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What is HR Mobile App?

Handling human resources is one of the hardest jobs in the world. One of the hardest parts of this job is - Uncertainty. You would never know when an employee would need an HR to approve leave or grant access to some device. Soon, the industry realized this need and understood HR needs a remote system from where they can manage the system. Hence, they brought the HR system to the mobile platform where human resource managers can manage all the important tasks on the go. Almost all the growing HR systems have their HR application for mobile, so employees and HR both can move ahead with their jobs without wasting a lot of time. An HR app is also very beneficial for other employees as well. They can complete all the tasks like applying for leave, approving a teammate’s leave, requesting for devices, asking for approval, checking their daily work hours, logging in from a remote location, and many more. Basically, every important task that can be performed from a desktop HR app can also be done using a mobile HRM App.

Features of HR Mobile App

HR mobile app comes with some handy features that managers and employees need on a daily basis. Bringing these features to the mobile platform has saved an incredible amount of time, and offered convenience to the users. We’re going to see some of the most important features of human resource management apps:


1. Leaves and Approvals:

This feature is equally beneficial for both - HR managers as well as employees. At some points, employees are not in the situation to find the desktop, access the desktop HR app, and ask for a leave. With the HRM app, employees can send leave requests to their respective managers in simple few steps using mobile, anywhere and anytime. Same way, respective managers may also find it hard to check the leaves. It becomes really hard when there’s a huge team. With HR application on mobile, managers can receive quick notifications on the leave updates, and approve or reject quickly. Isn’t that just convenient? Using a mobile app, employees can also track their leave balance. They can confirm how many paid leaves are pending, how many sick leaves they have used, or how many paid leaves they have utilized.

2. Common Calendar:

Since the HR apps are becoming cloud-based, everything is easily accessible to every team member. One of the benefits of cloud-based HR apps is common calendars. Every member can see who is available on a particular day. It really helps in creating a team plan for the week or scheduling an important meeting. For large sales teams that roam around the world to promote their products, this can be extremely helpful. This way, everyone can know everyone’s schedule.

3. Information:

Probably one of the most important advantages of human resource apps is fetching information. Employees never know when they’re stuck at some crazy point in a project, and needs help of a colleague. HR apps allow teams to find each other's information and make things easier. Employees can find various details like contact details, photo, IDs, and basic details.

4. Check Timesheet:

In many industries, employees need to take care of their time at work. The concept of timesheet is very important for the business who charge clients on an hourly basis. With an HR app, employees can track their exact hours daily, and adjust their logs. If there are any mistakes in their logs, they can request to respective managers to fix the logs by sending adjustment requests. Checking timesheet and adjusting logs from human resource management apps makes life a little bit easier.

5. Taxation Details:

Taxation is a big deal for every employee. We all want to make sure that our taxes are on point without any mistake. Smart HR apps allow employees to feed their basic details, deduction information, and calculate the exact tax amount.

6. Remote Check-In:

This feature can be a lifesaver for the employees who travel a lot for their company, like sales or marketing teams. In such conditions, it is hard, sometimes impossible for the employees to come to the office location and punch in. With HR apps, sales or marketing team can punch in from their location using their mobile devices. The app basically, fetches the GPS location of the employee and lets the management know where exactly the employee is at the moment. It is beneficial for both the parties as employees can save time in commuting. The management gets the heads up on what the employee is doing in working hours.

Benefits of Using HR Mobile App

As we discussed, HR apps can be beneficial to both employees and management. We’re going to have a look at some of the benefits of using mobile apps for HR applications:


1. Time-Saving:

As we discussed, employees can perform various tasks from their remote locations, without heading back to office location. This saves a lot of time from commuting back and forth. Plus, mobile apps are very cleverly designed to save time. So, all the extra steps that you have to go through in desktop apps, you don’t have to go through the same with apps. It’s short and simple. HR managers can also have a quick check on every employee using their cellphone, so it’s pretty time-saving

2. Better Communication:

Since every member is connected and can easily reach to the other employees, it create a better environment of communication. It opens multiple gates of communication.

3. Improves Decision Making:

Every member can see the calendar activities of their respective colleagues. So everyone would be well aware of who is available and who isn’t on a particular day. For important events or meetings, it gives a great set of data to the management. They can set up the right date of event, so everyone can attend and be a part of it.For important meetings, it gives the management better options if important persons are on leave or occupied in other tasks for a particular day.

4. Productivity:

Productivity is the reason why timesheets are so well-accepted all over the world. When employees keep track of their time on work, it contributes a lot to the overall productivity of the business. HR apps allow users to have a quick check on their routine work hours, and that improves the productivity of the entire organization. Plus, every member will be updated with their team member, there will be the right communication and the right organization of work.

5. Mobility:

This is pretty evident! When employees and management can perform important tasks anywhere & anytime, mobility can save a lot efforts. Psychology, it is very frustrating when you have to find a desktop or laptop for a small HR task. Offering such tasks in apps can offer a healthier state of mind as well.

HR App Trends

HR is becoming an ideal industry for every other niche. The HR industry is driven by logic and emotions simultaneously. We going to see some of the HR App trends for the coming years.

1. Feedbacks:

Feedbacks help improve the entire system whether it's a small startup or a giant business. Employee input is the most crucial part in feedbacks. HR apps are understanding these things and coming up with a lot of ways to gather employee feedbacks. These feedbacks will eventually improve the working environment for employees and that increases the overall productivity.

2. Gamification:

Gamification is an exciting concept for employees and results are rewards. Management can set up a reward system with gamification where employees can engage in various activities or complete tasks to earn reward points. Employees will receive gifts and recognition after receiving certain reward points. This is a very interesting concept as all employees will receive gifts and recognition, other than their monthly income. Such activities keep the working environment friendly and happening. Plus, employees will put an extra effort for rewards, and that will improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

3. Learning:

The importance of learning is priceless. Organizations are learning that employees should keep evolving with the new technology and business approaches year after year. This is probably one of the most nobel trends in the HR industry where people are getting empowered with knowledge. HR apps are coming up with new ways to offer knowledge to employees. People can find new content, books, and lectures on their fields using these apps, and update themselves. For an organization, it is super beneficial. When employees are growing, companies can also sense the change in work style, environment, productivity, and many more. Learning eventually leads a business to new heights.

HR apps are making things easier for every business out there. By offering mobility, easy communication, and time-saving, human resources management apps are constantly improving. With more trends in the HR industry, these apps will surely see some advanced features in the future. A lot of HR apps are integrating IoT and AI in apps, so we have a rock-solid future in this segment.

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