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List of FMCG Software in 2020 | Pricing and Reviews

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fmcg software guide

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What is FMCG?

FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods are our regular needs household items that we use most frequently. Items like milk, bread, sugar, snacks, juices, laundry and cleaning items, personal care products, and soft drinks come into this category.

The term “Fast-moving” has been associated with these items seeing the consumers’ quick reaction against them. These items are likely to leave shelves quickly as compared to other articles like beauty products and luxury items. They are low in cost but high in sold volume. As these are the essential ones, your customers are going to pick them instantly.

Why We Need FMCG Software?

At present, the FMCG industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industry which stands over market value of more than $570.1 billion and keeps on increasing by each passing second. If you are in the FMCG industry then must experiencing a high surge in both your customers and sales. But handling the transactions of all those FMCG products is quite cumbersome as they are many in numbers usually.

Many FMCG industries have faced issues like missing items in billing, wrong calculation, and so on while dealing with FMCG products. To eliminate those errors from your business, you need to take the mighty help of robust FMCG software.

In addition, an FMCG Software is also required for any FMCG industry to speed up the billing process. As FMCG items are usually very high in number, owning an FMCG Software help you to do the billing rapidly and accurately. The automatic operating system of the FMCG distribution software recognizes the barcode of the particular item instantly once stored. Hence less time consumption and high sales.

Key Benefits of FMCG Software

FMCG Software is one of the most crucial things that any FMCG industry requires. Irrespective of the nature of the operation, FMCG software solutions help you in everything starting from billing to inventory management. Using an FMCG Software in your business is beneficial in many aspects. The major ones are mentioned here.

fmcg software benefits

1. Reduces Operation Cost & Enhance Productivity

If you have an FMCG software installed at your business location then you need to hire fewer salesmen and billing professionals as it handles all the operations. With the fast and responsive operating system of FMCG marketing software, you can speed up the billing process so that your customers need not hand for hours in queues for paying up.

2. Easy GST Filing

For any FMCG industry, calculation GST for different articles is highly daunting. An FMCG Software performs this action promptly leaving no scope for errors.

3. Quick Barcode Scanning

FMCG software solutions help you to do easy and prompt barcode scanning at the billing counter. By doing this, it reduces the time taken for each transaction.

4. Easy Access to the Database

Using FMCG distribution management software will help you to have easy access to your customer database. As the majority of FMCG Software comes with cloud-based integration, getting information about a particular customer is now an effortless task.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

If you have FMCG billing software installed at your business then you are going to give a pleasant shopping experience to your customers. With customized invoicing, customer-based discount coupons, fast discounts, and easy return and exchange, you are going to offer a one-of-its-kind shopping experience to your customers with the help of FMCG marketing software.

6. Effective Product Management

The FMCG retail software helps you to keep track of sales and purchase records of all your products allowing you to recognize which product experience high exigency amongst your customers.

When Your Businesses Need FMCG Software?

Running an FMCG business is not as easy as clapping. There are many potholes that need to take care of if you want maximum profit from your business. There are many issues that come in front of you while running an FMCG business.  If you are facing the below-mentioned issues with your FMCG business then it’s high time to own an FMCG Software.

  • If your billing process takes a lot of time.
  • If you face loss due to expired products.
  • If your sales & purchase records are not maintained well.
  • If you are able to provide a customized discount coupon to your loyal customers.
  • If you maintain a financial record is a daunting task for you.
  • If all your sales reports lack proper information.
  • If you are hiring more and more assistance for a single task.

All these and many more issues can be taken care of by simply installing FMCG distribution software. This innovative software offers all-inclusive FMCG software solutions under one roof and improved both your performance and sales.

Why Your Firm Need FMCG software?

The basic success mantra of the FMCG industry is to sell everything that is in there. As the majority of FMCG products corms with a short shelf life, it is very essential to make sure that you sold everything that is in there your store.  By using FMCG distribution management software, you can keep a track of the expiry date of all the products and display them accordingly. By doing this, you reduce the chances that your near-to-expiry date products go unsold. Thus, you gain more profit.

Usually, the inventory of an FMCG industry is very wide and varied. Maintaining it is indeed a painstaking process but you can’t ignore it. By keeping an updated inventory with the help of FMCG software solutions, you can easily track the demand and supply needs of your business and identify which product is in demand and which are not very appealing to the customers.

Henceforth, you will able to meet the demands of the customers and prevent stockpile the items which are not needed much. Wholesale distribution software keeps a record what should sell earlier and what can be kept in the warehouse.

Errors are part of the manual handling of any task. But, there is a scope of no errors when you are into business. Any error in billing, invoicing, or stick management will lead to customer dissatisfaction and dip in sales.  As FMCG software solutions come with fully automatic integration, it completely eliminates the chances of any errors and performs only error-free operations.

Getting unified updated records of your customers and stocks is highly essentials for any FMCG business. Failure in this sector will lead to havoc on the business front and you will not be able to offer customized service to your customers. You can save your neck from this with the help of wholesale distribution software.

The cloud-based integration and mobile app support of your FMCG distribution management software help you to have effortless access to all your databases round the clock. Henceforth, your FMCG business grows by leap and bounds and offers comprehensive FMCG software solutions.

Running an FMCG business usually demands a huge man force which increases the financial burden on you and reduces the profit margin. By simply installing FMCG distribution software, you can reduce the want to professional as it alone handles many operations.

No matter what business you own, adhering to regularity authority control is highly imperative. You need to do your business as per the law. Whether it is GST filling or ensuring that only the best work practices implement at your workplace, an FMCG Software helps you to do it.

Features Guide of FMCG Software

An FMCG distribution management software is usually a suite of well throughout modules that are designed to handle all the operations of your FMCG industry. While some features are very basic and are the part of every FMCG distributor billing software, some are advanced ones dedicated to performing special tasks only. Here is our FMCG management software feature guide to help you find out what all FMCG software solutions that are provided to you.

fmcg software features

1. Billing & Invoicing

This feature of an FMCG Software helps you out to process the billing and invoicing with speed and accuracy. Alongside this, it allows you to generate customized invoices. Add and delete and details from your invoice as per the need and provide an informative invoice to your customers with the help of this feature.

2. Inventory Management

The FMCG ERP software helps you to keep a track of your stocks and inventory with the help of this feature. It will help you to keep a track of the expiry date of the stock items and reduce the probability of loss.

3. Report Generation

This feature of an FMCG software solutions helps you to generate informative and impressive stock, sales & purchase, and inventory reports.

4. Barcode Integration

The Barcode integration feature for FMCG billing software helps you to make your billing system compatible with the barcode recognition process of every FMCG article which leverages fast billing and check-out.

5. Discount and Coupons

With the help of this feature of your FMCG distribution software, you can easily provide customized discount coupons to your customers and gain their confidence in you.

6. Bank Reconciliation

The feature of your FMCG billing software will help you to reconcile the bank with any excel or CSV file format.

7. User-based and Password Protected Access 

Create functional groups, allow specific and need-based login, provide password-protected access to your employees, and make your organization guarded with any fraudulent with the help of this feature of an FMCG management software.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • FMCG companies use FMCG software platform to deliver products to their customers seamlessly with a high level of innovation.

  • FMCG application helps the companies connect with sales partners, account management, industrial process, and collaboration.
  • The FMCG application works with the intent of improvising channel management. It includes devising sales & marketing strategies, modernizing techniques, enabling affiliate marketing to sell your product, and much more indirectly.
    • Companies who sell their products through retailers or brokers or performing indirect sales.
    • Enterprises that need account management solution for their product selling.
    • It boosts productivity
    • Increases sales
    • Helps you to devise innovative strategies
    • Track internal activities
    • Manage performance

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