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Best Employee Scheduling software

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What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software is a type of software that automates the process of maintaining and creating a schedule. The main goals of companies using work scheduling software are to increase productivity and allow hourly workforces to allocate resources to non-scheduling tasks. These types of software are used to track vacation time, compensation time, and sick time in times of conflict. The data is accumulated over time and can be used for analyzing past activities and extracting payrolls.

This software may or may not make optimization decisions, but it is useful in coordinating tasks. Most shift planning software has mobile support, which eliminated inefficient scheduling steps and increases scheduling productivity. Online employee scheduling software also includes applicant tracking and onboarding, automatic limits on overtime, time and attendance, and other forms of functionality. These features come in handy for treating issues like compliance with labor laws, employee retention, and workforce management.

Not-so-obvious reasons to use Employee Scheduling Software

Talking about employee shift scheduling software, they offer obvious and useful benefits like:

  • To reduce the time taken to develop employee schedule
  • To make it easy to make changes in the employee schedule
  • To increase the flow of information about schedule changes

However, apart from these obvious reasons, there are a few not-so-obvious reasons for using employee scheduling software for small businesses that can actually make a big impact on your business and employee scheduling. These reasons are:

1. Employee scheduling software allows you to have a direct line with everybody. These types of software offer instant messaging options to establish efficient communication between managers and employees.

Using shift scheduling software also eliminates the chances of miscommunication. Shift planning software helps you to send real-time notifications to your teams regarding the following announcements.

  • A new schedule is published
  • Changes in a schedule have been made
  • Employees have an upcoming shift

2. Using these types of software grants you more free time. If you are a part of the schedule management process, you know how time-consuming the process is. According to time statistics, an average employee scheduler that uses spreadsheets spends around three hours per week on employee scheduling. Moreover, shift management software helps you focus on growing your business. If you wanted to be a successful entrepreneur when you initially started out but are trapped in a manager-employee loop, a good staff scheduling software could help you get out of the trap.

3. Using these types of software makes your employees and customers happy. This software promotes employee autonomy in which an employee can set their own availability, which gets cross-checked automatically. These types of software also make sure that every person in an organization gets a fair share of hours by running a tally of the number of hours allocated to every employee.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Employee Scheduling Software

If you are a business owner in the 21st century, you are probably planning to ditch the spreadsheet scheduling system. However, when it comes to selecting a good employee scheduling software, there are a few points you need to consider. These points are:

1. Will It Solve Your Unique Pain Points?

Different businesses have different challenges in managing human resources. Even in the same type of industry, businesses can have different challenges. For example, one coffee shop might face problems with assigning shifts properly to the staff, whereas, another coffee shop might have problems with managing labor costs.

Some coffee shops might face problems in finding employees, whereas some coffee shops might have so many job requests that they find it difficult to select good candidates. Therefore, before finalizing a shift scheduling software, take some time and note down the challenges you have that you want these systems to solve. A few of these questions can help you identify your business challenges.

  • Do you find it challenging to cover shifts quickly?
  • Are you facing trouble with payroll management?
  • Do you want to accelerate the hiring or onboarding process?
  • Is there a lack of proper communication among your teams?

2. Is It Easy to Use for You and Your Employees?

You want this software to save your productive time and manage things efficiently. But, what if the software is so complicated that it takes longer than your previous spreadsheet method? The key to selecting a good this software is to figure out which one, in addition to providing all the necessary benefits, is easy to use. Pick the most technologically inept person in your team and train him/her to use the software.

Some software is easy to use, whereas some require days or weeks of training. Choose software that can be easily understood and practiced by all your employees. The more complicated the software is, the more time it will consume. Although some employees will still be resistant to a change, easy-to-use software makes the transition process easy and smooth.

3. Is it compatible with the latest technology?

To have a full view of business performance, you need an employee scheduling software that is compatible with your current systems like point-of-sale, reporting, and payroll. Many business owners ignore these criteria, but it is vital as integration improves the productivity and efficiency of a business. Additionally, the THESE software should be compatible with the existing technology, as well. You might be working on a laptop, but in the future, you may switch to an iPhone or macOS. Therefore, it is advisable to choose software that offers seamless transition across various platforms and technologies.

How does Employee Scheduling Software help in different Industries?

These types of software help owners in administering their hourly workers, labor costs, increasing productivity and promoting employee satisfaction. However, this software is used in various industries with various applications. A few industries, along with how this software is used in them, are discussed below.

1. Cafe & restaurant industry

Employee scheduling software is used by restaurants to grow their business, streamline communication, and save time. Restaurants use this software to build perfect restaurant schedules. These types of software manage factors like overtime, availability, and regional labor laws. After building the employee schedule, it can be published directly on the staff's mobiles.

2. Call center industry

Call centers use employee scheduling software to monitor employee attendance and export comprehensive, real-time reports. These types of software allow employees to control their time by setting arrange their shift trades and set their working hours without the intervention of managers. It helps in generating skill-based schedules that are conflict-free and are aligned with employee availability and customer demand.

3. Banking industry

For improving employee engagement, banks, and other financial institutions leverage modern practices to manage workforce management and scheduling. These types of software help you to optimize productivity across various branches by efficiently reassigning employees during downtimes. Banks use this scheduling software for promoting client satisfaction by creating automated schedules and assign employees based on skill.

4. Education industry

Educational institutes need to take care of various functions like dining services, housing & residence life, campus events, libraries & bookstores, athletics & recreation, and campus security. This software offers dynamic employee scheduling across departments by providing various customization options for shift scheduling. Educational institutes use this software for preventing bottlenecks & conflicts and streamlining the management of student employees.

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