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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. Business Intelligence refers to the collection, analysis, and demonstration of business data by using different technologies, applications, and tools.
  • A. Basically there are three kinds of data discovery solutions available out there:

    - Search engine like tools for textual search queries
    - Visual interaction tools for images and graphics processing
    - AI-based tools that are capable of recognizing patterns and trends in a sea of data
  • A. Big Data Discovery: With a combination of big data, data discovery, and data science, this approach helps in creating business insights.
    Smart Data Discovery: It depends on the latest technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence for analysis. This approach is more human-controlled.
  • A. Business analysts, manufacturing firms, and companies that need to unlock the true value of data use data discovery tools. These tools help businesses reduce risks, customize insights, and identify the flaws in business processes.
  • A. Visual and search-based data discovery are the two common data discovery processes. However, they differ as follows

    - Search-based data discovery provides a broad scope to unveil data from structured as well as the unstructured data model, whereas visual data discovery uncovers relevant data from dashboards, reports, tables, and charts.
    - Visual data discovery empowers non-technical users to produce more descriptive and advanced analytics as opposed to search-based data discovery.
  • A. To get an effective data discovery tool for your business, it is crucial to check if the tool poses – limited IT support, extensive customization, compatibility across different platforms, full visualization, and advanced data gathering and refining abilities.

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