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25 Best Customer Success Software for SaaS In 2020

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What is Customer Success Software?

The customers are at the crux of a business model as the success of the customers leads to the success of the business. If the customers are using a company’s product successfully, then only they’ll continue using the product and allow the business to succeed. That is why every single organization believes in achieving business growth by creating business plans that cater to the needs of the customers. Businesses accomplish this task by leveraging customer success software to buttress their endeavors.

In general, there are two aspects of running a business attracting new customers and retaining or building the loyalty of the existing customers. For a business to prosper, retaining existing customers is more significant than acquiring the new ones and both activities go hand in hand. This is the underlying principle of customer success. In general, customer success entails to a business methodology that focuses on elevating business by following a customer-centric approach that aids in retaining the existing customers. A customer management software comes handy in performing this task through automation. The customer success software saves time, efforts and money of the team and enhances profitability. That is why customer success management software is in vogue.  

Every company must invest its efforts, time and money on planning and implementing stellar strategies to retain the customers which is only possible by ensuring that the customers are happy as well as successful. Managing the existing customers and enhancing the customer base manually can be a challenging task for the businesses, especially the startups. Luckily, there are csm tools like customer success software available in the market that makes the task cinch. Businesses can exploit customer management software to build relationships with the customers, retain the customers and to grow their customer base.  

Customer success software is a robust tool that allows the companies to track details of their customers in order to ensure that customers are achieving the intended outcomes while using the products and services of the company. The customer success management software also works as a customer management system that keeps all data pertaining to the customers at a centralized location. So, the businesses can access this data as and when required by accessing customer relationship software. The data stored in customer profile software include customer signals, support tickets, product usage and adoption, number of downloads, upsells, etc.  

The customer success software analyses past behavior of the customers and creates a ‘health score’ that is used to predict the satisfaction rate of the customers in the future.  This functionality of customer management software allows the organizations to identify red flags, grow customer base, lessen customer churn, boost customer retention and seal more deals. In a nutshell, a customer software aids businesses in optimizing customer relationships thereby elevating their revenues and sustaining their growth.  

Functions of customer management software:

  • It builds sound customer relationships
  • It helps in offering a good customer experience
  • The customer success software emphasizes on catering to the needs of the customers than enhancing the profits of the business
  • The customer management software measures the effectiveness and performance of the business to ensure customer success

Customer Success Software Features

There are several features that are bundled in customer management software. Some of the amazing features of customer success tools include revenue management, customer lifecycle, onboarding, health score, win/loss analysis, account alerts, customer engagement and many more. These features enable customer success management software to meet its purpose.

Few of must-have features of succeed management solutions are enlisted below:

  1. Customer Database with a 360-degree viewThe client success software stores all the information in a centralized location which can be accessed by the companies when they need it. A succed managemebt solutions gives a deeper understanding of the client's behavior, liking and preferences. It helps the companies to drive impactful conversations with the customers by accessing the information from surveys and other customer success management tools. The companies can access all the data pertaining to the customers from a single dashboard and deliver better customer experience by utilizing the results.      

  2. Lifecycle Management- A customer management system works as customer lifecycle software to offer good customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. The companies can use digital and in-person touch points to offer a seamless experience to the customers. In this sense, customer lifecycle software helps in retaining the customers.   

  3. Customer tracking and Feedback management- Customers’ feedback is important and valuable to a company only if it is translated into a meaningful action plan thereby improving the performance of the business. A customer success software comes with the functionality to track the activities of customers and act as a tool to improve the performance of the business. It acts as best customer tracking software that captures the feedback from the customers and sends notifications to the concerned customer service team to escalate follow-up actions. The best customer tracking software then incorporates the finding of surveys to customer health score.

  4. Adoption Management- For any company, adoption of its products is necessary to allow the business to thrive. Hence, customer relationship software helps in creating customer engagement by tracking customers activities and making suitable strategies to engage the customers. The customer satisfaction software monitors the engagement of the customers with the brand and sends alerts to the team when the adoption rate is low. In this way, it also works as effective customer retention software.

  5. Expansion management- The expansion is essential to keep the business thriving. For this reason, customer management software comes with expansion management feature that helps in identifying opportunities of up-selling and cross-selling. The customer organization software then intimates the business to formulate effective strategies to capitalize on the opportunities. Customer profile software facilitates the business to showcase its profile and win more customers through the data-driven process for business expansion.  

Benefits of Customer Success Software

There are several perks that customer software can add to every business. Some of the advantages of client success software are:

  1. Customer Retention- Customer success software focuses on adding value to the products so that the customers can successfully use a product. With customer relationship software, customers are made to realize the value of your product which leads to better renewal thereby driving growth and profitability. The retention management software also helps in creating a bond with the customers which reduces some of the pressure from the product delivery team.

  2. Expansion- Customer software comes integrated with the feature of expansion management. The customer success software provides the organizations with better insights into the customer goals and expectations thereby making it easy for them to identify opportunities and convert them to success. It acts as customer engagement management software that ensures that the business fulfills the expectation of the customers thereby building an association between the customers and the business.

  3. Operational Improvement- A customer satisfaction software provides insights into customer trends and other issues. The companies can then predict customer satisfaction and other trends by using succeed management solutions. The customer organization software also gives an idea of the major drivers that lead to the outcome/ emerging trends. In this way, client success software helps companies in operations such as capacity planning, customer predictability and predictability of revenues.

  4. Customer Acquisition- The best customer engagement software empowers businesses to transform customers into loyal customers and even brand ambassadors.  The loyal customers then recommend the products to their peer group and even refer new customers as well as give testimonials. The customer success management tools facilitate customer advocacy and create a good reputation for the brand.  This paves way for more customers by creating a positive brand image with the help of customer management software.

Types of Customer Success Software

The customer success tools are of various types and some even include a suite of csm tools that offer a lot of features and functionality. A customer software can take many forms including customer management software, customer engagement management software, customer care software, customer profile software, customer retention software, retention management software, best customer tracking software and many more based on the features offered. You can find all-in-one customer software or you can find customer success software focusing on a particular aspect. For instance, some customer success management software uses contextual and user communication to offer customer success while some customer success software use analytics, statistics, and segmentation to garner customer success.    

In general, there are three types of customer relationship software based on its function. These include analytical, operational and collaborative customer management software. Some customer success software may have all three functions while some customer management software may offer only a single type of function.

Operational Customer success software

The operational customer management system streamlines the operations and workflows of various departments such as marketing, sales, customer service, etc. The client success software with this functionality offer revenue management, lead management, contact management and acts as an amazing customer management software.    

Analytical Customer Success Software

Analytical retention management software mines data from various touch points and then convert them into valuable insights that allow the csm to make stellar strategies. The best customer success management tools comes with a robust dashboard and reporting csm tools that generate as well as stores data in the real-time.     

Collaborative Customer Success Software

The collaborative customer relationship software fosters teamwork. The best customer database software facilitates transparency between the customer support team, sales team, marketing team, and another team by sharing customer’s information. This type of customer management software features communication csm tools that promote group discussion, chat and emails. The database management software even facilitates the sharing of files between the team members.

Favourite Customer Success Management Software

Different businesses have different requirements and they look for different features in customer management software. For any business, their favorite customer success software is the one that caters to all their needs. The favorite customer management software is integrated with myriads of csm tools that ensure that the customers achieve the results that are expected from the products of the company. The best customer profile software uses analytics to mine past behavior of customers and then creates a health score out of it. This health score generated by customer engagement management software is then used to predict the satisfaction rate of the customers in the future. This allows the companies to help customers attain success and elevate their business. The best customer success software expands revenues, reduces customer churn, boosts customer advocacy, and helps in sustaining the profitability of the business. The best customer management software has the ability to get integrated with other csm tools such as customer relationship software, customer tracking software, customer management software/helpdesk software, customer profile software, customer care software, and social media management tools.     

The virtues of ideal or favorite customer management software are listed below:

  • Identify, build and enhance customer profile
  • Capture the data pertaining to the customers
  • Capture information such as feedback, customer behavior, survey data, team interactions, marketing engagement rate, the adoption rate
  • Engage the customers throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Analyze customer behavior and predicting future satisfaction rate
  • Prepare customer success score
  • Identify red flags
  • Ability to scale customer support and customer success according to the size of the company  

How to Scale Customer Support and Customer Success at Your Startup

The startups should always be ready to scale their business when the success comes in. In addition to scaling the business, the startups should even scale customer support and customer success. For this, there is a philosophy that a startup owner should follow. According to the philosophy, the risk pertaining to the customers as well as the opportunity should be balanced in such a way that customers can be segmented accordingly.

For this, the business needs to first measure the risk in the business. To accomplish this, the business needs to find the revenues for investment in software. Next, it needs to identify high-risk customers and low-risk customers and compare both. After identifying both, the business needs to be put them on a scale with risk and opportunity on two different sides for easy comparison. In order to measure opportunity, you need to find the size of the company.   

Once you measure the risk and the opportunity, you get some segments that can be used to start with scaling the customer success software. In case of low risk or opportunity, you can manage them with high ratios and low touch. On the contrary, in case of high risk or opportunity, you can manage it with low touch. After you have deciphered all the quadrants in the scale, you can formulate plans and strategies as to how you’ll deliver customer success for each segment.    

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Customer Success expands selling opportunities and increases renewal rates. This, in turn, ensures that the customer will be staying on your platform for a long time. Further, effective customer success software reduces customer churn and enhances revenue.
  • Customer Success Managers make sure that customers receive the most value from their company's investment. However, it must not be the sole responsibility of specific individuals but can be an overarching theme within the company.
  • When consistent customer engagement is observed throughout the life cycle between the supplier and the customer, ensuring promises of the supplier are met, an organization achieves Customer Success

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