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Top Digital Signage Software in 2020

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What is Digital Signage System?

Digital Signage Software or dynamic signage system is a centrally controlled platform that can be used to display or play the digital content. The digital content like videos, digital images, web pages, weather data, or any sort of text can be displayed using projection, e-paper, LED, and LCD screens.

Digital Signage Software is as omnipresent as grass in today’s digital epoch. They can be easily spotted in public places stadium, retail store, transportation system, museum, hotels, and so on to render marketing, outdoor advertising, exhibitions, and way-finding services.

The chief reason behind such popularity of digital display solutions is that they engage the customers or the spectators in the more advanced and captivating way in comparison to static signage such as posters or hoarding. The moving images and impressive graphics can easily pass on the message to the crowd.

Apart from playing digital content, a Digital Notice Board Software also provides you information about:

  • The overall health of the media player used for digital signage solutions.
  • Detailed reports of the played content. The report will display which content has been displayed by how many times in a day.
  • Any other important information that has displayed in between.

How Does Digital Signage Software Work?

In general, a digital Notice Board Software has four main components that account for its functionality:

  1. A Central Server of digital signage solutions that are remotely located.
  2. Various display panels installed at various host locations and places.
  3. A well-networked Media Player installed around the display of the device in which Digital Signage Software is installed.
  4. A robust means to communicate with the Player. It could be a CAT-5 cable, Wireless system, or even a cellular data connection as well.

Once all these components are cleverly installed at their respective locations, the user sends the content to be played to the player from the central server. As the central server is connected with the internet, the user can send the content to any remote location using digital signage solutions. Upon receiving the content, the display panels start playing the content through Digital Signage Software.

You can change the image, content, graphics, and videos from the media player using the Content management software of digital signage solutions. Majority of the digital display solutions prefer to download the content from the server the start playing it for uninterrupted display. That way, they work perfectly n the absence of an internet connection as well.

A handful number of digital notice board software requires around the clock internet connectivity to operate. However, the chances of failed play are high in this case as internet connectivity can break down any time.

Earlier, Windows-based digital signage software solutions were preferred by all. However, in the wake of technology, other non-PC options like Android, System on Chip, Chrome, and Linux screens have also marked their presence in the market and replaced the traditional digital signage system.

Features of Digital Signage Software

There is no second opinion that digital signage software is the spice of every business’s marketing strategies. These digital signage software solutions help them to do cost-effective branding and marketing in a more impressive way. Along with that, its functionality in detailed content reporting is also worth applauding. However, all these can be achieved only if your digital notice board software has a certain set of features.

Here is a list of some must-have features that all digital signage software should have to render up to the park service:

  • Multi-device platform support - This feature is a must-have one in digital signage software solutions as it allows the user to use various sort of displays screen at different places. With this feature, you can integrate LCD, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operated screen with of your digital display solutions.
  • Multi-media File support – Just like having multi-device platform support, multi-media file support feature should be a part of your digital menu board software without fail. In the absence of this feature, you will not be able to run contents in different files.
  • Cloud-based integration - Cloud-based integration feature is the tool that allows your digital notice board software to run from anywhere.
  • Content scheduling - This feature of digital signage solutions is highly useful to decide which content to be displayed and when to be displayed. It allows a user to streamline the content display over the digital signage software and engage the customers as per the need and requirement.
  • Dynamic Content Integrations - Dynamic Content Integration feature of digital display solutions allows it to deliver the content without any user engagement. The API updates it automatically. You can refresh, delete, and add the content at any point in time.
  • Network Monitoring & Reporting - Network Monitoring & Reporting feature, available in digital signage software solutions, helps a business to keep a track of all the content played and its effect on the sales. Users can connect the reporting data with the sales figures and analysis of which video was more impressive and augment the sales. On the same note, network monitoring is important to find out any loophole in the content.
  • Responsive Digital Signage Layouts - This feature of digital signage software allows a user to create impactful multi-zone, multi-media digital signage system’s content. Users can easily create interactive and responsive touch layouts. Even zone rotation and radius creation are also possible with this feature.
  • Conditional Play - Conditional play is a feature, found in many digital signage solutions, which allows a user to play the content as per the pre-defined conditions. Users can play the content based on day, date, time, connectivity and various other factors. The feature is important to have control over the whole playback process.
  • Multi-user Access - Multi-user Access feature allows multiple users to gain full control over the login process. You can also multiple users to log in and even set role-based log in priorities as well. This is important to ensure the right usage of the content created.
  • Plug-in and widget support - It is necessary to have multiple plug-in support in your digital signage software to improve the content quality. With the use of this feature, users can easily integrate various widgets as RSS feeds, Time, Twitter, Date, IPTV, Weather, and YouTube in the content and make it more impressive. On the same note, Dynamic Data, and Room Booking are some of the plug-ins that your digital signage software should support to improve the content quality.

Uses of Digital Signage System

The use-curve of digital menu board software is usually very wide. More than just displaying the information, digital signage solutions play an important role to educate, inform, and alert the crowd.

Below are some of its common yet productive uses:

  • To render the public information - One of the most common uses of a Digital Notice Board Software is to display the public information like news, traffic and weather updates, fire exits, travel information, maps and so on.
  • To provide internal information - Businesses uses it to display their own corporate messages, company motto, and so forth to educate the team and the staff through digital signage software.
  • To provide information about any specific product - It uses is basically associated with the marketing of the business. Companies take the help of digital notice board software to display their product features, pricing, and any other details. It is a form of digital marketing that is raving these days.
  • To guide the customers - Places like museums, zoo, exhibitions, railway stations, airports and tourist places use a Digital Notice Board Software to educate the customer about the place. They display the map of the place, places to go, and any other relevant information about the place that customers should know in right and impressive manner.
  • To build a brand image - When stores have digital signage software installed at various points, customers creates a brand image in their mind. That is helpful to win over their hearts. Even they are also very influential to influence customer behaviors towards a particular business.
  • To enhance the decision making of the customers - Business like fashion stores and electronic stores use digital menu board software to improve the decision-making ability of the customers. They play the content of people wearing a particular dress or using a particular device and narrative their experience with the product. Customers relate with such content easily and tempt enough to buy it.
  • To enhance the customer experience - Some of the interactive screens allow the customer to choose the seat of their choice in a restaurant, check the number of people ahead of them in a queue and even navigate the footsteps in places like museum and zoo. All these are used to increase the customer experience with those particular services.
  • To do third-party advertising - To expand your digital display solutions’ business reach, you need to join hands with various third-party vendors. Third-party advertising is another sector where the use of digital menu board software is quite prominent. Fashion outlets and other stores use them to play promotional videos and inform the customers about other brands as well.

Digital Signage Trends

Digital Signage has redefined the marketing and branding of businesses. Predictions have been made that digital signage systems are going to rule the marketing world.

Here are some of the marketing trends in digital signage solutions industry:

  • More than 40% of customers believe that digital display solutions help them to buy prompt products.
  • Every eight out of ten customers enter a store where digital signage systems are installed.
  • The expected growth of the digital signage software market is likely to be at 7.51% CAGR during the forecasting period i.e. 2018-2023.
  • The internal communication facilities provided by the digital signage system have improved the employees' productivity within the organization by 25%.
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