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Best Help Desk Software & Ticketing System For Your Business

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What is Help Desk Software? 

In business organizations, help desk is a structured place where support representatives can solve all the problems, doubts, and queries of customers, thereby providing them a smoother and more holistic experience. Most organizations across the world have adopted technology to assist them in serving their valued customers better – help desk ticketing software systems are highly advantageous tools that can enable any organization to save time, money and effort.
Help desk software, also known as ticketing systems is an automated platform that allows managers to solve customer concerns by managing their tickets right from the receipt to the resolution of the problem. It comes power packed with an impressive range of support features that promote seamless two-way collaboration between team members, managers, clients
and organizational stakeholders.

Ticket management systems keep a real-time track of user issues, complaints and customer care problems, making the service more efficient and streamlined. Customer service ticketing systems typically handle customer queries, profiles, call logs, reports, detailed resolution logs, and service level agreements. Help desk software basically automates all routine tasks related to customer problem solving, thus reducing tons of paperwork and administrative burden for managers and leaving them with more time to focus on strategic long-term goals.

Web-based and cloud-hosted customer support ticketing systems have become highly popular nowadays and they can be supported through a variety of applications and devices. It is definitely beneficial for organizations to invest in premium customer service software for small businesses as it can accrue a host of benefits that will keep customers delighted and retained to your organization for long periods of time.

Customer service ticketing systems are also an excellent option for new companies as they help entrepreneurs enhance their target customer base by remaining available and connected to clients at all time. It is wise to get the best on-premise ticketing system for your organization to enjoy a host of novel business features and build up profitability parameters.

What Are the Reasons to Use Help Desk Software For Your Website?

Today’s business arena is highly customer-centric with companies battling it out to capture the same target customers with limited resources and means. In such a scenario, utilizing the services of an efficient ticketing system can go a long way in keeping your customers happy. 

Many managers are still skeptical about making the switch from traditional tools to IT ticketing systems. There are tons of advantages that your organization can instantly receive through investing in a good support ticket system. Here is a comprehensive list of some major reasons to use ticket management system for your website:

  • Resolves Tickets Faster: One of the greatest benefits of help desk ticketing software is that it resolves customer issues in a speedy and agile manner. Online customer support software solves tickets quickly by efficient collaboration with requisite agents, routing to in-house expertise and direct access to product specifications. Customers do not have to wait in long telephonic queues or undergo any inconvenience for long periods of time, as help desk software categorizes tickets on priority and resolves all issues based on urgency in an extremely positive and productive manner.
  • Higher Accuracy: Many times, organizational support representatives are not able to solve customer queries in an accurate manner, leading to discomfort and dissatisfaction. One useful advantage about IT ticketing systems is that it increases the accuracy rate as in-house experts and specialized consultants help in solving problems. The knowledge and expertise of experienced support representatives increase the speed and accuracy rate of complaint resolution, leaving clients highly satisfied through superior service levels.
  • Address Service Level Agreements: It is important for managers to handle service level agreements efficiently and correctly to keep customers happy. Ticketing systems enable team members to assign stringent rules to route various service level agreements to their respective workflows; thus, each SLA type, whether basic or premium, get the best level of customer service.
  • Build A Knowledge Base: Ticket management systems make sure that your organization has a solid knowledge base as it handles a lot of common customer concerns on a routine basis. Customer service ticketing systems are amazing tools that classify, tag, and organize repetitive customer concerns to formulate an FAQ section. These frequently asked questions can help clients solve the common issue and avoid any confusion in company policy, making customer support systems a must-have tool to form a knowledge repository.
  • Reporting and Optimization: Online customer support software platforms are revolutionary platforms that have advanced reporting capabilities. Help desk software collects all pertinent information and calculates important metrics such as ticket load on each service team, customer happiness levels, turn around time and resolution rate so that managers can get a bird’s eye view of the broader picture. Visual and user-friendly reporting modules help to give managers perspective and improve service quality levels.
  • Unified Data Repository: On-premise help desk software solutions maintain a unified and structured database of customer information that can be accessed by managers to solve customer issues at a faster rate. A common single user portal provides a single place for users to create tickets, view the status of pending complaints, and close solved problems. The user portal can also be used to relay essential information to customers, thereby avoiding the creation of unnecessary tickets. 
  • Improves Overall Work Flow: IT ticketing systems boost operational efficiency and workflow management by prioritizing different tickets for resolution based on the urgency of the issue. Ticket management software auto-assigns help desk tickets help to track real-time customer metrics and analyzes in-depth reports, thus enhancing the quality of managerial decisions and ensuring the seamless flow of work processes.

Investing in a premium ticketing system is the key to guaranteed customer satisfaction, and any company can accrue a vast number of advantages through getting a suitable help desk software for seamless query resolution.

Elaborate a Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Best Help Desk Ticketing Software? 

It is imperative to choose the right customer service software for small business as it can instantly give your firm a massive competitive advantage. There are tons of different support ticket system options available in the market, it is important to narrow down all the choices, and get the best ticketing system for your organization. Here is a detailed step by step guide that can make sure that you decide on the best on-premise help desk software platform for your business:

  1.  Understand your organization’s needs and the kind of support service that you wish to provide customers.
  2. Select the essential features that you expect your ticket management system to have. Make a list of the characteristics that are most important for your business model.
  3. Shortlist the various help desk ticketing software systems available in the market. Explore the various software vendors and understand how they can formulate a customized IT ticketing software package within your budget.
  4. Create an evaluation team who will check the various features, cost and personalization options of each online customer support software and come to a decision about the best one for your organization.
  5. Take a detailed trial of the customer service ticketing system that you wish to implement for your organization – this will help team members understand its usage and features so that they do not have any problem in using the software system.
  6. Consider scalability and invest in the best customer support ticket system that will be able to expand according to your organizational requirements. Make sure to choose a software vendor that will provide full support and after service maintenance.

Following these detailed steps can help any company decide on the best help desk ticketing software solution that will promote better output and boost business revenue.

How can an Effective Help Desk Software Help to Retain Your Customers? 

Retaining customers and providing them an exceptional experience is necessary for today’s competitive market. Choosing a good and well-suited ticket management software platform is a great way to retain customers as it helps in the following ways:

  • Solves customer queries quicker by prioritizing them on the basis of importance
  • Maintains well-updated data repository on commonly asked customer doubts and complaints
  • Agile help desk ticketing software empowers frontline company agents and provides staff members with accurate information that they need to give clients.
  • By eliminating manual processes, ticketing systems enhance the overall customer experience as they are given better quality service.
  • A centralized record of customer interaction is maintained through help desk software, thereby helping out in staff training so that customer grievances can be solved with greater accuracy.
  • Support ticket systems reduce the duplicity of routing tickets through multiple channels and hence enhance the efficacy of resolution.
  • A customer is a king and in the current hyper-competitive market, it is vital to adopt technological tools that keep your customers delighted. Getting a ticketing system is a great decision that can make sure your company retains and engages its prized customer base.

Why is Help Desk Software Better Than e-Mail or Home-Grown Systems?

Many companies have moved to adopt ticketing systems due to their immense speed, flexibility and agility in solving customer problems. Here are some reasons that make IT ticketing systems more useful than conventional e-mail or home-grown systems:

  • Ticket management software stores all ticket requests in a centralized place, so there is no confusion amongst managers in finding out where the requests are placed.
  • Ticket management systems have superior built-in tracking capabilities so all-important metrics can be measured – this facility is not available in e-mail systems.
  • Help desk ticketing software adds transparency by showcasing which team/department is receiving maximum requests so that workflow can be managed in a streamlined manner by proper load distribution.
  • Ticketing systems promote interpersonal communication and team collaboration as all staff members can view, edit and resolve issues together through the common portal, which is not possible in e-mail software platforms.
  • Help desk ticketing software solutions allow for customization, supports mobile applications and propagates continuity of processes, thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels exponentially.
  • Customer service ticketing systems are a huge improvement over e-mail or homegrown systems, and they can help any organization increase bottom lines results such as customer satisfaction, engagement and productivity.

Which is the Best Help Desk Software for Small Business Organizations?

Investing in a ticketing system for your small business is no doubt a challenging decision. Here are some advanced help desk ticketing software platforms that are the best currently available in the market:

1. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an affordable, intuitive and feature-rich ticket management system that allows for the streamlined processing of customer issues. This ticketing system has a number of novel features and collaborates with external teams to solve complaints at a faster pace. It automates all repetitive tasks and reduces time-consuming processes, thereby increasing operational efficiency and task flow management. Fresh desk offers a free trial to users and has a host of economical monthly and yearly plans available.

2. Samanage

Samanage is an innovative ticketing system that handles all customer queries and complaints, resolving them with efficiency through automated practices. This ticketing system has a live chat, self-service portal, integrated knowledge base, and sophisticated reporting capabilities. This help desk ticketing software has a number of affordable price options and can be personalized to suit your particular organizational requirements.

3. LiveAgent

Liveagent is a dynamic and advanced IT ticketing system that is an ideal choice for small and medium business enterprises. This ticketing system helps businesses stay in touch with customer requests by sorting them out neatly in one place. It has a number of useful business features such as live chat; support portal, automated ticket distribution and a unified ticket box. Liveagent allows users to undergo a free 14-day trial so that they can check out the features and adaptability before coming to a long-term decision.

Choosing the right help desk software is always a challenging task. It is vital to make an informed choice and ensure further scalability of the ticketing system to avoid later hassles. It is definitely a smart move to get the best ticket management software for your company as it can improve essential profitability parameters such as customer delight, complaint resolution and team engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Yes. Some of the best web-based help desk software provides various integrations with CRM Software, analytics tools, JIRA integration, G suit etc. Integrations with such software make the workflow very easy.

  • Yes. Various phone systems like RingCentral or CallHippo can be integrated with IT helpdesk support software. Many IT help desk tools have an integration facility so that you can connect your calling software with this tool.

  • IT Helpdesk support software creates an SEO friendly knowledge base which can give you a rise in your search engine ranking as well. A customer can submit a ticket also where there is a special attention needed. By creating a strong knowledge base, you can utilize your time in solving important issues.

  • Help desk ticket refers to individual customer support cases. When a customer raises a query, a ticket is generated. The ticket is assigned a unique number which is then forwarded to a designated customer support executive. The customer receives a confirmation email along with the ticket number when his/her query is registered. With this, the customer can check the status of the ticket and gauge how much time it will take to resolve his /her issue. Once the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed.
  • Ticketing systems form an integral part of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Queries raised by consumers in any form – be it email, call, social posts, or chat messages – are transformed into tickets. Each ticket holds a unique ticket number. These tickets are routed to agents for immediate resolution. It works as a centralized ticketing system where all the queries are registered. Authorized users can access these queries, view the progress and communication, and take appropriate action. With this, companies can speed up their response time and manage all the customer issues efficiently from a single platform.
  • Help desk analyst provides technical support for any aspects of the IT department – be it resolving technical issues that end users face or connecting them to more intensive IT support. Besides, he involves configuring and resetting network access accounts when required, installing new hardware and software, and providing training to end users.
  • A ticketing system is a software that accumulates all the customer queries and support requests from a myriad of sources in a single place. It enables customer support team to capture, manage, and track the status of customer issues in an organized and highly-collaborative manner.

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