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25 Employee Management Software For Your Business in 2020

Finding the best Employee Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What Is Employee Management Software?

As a manager, you can train your brain to perform all the tasks for a couple of employees. But what happens if the workforce grows over time and you employ hundreds and thousands of employees? How would you manage that? Definitely not manually; but you will put technology at work to manage this. This is where ‘Employee Management Software’ (and even employee tracking software) comes into the picture.

Basically, an employee management software is the pinpointed implementation of technology in managing the day to day HR operations and processes. You can say, a digital version of an HR manager himself (with higher capacity of course). A digital system that works as a foundation or platform that supports your objectives and operations as a human resource manager. With the best employee management system, you are doing the same job using a laptop or PC or even a smartphone that you have been doing with pen, paper and excel sheets earlier.

All in all, such a software allows you to reduce administration and supervision costs with higher productivity. Many businesses do away by using just an employee tracking software, however, they soon realize that they need more extensive software.

Can Employee Management Software Help Improve Your Employees’ Performance?

In effect, such a software will work as a tool. It is your very skills that decide on how to improve their work and style of working. however, an employee information system does provide you with following utilities, using which you can enable your employees to deliver better results:

  • Employee training modules
  • Objectively oriented activities
  • Performance tracking features
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Communication channel for managers and employees

Employees are a company’s most important asset; hence they need to be paid attention to from time to time. Today, when technology is simplifying administration everywhere; human resource department is no exception. Owing to the massive set of benefits for even a small business employee lifecycle management software are going to be a key role player in organizational development.  

How To Implement Employee Management Software In Your Organization?

  • Select a software that matches your requirement.

  • Pick a subscription plan that suits your budget.
  • An actual implementation of the software: Make sure that all data and records are duly added to the software without any glitches. Carefully transfer all the required documents, media, files and anything you want. Place the data in a way that employees can access it hassle-freely.
  • Train your team on how to make the most of the software.
  • If employees are to use any module of this software, arrange a session of training them.
  • Ensure that you gradually make a smooth transition from manual to a digital system.

Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing An Employee Management Software

What would you consider while purchasing a pain-free employee management software? Many times, you would feel that you need hands-on technical knowledge in order to select a ‘Just Right’ or best employee performance software for your business. However, that is not true. All that you need to know before making a purchase is what you need and how do you want to make use of such a software. That is, what features it should have that are most important to you. Keeping in mind big organization and even small business employee monitoring software comes with wide range of features.

For convenience, let us compile a checklist that you can look at in times of need! Do remember that now we are looking for more than just an employee tracking software features. Given below are the points you should evaluate while purchasing a paid or even free shift scheduling software.


  • Can you manage employee database and records in a better than current style?
  • Does it streamline your onboarding process?
  • Does it help you track employee performance?
  • How easy does it make for you to evaluate your staff at the time of appraisal?
  • Does it contain features engage employees?
  • Does it help you with employee recruitment and retention?
  • Can you work with remote employees and freelancers with this software??


  • How much the monthly/yearly subscription plan cost you? or do you want to go for a free employee management software?


  • Does it integrate with other software you are already using?
  • Is the vendor willing to develop any special feature you may require later?
  • How many users can accommodate while using it?

There are many other factors such as user-friendliness of the system, security, storage, workflow management and such like. Another important exercise is to check user reviews. More than what the vendor has to say about the product, you would relate more to testimonies of users who are already using it.

And then there are small businesses and start-up companies, who would think twice before making any significant technology investment. Nevertheless, for any beginner or small business employee information system and even employee tracking software play a crucial role in reducing responsibilities and managerial costs too. Hence, they should never overlook the need to set up such a software. To make it easier, they may go for a free trial before actually investing in a full-fledged software.

In a nutshell, no one can ever find a simply best employee management software that is made just for them. One always needs to look for required features, budget and software maintenance. The right combination of these 3 factors will help you ace at employee management like never before.

The Unexpected Benefits Of Having An Employee Management Software

  • You will get rid of all that paperwork and stacks of files that always kept your desk full. In addition to a clean desk, you have everything at fingertips. Sounds like a big time saving on stationary cost? It indeed is.
  • Easier information processing is the goal. You no longer need to fiddle with different excel sheets and make a report. The system should be able to generate all types of reports that you need. A feature of custom reports would be cherry on the cake!
  • Increased employee engagement made easier. We know it is a tough job for all HR managers out there. Hence a software that contains employee engagement software module and training module will help you eliminate the headache of performing manual engagement exercises.
  • Unlike an employee tracking software, this software will allow you to switch from the job of ‘a monitor’ to ‘a facilitator’. You would no longer need to keep an eye on tasks, performance, preventing manipulation and such activities.
  • If you are a startup or small business work scheduling software would take away all your tracking pain and let you focus on operations.
  • The best of all benefit is ‘Transparency in management’. The system contains data that your employees can access as per their rights, some self-service features can even let them fetch general data by themselves.
  • Scheduling and tracking working hours and more of those manual tasks become a breeze.

We are growing towards an era where entire business would run digitally. Definitely, there will be a day when you will HAVE to move from manual process to automated ones and implement any employee managing or employee tracking software and avail all these benefits.

Reasons To Select Employee Management Software Over Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is made for measuring the productivity of your staff, tracking their attendance and logged working hours, tracking non-business or personal activities, violation of confidentiality or company policy and things like that. Hence, the very purpose of a tracking software is common to spot any unwanted or unethical activities taking place in the course of working hours.

In a way employee monitoring software makes your staff feel like they can be spied. Monitoring daily activities of an employee cannot be much accepted by many of your employees in spite of a company policy made for the same. This has always been the grey spot between employees and employers everywhere. Therefore, a successful business goes by the idea of inculcating loyalty among staff members.

Anyhow, the best employee performance software would be more comprehensive in terms of features and system capabilities than an employee tracking software.  

In the end, if you are to choose between the both always select any paid or free employee information system. Because if you are to monitor them anyway, there are various other tools you may employ according to the policy.

4 Ways To Improve Workforce Productivity With Best Employee Management Software

Optimum performance and productivity of employees is an important concern in every organization. For, these qualities cannot be pumped into them from outside. HR managers need to nurture them in order to make them more productive and high performing staff. Necessarily, the system that you use must be equipped with Performance management modules and training programs built into the software itself.

  • Employee management software helps you track employee performance over the time and hence you can build effective reviews and carry out appraisals.
  • Increasingly engaging employees make it easier deliver feedbacks and set right expectations.
  • Various training modules in the software allow the employees to use the system and expand or sharpen their skill set.
  • Such modules can be set to achieve a specific business objective and managers can lead employees to work towards that, keeping them on the same page. Thus, there is a significant increase in employee integrity, performance, task management, and more. And project managers can even ensure that they finish completion in due time.

Thus, by making your operations hassle-free employee management software would assist you in achieving your goals. Be it employee productivity, team performance, or achieving deadlines. Ultimately, you will need to ensure the right use of the system.

So, which software are you keen on implementing? Do you think you are already using the best employee management software? Do let us know what makes it best.

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