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Best Food Delivery software

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Food delivery is an on-demand courier service in which a restaurant or food store utilizes food delivery software to deliver food to a customer. The customers can make orders through food delivery software, which enables them to select their favorite food, order it, pay for it, and track its real-time location. 

A food company can deliver snacks, drinks, meals, desserts, and packaged items in air-tight boxes or sealed packets to ensure hygiene and food quality. Food delivery persons drive cars in big cities, whereas they use motorcycles or bicycles in smaller towns. 

Online food delivery software is a type of software program that enables customers to discover your restaurant, find its menu, and deliver food items to their location. If you are a small restaurant owner with a small consumer base, you might look past restaurant delivery software for a while. 

Still, if you have a big enough customer base, managing deliveries on spreadsheets or pen & paper can be a tormenting task. By using food delivery management software, you can automate various food delivery processes, including:

  • The processing of delivery orders
  • Assigning deliveries to delivery boys
  • Receiving delivery order payments

Apart from this, online food order management can also help with recording and analyzing delivery order data for reporting. System food delivery service software provides operational insights that enable you to make well-sought decisions about your business processes & resources. 

Multi-restaurant delivery service software also offers an improved experience for all the departments involved in food delivery, including delivery customers, kitchen staff, management, and drivers. 

An increasing requirement of on-demand food delivery software applications has led SaaS companies to food delivery software that integrates all food delivery operations ranging from dispatching to receiving money. 

The functioning of food delivery software is a simple, 7-step process, as explained below. 

  1. Your customer feels hungry, opens food delivery software, selects your restaurant, finds a dish, and places an order. 
  2. You get notified by your online food delivery software regarding the order. You review the order and decide whether to accept it or not, depending upon the available resources and workload. 
  3. After accepting, you update your restaurant delivery software, and the message “your order has been accepted” or “your food is being prepared” is displayed in the online food delivery software of the customer. 
  4. You start cooking your food, and at the same time, a food delivery person will receive a notification in restaurant delivery management software regarding the scheduled delivery. The delivery person will accept the delivery and leave for the office. The actions of the delivery boy will be displayed in the multi-restaurant delivery software.
  5. Once you prepare the food, you will give it to the delivery boy, and update it in food delivery dispatch software. The customer will get a message “your order is on the way” or “your food is out for delivery” on takeaway online ordering software
  6. Your customer will receive the food, and the delivery boy will update the food delivery software with “your food has been delivered,” which is displayed on both the customer’s and your food delivery software.
  7. The customer can make the payment either while placing the order, or while receiving the order.

A significant advantage of using an online food delivery software restaurant is its transparency. From the customer ordering food to the delivery boy delivering it, both you and your customer can track the entire progress, including the status of food, the location of delivery boy, the estimated delivery time, etc. 

Moreover, online ordering software is highly flexible and customizable, which allows you to add various offers, discounts, and features to enhanced customer experience

Restaurant delivery management software offers a wide range of functions ranging from the standard ordering & delivery to advanced inventory & customer relationship management.  Let’s briefly discuss all the features of multi-restaurant delivery software. 

1. Online Menu

Food delivery dispatch software features food items a restaurant offers. These items are easy to edit and update according to new offers or discounts. 

2. Online Orders

Takeaway online ordering software accepts orders from customers and sends them to the cooking staff for preparation. Orders in restaurant delivery software can be added in the following ways:

  • Entry by the server at a POS station
  • Entry by a customer using an online food order management system

3. Kitchen Management

Restaurant delivery management software notifies kitchens by printing a ticket of the digital screen when new orders are requested. Food delivery service software enables kitchen staff to track menu item counts and inform the front-of-house staff in the case material shortage.  

4. Driver Routing

multi-restaurant delivery service software directs the delivery of men to the location of the customer for completing the delivery order. Food delivery software also utilizes technologies like Augmented Reality to track the traffic and provide alternative routes to reduce the delivery time. 

5. Delivery Management Team

Online food delivery software provides managers with transparency and insight into the upcoming delivery locations and whereabouts of delivery drivers. 

6. Delivery Zone Management

Restaurant online ordering software enables users to adjust the area of delivery, which includes multiple zones, along with an indicator of increasing delivery fees according to the distance.

Apart from the features mentioned above, some advanced features fully functional restaurant POS systems offer are

7. Mobile POS 

With a rapid increase in the utilization of mobile and tablets in the customer space, the POS prices have reduced. This reduction in prices has made equipping servers with tablets to take orders and process payments easy for the restaurants. 

8. Inventory Management

Restaurant inventories are critical, as it involves the rotation of highly perishable items. Advanced food delivery management software helps you manage your restaurant inventory, which includes managing food and spoilage, along with dealing with vendor deliveries & relationships. 

9. Customer Relationship Management

The food industry is a customer-driven business, where you need to prioritize the seamless and satisfying customer experience. Meal delivery software allows you to store and access customer contact information and order histories, and this information can be vital for building up repeat business. CRM functionality in a food delivery app software helps you store, organize, and analyze these critical pieces of information. 

10. Employee Management

Restaurant employees need a clock in & clock out functionalities to record their shift hours, along with trading shifts and digital scheduling features. POS restaurant delivery service software offers all these features, along with providing tax implications for servers to report income. 

11. Food Costing

Food delivery software offers food costing features that help you manage the combined value of ingredients, preparation cost, and packaging cost to come up with the total price of an item. Restaurant online ordering software also enables you to set suitable prices of food items that balance your margins without charging too much. 

Food delivery management software offers a plethora of benefits, as discussed below.

1. Easier Order Processing

Meal delivery software offers an easy and convenient ordering process. Traditional online ordering included calling, waiting for approval, telling the address manually, and waiting for the order to be delivered without any tracking features. Food delivery app software counters all these problems by providing one-click orders with accurate, real-time tracking. 

2. Efficient order & customer management 

Restaurant delivery service software provides a portal for efficiently managing orders and customers, saving both time and additional resources. 

3. Cash Flow Management

Food delivery software enables you to track your expenses to get a precise idea of the cash flow, which helps you identify and eliminate unwanted splurges.  

4. Mobile Ordering

Online food order applications are available on mobile as well, which makes ordering food quick, easy, and convenient for the users. 

5. Competitive Edge

Food delivery software helps you efficiently manage all the restaurant operations like food ordering, deliveries, driver management, etc., which gives you a major edge over your competition. 

6. Business Growth

We live in the age of digitization, where people want quick and convenient services. With the help of food delivery software, you provide that seamless comfort and convenience, which will help your business grow at a rapid pace. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Food delivery software refers to a computer program that helps you manage all your restaurant operations, ranging from receiving & fulfilling order requests to managing customer relations and inventories.
  • A. You can use food delivery software irrespective of whether your business is big or small; you serve Italian or Continental, serve veg or non-veg and charge high or low.
  • A. Absolutely not, the registration process is quick and easy. All you need to do is register, request a listing, and verify your restaurant.
  • A. Some delivery apps charge a one-time fee, some charge monthly fee, or some take a small amount as a commission from your earnings. You can choose whatever mode of partnership suits your business, and set your prices accordingly to earn profits.
  • A. Yes, food delivery software allows you to edit, update, and customize your menu to provide the best offers and discounts to your customers.

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