By using this feature of mobile recharge software for business, users can create secure payment gateways for their business.  You can also manage various payment gateways from a single platform with the help of this feature. Users can create payment gateway support of Paypal, net banking, credit /debit card and so on for your business.  
  • Third-party integration: It is very important that any recharge software should be capable to get easily integrated with any of third-party service. This feature makes sure that the software can cater to a vast customer pool without being tied with platform limitation.  
  • Reporting and transaction history: This feature of mobile phone recharge software enables it you keep a record of every transaction made and use them future references. These reports can be easily export in Excel, Word or PDF form with equal ease.  
  • Transaction alerts: This feature will keep you posted with each of your online transactions with details such as amount, service availed, date of payment and so on. Users can ask for the alert in the form of SMS or simple notification.
  • Money API: Inclusion of this feature in the mobile phone recharge software helps it to allow money transfer between two users. They can directly send/receive the money from any other user without reviling any bank account. Furthermore, this feature allows a user to transfer or load the money directly from their linked bank account.
  • SSL Data Encryption: SSL data encryption is a key feature of any mobile recharge software for retailers as it allows it to process the credit/debit card transactions safely and securely.
  • Flexible API: A flexible API allows recharge software to create platform serving various purposes such as money transfer, utility bill payment, and online mobile/DTH/landline recharge.
  • Multi-operators: By using this feature, you can integrate multiple mobile service providers with your software.  You can gain rights to sell and manage their recharge plans accordingly.
  • E-mail integration: E-mail feature is helpful in sending transaction-related details directly to the customers.

Benefits of Online Mobile Recharge Software

There is no second opinion that technology has made our lives simpler, easier, and safer in various ways.  Mobile recharge software is one such via which we can average our online transactions and make them secure by all means. The benefits of mobile recharge software for retailers are far-flung from this which can be explained as:

  • Easy recharging: Whether it’s a mobile recharge or paying utility, these tasks are something from which there is no escape.  However, doing them again and again from the different platform is highly cumbersome. The implementation of mobile recharge software for business brings a sort of stability and ease in the recharging process. You can do mobile recharge, pay utility bills, and make online payments to any of third-party service provider by using recharge software.  You can save your operator preferences in it and accelerate the recharge process.
    Not only this, you can load some money in the e-wallet of your mobile recharge software and check out fast.  It further leverages the recharge process by remembering your plan preferences. All in all, it reduces your efforts and makes recharging an easy job.
  • Safe online transaction processing: Almost everything is available for sale online these days. However, buying is not as safe as it sounds. There are many cases of online fraud where customers have lost a great fortune while paying online. With the use of mobile recharge software for retailers, you can eliminate this from your online transactions.
    As the majority of recharge software comes with SSL data encryptions, none of your debit/credit cards will be saved elsewhere. Plus, OTP or one-time-password generator facility of all-in-one recharge software allows a user to confirm the transaction by entering the code. As the code will be sent only on the registered mobile number only, being cheated by only touts has less probability with mobile recharge software for business.
  • On-record details of the transactions: Your recharge software will send you a notification SMS containing all the details of the transaction you have just made. Details such as transaction ID, amount, service availed, and date of payment will be mentioned in that SMS. This SMS is a great way to keep a track on your transactions and record them for once and all. In case of any transaction or service failure, you can present this transaction SMS as proof of your transaction.
  • Added discounts: It is very common that you are allowed to avail a certain amount of extra discount on your online purchase if you use mobile recharge software during the payment.  The discount can also be available on using certain credit/debit card. In that case, you are likely to crack a great deal online in comparison to the traditional offline payment system.

Things to look out while buying the mobile recharge software

Though the importance of mobile recharge software is not hidden under a veil anymore, you are going to be benefitted up to maximum extent only if you chose the right one. Here are some of the tips that one should keep in mind while hunting down the best-suited mobile recharge software for retailers to the organization.

  • It should come with multiple business modules: Not every business is the same. That is why it is more than important that your all-in-one recharge software should come with various business modules. Usually, admin, retailers, distributor, and master distributor. Users can create mobile recharge platform for personal and professional use by choosing the right plan for them. Make sure that the one you are choosing comes with such flexibility and diversity in the plans.
  • Multiple API: You needs to have different API to create or integrate various types of recharges or payment gateways. For example, you need to have recharge API to build an app or software that is capable in doing online recharge for the users and money API  if you want to act as a money transfer platform as well. It is always better to choose the mobile recharge software for business that offers multiple APIs support.
  • Easy circle management: With your recharge software, you are going to handle multiple operators and service providers. That is why it is important that it is capable to handle the circles based upon the location and service operators.
  • Dedicated customer support: No service is complete without a dedicated customer service support. No matter how efficient you are in handling the technical stuff, there are some issues that can arrive without any prior notice. This is where you need to have a backend technical support to resolve the issues. That is why one should check whether the service provider which you are trying to choose has dedicated customer support.
  • Free trail: A free trial helps you understand the utility of the mobile recharge software for retailers in a real-time situation. It will also help you gain its user-friendliness. Seeing its utility from the customers’ point-of-view, many companies offer free-trial of their product. It is suggested that one should never overlook this factor before making the final purchase.
  • Mobile-app support: Mobile-interface is one thing that one should look out in the product while making the final decision. It increases the utility of the product and allows you to function while –on-the-go. Choose the one which comes with this facility.

Some of the market leaders in the mobile recharge software category  

  • FreeCharge
    Known for its multiple utilities, FreeCharge is the leading recharge software in the UK market.  Starting from mobile recharge to ticket booking and beyond, this mobile recharge software for business can help do everything and anything. It has strong data encryption facility that never saves the credit/debit card details and prevents online frauds.
  • MobiKwik
    Available with Android, Windows and iOS mobile interface, MobiKwik is another market leader in the mobile recharge software sector. Its industry excellence comes from secure payment gateways, flexible API, and quick transaction alerts.
  • SiOnlune Technomart Multi Recharge Sim
    It is all-in-one mobile recharge software that allows a user to create multiple platforms such as DTH recharge/ utility billing/ mobile recharge and so on from a single platform only.
  • GoRecharge
    Best commission structure and international operations are the two major factors that contribute towards the success of GoRecharge.  The software allows a user to end airtime of its choice from anytime and anywhere.
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