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Best Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software

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What is EMR System?

Electronic medical record systems have become very popular in recent times and they are also known as electronic health records or digital medical records. Electronic medical records software systems enable the structured collection of patient and medical healthcare data in an electronically managed digital format. Most hospitals and healthcare institutions now invest in functional EHR software as it can help them to greatly increase the quality of patient care and dramatically improve the efficiency of medical processes.

Electronic health records software is the best way to automate clinical workflow and essential aspects such as storage and retrieval of patient documents, prescription writing, laboratory and imaging tests, along with medical care provider records. In fact, getting electronic medical health record systems is the best way to share updated and real-time patient records with physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Today, the market is flooded with a number of sophisticated and advanced electronic medical records software suites. It is best to make a wise decision and choose the most suitable EHR software system for your organization to accrue a host of benefits. Most electronic medical records software suites are fully customizable; hence your organization can select modules based on individual requirement and would your package accordingly. There is no doubt that getting EMR system for your medical institution is a great decision that will magnify your bottom line results in a positive manner!

EMR vs EHR Systems: Difference between EHR and EMR systems?

There is generally a lot of confusion about the difference between an EHR (electronic health records) software system and an EMR (electronic medical records) software system; however, EHR and EMR basically refer to the same thing and are often used interchangeably. We must keep in mind that electronic medical record system consists of a patient's clinical data, whereas electronic health record systems essentially go beyond that to concentrate on the holistic or total health of each patient.

What are the main EHR features?

Electronic medical records software platforms are power packed with a number of diverse and necessary features that can totally transform the way hospitals and medical organizations look after their clinical data. It is important to be aware of the various features of EHR software systems so that you can invest in the correct software that is most apt for your organizational requirements. Here are some of the essential features of electronic medical records software suites:

1) Medical Charting – Having correct and real-time information on medical charts is super important and electronic health records software makes sure that your organization has up-to-date medical charts all the time. EMR software platforms also offer customizable templates so that your organization’s medical charts can contain all essential fields of requirement – boosting up productivity and efficiency. Modern electronic health record systems are highly automated and make sure that all vital patient parameters are recorded in the medical charts – making all clinical processes streamlined and well-structured!

2) Workflow Automation - All hospitals and healthcare institutions have set medical practices and processes that need to be performed in an orderly manner for proper workflow. Electronic medical record system automates these clinical processes so as to save healthcare providers time and effort. Some EHR software suites also provide all physicians separate work schedules and timelines to make sure all medical processes on track. For example, EMR software makes it possible to set automatic reminder emails for medical appointments and reminders for patient phone calls and monitoring test results. This results in long-term efficiency and better service for the valued client base of your medical institution.

3) Lab-Integration – Making sure that a particular patient’s laboratory results reach the correct physician and are updated in the patient’s medical records is surely a challenging task for any organization. Electronic health records software or EHR systems facilitates the seamless integration of the laboratory results into patient medical charts – electronic delivery of this vital information makes the whole process highly convenient and flexible! So EHR systems software enable a smooth two-way communication between the laboratories and medical service providers, making sure that a proper system is set in place for better long-term clinical results!

4) Patient Portal – Maintaining a real-time and current record of all patient information is essential for a hospital or medical institution! Electronic medical record systems keep an updated self-service patient portal that contains all vital information such as lab results, immunizations, allergies, recent doctor visits, medications and medical information. It also maintains updated billing information, pending payments, and previous prescriptions so that patients and physicians get all medical data through the click of a button!

5) Billing Module – A good billing EHR software system aids medical organizations to track and monitor their patients’ billing records so that all financial accounting can be maintained in a precise manner. EHR systems also make it possible for patients to pay through the online payment portal and updates the transactions in the patient records, thereby making the whole billing process very convenient, speedy and well-organized. All billing transactions can be viewed in tabular forms and reminders can also be sent to patients who have defaulted on payments. A well-structured billing system is surely a great and novel feature of electronic medical records EMR software that can streamline all financial transactions.

So while choosing electronic medical records software, make sure to look out for these innovative features as they can completely revolutionize the medical practices of your organization!

Benefits of EHR systems?

There are a number of immense benefits of EMR software and they are a great platform for medical organizations to improve productivity and overall performance. Here are some major advantages of electronic medical software systems:

  • Improved patient diagnosis and treatment due to streamlined medical procedures and fewer errors
  • Lesser mistakes in patient medical health records as the entire system are fully automated
  • The faster speed of medical care and better decision-making response from medical professions due to accurate data at hand
  • No requirement for storage spaces as all medical records can be stored in a digital format
  • Customizable and highly scalable medical records provision for better healthcare service
  • An enhanced bottom line measurability of medical practice through better billing and financial accounting systems
  • Highly advanced online prescribing and clinical document ability for better medical processes with the help of EHR systems
  • Highly reduced overheads and operational costs due to less manual labour and better efficiency of staff
  • Ability to transfer real-time data from one department to another, thereby resulting in huge amounts of time-saving
  • Enhanced patient workflow and increased security measures for the protection of sensitive patient data

All these incremental advantages clearly emphasize the need for electronic health record systems for any medical care organization. It is definitely a sure shot way to enhance your organization’s bottom line results along with providing better medical care and service to your valued patient base. So make sure that your medical institution invests in the best electronic health records software as it can bring about a world of positive difference in patient care and service levels.

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