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Best Healthcare Software Solutions In 2020

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What is Healthcare Software?

Healthcare software is the set of software that allows clinics and healthcare organizations to manage hospital tasks and patients. Manual management of hospital system has become cumbersome due to the influx of patients. Various healthcare management software systems are available in the market to help hospital businesses with tools to manage clinical processes.

Healthcare organizations can serve patients effectively with the help of automatic tools available to record patients’ data in these healthcare solutions. Hospital resources are better monitored through healthcare software. Treatments can be carried out with more accuracy saving time and money.

What are the different types of healthcare systems?

The healthcare software solutions come in two different types. Clinics can use the one that suits their requirements after exploring various options available in the market. Below are the details of each type of healthcare system that can be used to monitor hospital operation;

  • Medical Practice Management Software (MPMS)

These type of healthcare software are best suitable to manage the documentation work of hospitals. The top healthcare systems enable keeping the administrative data of clinics under one centralized location for ease of access. The process of monitoring and scheduling appoint to the process of claiming the insurance while billing out the patient can be managed from one single location.

These type of healthcare application software usually don’t store the medical history of patients. Just the prime information concerning the identification of patients are stored for clinical records.

Such Healthcare IT Software comes handy in optimizing the front desk operations of healthcare organizations. It can automatically generate insurance claims and process the patients’ billings while discharging.

  • Electronic medical record keeping software (EMR)

These healthcare software solutions focus on the patients’ aspect of the hospital management system. It allows storing the medical history of patients in electronic format reducing paperwork and errors of manual data entry. Having the patients’ data stored at one location enables ease of accessing that data. Such healthcare software products also help in transferring important records related to the patient to different medical departments or clinics.

Physicians can keep a tab of the past records of patients thereby providing treatment keeping in mind these records. This scheduling software for healthcare allows patients to book appointments online without having to wait for the hospital staff. The clinic, as well as patients, can also get regular reminders for the preventive appointments of the patient.

EMR software helps to save a lot of space for clinics as the documentation is available electronically. Clinics can ensure error-free healthcare services and serve patients better.

Benefits of using Healthcare Software

  • Quick access to Data

The records of patients and resources of the hospital can be entered into the hospital management system with the help of healthcare IT software. The data can be easily and quickly retrieved as it is stored in a central repository. The entire system is automated and optimized with the help of healthcare solutions.

  • Improved patient care

With healthcare operations working on automated mode, it is made easy for the management to take care of patients in a better way, delivering ace-level health management. This helps in earning goodwill.

  • Effective treatment delivered

The records of patients and their medical history are just a few clicks away. Due to this, medical practitioners can easily schedule treatments on a timely basis, never missing an appointment. Focused attention can be given to the patients with the help of the best healthcare software as there is no burden of managing the hospital operations.

  • Saves Time and Money

With everything concerning patients and hospital available at a centralized location provided by the healthcare software companies, the hospital staff saves a lot on time. Resources can be employed in other tasks where more attention is required. With an effective system in place, hospital management can save a lot with reduced blunders.

  • Error-free hospital management

With the help of good healthcare software, there is no longer the need to manage paperwork. The chances of errors that might occur in reading from or entering in to the papers are reduced. Everything that needs to be known is available in a central hospital database which can be referenced to serve patients quickly.

  • Reduced dependencies

The hospital management system contains all the data in one place. While the medical staff are doing their rounds of shifts, there is no longer a need to be dependent on those who have been doing the previous shift as the data is already updated in the records. Thus patients can be served faster.

Key features of Healthcare Software

  • Patient Records

The healthcare IT software enables storing, accessing and tracking patients’ data. The software allows entering, updating, archiving and retrieving patients’ electronic data as and when required. It allows storing the diagnosis details, test results, surgery details, allergies or adverse effects that the patient has had.

Certain software also allows the transfer of data among medical software to make it available among medical providers for transfer of treatments.

  • Scheduling appointment

There is no longer the need to keep a dedicated staff for taking patients’ appointment. The scheduling software for healthcare is available to schedule online appointments 24*7. Patients can book their appointment as per their convenience and can also reschedule or cancel for change of plans.

After the appointment is scheduled, the patients can be given timely reminders in the form of email, SMS or phone call. This also reduces the no-show rates.

The healthcare software system also helps in booking specific equipment required to undergo tests. Apart from this, the software also notifies patients in case of routine checkups to ensure preventive measures.

  • Billing Management

Managing medical finances is a tasking process and when not done correctly can incur huge losses to the hospital. The healthcare software solutions allow generating bills automatically once the patients’ treatment journey starts, right from appointment to diagnosis to surgeries.

The software also allows checking the insurance eligibility of the patient once registered in the hospital system.

  • In-patient Management

The software enables hospitals to track the lifecycle of patient treatment right from admitting to discharge and prescription. It allows the allocation of beds, scheduling the surgery times, scheduling test times, managing medication and prescriptions.

Market Trends of Healthcare Software

With the competition on an all-time rise, and to keep up with the changing dynamics in the medical realm, it has become imperative to have the best healthcare management system to manage the hospital intricacies. To provide better healthcare services and effectively manage clinical operations, having healthcare software is a must.

Patients these days prefer automatic services that save their valuable time over a long list of procedures. As per reports, around 70% of patients would prioritize the healthcare services that use technology-driven healthcare solutions.

The global market of healthcare software is bound to be on a rise with a projected rate of 12.74 billion USD by the year 2023. North America is the highest consumer of healthcare management system in the world by adopting the latest technological advancements in healthcare systems. The Asia Pacific is not much behind in utilizing the newest health infrastructure by expanding medical reach. And the healthcare organization worldwide are now adopting the healthcare software for easing out the daily operations. With a good healthcare system in place, hospitals are bound to increase the return on investments and optimize resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Other software that you could integrate are:

    1) Electronic Health Record (EHR) that aids to provide the digital version of patient data in real-time.
    2) Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to help the financially weak patient who needs medication urgently.
    3) Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a fully electronic medical record system for non-profit clinics and healthcare facilities
  • Any electronic device regardless of the operating system with Internet access can use this software. Healthcare software is a client-server application that you can operate on PC and mobile devices in a secure environment without any interruption.
  • Healthcare software is usually based on full-time employees (FTE) criteria, i.e., unlimited users can use it. Some healthcare software also demands user licenses. You can purchase these licenses as per the requirement.
  • Healthcare administrative software comes with standard reporting features. These reports differ with the clinic's needs, so we have included a report writer for it to create your reports which are then saved for future use. Different data captured during the report can also be put down on the report.
  • For Medical software - all you need is a computer with a browser. You can use a different operating system like Windows, Mac, and iPad. Higher the Windows version better services it can proffer. Its compatibility with various devices and internet accessibility is advantageous as the doctors sitting overseas can also provide their expert opinion. It will help in eliminating delays in patient's treatment and provide feed in real-time.

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