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What Is Extranet Software Solution?

Extranet software solutions are the services that a user can avail after implementing the aid of extranet software. Extranet software solutions are basically a controlled network over which user can easily gain share electronic content of all sorts, collaborate and manage the workflow with its partners, vendors, suppliers and other authorized sets of customers.

It is more or less similar to DMZ that allows users to grant authorized access to their private network as per the need and requirement.  B2B businesses can be benefited a lot after using the best extranet software as it cuts down the operational cost and makes the multi-level association easy and quick. They can use it copiously to add value to their customers and vendors.

What Are The Advantages Of Having Extranet Software Solutions?

When implemented in the right manner, extranet software solutions can benefit an organization in a numerous way. Starting from reducing operational costs to increased productivity, its advantages are wide and immense. Here are some of the chief advantages of extranet software solutions are mentioned below.

  • Easy and secure data sharing - Businesses need to do a lot of data sharing with its partners and associates. This process not only takes time but demand a lot of diligence as data theft is as common as grass in the digital world. As you can set have controlled user access, sharing bulk data safety is easy with an extranet.  The Electronic Data Interchange or EDI of your extranet software solutions will help you to do bulk data sharing over a single click.
  • It makes your team more productive - No matter what sort of business you are, you seek the ways to ensure the maximum productivity of your team. In fact, this is one of the factors that integrate success for any business. Using best extranet software is one of the easiest ways to increase the productivity of your team. The simple implementation of extranet software solutions will help you to automate the tasks, reduce the errors, safe and secure data sharing, and workflow monitoring.  Your team can easily trigger any business activity over a single click and let your associates also know simultaneously. Your critical information won’t get lost as you will be notified each time there is any progress related to your business.
  • Easy communication?- This is no big secret that effective, all-inclusive, and prompt communication is what makes a business to gain an edge over others. With the help of extranet software solutions, achieving this sort of communication level is easy.  As all your important partners, vendors, and associates will be sharing the same network with you, you can connect them instantly. Some of the extranet software solutions also offer their mobile-app interface that makes the communication easier and faster.
  • Easy edits?- Making any edit in any official documents is a bit tricky as it involves various components.  Compared to paper-based publication process, making edits and change are easy in the extranet.  A simple drag and drop will do the said changes. In addition, you can update the entire team and other associates about the changes done in any documents over a single click. This easy edit is most useful especially in the case of inventory. When businesses can update their inventories without much hassle, they can easily improve their supply chain system.

Key Features Of Extranet Software Solutions

It is basically a well-integrated suite of various features. Some of the key features that extranet software solutions offer can be explained as:

  • Online collaboration - As extranet’s main function is to let businesses share important information with their partners & associates, online collaboration is one of the most prominent features of this innovative tool. Using this feature, businesses of all sizes can easily share the documents, email, inventory list, and even calendaring with their associates and work freely.
  • Document management - With the help of this feature, companies can easily keep a track on a document shared and received.  Its version control and access control allows a user to put need-based restrictions on the sharing.
  • Online database management - Your best extranet software allows you to manage your leads, contacts, customer information, and any other crucial data over a single click. Using this feature, reporting, sorting and querying of data is easy, quick and hassle-free.
  • Portal customization - Portal customization feature is important for growing business. This feature allows you to customize your extranet portal as per the need of the vendors or associates. You can delete or add any new user depending upon the workflow. You can also convert your extranet into a company’s portal or a customer’s portal using this feature.  Generic portals can be boring at the time. So, create a one-of-its-kind extranet portal using portal customization feature.
  • Universal access - This feature helps a business to let its associate have access to your private network from any part of the world. Even, they can log in from any data-driven device as well.
  • Extranet security - Extranet security features make your best extranet software a safe platform to work over. You can set role-based access priorities and manage the whole access process.

Key Differences Between Intranet And Extranet

Well, understanding the key difference between intranet and extranet software is very important before its implementation. In most of the cases, businesses think that these both are same. However, the reality is far-flung. The key differences between intranet and extranet are:

  • An intranet is a network where users can create, share, edit, collaborate and do other stuff and perform their work processes.  But it is not private. On the other hand, an extranet is the same network connection but with private access. With an extranet, users can offer controlled and secured access to their business network to other vendors and associates.
  • Intranet can only be used within an organization. Extranet goes beyond that.
  • Access in the intranet is managed and supervised by the organization’s server controls. Usually, company admin people keep control over the intranet access. In the case of the extranet, the access to the private network is managed through VPN.
  • In plain words, an intranet basically connects employees of a single company wheel an extranet connects a company to its partners and partners.
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