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Best Customer Support Software Comparison 2020

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The customer has always been the key factor of any business to grow big and survive better. And hence, the majority of time and cost a business spend is on developing a system that ensures good customer experience. A standard customer service routine includes responding to the emails, taking care of the website chat platforms, and providing a prompt response via SMS and calls.

However, for companies with the high customer base, it is difficult to maintain and entertain all the customer queries in a certain time frame and also involves huge manpower. Customer support software is one such alternative to overcome this barrier and transform the way your business communicates with the customers.

What is customer support software?

Earlier, the companies used to record the data manually in the files, which got upgraded to the use of spreadsheets. However, it also included much of manual work and still, the search of data in one file was limited. Moreover, it didn’t support the report generation and one has to create the report manually with all the available data.

Customer support software is a platform that helps businesses in the management and tracking of customer queries and records all the information for future reference. The software records all the available data through manual entries or customer queries and analyses it further for report generation and producing result oriented suggestions.

It helps to track all the customer queries with information being available at just a few clicks away and have user-friendly dashboards with all the important information available on the home screen. It also automates the routine tasks and takes care of the initial response to the customer’s queries.

Difference between customer service and customer support software

A customer service software focuses on providing the services to increase the customer experience. Such as automating the SMS and emails via customer service software. A customer support system is a tool that helps business in the organization, management, and tracking of customer queries and generates a meaningful and insightful report out of it.

Customer support software helps to record the information, sort it for the relevant data and process it to generate the report and provide insights which can be used by the management to take major business decisions. Customer support system provides a single platform that consolidates the issues, comments, and feedback of the customers and provides a detailed analysis report to the CRM and sales department to personalize the campaigns further.

Customer support software is an additional supporting to the customer service software. While customer service software takes care of the conversation with the customer and providing prompt replies to their queries, customer support system takes care of generating tickets, analyzing the data and produce meaning reports out of it.

Types of Customer Support Software

With the kind of support and solution it provides, the customer support system can be categorized into the following types:

  • Help Desk: Focused on the technical side and pre-set information of the product, help desk fix the generic issues of the customers. Designed to answer the FAQs and generic issues on chat messenger, help desk features a detailed knowledge of the product specifications. Hence, the name help desk justifies with providing the technical specifications of the product or service.

  • IT Service Desk: The IT service desk takes care and addresses the product’s technical aspects, such as configuration issues, buying new equipment, etc. It helps solve the technical issues related to the product or services and provides an instant solution based on pre-provided information.

  • Live support software: Also known as live chat, this feature can be integrated with your website, social media platforms or other business application. It can also be integrated with the IT Service desk and help desk software to provide additional support of answering the prompt queries. These are better than the generic chatbots and help with the transfer of queries over email and generation of tickets against the query raised. Thus keeping in the loop the management for follow-ups and further detailing.

  • Call Centre SoftwareAlso offered as an independent software, the call center software primarily fixes the issue over the voice calls. It is an automated system to take care of the call queries and records the voice messages and queries. This type of customer support software is helpful for companies generating queries through a website, such as helpline numbers.

Features of customer support software

Customer support software is totally cloud/online support software and includes detailed processing of the data with immediate effect. The main feature of the customer support system is the ticketing system. It transforms customer emails, texts, chat messages, calls and social posts into the form of tickets, and transfer it to the respective departments for the immediate resolution.

The other important features of the customer support system include:

  • Automation:  Automate your business process like ticket generation and email auto-response for effective business communication with the customer. The automation not only cut down the company cost on man-power but also ensures prompt replies to customer queries. It escalates, reopens, close and collaborates on tickets, as and when required.

  • Customer Management:  The centralized database consolidates all the recorded customer interactions and helps the sales team, and management to locate, issue and request tickets for these. It also aligns the customer records with the previously recorded data, such as past purchases, previous interactions with the company, etc. and allows the structuring of the customer database.

  • Reporting and Analytics:  The customer data is utilized from the records in observing the data patterns based on trends, and other recorded behavior and produce a meaningful insightful and informative record out of it. The reports are generated in the form of graphs and charts and insights are provided with proper diagrammatic representation and detailed text.

  • Live Chat: Customer support software also acts as a live support software by providing immediate assistance to the audience. The live chat widget is readily available and needs to be embedded in the website, newsletter or social media platform. With 24/7 live assistance, the live chat can be configured to accept message, send a customize response and forward the query directly to the inbox.

Benefits of Customer Support Software

Besides the ease of tracking the status of a ticket, the customer support system is having other benefits too. Few of them are listed below:

  • Centralized System: The customer support software records all the information on a centralized database and lets the authorized member access the data. This helps in data being shared among the departments and hence keep individuals on the same page. The tickets with status market ‘urgent’ can also be prioritized and assigned to the next available employee to resolve the issue.

  • Track Employee Activities:  With a proper dashboard display feature of customer support software, it is fairly easy to track the performance of the employees. It helps record and analyze the statistics and performance of the employees and depending on the performance chart, management can take decisions to train or fire the employee. This helps a company improve its overall productivity and benefits the customer with proper services.

  • Integrating existing communication channels into one software:  With multiple communication channels implemented, it’s difficult for the company to keep track of all for the queries generated. The customer support software centralizes all the chat services to one platform and improves your overall response time. It also generates a ticket for issues being unresolved and directs it to the email of the respective employee or department.

  • Improve feedback Collection:  Getting the feedback from your customer is a hassle at times. A feedback link or form needs to be sent as soon as the issue is resolved for the customer to have the tendency to miss on filling the form later. The customer support software as soon sends the resolve ticket mail, also sends a feedback link mentioned. The customer can be requested to fill the feedback form directly from the link.

  • Analysis of Data:  Customer Support Software consists of in-built data analytics tools. The data collected is recorded and presented in the form of graphs, pie charts, and patterns. This can further be used by the management to understand the performance. The reports are generated for the fields like individual agent performance, tickets received over time, response rates, resolution rates, etc. This data help produce a comprehend report and ensure proper performance of the individuals and the departments.

  • Collect essential details: With a proper form for raising a query, customer support software helps to collect all the relevant customer information at one place. It cuts down the calling and filing of form after the first human interaction and sends the query form to be filled with all the details as soon as the issue is raised. This help company cut down the time of data collection and manual work involved.

Latest trends in Customer Support Software

With the customer support software being trending among the businesses to automate the monotonous processes, there is further development in the field. The technology needs to be upgraded as per the needs and so has customer support system been done.

Few of the upgrades in the customer support system technology are:

  • AI Chatbots: Machine learning and better predictive analysis help AI technologies possible to implement chatbots, followed by human interactions. The chatbots as of now answer the predictive questions. But with the development in the technology further, they are believed to answer the other complex issues with the same level of smartness. Chatbots being integrated with other key features of business also help business automates much of the tasks while devoting attention to the other important tasks too.

  • Big Data:  Another upgrade to AI, the world is now talking about Big Data. And customer support system is not a lack behind the field in this. The availability of the big data about the customer from the website and other social media sources made it possible for the business to collect more information, such as name, age, gender, occupation, interest areas, demographic details, habits, behaviors, and history of customers. Such information needs to be utilized and hence the big data plays the role. The data can be recorded and analyzed for better information retrieval and potential customers can be approached based on the specific preferences.

  • Internet of things: Internet of things backs up the application by implementing it over the cloud and make it possible for the concerned departments to anticipate and monitor the customer needs. The potential of IoT gives customer and company an independence to access the business and its details from anywhere and take necessary steps instantly. This also helps provide additional security to the customer’s data and solve other software specific issues. The data can be stored on a centralized platform which can be accessed even remotely.

Why is customer support software important for business?

As the organizations grow, the customer base also grows. With the wide customer base, the need is to cater all without any hassle and generate a satisfactory response for the customer to repeat the purchase. With the changing customer service requirements as the organizations grow, customer support software acts as a centralized platform for all your needs.

It can be integrated with your current technical software and other platforms to store the information centrally and process the data as and when required. The integration helps in better customer response with the data available. Also, with the live support software, prompt responses can be generated which helps companies have a better interaction with the customer. With all the features highlighted and listed above, a customer support software is needed by a business to have a better customer service supported by technology. The usage of AI is further added to the user-friendly interface of the software.

With reliable technical support, the software cuts down the human involvement and hence the error associated and produce better results in customer services. It is fairly easy to use and provides better sales solutions backed with the data.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • The key functions of customer support software are :
      • Live Chat
      • Multi-Channel Management
      • Analytics
      • Reporting
      • Customer Self-Service
    • Here are some pointers to consider before getting customer support software :
      • Scalability
      • Cost-Effectiveness
      • Ease-of-Use
      • After-sales maintenance
      • Functionality of features
      • Integration with CRM
  • A ready customer support solution can be implemented instantly. However, a customized customer support software can take anywhere between 2-6 months for installation.
  • Yes, there are many service providers that specialize in the customization of customer support software. They will analyze your business model, and tailor-make a solution to meet all your unique requirements.
  • Security is prime concern for organizations while investing in customer support software. Most modern customer support platforms have integrated security measures such as password protection, access control, and data encryption. This keeps sensitive information safe and secure from any kind of miscreants.

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