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Best GDPR compliance software

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What Is GDPR Compliance Software?

A GDPR compliant software tool is a software system designed to help organizations to comply with GDPR compliances. GDPR regulations of the EU are considered to be the toughest data management regulations in the word. Meeting with the requirements could be very tricky for some organizations especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which are less experienced in this field. GDPR compliance tools are an easy way of complying with these regulations by simply implementing the same as a part of your data management software.

Benefits GDPR Compliance Software That Will Bring To Your Business

The major benefits offered by GDPR compliance software to your business are as under:

1. Improves Data Management

GDPR compliance software will help you perform an audit of your database to identify and get rid of old, irrelevant, redundant, and trivial data. Storing old and trivial data of former customers could pose a huge threat to your organization due to non-compliance.

Secondly, it will help in improving data management by keeping accurate and structured data in place. This will not only help you stay compliant but also provide a systematic, accurate, easily searchable data to your staff for doing their jobs productively.

2. Prevents cybersecurity threats

Data on the Internet is vulnerable to cybersecurity threats resulting in huge business downtime, financial losses, and loss of reputation of business organizations. 

GDPR regulations mandate organizations to strengthen their data security strategies, establish complete control over their IT infrastructure, build stronger data protection encryptions and firewalls, and have strict data monitoring procedures in place. GDPR compliance software will help you in adopting these measures thus keeping cybersecurity threats at bay.

3. Healthy customer relationships

Staying compliance with GDPR compliant regulations boosts a sense of confidence in customers and promotes a healthy relationship. Customers are fully abreast of the privacy and security policies and know how their data is being dealt with. They understand that their data is in the right hands. This also acts as a great way of showcasing your professionalism to new customers and gain their confidence and further your networks.

4. Keeps you updated with the latest technological trends

GDPR compliance software, as a move toward GDPR compliance, will help your organization to update to latest technological trends in the market. As a result, you will enjoy economies of scale and manifold benefits offered by technologies like IoT, Cloud computing, etc, in all areas of your business.

Key Features of GDPR Compliant Software

The following are the key features of GDPR compliant software:

1. Data mapping

Data Mapping refers to the effective management of data flow. It keeps a close check on the type of data stored and storage location. Effective data mapping helps in mitigating data breaches incidents.

2. Log management

Log management comprises of collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of log along with report generation on the same. Log management is an essential feature of GDPR tools to identify hidden network data in logs and converting the same to meaningful security information to ensure data security. Log management is the first step towards keeping your network secured by managing hidden data and alerting you about the same.

3. Syslog management

Syslog is a standard protocol, which is used for sending event messages to a server. The Syslog management feature of GDPR compliance software collects and analyzes Syslog data from different devices like routers, switches, Linux/Unix servers, firewalls, IDS/IPS, etc, to get an in-depth report on each security event. It generates real-time alerts in the case of anomalies and breaches.

4. Application auditing

This essential feature of GDPR compliance software helps in auditing all the critical application servers in your organization and also helps in monitoring custom applications.

5. Network device auditing

GDPR compliance software helps you in monitoring all the important network devices ranging from routers to firewalls. With their pre-defined reports, you can access an identify breaches in the devices.

Subject access management features will provide customers access to their data. They will also be granted the right to edit, rectify, erasure any data if they deem fit.

6. IT compliance management

GDPR management software ensures IT compliance management by complying with all stringent requirements of other regulatory authorities. With predefined reports & alerts, users can maintain a strict internal data security protocol.

Need to Know About General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Software

GDPR compliance software acts as a complete GDPR compliance solution and provides the following basic functionalities:

  • Helps in data minimization by keeping only relevant data in place

  • Helps in mitigating risks of data breaches

  • Serves as a platform for secure data storage

  • Maintains proper records of data processing activities

  • Boosts integrity and confidentiality in data management

GDPR compliance software works as both as a solution for organizations as well as a way of complying with GDPR for software developers. Not all GDPR software tools come with the same set of features. Hence, it is recommended to always choose a GDPR software that best suits your needs and demands to stay GDPR compliant. 

Key Considerations while choosing a GDPR Compliance Tool

Every business organization must mandatorily consider the following factors before purchasing a GDPR compliance tool:

1. Purpose

Before investing in a GDPR compliance solution, be clear with the purpose you want it to serve. There could be a long list of “must-have” to ensure compliance with GDPR guidelines like data mapping, data breach management, building strong security, subject access management, secure data handling, etc. Choose your software accordingly with the list of objectives.

2. Cost factor

The next important thing to be considered is the cost factor because you do not want to invest in software that is way out of your financial capabilities. GDPR compliance software tools for small business organizations are comparatively cheaper as compared to those designed for large enterprises. However, that doesn’t mean that less competent in keeping you compliant with GRPD regulations. They possess the same functionalities designed to handle the data flow of small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. Type of software

Next thing to be considered is the types of software, which are as follows:

  • On-premise

These GDPR software solutions are directly installed in the business’s computers and servers. They are suitable for big enterprises. However, they are not suitable for small organizations because of the hefty investment costs. On-premise software provides the highest security as they cannot be accessed by third-party service providers except the ones related to your business.

  • Web-based SaaS (Software as a Service)

These software tools are stored in the cloud and are cheaper. You only pay for what your use and can scale it over time as the business grows. It requires fewer upgrades and provides constant access to data from various devices. Security issues are relatively more in this case.

4. Training

With a new GDPR software solution being incorporated in your systems, the need to train your staff will arise. No matter how convenient the software is to use, a little bit of training will be inevitable to help your employees learn to work with it. To minimize the need for intense training, go with the software that is user friendly and easier to operate. This way, you will save your effort, time, and money on training. Also, make sure your provider is providing requisite training with the software.

5. Customer Support

Your provider should provide you with quality support and assistance with the operation of the product. Just the initial training is not sufficient. You are sure to face issues over time while using the GDPR compliance tool as a part of your business. To overcome such a situation on time, your provider must be willing to help you. Dig out some online reviews of your provider from existing/past users to know how supportive and cooperative their team is.

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