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Hotel Reservation System Guide

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Reserving a hotel might be easy with the use of different applications and direct booking, but maintaining the record in rush days is always a devious task for the management of the hotel. With days and months where there are a rush and high demand, the task is to manage the bookings effectively so as to have better customer service and proper maintenance of the resources at the management’s end. The hotel reservation system software is one such application software that is adopted by the hotel to let guests create secure online reservations and make their bookings directly.

What is a Hotel Reservation System?

A best hotel reservation system is a software tool that helps guests schedule the stay in terms of dates, days, and length while also taking care of the payment process. These are high-end secure hotel management software and provides with all the information such as availability, location specifications, room details, etc. The best hotel management software even allows selecting extra specifications if any, such as the selection of bed, balcony room, niceties to be placed in the room at arrival, etc.

How does the Hotel Reservation System Works?

For both large and small hotels, the hotel reservation system is a must. With an increasing number of accommodations, loaded with the demand to provide precise information, the need for the hotel reservation software arises which provides all the information in one place and makes the booking task easier.

Following is the step by step working of a hotel reservation system:

1. Entering Business Information

The best hotel reservation system software requires entry of the data manually, such as room rates, discount offerings, gallery updates, inventory, room descriptions, room inclusions, etc. The hotel booking system software contains all the information related to rooms and hotels and help guest take booking decision based on the available information.

2. Direct bookings

based on the information available the guest can book a room for the specific dates, time, and a number of days. Since no one enquires for the rooms every time on call, the hotel booking system software provides availability for the mentioned dates and allow the guest to self-serve with the available services.

3. Availability is updated instantly

With the hotel management system being flexible and compatible with other applications, as soon the bookings are made by the guest, it gets updated across channels and instantly informs the agents about the booking being made. This management not only saves a huge chunk of time but also decreases the risk of overbooking the rooms at the hotel.

4. Automatic Email generation

With every booking made by the guest, a copy of the confirmation mail with all the mentioned details are sent on the customer’s registered E-mail ID. The purpose of such mail is to ensure the guest that the booking has been made and the stay is confirmed for the dates mentioned.

5. Feedback requests and Promo codes

Once the customer check-out from the hotel, an automatic e-mail is sent to the guest requesting stay and services feedback. Such e-mails encourage them to leave a review at the website, social networking platforms, and other channels to make most revenue out of each guest. Since word of mouth is the best medium to promote the business, such feedback help hotels generate more business. Small business gets repeated bookings and referrals because of positive feedbacks.

Promo Codes are another way to get a repeat customer for a stay. Once a customer feeds in the feedback, they are provided with promo code with a certain discount off which encourages them to make bookings with the hotel again.

For all the above, the hotel reservation system helps make the process smooth and generates customize E-mail for each guest. This saves the manual work and eliminates the chances of human error.

Key Benefits of Hotel Reservation System

1. The advantage over Competitors

With many hotels still not willing to invest in online hotel booking software and continuing with the basic information website, the competitive advantage is to implement the software and allow guests to book a room remotely.

2. Improves efficiency of the business

The real-time updates and instant update on bookings increase the efficiency of the business two-fold as a customer as well as third-party agents are aware of the bookings done and hence save the overbooking. It also saves time and effort of the administrative tasks in the organization.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

With all the information provided at one platform, a customer can make a better decision. The value-added services such as gym and spa packages, guided city tours can also be added in the booking window so as to ease the customer with the booking decision.

Features of Hotel Reservation System

1. Automated Communications

The guest requires to have instant support while making the reservations. The chatbots integrated with the hotel reservation system communicate with the customer directly providing all the required information. The information is pre-loaded in the system and hence, whenever the customer generates a query, the information is provided. ?Also, the customer needs an instant confirmation on successful booking. The hotel booking system software makes sure to generate an automated mail on every successful booking with the hotel. Also, the feedback forms are generated and send over mail once the customer checks out from the hotel.

2. Online Payment Processing

Hotel Reservation software integrated with the payment gateway helps in the smooth processing of the payments online and make sure the customer has a hassle-free experience at the hotel. The best online hotel booking software provides a secure payment portal that integrates with the website seamlessly and is a critical success factor for the hotel.

3. Advanced Reporting

The performance reports can be generated weekly, monthly, yearly, or on a daily basis. Such reports help understand management the number of rooms booked, what customer prefers the most and all the other valuable information about the customer buying behavior. This further helps improvise the marketing process and make services more effective.

With all the available hotel reservation system software in the market, the comparison must be done before making a purchase. As all the online hotel booking software are loaded with different functionalities, the decision is to be made based on the hotel requirement analysis.

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