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Document Tracking System in 2020

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Document Tracking Software Guide

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What is the Document Tracking System?

The document tracking tool is one of the biggest assets of any business. No matter whether it is a small organization or a big one, there is always a need for files, documents, and paperwork. Taking all these documents online and having them present on the computer is highly beneficial for the organization. The tracking tool makes it easy to track these documents easily. The document tracking system, also known as file tracking system is an on-premise or cloud-hosted software used by small as well as large businesses for automating the process of searching, accessing, retrieving, and managing their electronic documents or files.

A file tracking system is indispensable for the success of businesses. The demand for document tracking systems is on the rise across the globe as businesses are increasingly using this software for checking paper consumption, besides boosting their productivity and efficiency. One can access some years old files with just a click and on top of that copying the papers, printing them everything can be done with ease. This document tracking tool reduces a lot of workload from the organizations. Most of the organizations these days are using this electronic document tracking system in order to manage and track all the paperwork.

Document Tracking System Features

A file tracking system offers a lot of useful features to help you streamline your workflow. Here are some of the most important features of document management software.

Document Tracking System Features

1. Document Storage

All the types of documents related to a particular organization are stored in a single vault and this makes it easy to retrieve the documents, storing them and for future use. The whole centralizing process makes sure that the relevant information is accessible immediately. The cloud feature is another asset for the software. Even if any documents are deleted from the system due to some unavoidable circumstances, it can be retrieved from the cloud backup.

2. Tasks Related to Documents

This is another important feature of document tracking software. The software takes care of almost all the document-related tasks and this helps in saving a lot of time for the employees. The software is capable of routing the documents easily and also has a built-in task management system.

3. Document Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of an organization. The documents must be provided with the required security so that they don’t get misused. The document tracking software that an organization is planning to deploy must be capable of providing the perfect security for the documents. The tool avoids unauthorized access for certain documents. There are some types of software in the market that prevents the certain IP address from opening the document. This ensures high-level security for the documents stored in the tool.

4. Control of the Versions

The document tracking software makes it easy to have control over various versions of the documents. There won’t be a need of maintaining multiple copies of the same document with some changes. The last edited document will be the latest document present on the list.

5. Indexing

It is very hard to retrieve one single document from so many others. But with the help of the indexing feature, this can be done with ease. You can index the document and files systematically for easy retrieval.

6. PDF Document Editor

The online document tracking system will make it easy for you to edit the PDF documents and add text, date, checkbox, text box or any other customization options. The spell checker will help in eliminating any type of typo errors present in the document.

7. Bulk Uploading of Documents

There are so many instances when it becomes important to upload a bulk set of files online. Uploading these documents one by one will take a lot of time. But with the software, one can upload all the files at once without any hassle. The entire document uploading is done with one click and it won’t even consume a lot of time.

8. Mobility

The document tracking tool provides you an option to access the documents present in it from anywhere. If you have a mobile, tab, laptop, or PC at your hand with an internet connection, you will be able to access the documents present in the software. The files that are uploaded in the organization are synced from time to time.

9. Integral Bar Code Facility

The bar code facility will help in tracking down the document easily. All the files are provided with a certain bar code and scanning the bar code will provide the exact location of the file.

10. Audit Trail

A document path in the life cycle in software is provided perfectly with the help of an audit trail feature. The users will be capable of producing detailed reports of the path of the document. The details include the name of the user, time, date, the type of action performed. A file tracking system offers a lot of useful features to help you streamline your workflow.

11. Automation of Document Processing

The processing of the documents is done in a very short time with the help of the automation facility provided in the document tracking software. Whether it is simple or complex document processing, one can do it with ease by using the software. The repetitive documents are processed automatically whereas the quick workflows are set up with the help of a graphical workflow editor. Data importing and exporting from MS-Office or Excel is also done in the data tracking tool.

12. Collaboration and Assigning of the Tasks

In organizations, there come some situations where more than one person has the requirement to check the document. In such situations, people just make copies of the document and share it with others but the entire scenario is changed with the deployment of document tracking tool. This tool provides a platform where all the employees of an organization collaborate and check out the documents. One can restrict access for the documents that they want to maintain confidentiality. The same tool can be used to assign tasks for various users and it also notifies the employees when tasks are assigned.

13. Contract Approval

A high-quality file tracking software offers an automated contract approval feature to minimize contract approval cycle time, thus, helping you to get your business contracts signed up on time.

14. Simple User Interface

An efficient file tracking system comes with a simple user interface that is pleasant to your eyes. You can also customize the interface to suit your business requirements.

15. Advanced Search Feature

Since businesses deal with large volumes of files every day, it may become difficult to trace specific files or documents at times. A file tracking system enables you and your team to hunt through your organization’s knowledge base and locate files in an instant, thus saving a good deal of time.

What’s more, an online document tracking system also offers basic features, such as PDF converter, audit trail, bulk upload, white-labeling support, and lots more to help you manage documents with utmost efficiency

Benefits of Online Document Tracking System

Benefits of Document Tracking System

1. Boosts Employee Productivity

An online file tracker helps your employees trace documents quickly so that they can focus on other important tasks.

2. Effortless Customization

With the help of a file tracking system, you and your authorized team members can easily make modifications to the existing documents anytime, anywhere.

3. Helps You Access Files on the Go

A document tracking software enables you to access documents anytime, anywhere via your laptop, smartphone, iPad, or tablet. This feature also lets you view important files as and when required, and collaborate with your remotely-located team members

4. Facilitates Third-party Integration

A file tracking system can be easily integrated with your CRM system, accounting software, and other software systems used in your organization. This feature facilitates seamless information flow between diverse applications with accuracy and integrity, besides helping you save time at work.

5. Helps you Go Green

Lots of forward-thinking businesses across the globe are embracing document tracking software to support ‘Go Green’ Mission. File finder software helps you run a green business by helping you save countless sheets of paper every day.

These are some of the noteworthy benefits offered by online file management software. Considering the advantages offered by the file tracking system, businesses across industries are investing in this software to reap maximum benefits.

How Bar Code Document Tracking Software is used?

In almost every organization there comes a time when they have to track a large set of documents. With the bar code facility, this tracking is done easily. The bar code is one of the most advanced and highly reliable features which helps in tracking the documents easily. Similar to the maintenance of inventory, you can place a bar code on the most important documents, or if you want you can place the bar code on every document that you have. Scanning this bar code for once will provide you with the exact location of the document and you can access the document easily. This entire process of using bar code in the document tracking system is very advanced. It has become very important to save time effectively and hence with the help of this bar code document tracking facility, the organizations are saving a lot of time and effort. Now tracking one single document from a pile of files is very easy.

Document Tracking System vs. Document Management System

The document tracking tool is almost similar to the document management system. The one main difference between this software is that the document tracking system is capable of tracking any type of document related to an organization with ease whereas the document management system takes some time to track. The document tracking system is an advanced technology that helps the management of virtual documents easier than ever whereas the document management system makes it easy to transfer, collaborate, and work on specific files.

The companies these days are trying to automate everything in their organization and this document tracking system is providing them with an option to do it. Now they can track and manage the documents easily with the help of the electronic document tracking system.

Tips to Pick an Online Document Tracking System

If you are planning to invest in an online file tracker, do not forget to do a bit of online research about the software’s performance before making the final purchase. Make sure you choose a robust online file tracker that is easy to use. At the same time, find a reputable software vendor that offers comprehensive training, and round the clock customer service to help you with your queries.

We hope the tips cited above will help you pick the right online tracking software for your business.

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