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Best Email Marketing Software and Service Providers in 2020

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Email Marketing software guide

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What is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is one of the widely used tools of integrated marketing communications. One of the best approaches to stay in contact with your clients is to start an email marketing campaign. This idea has been utilized by most organizations to engage clients successfully, and help them develop a positive brand image. Email marketing software is an integrated tool that can aid organizations manage all mail communication with customers efficiently.

What Does Email Marketing Software Do?

In this new age, the Internet has proven fruitful for many businesses so as to target customers with the right pitch.

In order to stay in touch with the clients, one of the best approaches is to start an email marketing campaign. This approach has been followed by many big and small organizations.

Top email marketing software goes beyond the idea of sending emails. Sending emails in bulk involves tedious and time-consuming processes, such as preparation of a list, segregation of the list to sub-groups, sending of actual emails, and generation of feedback reports. Best email marketing software automates most of the manual work and does away with the above mentioned time-consuming processes.

The free and the best email marketing software includes many features that would be helpful in the successful implementation of email marketing campaigns. The bulk mail software is used for sending emails in large quantities.  Some of the examples of the famous and the top email marketing software are HubSpot Marketing, MailChimp, Front, RedCappi, and so on.

What Are The Types Of Email Marketing?

Email marketing software provides mail services that are free of cost and consist of numerous features that depend on the functionality that might require one to send triggered emails, blast emails, and so on with the help of different marketing services.

types of email marketing

1. Transactional Emails:

Transactional emails include an opt-in phase where customers get added to your mailing list. A few examples that can be seen are requests for a password reset, email for confirmation of the order, and email requests. Since the customers opted in, therefore, the open rate for transactional emails has gone significantly higher as compared to a newsletter. As a result, email marketing software takes shape as an administrative tool, it still remains a marketing tool because you get an opportunity to include subtle cross-sell or up-sell messages.

2. Newsletter:

It has been seen that the best email marketing solutions act as a communication tool. A newsletter is sent so as to provide valuable content like articles, tips, announcements, and so on, which are aligned with the product’s value and customers’ needs and interests. The newsletter will help you to maintain an open line between your business and the customers and thereby, entertaining the customers.

3. Direct Sales:

Very commonly used for email marketing software as emails are sent in order to promote offers. This provides the inclusion of a product catalogue which is compared to the printed versions sent by a snail mail. It can be seen that the emails are sent to your purchased list or the mailing list.

4. Autoresponders:

This helps you to send multi-tiered mail based on the feedback of the recipients. Email tools are provided by the best email marketing software so as to help you map your main mail to different paths. You will find that one path can lead to nurturing, whereas another path can lead to the shopping cart. Triggers can be set for launching the autoresponder. For instance, when a download button is clicked by someone, he or she signs for a free trial or makes a purchase from your online store.

Welcome and thank you messages are sent with the help of autoresponders. Customers appreciate the fact when one takes out time to appreciate their engagement. It has been seen that autoresponder is leveraged as a lead generation software by the email marketing software.

Email Software To Drive Sales For Your Business

Email marketing software not only helps every business to connect with their potential customers but also drives the sales of the business. Simple and cost-effective ways are required to drive the revenue of any business organization. A 30-days trial period is provided in order to get a better idea before installing the software. The actionable tips that would drive the sales are as follows:

1. Creation of Mobile-Friendly Emails:

In order to drive the sales of your business, the subscribers have to follow a three-step procedure that is open, click, and buy.  You should ensure that the email looks good on the smartphone as well as on the tablet, desktop, and laptop. As per Marketing Land, it has been brought to notice that 66%of the emails are opened on mobile devices. As per BlueHornet, it has been seen that 80% of your recipients will delete the emails. Every business needs an email service provider who offers templates that automatically adapts the emails to the mobile formats. You can customize the templates with the colors and logo of the company in order to create an email marketing campaign. Nowadays, the templates are easy to use and do not require much design experience.

2. Personalization of Emails:

Every business is definitely tempted to send the same email to every subscriber but personalization of emails is the need of the hour. It has been seen that 74% of the marketers believe that personalization of emails leads to an increase in customer engagement and, thereby, resulting in an increase in sales.The personalization techniques that should be kept in mind are as follows:

  • The subscriber’s first name should be added to the subject line.
  • Personalized details like the name or title of the job should be added to the body of the mail.
  • If on the lookout for advanced personalized technique then the businesses should opt for dynamic content. In the case of dynamic content, you tend to create the email and the parts of the message change automatically depending upon the subscriber receiving the message.

3. Segmentation of Contacts:

Personalization of the email in terms of custom greeting is pretty easy but personalizing emails in terms of context is difficult. Segmentation refers to breaking down the list of emails into groups based on the behavior or demographics. An email list can also be broken on the basis of gender, age, location, and so on. Categorize your customers on the basis of the products they have purchased or on the basis of their internet browsing activity. It is easier to create groups once the contacts have been segmented. For instance, discounts can be sent to the customers keeping in mind the stores near the place they live. The creation of emails for each segment takes a little time but you are not required to mail every contact, each and every time a mail is created.

It has been seen that sending fewer emails that are relevant to the subscribers will lead to an increase in revenue by 760%. Every business should use segmentation for the creation of effective and personalized email marketing campaigns.

4. Automation of Emails:

It has been seen that when automation is used on a basic level, then smart emails can be delivered without the need of being at your computer. Two kinds of emails need to be automated, which are as follows:

1. Welcome Email: 

When a list is joined by a subscriber, it means they are showing interest in your product. Instead of wasting time, you need to connect with potential customers. Every business should automate the process and not monitor the subscriber’s list and send them a welcome email manually. The businesses should log into their account, make a welcome mail, and set up a trigger that will help in delivering the email automatically.

2. Transactional Email: 

A transactional email needs to be automated. Mail the receipt to the subscriber after he/she makes the purchase. The email would either provide the shipping details or confirm the purchase. It has been seen that since these emails have a high response rate, therefore, it is good to include some extra content along with already existing details. You can add a link to a product and encourage the subscriber to follow you on social media. Such transactional emails have high open and click rates. The studies say that the open and click rates are around 114% for transactional emails and 14% for bulk mailings.

Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Software

Business email marketing software is seen as a cost-effective mode to get in touch with the customers so as to provide valuable content, promotion of the product or to announce new deals and offers.  The management of email campaigns can be a tedious process but email marketing software addresses this point and provides the following benefits:

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. Monetization of Tickets:

Customer complaints that are sent to the help desk can be stored as additional contacts in your mailing list. Till the issue is resolved and a customer is happy and satisfied, including him or her in the email campaign can help in the generation of sales. Such a process is very common in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). If CRM is not available then email software is a good option.

2. Automation:

Imagine how much time you will waste if you have to send a thousand emails in one sitting. First, you will sort the addresses, paste the message, and then send the emails manually. On the other hand, once you have the message set then business email marketing software can easily automate the entire process of the campaign with the help of email campaign tools. Starting from sorting of the recipients into groups to the scheduling of the emails to the generation of the feedback reports, email marketing automation software helps you to stay ahead in your business.

3. Accurate Metrics:

No one can give detailed post-campaign analytics other than email marketing software. Email marketing software can generate click-through rates, open rates, forward messages, and so on. A detailed feedback report can help you calculate the cost-benefit ratio and account for each campaign’s budget.c. as long as you have built a robust mailing list. Sometimes the companies get started with the purchased list so as to get initial subscribers, but it is considered best to build the list around the customers. It has been seen that as you expand your list with incentives like white paper along with deals, the cost for every mail will drop drastically, thereby, increasing the ROI of the email marketing software.

4. Wider Reach:

Business email marketing software helps you to reach the target customers at lower costs than traditional outlets like television, radio, etc. This ensures that businesses can communicate with target customers effectively and help them understand the brand philosophy.

5. Promotion of Loyalty:

Email marketing software makes it easy for you to launch a campaign series. It connects you to customers directly, as a result, you see increased customer loyalty and this leads to more purchases. In turn, your customers may forward your mail to friends and family and that would increase your market reach.

6. Return on Investment (ROI):

Email marketing software helps in the promotion of accountability in your campaigns. Campaign metrics can be tracked like click-through rate, open rate, and so on. This not only creates brand awareness but also generates immediate revenues.

7. A/B Testing Tool:

Email marketing software has the feature of A/B testing (also you can use ab testing tool) that shows the important metrics present among various campaigns and they are measurable with respect to various details.

8. Promotion of Social Media:

Some marketing solutions allow cross-channel promotions by connecting to your social media pages. If the mailing list is robust then email marketing solutions will help you have more subscribers to your social media channels.

Features of Email Marketing Software

The primary feature of the software called built-in SMTP server, email sending software permits unlimited emails to your contact records. Other Key feature includes:

features of email marketing software

1. Contact Lists Management:

Bulk email software is a very useful feature that permits performing different activities with email records such as subscribe/unsubscribe emails, extract bounces, remove duplicates, pre-defined templates, etc.

2. Tracking& Reporting Function:

With the email tracking software feature, one can easily know the number of opens and clicked through in your mails, geographic localization of recipients, the date recipient opened an email and the concentrate more on them who are real prospects. Also, a detailed report of the mail send helps to evaluate the results of mailing.

3. Email Personalization:

With this feature each email can be personalized with the recipient’s name, address, company, etc. that increase the inbox delivery & give more sales.

4. Automatic Bounce Process:

This feature helps to get a detailed report of all the bounce mails with soft and hard bounce separation. So there is no need to worry about wrong email IDs in your list. Email management software automatically removes all hard emails from the email list.

E-mail marketing software provides free mail services for N-number of features depending upon the functionality that you offer say for example one might require to send blast emails, triggered emails, integrations and etc using different email marketing services. These needs may vary according to the organization's size and purpose of sending e-mails to using free email services. A 30 days trial period is generally provided by most companies to get a better idea before making the installation. Email software is necessary to follow the rules & regulations of bulk email marketing UK or else the mails will be treated as spam. Regardless of what your business is, proper & reliable email management software provides different email marketing services that are needed to run your marketing campaign smoothly & efficiently. This increases the effectiveness and quality of the message that you are actually intending to shoot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Many believe that email marketing is dead after the emergence of social media in recent years. However, that’s not the case. A recent study reveals that email marketing is almost 40 times more effective than social media. It's easy to see why as the content on social media gets filtered by their algorithms and does not reach all the people. The same study also reported that the buying process happens three times faster than social media through email marketing.
  • A. Email marketing is important to reach out to people in general. It is an efficient method to build relationships with leads, potential customers, current and past customers.
  • A. According to statistics, 4.3 billion people across the world are estimated to email users by 2023. More and more people are using their smartphones to check their emails. So an email that is more personalized and mobile-friendly will be important from a business point of view.
  • A. These are some of the best email marketing softwares available out there for businesses:

    • Constant Contact
    • SendInBlue
    • GetResponse
  • A. There are ample reasons to go for email marketing software:

    • It is superior to social media marketing
    • It is an economical way of marketing your product
    • You have the power to send personalized and customized messages
    • It demands people to take action
    • It provides you stats and insights to track your progress

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