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List of Top Document Management Software and Systems for Your Business

Finding the best Document Management Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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What Is An Electronic Document Management System?

Driven by technology, the online Document Management System (DMS Software) is a computer-based system that takes care of tasks like secure storage, category-wise sorting, and tracking of digital documents of any organization.  Most of the Top Document Management Software available in the market is efficient enough to take note of all sorts of editing and modification done by various users in a single document.

In plain words, it is the process via which a company manages its official documents for day-to-day and future use. With some similarities with the content management system, it is often considered as a part of workflow management and digital asset management.  

With the help of an electronic document management system, you can easily create a digital document, software documentation and store it over a cloud-space for easy accessibility. In addition to this, it can also create a soft copy of all your paper-based documents with the help of a scanner.

Simple Document management systems are generally used for internal and external content management tasks. From images, mapping, workflows, files, to archives – you may use business document management software for many tasks. Not just it allows better access management for the files and data, it automates the information flow for organizations too.
You can deploy two types of Best Document Management Software for your business or personal requirements:

  1. You can use a web-based application, which is accessed securely through the browser and from anywhere. Some Best Document Management Software comes with mobile app software documentation too.
  2. There are some desktop applications (Software) which need on-premise installation. It is installed on your site and data resides on your local server. You must take timely backups for such Home Document Management Software. Ask for software documentation too.

Using some rules, controls and management options, online Document Management Systems allow users to efficiently access documents and use them, which was otherwise too harsh. It lets you fetch the right data at the right time. Some Cloud Based Document Management Softwares are standalone while some come with additional modules and extra capabilities.

What Is Document control?

As we all know that no business can run without the documentation, there is a constant need to manage all the official documents diligently. It saves a lot of time for everyone who needs to use these documents from time to time. This is where the role of Document Control Software comes.

Document control mainly refers to the process of managing, sorting, creating, software documentation, reviewing and securely storing all the documents associated with any organization. From document creation to its distribution and accessibility management – Document Control Software covers every aspect or field where Home Document Management Software is needed.

Apart from above all those function, Document Control Software is also very essential to seek ISO 9001 international standard (Quality Management Systems - Requirements). It is one the essential quality standard trademark that every business needs to attain to establish its credibility of the organization.

Efficient Document Control Software is a critical aspect of quality document management and software documentation in any organization. It helps the companies keep their information pool updated and reliable. The process involves approval of information on documents before getting uploading for access-based use, to maintain the consistency.

Document control, usually done by any document control software can be defined as:

  • The process to approve documents as per the priority standards.
  • The process to make any necessary changes in the document.
  • The process to re-approve the document.
  • The process of software documentation.
  • The process to make sure that all the changes are visible in the document.
  • The process to update the current document version.
  • The process to make the documents easily identifiable and legible.
  • The process to streamline the external documents distribution within an organization.

In Document Control Software applications, this process involves:

  • Preparation of documents, software, and data
  • Reviewing the data being uploaded
  • Approval or Disapproval
  • Releasing the data for role-based access and data distribution through distinct channels
  • Document storage, access management, and data security
  • Modification in the existing data or documents
  • Deletion of documents or restricting its access

To improve this process, it is necessary to maintain a documented procedure & software documentation for document control. From time to time, you may also re-access the old documents to make sure that existing data is still valid. Use unique and identifiable naming conventions for your papers to search them quickly when needed. Document Control Software is crucial for businesses. In the absence of this, you will not only struggle hard to carry out day-to-day tasks but also will not be able to upkeep the database for future references.

What Does Document Management Software Do?

In general, Digital Document Management Software helps a business to capture the documents from ground zero, arrange them strategically, prepare software documentation and make them competent enough to distribute amongst the team and other associates. In plain words, it helps you to eliminate human errors (HR Software) and delays from the process of documentation and ensure secure back-up and storage.

The information, maintained through Cloud Based Document Management Software includes:

  • Meta-data- Meta-data or meta-description is the short note about the saved data, which lets you easily recognize your data while searching for it. Making the search easy, keyword-intense Meta also makes it possible to search non-text data, such as images, etc.
  • Workflow- This sophisticated feature is inbuilt in many Best Document Management Softwares, while some Home Document Management Softwares need integration of a separate module for it. So while choosing a Small Business Document Management Software, you should keep in mind whether or not you need it. Workflow is a manually-decided path for the document flow (from one stage to another). This flow can be automated through static or dynamic rules.
  • Captured Documents- These are the printed documents, uploaded into the Personal Document Management Software. Later, these files are converted to digital data through OCR using document scanning software.
  • Digital documents-  It is the documented data, present in the Cloud Based Document Management Software. Text files, rich data files, images, and other types of data – all come under this category. You can also maintain the software documentation through file manager software. The information mentioned above is combined and put in the Document Management Software for performing multiple operations such as data validation, modification, searching, indexing, storage, distribution, collaboration, fetching, version control, publishing, security implementation and production of hard copies. You can also integrate different tools into Home Document Management Software to achieve or do more with it.

What Are The Advantages Of Using An Electronic Document Management System?

If you want to take the delight of hassle-free and streamlined product or software documentation process in your organization then buying a Best Document Management Software is the only option to achieve this.  In conjecture with technology and advanced integration, a file management system endows you with numerous benefits.

Here is a list of document management systems’ advantages:

Reduces operational cost

One of the most prominent benefits of having a Cloud Based Document Management Software by your side is that it will reduce your operational burden up to a great extent. With the deployment of a Small Business Document Management Software in your organization, you will able to eliminate paper-based business or software documentation.  

In general, software documentation or business document preparation is a highly taxing and cost-burdening process in nature. You need to spend a lot on their proper maintains as well. You need to have a full storage system for your paper-based documents. There should be ample if commercial furniture like cabinets, boxes, and drawers to store all your paper documents.   All these arrangements increase your operational costs.

However, you can quickly reduce the operational cost in all these segments by the simple deployment of personal document management software. As a Document Management System for accountants grants you a vast cloud-storage space, there is no need to accumulate office furniture. Even, you can free-up your desk space when using online document management.  You can easily store all the data in hard copies and compress-down the heap of data into a compact area.

Trustworthy backup system

You can’t afford to lose a single piece of the official document as it may contain crucial information. This situation increases the need to have a reliable backup process.  With paper documentation process, it is next to impossible to do this. However, the use of Personal Document Management Software helps you to upkeep legible copies of all the official documents and records.

When you digitize your documents with the help of a software documentation system, you make them eligible to take a back up. This also increases your chance to survive any catastrophe.

The reliable safeguarding

Just like having a soft copy of all your documents is necessary to thrive in this digital world; you should also safeguard all the documents to prevent any loss.  Constant and reliable document security is another significant benefit that Document Management System for accountants offers to its clients.

With the help of document storage systems, you can set role-based access priorities, limited access control and create different security settings for different folders.  In addition to this, electronic document management keeps track of all those who have accessed the documents in the past. This controlled access ensures the safety of the official documents.

Dependable collaboration

Another significant benefit that home document management software renders to its user is easy and reliable collaboration. With the advanced integration of a document tracking system you will be able to share, transfer, and generate the information with your business associates seamlessly. The electronic imaging feature also makes possible to share your official documents over a network.

Furthermore, you can make your collaboration more customer-centric with the help of version control facility offered by the best document management system. You can quickly recover the older version of the same document in case the changes were not authorized or granted.

Better search results

When you have the excellent assistance of small business document management software next to you, then you will be able to search the desired documents in a short period.  As you can set search filters, you will get the search results on a tap of a figure.
Better productivity

When you are using the best documentation software in your organization, your team will be more productive.  With less paperwork, easy editing, and document modification and category wise storage, you can easily leverage all your operations.

Peace of Mind

To work dedicatedly, your employees surely need a better way of organizing data. Unorganized data adds to the complexity of their work and they when they need such information for this data, and they end up wasting time in unproductive activity. With the help of Small Business Document Management Software, this can be avoided.
Improved Customer Relations.

Time is money, and this is true for everyone. Customers need timely information, primarily when they have raised a ticket. If you are delaying, it may leave a wrong impression on your clients. Managing the information through Personal Document Management Software and fetching the needed data quickly may save you from this trouble, improving customer experience & business relationships.

Paperless Environment

More printing translates to cluttered office and papers everywhere. It makes the office environment not only messy but also adversely affects the environment. Thus, with digital documents and a right Home Document Management Software, you can play your part in saving climate too.

After reading the benefits of Commercial and Home Document Management Software for your business, employees, and customers, you must be thinking to deploy one as soon as possible. Do that. But first, learn how Small Business Document Management Software works (in the next section).

How Does Electronic Document Management System Work?

An online document management system is a tool that operates at multiple levels to streamline the entire document management process. It carefully picks up the document from its source, store it at a secure place, and make it self-efficient for easy sharing and distribution.   

Document capturing

The very first step of the work process of a cloud document management system is the document capturing. Your cloud based business document management software can pick the documents from its central resource and place it at an easy-to-recognize place.  This step involves the document indexing that implies the naming of the document for easy identification. Document capturing performed at different levels by document scanning software depending upon the nature of document resources.

For example, if it’s paper-based documents, the Cloud Based Document Management Software will use high-speed scanners to do imaging followed by indexing. Depending upon its integration, you can do indexing by hand or using ERP screen integration or optical character recognition (OCR) through document scanning software.
In general, document capturing can be done from different sources like email; a system generated reports and any other application through document scanning software.

Document storage

Once it captures the document from its source, it moves ahead to store it securely. Secure storage of all your documents is highly essential to abolish the possibilities of any information leak.  At this step, your Small Business Document Management Software grants you the central access and role-based access facility to ensure the upright storage.

Document distribution

At the final step, it allows you to distribute your documents efficiently. With robust search engines, search filters, and priority-based searches, you can easily find a document and retrieve it whenever you require. With easy collaboration with various other tools, you can easily upload a document, share it over cloud space, and trigger an automated workflow in a document.

Document Indexing and Searching

Just as we maintain different copies, page numbers in those copies and indexes to refer to those pages in offline documents, document indexing is done in the case of Personal Document Management Software. Indexing makes it easy for you to search through the plethora of data. It is of two types:

  • Full-texting indexing allows you the user queries, which comb through the text inside the documents alongside file names, meta-description, etc.
  • Field-based indexing works as per tags. You can select a tag or field and search for keywords. The files, having the same values in the chosen field will show up in searches.

Sometimes, you may also have to use a combination of these two approaches to fetch quick and better results. So make sure your Cloud Based Document Management Software does it perfectly.

Document Collaboration

The conventional organizational structure isn’t the norm in current times. Virtually connected remote teams are increasing. So, document collaboration is one of the most helpful features will allows these teams and employees to work collaboratively on the same documents. Best Document Management Software for Small Businesses allows document retrieval and editing in collaboration to the authorized users. This collaboration happens under certain conditions so that the integrity of the data could be maintained.

Top Document Management Software Solutions Features

It offers a host of features that almost take care of anything and everything related to the document management. Brief information about the main features of the top 10 open source simple Document Management System is mentioned below:

  • Document storage - The main part of almost every Digital Document Management Software, this feature helps an organization to archive the documents at a single place. Besides, this feature also permits the safe and secure document sharing as well. Stored documents can be edited or discarded as per your requirements. Hierarchy-based storage helps you maintain data properly.
  • Version Control - Version control feature is a great help to retain multiple copies of a single document. A user can easily upkeep a record of every single version of a single document and edit, share and upload it as per the demand of the task. In the case of issues in newer versions, you will be able to use older versions. It allows you to check the data from multiple versions and decide what to keep.
  • Security and access control - By using security and access control feature, you will able to gain a full control over document access.  Set role-based access limitations and priorities and even maintain an audit trail of all the accesses using this feature.  A step forward, some of the high-end Personal Document Management Software also offers IP address based access facility to the users.
  • Bulk upload – To help out businesses to upload a whole stack of documents in one go, it offers bulk upload module. With the help of this technology-bound feature, users can upload dozens of documents in a fraction of a second. Import and export of documents or files make the things easy for your team’s manual operations.
  • Documents indexing and classification - It improves any file retrieval process of your organization with the help of document indexing and classification feature. Users can index the files as per their respective categories for quick and hassle-free retrieval in the future. Indexing increases the searching efficiency and operation speed of the Personal Document Management Software.
  • Document editor - In order to improve the credibility of any document, it offers document editor feature. Users can easily apply changes and do modifications in PDF file format of their official documents with simple drag-and-drop steps. In addition to this, adding text, date, comment or any other changes over single click. Editors work in collaboration too, where multiple users can access or work on the same files.
  • User Dashboard - This feature basically keeps you updated about every single progress happing in your organization. With components like document box, workflow inbox, alerts and notifications, and inbuilt calendar, this feature makes sure that things are taking place in the right manner and at right time-frame.  It allows you to access the features of cloud Document Management System quickly.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – The Document Management Software allows uploading of printed documents, which cannot be searched or edited directly. To convert this data into digital format, OCR technology is used. This technology turns the captured (in print or images) text into digital text so that all operations can be carried out on this data. Therefore, your document scanning software should be good.
  • Workflow Management – Most of the organizations has a certain path decided for a process. For example, an article should first transferred from writer to editor and then to the publisher. Similarly, an invoice should be generated by the accounts department and approved by authorities. To make these processes automated, Best Document Management Software For Small Business lets you define workflows so that information could flow in the way you want.

Types Of Electronic Document Management Systems

Depending upon the nature of its integration, it can be classified into four major categories: server-based DMS systems, database DMS systems, cloud based DMS systems, and web-based DMS systems.  All four are similar at one level and different at another level.
Following is the list of document management systems’ types:

1. Server-based Document Management Software

This type of systems works independently without the need of an internet connection.  If you have your on-premise LAN services, then this is just the right thing for you. As they primarily work upon your LAN and internet connection, they are usually faster than other counterparts. In addition to this, a server-based online Document Management System is generally very flexible and be configured as per the need of the businesses.

The major concerns with this Best Document Management Software for Small Businesses are damage of data due to natural or man-caused calamities as you do not have multiple copies and servers, from where you could recover this data if a loss occurs. Maintenance fee for the list of document management systems is high. You can call it a simple document management system too.

2. Database Document Management Software

They basically come with an underlying database structure for easy document sharing and access. In general, the base data structure in a database file and documents manager software would be Oracle or SQL.  A database Best Document Management Software for Small Business sorts all sort of information in the same database and helps a user to create a high-end link between the data and the images. In general, it demands extra computing horsepower to operate.

When you want to maintain tabular data and not very much interested in file management, this type of online Document Management System will be a good choice for you. It may need more technical knowledge than other kinds of Best Document Management Software For Small Business.

3. Cloud Based Document Management Software

Often referred to as hosted Document Control Software or Management System, it hosts in the cloud space and stores all your information and data in the cloud space only.  You can quickly gain access to the cloud-space dedicated to you by paying a monthly charge.

If you are a small company or a start-up, then it is better to go for a cloud Document Management System as it is comparatively cost-effective.  Another major advantage of a cloud based DMS is that it allows you to gain access to your database regardless of your location. It is highly flexible and operates with reliable security tools.

4. Web-Based Document Management Software

More or less similar to cloud based software documentation, web-based DMS systems allow a user to work without installing any software.  There is a good list of document management systems, which are web-based as well as open-source. It implies they are free and don’t charge a single penny to run. Web-based document scanning software can be easily configured to your office with the help of a robust API.

Though it is free of cost or available at low prices, its learning curve is very high. You need to spend a lot of time to learn about all of its features.

These four are the common types of Enterprise and Small Business Document Management Software. Some of the Best Document Management Software for Small Business may allow you to access the software or application through a mobile browser, iOS or Android apps too. These systems also differ in a number of allowed users, payment plans and more.

Document or data security methods of Document Control Software could also be different from another. Hence, while choosing the best documentation software for your business from a big list of document management systems, you must look into all these tiny matters and finalize the right document management solutions for your requirements.

Buying Factors Of Document Management Software

Though there is no second opinion in the fact that one should implement the assistance of document management solutions for better and quick document management. Buying the most-suited one demands the buyer’s attention on various factors.

You know that buying a Digital Document Management Software is the need of the hour for your business, but you should not just pick any random software in a hurry. Here are some of the critical factors that one should never overlook while buying document management tools:

  • Deployment time and cost - On of the significant factor that one should look upon before making the financial decision of purchasing an electronic Document Management System is its cost and time involved in the process of deployment. It is always suggested to pick the document scanning software that comes with quick implementation, easy usage and has an affordable price tag.  For small start-ups, cloud based and web-based Top Document Management Software is a better choice over an on-premise Document Control Software.
  • Level of accessibility - When you have a digital document database, it is essential that your best Document Management System should provide you with easy accessibility.  Easy accessibility of digital documents is also important from a collaboration point of view. If your open source document management is not able to connect with other devices and has a problem collaborating with them then we must say you should switch to something else.
  • Security system - You can’t take any risk when it comes to the security of your documents.  It is very essential that your Document Management System for accountants should come with a dependable document security system. Document management solutions that offer role-based access is the better choice over others.
  • Compatibility with other factors - You are not going to operate alone. You must require a helping hand in order to expand. Before buying the best Document Management System for your organization, check its compatibility with other operating factors.  It is better to pick a DMS Software that offers third-party integration as it will bring CRM, ERP and workflow management at a single place and make the work hassle-free.
  • Ease of Use - Everyone has a different level of expertise when it comes to technical knowledge. So before buying a DMS Software from the list of document management systems, you should assess your team and employees who will be using this tool. Take a trail of the product and make sure that the selected product in easy to use and do not lack any essential feature.
  • Capturing Tool - If you have to digitize your organization’s data in bulk, make sure that you are not buying the document scanning software with bad OCR capabilities. Check if it can convert the documents without an issue, and then only buy it.
  • Publishing - Online and offline publishing of the documents is important, as we need to do it regularly. While you are making the purchase of an electronic Document Management System for you, make a list of channels where you want to publish the data. Confirm that you can easily publish through your best Document Management System.

These factors may vary from organization to organization. As every company has different expectations and requirements from their Document Management System Software, they should make sure that the product, they are buying, fulfills their needs.

Tips For Implementing Your New Electronic Document Management System

To enjoy the number of benefits that a Document Management System Software offers to you, it is very important that you should implement it in the right way.  In the absence of this, you will not be able to reap out the actual advantages and regret big time.

Here are some experts’ tips to ensure the right implementation of your on-premise cloud document management system:

Don’t hesitate from asking for a demo - You might have done a lot of theoretical research about your Document Management System Software beforehand, but the real picture comes only after the practical implementation. To check it, it is always suggested to ask for a demo. For your knowledge, we would like to inform you that almost every Top Document Management Software offers a free demo session for its clients. Missing this opportunity would be your biggest mistake.  By availing a demo session of your future Digital Document Management Software, you will be able to make out its credibility in real-time situations.

In addition to this, it will also provide you with an insight of its ability to handle the workflow of your organization. So, don’t hesitate to ask for a demo before the final implementation and check the dependability of your Document Management System Software in real-time situations.
Arrange a training session beforehand - No matter how efficient your team is, any new thing demands a little brief. When it comes to an online document management solution, basic training about its operations is highly recommended. If you want that your team makes most out of your deployed document management system for accountants. Go ahead, and arrange a training schedule for the whole team right after the purchase.

Arrange a backup - Implementation of a cloud document management system takes time. In the meantime, make sure that your workflow should not hamper at all. In order to let the workflow, arrange a back-up in advance and make it a part of your operations. Also, do not forget to take regular backups and make sure that your Document Management System Software has a suitable backup mechanism.

The Installation Process - If you are buying a Document Management System Software online and it is web-based, you won’t need to install the software. But if you are going ahead with an on-premise system, it may need installation assistance. In this case, ask the product developers or providers about how to install it.

Also, some Document Management System Software may send a team for its proper installation and configuration. If the process of installation is complex, make sure that is doing it in professional assistance or professionals themselves do it.

Digitization - Most of the companies keep using the best Document Management System as well as offline documents. This practice may harm you in the long run, because offline documents are still in the office system. To avoid the later inconsistencies and problems, it is better to digitize everything and then, get started with a complete paperless approach for every possible process.

After a few initial hiccups, your employees and teams will become habitual of using this tool. Making our organization productive, this will help you in cost-cutting and productivity-raising too.

Market Trends In Enterprise Document Management Software Solutions

Just like any other thing, the DMS Software industry also goes through with certain changes and experiences some advancement. If you are a user of DMS Software then it is necessary that you should be aware of the latest market trend of the industry to stay in line with them.

The current market trend in the respective industry can be explained as mentioned below:

The growing affinity for mobility - Users nowadays prefer a Business Document Management Software that makes them do things regardless of their location.  With mobile-app support, it has been gaining much recognition in the existing era. As mobile-based user interface give more freedom to the users, more and more best documentation software are embracing this trend with full fervent.

Informative client portals - As clients are the core of any business; users are looking out of different ways to grant them a par excellence service experience.  Simple document management systems, these days, have started offering an informative client portal to the user where they can easily share the documents on-demand.  Customers can simply make a log in at this portal and gain access to the documents, post a query a demand a prompt solution as well.

Cloud-space accessibility - In an era when everything is going online, users of digital document management software are looking out for cloud based accessibility to their document database. Users like the ease of access, quick sharing and fast uploading feature that the best documentation software, based on cloud, offers to the clients.

Customization - Every business is unique, so are its requirements. Companies are coming up with the need for best documentation software, generally, have different requirements which need a good extent of customization. This trend has made it important for the simple Document Management System providers to provide business-specific customization services to their clients.

Security - As the enterprises are going mobile and adopting cloud based practices, their precious data is online in bulk. If less secured or vulnerable, they may face crucial problems. To prevent the exposure of their confidential data in public or to unauthorized people, companies have started giving importance to security. It has resulted in safer repositories and secured Top Document Management Software solutions.

Type of Data - Previously, people need to put text, documents, PDFs, and images in their system, but now the use of videos, social media posts and more such data is increasing too. Hence, such companies want a system which could manage rich and complex data without creating problems during retrieval, editing, creation, collaboration and more.
Other than these trends, enabling advanced search capabilities and intelligent archives are also gaining traction.

Always go with a Business Document Management Software which is updated, advanced and customized as per your business’s needs. This will help you in leveraging the most out of your simple Document Management System.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Document management software streamlines the process of document management and helps you implement the best practices for managing your official/personal documents. It also minimizes the time and costs involved in tracing lost documents. If you want to secure your digital files, you should consider investing in document management software immediately.
  • A. Document management software offers a host of useful features such as archiving, print management, email management, workflow management, document conversion, document indexing, messaging system, access controls, search option, application management, electronic signature, and audit trail. The best document management software solutions also come with multi-site support features.
  • A. Records management software, also known as records archiving software has been designed to streamline record management procedures and automate records policies to ease the burden of compliance. In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny, a high-performance records management software can help you manage risks and operational directives significantly.
  • A. Document Control Software is an advanced tool used for storing, tracking, and managing electronic documents as well as digital images. Besides reducing the use of physical files, document control software stores your documents in a central location, and also help you revise documents, link interrelated documents, or import existing documents.
  • A. Electronic document management systems, also known as EDMS, help individuals and businesses to manage electronic documents, as well as scanned versions of paper documents. EDMS is capable of storing huge volumes of digital documents with ease. What’s more, the best EDMS also offers tools for retrieving digital files instantaneously.
  • A. Yes, advanced DMS systems offer automated version controlling tools so that you can organize all the versions of your files in a centralized location and retrieve the necessary files instantly, whenever required.
  • A. Yes, the best electronic document management system offers document scanning features to help you scan your paper-based forms, invoices, and other valuable documents.
  • A. Yes, the robust document management software is capable of handling small projects as well as multi-client projects seamlessly.

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