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GPS tracking means the live surveillance of geographical location through a global positioning system. The global positioning system is a global radio-navigation platform that consists of 24 satellites and their ground stations. GPS was initially designed and controlled by the U.S military but now has been adopted for civilian use across the world. It is a sophisticated technology that can exactly pinpoint the latitude, longitude, ground speed, and general direction of the target.

GPS tracking is highly useful as it is accurate and gives real-time information. It is an asset for firefighting, police, courier organizations, and armed forces personnel as it provides them with invaluable information. GPS tracking devices are used for better asset control especially when vehicles are being used to transfer inventory.

There has been an increase in the use of GPS tracking solutions.  GPS software is a useful tool that utilizes the Global Navigation Satellite System to work out the position of a target object. The tracker may be placed in a vehicle, on a mobile cell phone, or any other GPS device and it may be fixed or portable. It has many diverse functions that lead to speed, agility, and flexibility in many industries. For example, fleet management software can be used to give the exact location of consignments out for delivery. 

Online GPS tracking systems can also be used to keep track of individuals and give an accurate account of their movement. There are many GPS monitoring software available that enable parents to keep track of children. Similarly, these systems can be used to monitor the movement of patients that require constant attention, or people of criminal intent.

GPS tracking server software is an incredible invention of the current era. Perhaps the most prime utility of GPS tracking systems for small businesses is seamless navigation. Auto GPS tracking systems can help to monitor the location of cars, trucks, ships, and other commercial vehicles. Active GPS tracking systems can locate the exact movement, speed, and course of direction of targets in real-time. There is a heavy requirement of the best GPS tracking software in a multitude of industries. 

Open source GPS tracking software can prove to be a highly beneficial solution for law enforcement agencies as it can be used to track the physical movements of criminals, terrorists or miscreants. GPS management systems can be used by the general public to deter and prevent vehicular thefts, hence enhancing societal security and control. Employers to ensure that drivers are performing their duties properly can also use car tracking software. The best part about GPS tracking software for business organizations is that it can be accessed throughout the globe, as it works on satellite technology.

It is important to be aware of the various types of GPS tracking software available in the market to make an informed choice for your organization. Here are the two major kinds of GPS tracking systems for small businesses:

1. Passive GPS Tracking Solutions: These are also known as GPS loggers, and they work on a simple principle – passive global GPS tracking systems collect information on a target’s location and store it in a memory card or storage device. The information on the memory card can be accessed at a later stage by simply connecting it to a smartphone, laptop or personal computer. While passive GPS tracking solutions do not help in real-time monitoring, they are able to provide the route followed by the target vehicle and time taken at each stop. Here are some of the advantages of passive GPS monitoring software:

  • No need for users to worry about the transmitting of signals, as data is stored directly on a device
  • A user-friendly system that is easy to implement
  • One-time investment, hence no requirement of a monthly subscription fees

2. Active GPS Tracking Software: Active GPS tracking systems collect data in a similar manner to passive software, however, it transmits the data in real-time through a cellular or satellite network. Active GPS tracking software for small businesses is a real asset, as they are highly effective by providing accurate location details. Here are some advantages of active GPS tracking solutions:

  • It provides cloud storage real-time data, hence is very useful for businesses
  • It is highly convenient as there is no need to physically remove the tracking device from the vehicle every time
  • There are no major compatibility issues as you can receive updates through the Internet

GPS tracking systems for small business organizations can go a long way in improving efficiency and productivity. Here are the major advantages of tracking devices that make them a must-have tool in the current times:

  • Route Optimization: GPS tracking devices will ensure that organizations benefit by sending their vehicles on the best possible route. Real-time data about the location will make sure that your vehicles do not get stuck due to roadblocks, construction work, heavy traffic, or accidents.
  • Decreased Response Time: GPS management systems can help to pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle – this will help in increasing the quality of customer service by lowering response time. Organizations will be able to send the nearest vehicle to clients instantly and save their precious time.
  • Reduced Costs: GPS tracking software enhances fleet productivity and reduces the idle time spent by fleet vehicles sitting in traffic or busy areas. This leads to heavy cost savings through lesser fuel and boosts revenues.
  • Better Security: Stringent security is one of the prime benefits of online GPS tracking systems. There are lesser chances of car theft or misuse as the vehicle can be constantly tracked by GPS monitoring software. It enables organizations to protect their assets and empowers them with information about the whereabouts of their fleet at all times.
  • Compatible With All Mobile Devices: Everyone uses smartphones nowadays hence one of the great advantages of GPS software is that it is compatible with mobile devices. This makes it a handy tool as business owners and managers can check the location of fleet vehicles from anywhere in the world, even if they are on the move.

There are a large number of online GPS tracking software available in the market. It is important to have knowledge about the various features in order to choose the best GPS tracking software for your business. So, here is a list of the key features to watch out for before investing in an auto GPS tracking system:

  • Trip History: One of the most essential features of GPS tracking server software is trip history that enables users to track all the trips made by a vehicle geographically on a location map. It has the ability to display important indicators such as distance traveled, number of stoppages made, engine time, and average speed.
  • Real-Time Tracking With Alerts: GPS management systems are equipped with real-time monitoring, hence users can view the actual location of a vehicle as it moves from point to point. Car tracking software and truck tracking software is extremely helpful for businesses as it can ensure fleet management through a single interface. The best GPS software tools even give live alerts so as to notify business owners about over speeding, excessive stoppages, and route deviation.
  • Geo-Fencing: Global GPS tracking systems have another useful facility that is known as geofencing. This feature enables users to create geographical fences on a map around any particular landmark. GPS tracking solutions can give users live alerts anytime a vehicle enters or exits the boundary of the geofence. Geo-fencing increases workforce optimization and ensures better security of the fleet.
  • Dashboard Summary: Open source GPS tracking software is a beneficial tool for businesses as it has a comprehensive enterprise dashboard. This enables users to prepare detailed graphical reports, and track key metrics for various vehicles over a period of time.
  • Access Control: User management and access control are very important as it involves the security of the vehicular fleet. GPS tracking software allows users to add profile details, and grant access privileges so that no unauthorized personnel can access sensitive data.

It is important to remain aware of the latest trends and forecasts about the GPS tracking software market. This will help businesses to make better decisions, and invest in a novel technology that can facilitate them to achieve strategic objectives faster. Here are some key statistics and forecasts about GPS tracking software:

  • The GPS tracking device market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11.9% CAGR between the years 2017 -2023.
  • The vehicle tracking device market size in 2018 exceeded 18984 thousand units with an industry value of over 600 million. 
  • The adoption of 5G technology will lead to advanced GPS tracking capabilities and lead to unprecedented growth.
  • GPS technology is advancing at a fast pace, and it is expected that it will play an important role in many industries such as automobiles, law enforcement, and emergency public services.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • It is possible to install a GPS tracking device at any place in a car such as the rear or front bumper, under the seats, in the wheel wells, or in the glove compartment. Most fleet vehicles keep the GPS tracking unit on the dashboard by connecting it to an on-board diagnostics port.
  • Installation of GPS tracking devices in cars is a quick, hassle-free, and easy process. It may take 30-45 minutes depending on the complexity of the system and the car model.
  • To install a GPS device in a car, the first thing that needs to be done is to find a power source for it. Users can use dedicated batteries to power the GPS unit or can simply use the batter of the vehicle to operate it. The tracking device then needs to be placed in a suitable place in the car where it is safe through minimal exposure. The last step is to test the device by taking the car out for a drive and comparing manual data to the GPS recorded data.
  • GPS data can be accessed instantly if there is no interruption in the signal. It provides real-time location information, however, there may be a slight lag depending on the speed of the data transmittance.
  • Cellular GPS tracking used cellular networks to transmit information about fleet vehicles. It is highly economical and can be used through a mobile app and high-speed Internet connection. However, the system is not completely up-to-date, and information may be relayed every 1-10 minutes, depending on the chosen subscription package.

    Satellite GPS tracking is through a specific device, and is a more expensive option. It has the ability to generate detailed reports, and real-time location information, even in areas that do not have cellular network coverage.
  • Passive GPS tracking software collects information about a vehicle’s location and saves it on a hard disk or memory storage device. Plugging the device into a computer gives easy access to the information from the tracker, however, it will not be in real-time or completely updated.

    Active GPS tracking systems are more accurate as they transmit location data in the real-time through cellular or satellite networks. The major advantage of active GPS tracking systems is that they are highly convenient; provide heavy security and better fleet management control.

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