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List of Top Fleet Management Solutions in 2020

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What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is, only just, the administration of an organization's vehicle fleet. It is a function that permits organizations that depend on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks connected with vehicle speculation, enhancing productivity, benefit, and lessening their general transportation and staff expenses, giving 100% compliance with government legislation. Fleet administration can incorporate a scope of capacities that includes vehicle telematics, driver administration, and fuel administration.

What are the Features of Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software is a tool used by fleet owners and fleet organizations for managing, systematizing, and tracking their fleet vehicles via a centralized data platform. Organizations primarily use a fleet management system for improving fleet operations, ensuring smooth transportation, reducing downtime and maintenance expenses, minimizing risks associated with fleet management, and complying with government regulations. Fleet tracking software comes with a wide array of features to help fleet organizations meet their specific business needs and enhance profitability and profitability.

Here are some of the useful features offered by fleet management system:

1. Work Management

Fleet tracking software also offers work order management features to streamline your fleet operations. This feature enables you to manage data and drive operational efficiency, besides facilitating collaboration within or outside of your organization.

2. Inventory Management

This is a crucial feature offered by a fleet management system that enables your team to administer each component of your fleet’s inventory with efficiency. Fleet maintenance software reorders parts automatically and also helps users manage part requisitions. Moreover, robust inventory management features not only save time and money but also help you run your business more efficiently.

3. Asset Management

An efficient fleet maintenance software system comes with asset management features to enable you to manage the purchase as well as the disposal of assets within your organization with ease. This feature not only allows you to store every detail about your assets in a centralized platform but also helps you track important dates and keep tabs on your asset status history, vehicle inventory, and much more.

4. Safety and Security

Fleet maintenance software also comes with safety and security features. It not only allows you to keep an eye on your drivers’ behavior and their vehicle assignments but helps you raise awareness, as and when a driver enters into an unauthorized area. Your fleet management system’s GPS technology helps you watch and safeguard your vehicles from theft and other dangers, thus keeping your fleet safe 24/7. What’s more, its GPS alerts system also sends you over speeding notifications so that you can warn the drivers. With an efficient fleet tracking software, you can also enjoy reduced insurance rates.

5. Reporting

Reporting feature offered by fleet maintenance software generates workforce management reports, fuel consumption reports, vehicle maintenance reports, drivers’ performance reports, vehicles’ order performance reports, and much more. This feature in fleet management software also generates graphs along with a detailed summary of your cars, drivers, and staff to help you stay on top of everything.

6. Time Management

Fleet management system offers time management features to help you make the best use of labor resources in your organization. It enables you to track technicians’ performance, and attendance reporting, besides allowing you to view safety records, technician licensing, and much more.

The features offered by fleet management software bring multiple benefits to your business. It not only automates tasks but also streamlines workflow, besides providing real-time insights to help you manage your vehicles and drivers more efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Management Software?

1. Maximize Driver Satisfaction

Fleet management system keeps great drivers through enhanced driver visibility and by decreasing the measure of manual work that your drivers need to do, expanding safe driving and efficiencies.

2. Increase Profitability

The fleet manager helps to save money on various working expenses by streamlining your fleet's fuel proficiency, better-overseeing driver execution, streamlining reporting, enhancing routing, and making proficient utilization of your trailers.

3. Improve Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet management solution helps to lessen fuel expenses and repair bills by minimizing unnecessary idling, over-revving, hard braking, inappropriate moving, and speeding while amplifying the productivity of courses.

4. Fast and Simple Communication

Fleet management software helps to send routes and instructions to your drivers with the click of a mouse. In-vehicle sensors empower complete vehicle observing. Flexible driver structures permit you to tailor to your business needs.

5. Retain Customers

Enhance your productivity and client benefit by guaranteeing that your client's cargo arrives securely and on time while giving continuous access to data on where their freight is on the planet.

Other benefits also include:

  • Improving Efficiency

  • Improving Productivity

  • Reducing Overall Transportation Costs

How does a Fleet Management System work?

The essential function in the fleet administration framework is the vehicle tracking system segment (this part usually is GPS based). This keeps you upgraded with a vehicle's area, heading, and speed. Propelled fleet management software solutions connect with the vehicle's locally available PC to accumulate vehicle information. Subtle elements, for example, mileage and fuel utilization supply easy to read mechanical diagnostics.

Key Modules of Fleet Management Software

Fleet management system comes with a wide array of integrated modules to cater to your business needs. Here are some rich modules offered by fleet maintenance software:

1. Business Intelligence

Fleet tracking software comes with a business intelligence module that plays a crucial role in identifying the different spheres in fleet operations where you can save money. Fleet management software identifies the advantageous areas based on your organization’s historical data and trends.

2. Document Management

Fleet maintenance software securely stores your licenses, vehicle expense reports, fuel transactions, fleet utilization reports, tax reports, green reports, kilometer tracking reports, and fleet insurance reports. Additionally, this module also sends timely notifications to users as soon as a file or document becomes out-of-date. Additionally, fleet tracking software automatically generates your quarterly tax reports and fills the same to simplify the process of accounting and fuel tax payment.

3. Vehicle Maintenance

This module offered by fleet maintenance software automates the procedure of inspecting your vehicles. It also notifies you about routine vehicle safety checks and sends service reminders regularly.

4. Fuel Management

Fleet tracking software offers a fuel management module to help you track the fuel consumption pattern of your vehicles. Besides monitoring your fuel expenses, and notifying you about the excessive fuel consumption, this module offers detailed reports to help you keep an eye on fuel costs. It also helps reduce emissions and idling time.

5. Registration Management

The best fleet management software comes with a registration management module to help you track vehicle registration renewals every year. It generates automatic notifications to keep you informed about registrations that are likely to become invalid soon.

6. Rental and Leasing

An advanced fleet management system comes with a vehicle rental/leasing module to help you manage rental agreements and vehicle rental lifecycle. This module has been designed to help you manage quotations, sales lead, reservation, invoice, and much more.

7. HR Module

Fleet tracking software also offers HR (Human Resources) modules to help you manage all data and information related to your employees. The software helps you track job descriptions, performance, and attendance of your employees, along with other information. Fleet management software is also capable of gathering, analyzing, and systematizing data from multiple locations immaculately, thus eliminating the chances of working with misleading or erroneous information. What’s more, the HR module of a fleet management system also takes care of payroll and reporting.

8. Auto Workshop Module

Fleet maintenance software offers an auto workshop module to simplify the procedure of vehicle repair workshops. Besides taking care of workshop operations, this module available in fleet tracking software also manages workshop inventory, invoicing, warranty control, and stock control.

These are some useful modules offered by fleet maintenance software to streamline the overall operations of your fleet management business. There are numerous fleet tracking software solutions available in the market today; however, before finalizing any random fleet management software, make sure you determine your business requirements. At the same time, make sure the fleet management system offers cloud-based support, and all the necessary features required for your taking your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Organizations that require managing and coordinating work vehicles to ensure overall business operations happen smoothly use fleet management software. Schools or educational institutes, private industries, government, utilities, car rentals, etc. are a few industries that can leverage the benefits of this software.
  • Drivers, inspectors, technicians, data analysts, procurement specialists, fleet managers, and more can benefit immensely from the fleet management software. It helps them speculate the expenses and hence increase productivity.
  • Telematics is the term used to define the transmission of information about the vehicles for tracking. It not only refers to GPS tracking but anything related to vehicles – be it the engine performance, fuel consumption data, and more.
    • Though the fleet management industry has not changed over the past decades, software providers are now offering an opportunity to reshape the business with the latest technologies and tools. This includes
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Internet of Things
    • Autonomous Fleets
  • Fleet management software closely associated with the following solutions – transportation management, trucking software, warehouse management, shipping software, supply chain suites, and inventory control software.

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