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Best Hotel Software and Hotel Management System for Hoteliers

Finding the best Hotel Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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Technology is not something that you should be fear at this age, but something you should learn to embrace. It can truly transform the experience for your guests and differentiate your hotel from all others.

The hotel industry has been booming for years. With the entry of new entrepreneurs in the business, the market is adapting to the environment of competition, and the one who survives is the sage! In order to manage a hotel and ensure it has a smooth functioning, hotelier needs to incorporate a Hotel software. After all, a hotel without a hotel software is like a human body without a skeleton.

What is A Hotel Management Software?

The hotel management software is the ultimate hotel solutions to manage hotels and to maintain customer relationship by a hotel. The hospitality systems can be used for managing rooms to engaging with guests in the hospitality industry like at restaurants, hostel, lodges, suites, resorts etc. Features like front office, POS, inventory, payroll, internet hotel booking software, hotel billing software and interfaces contribute to the hotel software in making it as a full-fledged system which becomes the backbone of any hotel.

What is the Work of Hotel Management?

The hotel software is used to automate the everyday processes in a hotel, restaurant, hostel, etc. The hotel management software consists of all the required vital features, such as room booking, reservation, check-in, check-out and much more. It allows the organization to obtain real-time reports on all aspects related to it. The software consists of multiple scalable modules which work together to achieve the pre-set objectives.

Key Features of Hotel Management Software

Front office

HR/Payroll System


Sales and Marketing

Laundry Management

Property Management

Accounts and finance

Food and Beverage Costing


Multi-Property Support

Inventory Management

Reservation and Booking

Point of Sale

Messaging System


Billing and Invoicing

Banquet Conferencing

Maintenance Management and Administration

Database Backup/Restore


Modules of the Best Hotel Management Software

Web based Hotel management software has modules that cover several facets of hotel management. This mainly includes a track of reservation and hotel booking, room service, housekeeping, stock management and accounting system. Good hotel management technology will save a lot of time and money by streamlining these processes. Explained below are some modules of the hotel software:

1. Hotel Administration

This module permits the customization and arrangement in the hotel. Here is what all comes under the canopy of the hotel administration module:

  • Management of room types and features
  • Allocation of permission status
  • Set dates
  • Payment choices
  • Set charges by room type
  • Adding, editing and disabling staff
  • Managing inventory
  • Set tax rates

2. Hotel Housekeeping

The housekeeping or front desk module is where the maximum day-to-day operation takes place. Following tasks are a part of hotel housekeeping software module:

  • Managing reservation
  • Accounting for financial transactions
  • Reservations
  • Accessing guest report to check bookings
  • Print check-in cards for guests
  • Check-in guests as they arrive
  • Check out guests
  • Billing

3. Hotel Reservation

For any hotel, the most significant feature of the Hotel software is the management of reservations. Good hotel room reservation software shows the following information:

  • Which rooms are available for reservations?
  • When our clients arriving and departing?
  • Available rates

The hotel reservation management system ensures that the reservations are precise so that the administration personnel can avoid awkward slip-ups and overbookings.

4. Deposits

With reservations, arrive the need for deposits. If a hotel grosses deposit to secure the booking, this must be imitated on the guest invoice. This is where the software comes into the picture. It keeps a check on the reservations with deposits and also unconfirmed reservations. This permits the administrative personnel to keep the financials and transactions accurate.

5. Hotel POS

The best hotel management software also comes with an in-built POS (Point of Sale) system. This hotel systems track the sales which take place at the hotel. For example, a customer purchases stuff from the gift shop located inside the hotel, this software will track it. It will then generate receipts and help the administrative personnel in executing the billing successfully.

6. Reporting

The hotel solutions also easily handle the reporting feature. This includes:

  • The forthcoming bookings
  • The rooms in use
  • The deposits paid
  • The occupancy rate
  • The existing month sales

These reports are not just useful for the profit and loss statements, but also allow the housekeeping personnel in defining checked-out rooms and the rooms with guests. This guarantees that all the rooms are cleaned decorously without any hassle.

5 Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For As A Hotel Business Owner

Sometimes you need to be careful with your customers. Leaving them angry and frustrated is the last thing you would want to do. But do not worry, we have got 5 Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For As A Hotel Business Owner:

1. You are issuing too many refunds

There is nothing like making your customer pay a nice, fat amount for booking and then issuing a refund right away. Having to do it once is bad enough but having to do it several times is definitely not a good sign.

What a refund is really telling you is that your money management isn't good. It's totally understandable, and it can happen. But it is high time that you use the amazing tools that are easily available. That is what a good Hospitality Management Software is for! It helps you in keeping an eye on staff schedules, bookings, special events, and everything else so that you are not confused and exhausted every day, without knowing the kind of crisis that you might run into.

2. Your hotel management software is unorganized

Sometimes you just have a bad employee on board, but an unorganized management system is responsible just as often for things that infuriate your guests. And if it is happening to several guests, then that is most certainly the case.

Your Hotel Management System needs to be first put into place. Your staff needs a clear idea of who stays where and during that time. If your customer complains about double-booked rooms or booking the wrong room, and you find it hard to fix the mess all the time, then you need to check the hotel management tools that you are using, and ask your employees the following questions:

  • Does the software clearly show which rooms are available and which aren't, and who will be staying where?
  • Are the rates for every room plainly listed?
  • Is the software very complex to use, making you click through a bunch of screens just for a simple reservation?

The software may make sense to you, but always ask your employees; they may find the software totally confusing!

3. You aren't working as a team

Even if your hotel is getting the job done, gaining effective profits will require collaboration with your employees. After all, the employees are your eyes and ears in the process, and the information that they gain is very vital to your hotel's development.

A good hotel management app can fix this problem. Make sure you meet with your employees and ask them to log every special request from guests in the system. Try to get as much feedback as you can from your customers.

4. There is a lack of communication between your employees

Your staff/employees need to communicate with each other well. Much new hospitality management software offers little widgets that allow employees to be in direct contact with each other all the time.

If something needs to be re-done, one employee can send a quick note to the staff and the right person can start the work right away. Or better, it can simply serve as a way for employees to chat throughout the day, and build a team-oriented spirit among themselves to improve the customer experience.

5. You always need to be at your Desk to run your Hotel

No one in this age should be tied to their desks anymore. A good software for hotels will easily allow you to run your business from anywhere, and if it doesn't then you need to change it. It should allow you to run and access your business from anywhere. You should also be able to instantly contact your employees through some sort of chat or messenger.

As we begin with 2017, hoteliers can take comfort from the fact that cloud technology is gaining global attraction and appreciation. It will enhance accessibility and connectivity between suppliers and distributors, thereby improving occupancy and bringing in more revenue. From an ROI perspective, a reliable PMS or Hotel Management Software can definitely make a big difference to a hotels bottom-line. A Hotel Management system isn't just a tool, it has become a critical driving force in the hotel industry business operations.

Running a hotel is a tough act, and running it smoothly is a tougher one! Basically, it seems that a hotel business owner or Manager has to deal with Reservations, Deposits, Check-ins, and Check-outs. In addition, he also has to manage the POS (Point of Sale) system and incorporate it into the client invoices. Furthermore, he has to manage his staff - from housekeepers to checking stock and a lot more. What is the best way to handle all these smoothly? The answer is straightforward - a quality hotel management system!

The basic checklist of Must-have features before selecting the right Hotel Operating System

Hotel management demands constant attention in small things. Here are certain features of the hotel systems that enable you to gain control over finances and the general management for a smooth flow.

1. Reservations and Front Desk Support: With Hotel check-in system, it is easier these days to check in and check out of the hotels because of the software giving a quick guide to the room availability and other details related to charges. Also, the general details about the hotel facilities can be got in a jiffy.

2. Payment Gateway: Hospitality systems help the managers to accept payment of the customers via credit/debit cards. This is automatically updated to their financial database with the other guest information.

3. Gift coupons/certificates: Guests can redeem their gift coupons/certificates easily without the problem of tallying the expenses. The hotel systems solutions immediately recognize the value of the coupons and make the adjustments accordingly. The hotel software also helps in making gift coupons/certificates for valued clients.

4. Employee Details: Once the details of the employees are fed in the software, it can be useful for several purposes. The manager can assign duties according to the list, they can interchange the duties when required and even get the contact details of the employee(s) in case of emergency. The hotel information system can also helps in making employee identification cards.

5. Manager Details: As in the case of the employees, even the details of the managers are updated. The managers are also issued their identification card.

6. Salary/Payroll: The salary of the employees can be checked and even updated from time to time. Receipts of salary payments can also be checked from the track hospitality software.

7. Retail Support: Certain hotels also need retail inventories for keeping an inventory of their housekeeping and food items list. Most hotel software has an integrated retail inventory that makes the hotel management process much easier.

8. Restaurant: Hotels that have their own restaurant and bar need the restaurant details specifically. This involves invoicing, billing and even inventory listing. The hotel software that has this separate area within their software package can immensely benefit the hotels.

9. Accounts, invoices, and reports: Hotels generate bills and invoices that have many details attached to it. The hotel accounting system that keeps a check on the guest's usage of facilities and combines it into the invoice becomes ideal. Also, if the software helps in the financial aspects of the hotels makes it a boon for the hotel managers.

10. Timekeeping: The hotel software that combines housekeeping and timekeeping ensuring that the services are provided to the guests in an orderly fashion helps the manager to keep the efforts of the hotel streamlined in the right direction.

Benefits of Using Hotel Management Software

The HMS hotel management system provides the following benefits for a hotel organization:

1. Centralized Control: Hotel software delivers centralized control. The hotel manager can regulate all the hospitality management solutions modules easily from a single interface. This helps him govern all the daily functioning of the hotel. The everyday happening in each unit of the hotel can be observed in real-time and improved if required.

2. Dependable System: Another main reason for using software for hotels is that it brings in a dependable system which eliminates human flaws. Glitches such as dual bookings can create grave issues if reservations are logged on paper. With the hotel management system, this is no longer an issue! All reservations are instantly and digitally documented.

3. Added Convenience: Hotel software can make the procedure of bookings far more appropriate for people looking for rooms. They can check which rooms are available and then make a reservation. The software helps people pick a room with the facilities they require. It also allows global guests to make a reservation, without incurring the charges of a trans-national phone call.

4. Stress-free Generation of Invoices and Reports: Hotel information system records reservations, guests, transactions, invoices etc. It allows for safekeeping of records and accounts, thereby easing the process of generating reports. Hotel software easily produces invoices. Creating accurate and real-time reports is a breeze with this software.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, some of more advantages of  implementing hotel software into your hotel/restaurant business:

  • Ease of setup and configuration is the best aspect.
  • Most software has the feature of customization allowing the users to make changes or add more features as per their requirements.
  • Multi-user options make Hotel system solutions user-friendly and enable coordination between different departments or teams.
  • Powerful software for hotels features allow the smooth functioning of hotels and equips the manager to run the administration efficiently.
  • Guest choices/demands can be updated and be available to all departments.
  • Specific settings and add-ons make the software available to different persons in different ways depending on their work functioning.
  • The hotel manager can delegate work and also monitor the staff functioning and coordination.
  • Guests can have quick check-ins without any delay or fuss.
  • When software is available on the mobiles to the customers too, it updates all the guests' details and also automatically saves the guest stay details that they have themselves booked before checking in.?

Drawbacks of the Hospitality ERP Software

  • You might not be informed properly about the operational requirements of the software setup. You might want to integrate the ERP software into your website but not all kinds would be able to fully integrated into your website system.
  • Check out for the maximal level of support that the software can give. For example, the certain software has only used for small or medium hotels and not for the large enterprises.
  • The certain software requires the installation of additional cables across your hotel. For this, you might have to undertake certain structural changes in your hotel and remodel it as it was originally.

How will hotel management software prove beneficial for organizations in the upcoming year?

Technology in the hospitality sector has advanced at a fast pace and hotel management software is the new buzzword in the hotel industry. With modern hotel software systems, operators can streamline their administrative processes, workflow management and gain from high levels of overall output.

Hotel management software is an effective platform that can handle all diverse functions such as online booking, room or table management, inventory management and billing operations. Hotel software can prove to be a real asset to any sized hotel and can revolutionize the entire customer experience in the best possible manner.

In current times, hotels all over the globe have embraced hotel software packages, thus benefitting from a host of advantages to gain a competitive advantage over rivals. Here are some instant benefits that your hotel can accrue by implementing hotel management software:

1. Online Bookings and Reservations: Most customers of hotels are now internet savvy and conduct all their bookings through online hotel reservation portals. Hotel software has automated the entire booking process, and customers can view occupancy, rates and other details and manage their entire booking online efficiently.

2. Housekeeping: Housekeeping is the backbone of a good hotel and hotel management software plays a vital role in streamlining all housekeeping activities. Check-in or check out procedures, room 
maintenance, and customer service can all be managed through a centralized and integrated system, thereby boosting productivity!

3. Accurate Revenue and Financial Report: Modern hotel management software systems have specialized modules for billing or financial management. This keeps track of all the business revenues and also helps to prepare up-to-date reports of finances or monetary budgets – thrusting up convenience, 
accuracy, and speed!

4. Increase Online Presence: Hotel software is an essential tool that can help any hotel to build a credible and strong online brand reputation. Accepting online bookings and search engine optimization facilitates customers to recall your hotel easily and provides high-level brand visibility, thus boosting up profitability in the long run!

5. Enhances Overall Operational Efficiency: Hotel management software platforms can go a long way in automating essential functions, thereby pumping up overall bottom line results. It is the best way to save both money and time, reduce paperwork and dependency on manual labor – increasing proficiency and competence!

Hotel software is definitely the futuristic innovation in the hospitality field – harness the power of this amazing tool to get your organization to the peak of success!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • PMS in the hotel industry refers to the property management system used by hoteliers for streamlining their operations and delivering an extraordinary guest experience. A robust hotel PMS software system enables hoteliers to seamlessly manage billing, inventory, room assignment, room rates, bookings, as well as guest check-ins & check-outs.

    • Hotel property management software
    • Hotel front desk software
    • Hotel reservation software
    • Hotel loyalty program software
    • Channel management software
  • With the advent of technology in the hospitality sector, hotels and restaurants are flourishing by leaps and bounds. Hotel management software not only gives more exposure to hotels but also generates more reservations, and helps hoteliers manage electronic guest database, accounting records, and online payments more efficiently.
  • Hotel management software completely relies on the internet. From managing bills to booking hotel reservations, the online hotel business is possible only with a strong internet connection. Additionally, the software may be incapable of building strong relations with your guests or may fail to deliver an exceptional guest experience.
  • Hotel booking software is an essential tool for hoteliers as it enables guests to reserve hotel rooms without any hassle. This useful software can be integrated not only with your website but also with social media platforms such as Facebook, to enable guests to book hotel rooms via social media.

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