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Best LIMS Software & Laboratory Information System Reviews

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What is a Laboratory Information Management System?
Laboratory management is now a specialized field in itself, and organizations across the globe are utilizing the power of laboratory information systems to manage the daily operations of their lab. Laboratory information management system (
LIMS software) is a customized software suite that facilitates the smooth movement of all the diverse activities of a lab such as chemical procurement, research, testing, and instrument availability. 

Lab management software is a miraculous tool that can help any organization improve the excellence of clinical research, manufacturing, and quality assurance. There is no doubt that investing in good lab information system is a necessity and can make a world of difference to your organization’s results. 

What are five important things that you need to know as a Lab manager?
Any lab manager has a challenging task and laboratory management is the most critical function that he/she has to master in a comprehensive manner. Here are five vital aspects that every modern laboratory management should be 
aware of:

  1. Investing in effective LIMS(laboratory information management system) can bring about an immediate revolution of efficiency and productivity in routine lab operations. So, research the software marketplace and choose the best Labware LIMS to witness a radical increase in your output/yield.
  2. It is important for lab managers to keep track of all important resources and instruments. Laboratory information system can help lab staff in monitoring the availability of chemicals, research tools, and resources so that there is no shortage or excess stock.
  3. It is important for a laboratory to remain within the allotted budget – lab management software is a great way to keep expenses in control and function in a highly cost-effective and economical manner.
  4. Running a laboratory requires a whole lot of paperwork to be completed and up-to-date. Getting a top class lab information system is an ideal platform to automate traditional processes, and reduce time-consuming administrative issues to a minimum.
  5. A lab manager often has to conduct statistical analysis and organize/administer experiments –labware LIMS is the best solution for lab managers to reduce technical calculations by utilizing the power of automated technology.

What are the key benefits of using lab management software?
Investing in laboratory information management system can prove to be one of the best decisions for your organization, and it can lead to a massive increase in all vital performance parameters.

Here are some major advantages that your organization can accrue through effective lab information system:

  • Manages Logistics Effectively: One of the greatest benefits of a LIMS software is that it can manage your logistics chain and ensure that all samples, instruments, resources, and chemicals are available at the right place and time. Barcoding and radio frequency identification technology make sure that the supply chain moves in a quick, automated and flexible manner.
  • Eliminates Human Error: Laboratory management can improve manifold by investing in good Labware LIMS – accuracy rates can increase by a great degree and human error can be eliminated due to a high level of mechanization. It is a unified and comprehensive platform that can lead to timesaving, and reduction of manual laborious effort – thereby kicking up productivity!
  • Scale Up Business Speedily: It is easy to grow and expand your laboratory activities with the help of laboratory information system. It serves as a single repository for all data and maintains essential information in a structured manner. It is also a highly secure platform and ensures that privacy/confidentiality of important documents is maintained to the fullest capability.

What are the features of laboratory information management systems?
Lab management software suites come power-packed with a range of impressive features that can help any organization attain operational efficiency. Here are some useful features of LIMS software:

  • Lab Inventory and Storage Management: One key feature of effective lab information systems is inventory or storage management. They keep track of all important machines, tools, resources, instruments, and chemicals so that stock is efficiently maintained at an optimum level.
  • Instruments Maintenance: Most modern laboratories have a diverse set of instruments and mechanical tools for clinical research –LIMS software has the capability to store, record, and maintain these instruments so that work can continue without any time delay or interruption.
  • Document Management: One advantageous feature of the laboratory management information system is that it has the capability to electronically store and manage important data. This prevents loss of critical data and ensures that information can only be accessed by authorized personnel – boosting up the security of vital laboratory documents.

The markets are today flooded with a range of Labware LIMS systems – it is important to choose the appropriate lab management software that suits your organizational requirements and budget. It is indeed the best way to ensure the streamlined functioning of your valuable laboratory!

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