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Top Franchise Management Software in 2020

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What does Franchise Management Software do?

The success of a franchise business depends on collaboration between franchisees and franchisors. Franchise management software solutions have been designed to build successful franchise partnerships by boosting collaboration between franchisors and franchisees. This software plays a key role in streamlining the process of CRM, reporting, branding, marketing, inventory management, and other important aspects of the franchise business. Countless franchisors and franchisees count on this software for managing large franchises and growing their business.

Franchise software has been helping numerous franchisors across the globe to expand their business by recruiting quality franchisees, turning leads into sales, and automating business operations.

Must-have Features for Franchise Management Software

A franchise management system is quite similar to retail software; however, it offers additional features for managing large and multi-site businesses and franchisor clients. Before purchasing the best franchise management software, make sure the software offers the following features:

1. Cloud-based Technology

Make sure you choose a cloud-based franchise management system to simplify the process of cross-chain operations. A cloud-based franchise system helps you monitor every aspect of your franchise business in one place. It also provides you with a 360-degree view of customers so that you can serve them more efficiently. It also allows you to keep tabs on all the franchisees from any corner of the globe.

2. Deep Analytics Reporting

Your franchise CRM software should offer robust analytics and reporting tools. It should provide you with actionable insights so that you can make wise business decisions. It should help you to analyze if you are successfully converting leads to sales. Besides helping you identify the areas wherein you need improvement, your CRM platform should also generate real-time insightful franchisee reports so that you can gauge performance on a regular basis.

3. Multi-location Inventory Management

A high-performance franchise solution allows you to easily manage your inventory from your PC as well as mobile devices. It streamlines the process of storing, tracking, and ordering products so that you never run short of supply while meeting your customers' demands.

4. Source Tracker

A promising franchise tool flawlessly tracks your lead source, be it paid campaigns, social media platforms, promotional events, or a referral program. This feature helps you identify the different routes from where your prospects discover your business. Besides tracking the source of your sales leads, it also allows you to compare the quantity of sales leads generated by each source. Additionally, this feature also empowers you to identify the revenue generated by each source.

5. Daily Operations Management

A high-quality franchise management system offers sales trackers and scheduling tools to help you manage daily business operations so that you can grow your brand. Besides helping you manage contact lists, customer data, and your employees, the software helps you track your income and expenses. A smart franchise tool also regulates processes across every franchisee to facilitate congruous operations at every location.

6. Unified Communications

A robust franchise solution eliminates the need for messaging your employees across every single channel and hoping that they check your message just in time. It centralizes all communications to help you touch base with any employee through any communication channel from the software.

7. Third-party Software Integration

Franchise software companies understand the fact that different franchisors make use of multiple business software solutions simultaneously. A high-quality franchise platform is compatible with all franchise business models. It can be easily integrated with the third-party applications that you are already using in your organization. It extracts data from different disparate platforms and organizes the scattered digital data in a centralized location.

These are the seven key features offered by franchise management solutions. Apart from the features cited above, the software also comes with some basic features such as an intuitive interface, invoicing, online booking, email/text campaign management, real-time view of sales from each store, integrated loyalty programs, gift card management, discount management, employee management, kiosk, and self-checkout options, round the clock customer support, and much more.

What are the Advantages of having a Franchise Software?

The best franchise management software offers countless benefits to its users. Here are some of the noteworthy benefits offered by franchise software systems:

  • Franchise solutions are highly customizable and can be tailored to cater to your business needs
  • Data generated by franchise software enables you to chalk out results-driven marketing strategies to drive more sales
  • The software also allows you to build a robust financial and commercial framework of processes
  • It allows you to keep close tabs on your franchise business, and identify which franchise store is performing better than the other.
  • It enables you to optimize your sales, marketing, and franchise development efforts.
  • It allows you to manage expenses and cash flow
  • Allows you to build strong relationships with your franchisee candidates
  • A reliable franchise software offers highly responsive customer service, and offers comprehensive training to enlighten your franchisees about the latest campaigns; and
  • The best franchise software systems also offer a free software demo.

These are some advantages of using franchise solutions. Only a versatile franchise application can help you reap the above-mentioned benefits so that you can make your franchise business a whopping success.

Tips to Pick the Best Franchise Solution

If you are finding it strenuous to manage multiple franchise locations, it is high time for you to invest in a powerful franchise solution. The market is flooded with countless franchise software solutions with amazing features. Nevertheless, before purchasing a franchise software, you should be mindful of several important factors. For example,

  • find out a reputable vendor that sells high-performance and feature-rich franchise solutions
  • make sure the software offers all the necessary features to meet your business requirements
  • Pick a software that offers a mobile version as well as a desktop version. At the same time, make sure the mobile version of the software is compatible with both Android and iOS and offers all the features available in its desktop version
  • choose a franchise platform with inbuilt CRM tools so that you can directly reach out to customers via social media platforms or emails
  • find out if you can integrate the franchise platform with e-commerce platforms, accounting software, warehouse management tools, and other business applications that you are already using.
  • make sure the software offers a free trial period so that you can evaluate the capabilities of the software before making your final purchase
  • ensure the vendor offers comprehensive training to its users via webinars, documentation, or live online sessions
  • Pick a vendor that has a dedicated customer support team to resolve your queries 24/7. At the same time, make sure that the customer queries are answered by humans
  • it is advisable to go through customer reviews and ratings on popular software review websites for shortlisting the best vendors
  • Last but not least, if your business needs collaboration with other franchise stores, opt for a cloud-based franchise software as it will enable your franchise stores to insert ERP, CRM, and other relevant data into a single platform. On the other hand, if your franchise businesses do not require collaboration with their franchise stores, you can pick an on-premise platform.

We hope the factors cited above will help you pick the best-fit franchise software for your business. Strict adherence to these factors will not only help you choose the right software for your business but also prevent you from making poor purchase decisions.


Growing your business through franchising options is a daunting task; however, having the right franchise solution in place can simplify the task to a great extent. If you want to keep up with the times, you should immediately invest in a top-notch franchise software without further ado. If used wisely, the software will not only help you keep up with the trends but also enable you to outshine your competitors and stand out among the crowd.

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