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Top Fitness, Club and Gym Management Software System Reviews

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How Gym Management Software Helps With Member Retention

Gym management systems obviously help gyms, fitness and recreation centers in reducing their workload, making administration easy,  and making workflows streamlined. It makes the job of gym managers and staff much easier through automation. It handles inventory, scheduling, finances, invoicing, and so much more. Let us look how the best gym management software help gyms to retain their members by making the entire experience a seamless one:

Online Booking
Fitness management software or app used by the gym allows members to book their sessions online. They do not have to make any cumbersome calls, and there’s no chance of the receptionist/other staff member booking a wrong appointment. Thus the gym goer’s job is made easier because he does not have to waste time on phone calls and gets a hassle-free experience overall. 

Your gym members can be easily notified when a class they’ve requested or a specific trainer’s schedule has opened up. If an instructor cannot make it to a class, the members can be notified immediately. Using a membership management software makes it much easier than calling members up individually to inform them. Thus, error on part of the staff is reduced and no one gets left out for important notifications. Your messages can be customized the way you want to.

Flexible Payments
Your gym management software can make it easier for your new and long-time members to make payments as per their ease. You can set up a credit system for which members can pay in advance and the balance gets deducted as and when they book classes or sessions. Better flexibility is ensured with payment options and bookings.

Personalized Texts and Emails
Your gym membership software enables you to send out personalized emails and texts to your regular members. You can inform them of various schemes and offers being offered exclusively for long-time members. This is a great way of convincing them to continue to patronize your gym. Similarly, new members will also want to stay on when they get individualized text messages, making them feel welcome and instilling confidence in their choice.

Customer retention depends largely on the kind of overall experience a customer has with your company. Gym management systems help your gym to deliver excellent customer experience to your members. By automation of routine tasks, gym managers and staff can give more specialized attention to members and serve their fitness needs in the best manner possible. When your members rate their experience as being consistently great, it automatically ensures repeat business and also more referrals. Invest in the best gym management software to retain customers today!

Trends in Gym Management: Our Predictions for 2018

There has been a complete revolution in the way gyms have been managed over the years. Today’s ultra sleek, hyperconnected gyms, 
fitness and training centers are a far cry from the gymnasiums of the yesteryear where the equipment was minimal and the members often left to fend for themselves. Today, gym managers and trainers take their jobs very seriously and make their members’ wellness and fitness a priority. Their work has been made easier because of the adoption of gym management systems, and there is a scope for various developments in this software and its usage in the coming years. 

For 2018, here are our predictions for fitness management software:

Greater Affiliate Sales
Many gyms are good at keeping customers happy with their services. However, selling gym equipment and/or other fitness products is another story. Even if the quality of your gym products is great, members may hesitate to buy them because the possibility of buying verified products on Amazon is much more reassuring to any customer. Gyms can tie up with Amazon by becoming an Amazon Affiliate. This way they will be able to feature their own products on the online store and even sell other products from the gym itself. 

Greater Adoption of Gym Management Software
As with every other industry, automation is on the horizon for gyms and fitness centers too. Most fitness management software makers have reported increasing adoption of their systems as gyms all over the world race to become more sleek and automated. Gym management software is capable of handling everything from collecting member registration and subscription fees to organizing and propagating promotional offers and schemes. It can organize and schedule everything for the gym, and keep the routines and schedules of specific trainers in one place. It goes without saying that 
these software are bound to become even more intelligent with time, becoming even more indispensable for gyms.

Keeping Up With Fitness Trends
Fitness tech is eternally evolving. Wearable tech is a thing and the use of mobile fitness apps is on the rise. A gym system has to keep up with fitness trends and evolve with them. Gym-goers would soon expect easy integrations of their fitness tech or apps with the gym’s management software for a more complete view of their progress. It will be better for the trainers as well, to get a complete overview of the fitness needs and progress of their trainees. This way, they can make more specific recommendations to gym members as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. here are some reasons to need gym management software

    - Easy management of sales, inquiry and renewal Membership management
    - It lets you send bulk messages/emails regarding offers and other services
    - It makes your accounting work hassle-free Support to automatically notify members about various things
  • A. It’s entirely up to you. Both have their own pros and cons. A cloud-based gym management software would provide some economical options such as pay as you use and complete data backup. And if you are willing to pay in one go then you can go for any offline fitness tool.
  • A. below listed some popular gym management software

    • Zen Planner
    • 10to8
    • Mindbody
  • A. Of course, don’t get confused by the name. It doesn’t matter if it is called a gym management software, but it is feasible to use it with other sports and fitness-related clubs.
  • A. Yes, your staff needs to get familiar with the software to ensure they can operate it smoothly. But you don’t need to worry about it at all as it doesn’t take much time and the vendors provide training, user guides and online or phone support.

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