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Top 25 Data Entry Software in 2020

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Data entry software is a type of software that enables you to replace manual data entry processes with various automated software. These types of software help eliminate the use of paperwork and manual spreadsheet entry, which is not only time consuming, but expensive and inefficient as well. Data entry correction software are generally cross-platform and can be used on several devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

The changing technology has its maximum impact on the business. Those days are declining wherein the work is done manually. Business people are shifting themselves from manual work environment towards technologically done work environment. One of such affected work is Data Entry.

Data entry, being a process of transmitting all the data from physical documents to a computer is in itself, a monotonous task and time consuming too. Business does have a lot of such data, facts, and figures that need to be transferred into a computer, for which the software developers have come up with Data Entry System

It is a software that automates the workflow of transmitting the data into the computer. This software gives accuracy in data transmission and almost minimizes human errors. Data point entry software helps you save massive time and provides a better quality of the data. By using data entry ponit software the data from various documents like bills, forms etc. gets automatically captured, understood and transmitted into the computer system.

Data entry correction software uses Optical Character Recognition Technology. This technology as the name itself suggests, recognizes the characters from the various documents management that a business provides and then transmits the same into the computer system of the business. It is clear from this that the number of errors can be reduced to a great extent as exactly the same data is transferred into the computer from the documents provided which might get wrongly entered if done manually.

It’s all about the correct evaluation, the better you evaluate, the better you purchase.

  1. Find out the requirements of your business: This should be the first step as it will help you identify the best software for your business.  Every prospective user of the data entry point software must be included in the decision-making process so that a mutual agreement can be grasped.
  2. Ask the Expert: Share the requirements that you have identified in the initial stage with the Data entry correction software expert or dealer and take his help in deciding which software will match your necessity the finest.
  3. Compare the Quality, Cost, and Services: In order to get the best of software, it is always better to keep the survey (survey software) on. Keep taking advice and suggestions from the dealers of data entry point software and compare the quality and the cost and the services the suggested software offers you. Compare it with the business requirements and place the order accordingly.

Change is something that is most of the time resisted. Moreover, the new data entry system is definitely not going to work the same way. When things change, it is always better to communicate the same to the concerned personnel and give them the required training in the form of a basic understanding of the new process so that errors could be minimized and the quality of the work can be enhanced.

The above steps if followed carefully can reduce the burden of data entry of your business to a great extent. Implement it prudently and offer your employees a “Happy Data Entry Process”

From employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction, data entry point software offers a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits offered by data entry correction software are listed below.

  • The best data entry system software lowers your labor cost and along with eliminating costs related to document handling and paperwork.
  • Automated data entry software automates your system, which helps you increase your business process. 
  • Best Data entry software for PC helps you make your employees happy.  It reduces prolonged manual data entry work, which results in mental fatigue. Automation helps them spend less time on data entry and more time on productive tasks. 
  • Data entry point software enables you to reduce errors that are generally associated with manual data entry. Some errors might be minor, but some errors can be so major that they can cost your company thousands of dollars. 
  • Software for data entry work can help you save on taxes, as well. For example, a paper return costs $3, whereas a digital return costs 35 cents only. Now calculate the number of paper returns you file and how much can you save if you switch to electronic returns. 
  • Auto data entry software helps you with faster form processing, as well. Automated data entry is used in various schools, colleges, and competitive examinations to reduce the workload and increase the efficiency of teachers and professors.  
  • Data entry system software helps you enhance your customer service, thereby improving customer experience. With automatic data entry, you can provide your customers and users with on-demand accurate information. 

Data entry correction software offers a wide range of functionality that can help you improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, as discussed in the earlier section. Although the major and the most widely-used feature of data entry correction software is data capture and transfer, large enterprises use it for Abbreviation Detection and Data Retrieval as well. Let's discuss in brief the features the best data entry software can offer. 

  • Data Capture and Transfer: Automated data entry software allows you to identify and capture data from the database and transfer it for analysis. 
  • Data Entry Verification: Best data entry software for PC checks the data of inconsistencies and inaccuracies, making sure the information is accurate. 
  • Data Duplication: Duplicate data can accumulate over time in the system, which can eat up storage space and slow down the system. Data entry point software removes the repeated data copies from your system to make sure your database management includes only one instance of data. 
  • Data Retrieval: Software for data entry work provides the feature for data recovery as well, in which it extracts the desired data stored in ODBMS.
  • Abbreviation Detection: Abbreviation Detection is a rare feature that a few data entry system software programs offer. This feature includes detecting various abbreviations like DETB, DETC, and DETCOM to display the desired outputs. 
  • Document Identification: Data entry system software can identify documents automatically at the acquisition point. 
  • Data Delivery: These types of software deliver data and documents in your information and content management systems.

Data entry correction software is easy to use, but knowing some tips and tricks can help you make your data entry faster and more efficient. These data entry correction software tips are listed below. 

1. TAB + Enter

One of the most time-consuming things to do in Excel is to click on a cell every time you want to enter data. Although many people know this trick, a few people don't, and if you are one of them, this tip can help you a lot with speeding up your data entry. The tip is simple; all you need to do is to press TAB + Enter on a cell to start writing. This way, you will eliminate the need for using the mouse during your data entry work.

2. Ctrl + D

If you want to copy the data in one cell to another cell right below it, you can simply press Ctrl + D to copy. Whatever data is present in the above cell will be copy-pasted in the below cell, and whatever text was written in the below cell will be overwritten. You can also select multiple cells before pressing Ctrl + D. 

3. Autocomplete

Most of you must have noticed this feature in excel, but not a lot of people know how to use it the right way. If you have written a word, say "Name" is one of the cells in your Excel doc. Now, when you type 'N' in another cell, the word name will automatically prompt. However, most of the beginners end up writing the entire word over it. Instead of doing so, what you can do is when the highlighted word prompts up, you can press TAB to select the word and move to the right cell, or press 'Enter' to move to the below cell. If you don't want to write what is suggested, you can press 'Backspace' to discard the suggestion.   


If you want to add similar data in a few numbers of cells, you can do it in a quicker way than pasting the value in every cell. To enter a value in all a few cells, you need to copy the data and press CTRL + ENTER to enter the same data in all the selected cells. 

Data entry correction software can be time-consuming if you don't get proficient in using them. The best data entry system software offers seamless functionality but comes with some complicated controls and interfaces that can confuse a beginner.

These tips will help you work smoothly on automated data entry software,

1. Disable the Cursor

Online data entry software includes a cursor that takes a position in the data entry interface. This person is not only distractive but becomes a hurdle and stops you from smoothly navigating through your software. However, you can disable the cursor by changing the "Editing Option" feature in the advanced settings header. After disabling this feature, you can use your keyboard and arrow keys to navigate and move the cursor all over the software interface. 

2. Data Table

In data entry software for PC, you can utilize data tables to boost your data entry efficiency significantly. When you click on "Table" in the standard toolbar, it upgrades your overall data entry process by providing several sort options and filters. 

3. Drop Down List

In the best data entry software for business, you can create your drop-down list to make your data more consistent and organized. All you need to do is create a range of items you need in a drop-down list. Then, click on "Data" in the standard toolbar, and then click on "Data Tools" > "Data Validation." From there, you can click on settings, then allow, and then check the ‘In-Cell Drop Down’ option. 

4. Shortcut Keys 

A data entry task management system can be simplified and carried out more efficiently if you use shortcut keys. Some useful shortcut keys that can help you with your data entry tasks are:

  • Tab key for moving the cursor to the next cell
  • Alt+Tab to switch between opened windows
  • Shift+Tab to return to the previous cell 
  • Ctrl+A to select the entire page
  • Ctrl+C to copy the selected data
  • Ctrl+V to create the copy of the data copied
  • Ctrl+Z to undo the last action 
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z to reverse the last undo action
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. The process of entering data from one data format into another, more viable and usable data format is called data entry.
  • A. An online data entry software helps you capture, organize, and validate data more easily and quickly.
  • A. A few factors that you should consider while selecting data entry software for PC are:

    • Ease of use
    • Flexibility
    • Range of features
    • Pricing
  • A. There is various data entry software for businesses that provide different lines of services. For selecting the best software, you will need to determine your business requirements and objectives.
  • A. Yes, data entry system software increases employee efficiency and customer satisfaction, which in turn improves your business performance.
  • A. Data entry software can help you in the following ways:

    • Reduced time spent in data entry operations
    • Increased employee efficiency
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Enhanced business performance

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