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Best Live Chat Software and Tool For Your Business

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What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software refers to messaging applications that companies use for customer support. Live chat tools and live chat support software allow customers to reach out to representatives of the company and get their queries resolved in real-time. Website live chat software, as well as online chat software, has been steadily gaining popularity.

This is because they are much less expensive than telephonic and email support. It requires fewer people and fewer resources, and is more convenient for both the support staff and the customers. More importantly, the response time through live chat support software is a fraction of that taken by email or phone support.

Live chat tools are great to use in conjunction with other customer support channels like email and phone support.

How Does Web Live Chat Software Help Dealers to Stay Competitive?

Surprisingly, web live chat software can give your business a real competitive edge in whichever sector your business is. How does it do so?

1. Stellar Customer Support

Customer support actually goes a long way towards building your customer base, and when your company provides customer support that is prompt and genuinely helpful, your customers will keep coming back to you. Your customer base should grow exponentially if you take the effort to meet your customer support needs, which is something that online live chat software and live chat tools certainly help you to accomplish. Live chat software can be used to save the chat transcripts from various customers. The data from these transcripts can be analyzed to determine the weak areas in the company’s operations as well as customer support strategies. Using this, continual improvements can be made in the kind of support that the company provides to its customers.

2. Reduced Support Costs

Traditional call centers have customer support reps handling both phone and email service requests. However, it is humanly possible to handle only one customer at a time by phone or email for any customer service reps.

With online live chat software, a support rep can handle multiple queries simultaneously without too much trouble. Especially in the case of international customers, a lot of money is saved on international calls. This obviously leads to a reduction in time spent by both parties and also in the costs to the company.

3. Increased sales and lead conversions

Website live chat software has the potential to increase your sales and lead conversions. Live chat tools allow your sales reps to answer any questions that customers might have about products on your website immediately.

In fact, they can be convinced to buy your products while they’re browsing your website. As soon as they have any query, they can reach out through online chat software and get it resolved in minutes. It will help them make informed decisions faster and ultimately increase your sales.

4. Increased sales order value

Sure, web live chat software can be used to increase the amount of sales. But it can also be used to increase the average value of an order. The old trick of selling complementary products works like a charm to increase the order value.

For example, if you’re selling laptops on your website and your prospective customer uses the online chat software to ask for help with the choices available or for expert insight into the products. Here your sales rep can give the customer appropriate advice but in addition to that, he can also recommend that the customer buy some additional complementary products. In this case, the customer can buy a laptop bag or accessories like a bluetooth mouse or headphones.

5. Build Customer Confidence and Loyalty

Live chat support software puts your company in the position to provide assistance to customers in a matter of seconds, and the ability to do so around the clock. Even if a customer is looking for assistance at 3 in the morning, live chat service providers can help them. The most commonly-used modes of customer support are phone, email, and social media. Live chat providers can provide 24/7 assistance to customers, help them make better decisions and offer other products that might interest them or be of use to them.

It is just like having a personal sales assistant in a huge store like Macy’s. This is a well-established method of building up your customer base. When a customer feels like they are being given personal attention and that their satisfaction genuinely matters to the company, it automatically instills in them a sense of trust and confidence towards the company. On the internet, it is easy to create this loyalty through using online chat software.

How to Improve Sales with Live Chat Support Software?

It is not a surprise that live chat support software is a great tool for boosting sales. In fact, the American Marketing Association found that B2B companies that used online chat software actually experienced a 20% average increase in lead conversions. Any doubts you have about the capacity of live chat software to boost your sales should be dispelled by now.

Firstly, you can use live chat service providers to keep your website visitors engaged. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all the rage now, major search engines rank websites by the average amount of time a user spends on them. With live chat software, you can engage your customers and encourage them to spend a greater amount of time on your website, thus leading to better ranking on search engines like Google.

This will lead to a gradual increase in the number of leads generated as people will start to trust your website more if it ranks high in search engine results. Moreover, you can provide 24/7 customer support by automating live chat support so that you can acquire leads round-the-clock.

As mentioned before, customers are more likely to complete a purchase on your website if they are engaged and can get their questions answered immediately using a web live chat software. Better and more prompt customer support will additionally go a long way in boosting your sales and lead conversions.

Live Chat Tools: The Best Way to Manage Remote Service Teams

The gig economy is growing day by day. In fact, 34% of the US Economy in 2017 consisted of remote workers. Remote workers are quickly becoming a valuable asset to businesses who employ them. Live chat tools are a cost-effective and efficient way of managing your remote service teams. Online live chat software, website live chat software, and live chat tools help teams whose members may be scattered all over the world to be connected to the office community. It is a boon for remote teams worldwide.

A company’s support staff may consist of members scattered in different continents, but using live chat software the team members can connect as though they were in the same office. Live chat software enables remote team members to be a part of the day to day operations of the business even if they are working from a million miles away. It improves collaboration among teams.

The remote employees are kept updated on each development and can work on tasks, ask questions and make suggestions as if they’re present in the room.

How Can Live Chat Software help different Businesses?

Live Chat Software is a gamer changer for any business in any sector. Be it eCommerce, a small or medium-sized business, regardless of the industry, size or market, using live chat tools will help you flourish. You would expect B2C companies to have a greater number of live chat users than B2B companies. But it’s actually the opposite. According to Zoho’s research, the B2B user base is double that of the B2C companies.

Both B2B and B2C companies use website live chat software and online chat software for sales and customer support. Moreover, as mentioned above, live chat provider and website live chat software are incredibly helpful to organizations that do not operate for a profit motive too.

Does Online Live Chat Software Benefit Non-Profit Organizations?

We have devoted the majority of this discussion to businesses, corporates or for-profit organizations. Sure, it is a proven way to increase sales and customer experience. But what about not-for-profit organizations? How can tools like web live chat software and online live chat software be of help to non-profit organizations?

A live chat provider can do wonders even for organizations that do not operate for profit, such as hospitals, governmental agencies, NGOs, charities, helplines for suicide prevention, etc. Web live chat software can be immensely helpful to customers or patrons of these organizations to get general inquiries or small issues resolved quickly. This way they will not have to travel all the way to the hospital or the government office to get a small query answered.

With live chat support software, both customers and non-profit organizations are able to save time and effort.

For many NGOs and charities, donors and volunteers are an important part of their success. And online live chat software is a perfect tool for increasing the number of donors and volunteers they have. It works in a similar way to a sales rep convincing a customer to buy a product.

If a visitor on the website is looking into the donations or volunteering sections, a representative from the organization can reach out to him/her using the website live chat software, explain more about the organization and its functioning, and convince him/her to volunteer and/or donate.

Live chat service providers and even open source live chat software help non-profit organizations to save time and money, but also to get more money and more helpers which they need more than everything else.

The Future of Live Chat Software

Live chat software is on an upward growth trend throughout different sectors. A lot of companies like to integrate their Customer Relationship Management software with live chat tools and online chat software in order to improve customer support and also to increase lead generation.

  1. 43% of companies that used live chat tools, live chat support software or even live chat software open source, reported that they understood their customers much better within 1 year of using online live chat software.
  2. In 2016, the live chat software market was valued at $590 million. In 2023, it should hit a valuation of $997 million.
  3. The market will grow at a CAGR of 7.5% till 2023.

4. Demand for live chat software grew by 8.29% in 2017, and will continue to surge. For every 100 customers visiting companies’ websites, there are 8 additional members each month, which is some really steady growth.

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