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Best Employee Recognition software

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What is Employee Recognition Software?

An employee recognition software is that bridge between the organization and its employee through which the management can keep a spotless and transparent connection with every individual associated with the firm. The concept of the software lies in the simple technique of managing the rewards and recognition of an employee through a platform where both, the employee as well as the management have a track of the performance. It helps to draw out what the company seeks the employee to uphold and encourage the actions they would like to see in their workplace.

In a simpler sense, it is a common platform wherein the employee is recognized for their efforts, rewarded for their performance and motivated to uphold the desired behavior.

Features of Employee Recognition Software

  • Holistic feedback system - The employee recognition platforms allow employees to receive feedback from everyone they are involved within the management, right from the customers they interact with to their superiors, team leads and manager and even their own peers who they would be involved with habitually. When you receive feedback from everyone you are involved with it gives you a holistic picture of how you are performing at work. You are able to measure how you are performing in a team as well as how you are performing on an individual basis. It is when you get feedback from not only your customers and superiors but from your peers that allows you to have the best way to analyze your performance. Constructive feedback from everyone made simple on a recognition platform allows you to get all the data on a single summarized page. This is made possible by the employee recognition solutions available in the market.
  • Standardized feedback and performance process - A company having standardized feedback and performance helps them keep a track of their employees on an individual basis. Yes, this is possible as it is seen that many companies have started adopting employee recognition programs to help them keep up with the growing industry. Organizations adopting employee recognition solutions allow them to keep their goals at an industry standard and on par with everyone else in the industry. Adopting such technology allows an organization to increase its performance to meet its goals and objectives at a closely monitored pace.
  • Setting SMART goals - Having goals that are SMART allows an individual to know the difference between realistic goals that can be achieved by oneself and goals that are too farfetched. The employee recognition solutions focus on making sure that the goals are set in such a way they are specific to the field of work, measurable and meaningful, something which can be reasonably achieved through a given stipulated period of time. The employee recognition platforms allow the individual to track their performance through objectives and data collected through their day to day work structure i.e. through targets, KPI and daily or weekly objectives.
  • A common platform to measure performance - Collectively measuring every individual employee’s performance becomes a heavy task for any given organization. Keeping in mind that many companies have a few hundred to a few thousand employees adopting an employee recognition solution into the organizational operations reduces the task of having to watch over all the employees through a traditional way where it becomes a bunch of tedious file management process. A platform as such that allows one to extract an individual’s performance with the click of a few buttons is every company’s dream.
  • Reward system - Why not brag when you have earned it? Yes, when an employee is rewarded on a public platform it is not only a recognition for the services that the employee has provided but it also provides a sense of self-motivation. Many of the employee recognition tools are equipped with a tab, mainly that golden trophy icon which holds every employee's achievements through letters of appreciation, certificates for their efforts or those incentives for giving in the best they can offer to help the company achieve their goals.  
  • Employee involvement - The days of the hush performance review cycle has become extinct. Everyone wants to be one step ahead when it comes to their performance and the regular review. Employees have become smart, they know when to change and uphold their constructive behaviors to match the industry standards. Having the best employee recognition software aids a company to recognize the daily activities of employees and keeps the employees tied into what they can do and what are the improvement aspects the company seeks from them. This smart solution that keeps an employee involved in what they can do to get to their next milestone comes through employee recognition programs.

Benefits of Employee Recognition Software

  • Reduced paperwork- Remember the days when you had to hand fill those documents for every individual employee who worked under your wing, yes, that was indeed a tedious job. The accumulated paperwork of all those hundreds to thousands of employees is a much more tiresome toil. When an employee recognition tool steps in, you can bid goodbye to all that hassle in handling that bulky paperwork. Everything is digitally maintained and accessed through the click of a button.
  • Transparent recognition system- Who wouldn’t be interested in a platform which allows an efficient and unbiased way to measure performance? Being transparent about an individual’s performance allows a fair aspect to the tedious process of performance review. Recognition tools provide a public domain where an employee’s performance is known to the employee and this provides a motivational aspect to help increase the performance. One can get a glimpse on how they stand out from the rest of their peers through the help of these recognition tools. Also, an organization will be able to see where the individual is performing at the given level.
  • Effective recognition process- When we have all the data digitally stored and easy to access anytime, it regularizes the process of reviewing on a timely basis. These employee recognition tools are built in such a way that they are able to document every individual’s targets, KPI’s and goals making the recognition process effective and on a regular basis.
  • User-friendly tool- The employee recognition tools are made easy to use through simple and elegant looking software applications. They provide a hassle-free use to the whole performance and feedback system. All levels of management would have a tool that would document their performance on an individual, team as well as on a holistic level through an easy and effective platform.
  • Accumulate rewards- Yes, back to those golden trophies, they are what everyone wants and what every employee in every industry wants to be overflowing with those achievement recognition mails, gift vouchers for their performance, medals and stars for their triumphs and all those certificates embedding their success. Employee recognition programs allow one to have a tab separately dedicated to all their accomplishments. This, in turn, helps in keeping the employees motivated to achieve their targets.
  • Pictorial summarization- Some of the best employee recognition software not only allows you to have a word based feedback method but also a summary of your performance in the form of pictures and graphs. This makes it easy to understand and effective to know where one stands where words might always not show how you are performing. Visuals allow to quickly know about the employee and this can be very handy while allocating the resources for critical projects.

Market Trends of Employee Recognition Software

Almost every company goes through the tedious process of employee performance and review process. If not managed properly it may take a lot of man hours to get a proper check on every individual employee within the wing on the organization. Roughly, most of the organizations have different periods of time where they have their performance rewards and recognition activities. Be it monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, a lot of work, time and patience go into getting things done right and making sure the right people are recognized.

Providing a platform where the recognition process is fun and entertaining is also a key aspect of the best employee recognition software where mixed feedback and performance management is important. A system that breaks down organizational rules, goals and objectives into achievable ones are the ways in which the organization can grow.

Continuous monitoring of an individual’s performance fits in best with how the current world is changing. The day to day performance using the data available from an individual’s activities helps in summarizing on how that individual has performed on the given day, the quality and the quantity. Since feedback through a holistic approach is possible on a transparent platform it helps bring about an easier bond among the employees. It helps to develop realistic and authentic relations with managers and helps employees seek ways in seeking out more opportunities through which they can shine.

There are many aspects when it comes to performance, rewards and recognition, it is very difficult to capture all the aspects of an individual. If a tool is able to capture all the necessary aspects it would be one of the best employee recognition tools that are available in the market. The tool should be able to touch not only the employee’s aspect but should also cover the learning, the work culture and the environment an employee is faced with. In today’s world, each day is a new learning and everyone is faced with something new and a good performance recognition software captures the journey of an employee at every step of the way by providing motivation, feedback, performance rewards and goals.  

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