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Best Customer Experience Management Software in 2020

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What is customer experience management (CEM or CXM) software?

Customers are at the epicenter of every organization. Every business formulates several strategies and implements various plans to attract the customers and to create loyalty as that keeps the business thriving. It is effective customer experience management that facilitates the businesses to remain in the game. Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) in general refers to various processes that companies follow in order to track, monitor, manage and organize the interaction between them and their customers. CXM is a continuous process that goes throughout the customer lifecycle. Its objective is to optimize the interactions between the company and the customers at various touch points as well as to promote customer loyalty. This is achieved effortlessly by exploiting cutting-edge customer experience solutions like customer experience software.

A customer experience management software is a robust tool that empowers businesses to effectively carry out customer experience management. Customer experience management platform comes bundled with features that allow the businesses to collect as well as consolidate customers data and to create stellar strategies that attract potential customers and creates loyalty amongst the existing customers. It aims at delivering the right content and services to the customers based on their preferences so as to offer a fulfilling experience to them. The customer experience software collects feedback from customer interactions, analyses customer trends, identifies customer issues, and gives insights into the customer’s data. Furthermore, cx software helps in creating effective strategies and assists in monitoring, responding as well as improving interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. In this way, the CXM software aids the organizations to enhance customer journey and foster loyalty which benefits the business in the long run.

Reasons to invest in customer experience software

Customer experience software is a boon for the businesses as it helps in managing the experiences of the customer which in turn elevates the business. Whether you are running a startup, medium enterprise or a big company, there are several reasons that accentuate the significance of investing in customer experience management software. Some of the prime reasons to invest in customer experience software are listed below:

1. Effectively using customer feedbacks

Almost all organizations are in a habit of collecting feedback from the customers.  However, only a few of them utilize this feedback to improve its services. On the other hand, a customer experience management platform comes handy in using the feedback properly. Firstly, it collects as well as stores the feedback effectively thereby reducing the hassles of paper surveys. A cem software allows businesses to leverage the power of customer feedback. Since the cx management software directly collects feedback from the customers, it reduces your efforts and improves the response rate of the survey as customers find it convenient to give a paperless survey. Furthermore, customer experience system allows the business to improve their services and to create stellar strategies by using the survey data.

2. Derive customer insights regularly    

A customer experience management software is loaded with chunks of customer data that can be translated into valuable insights for the business. The cx platform analyses customer feedbacks and fetches useful insights to the business owners. Raw data is translated into valuable insights so that the business can understand customer behavior, visualize the issues to be addressed, find out the reason for customer churn and dissatisfaction, and study other aspects related to the business. In this way, businesses can formulate action plan that can be implemented to enhance products or services thereby improving customer experience.

3. Omnichannel customer experience

In this era of smart customers, businesses need to offer omnichannel experience to the customers. This allows the customers to resort to multiple channels for their purchases. The users can visit the website, use a mobile app, go to the store, compare prices and then order according to their convenience. With customer experience management software, you can simply accomplish this task.  The cx software empowers the businesses to collect feedback from various platforms such as website, mobile app, website and other channels of interaction. This feedback data is then sent to a centralized location to view the customer data holistically.

4. Address Customer Concerns in Real-time

With customers at the crux of the business, it has become essential to keep them satisfied throughout their lifecycle. So, all their concerns should be addressed in the earliest and all the bad experiences should be fixed in real-time. This is facilitated by customer experience management platform. By exploiting a robust CXM software, the companies can respond to the customers' concerns in real-time. The modern-day customer experience system sends notifications to the concerned team members as soon as a concern is raised. Thus, the team members get the opportunity to respond to the negative feedback in real-time and convert sad customers into happy customers.

5. Measure and Improve Customer Loyalty

Building Customer Loyalty has become the need of the hour to thrive amidst cut-throat competition. The best customer experience management software comes with the functionality to measure and improve customer loyalty.  A customer experience management system provides better insights into the number of customers that are likely to promote a product/service and the number of customers that are criticizing the product/service. The top customer experience software allows the businesses to gauge and augment Net Promoter Score, which is a standard measure for customer loyalty.  Many customer experience solutions even allow the companies to benchmark their NPS with industry standards so as to find the methods that needs to be adopted to enhance the overall score.  

Customer Experience vs Customer Service

Often customer experience is confused with customer service. on the other hand, there is a clear distinction between the two. Both Customer Experience and Customer Service are two aspects that organizations look into to elevate their business. Customer service refers to the advice or assistance that businesses give to its customers while customer experience is the entire journey of interactions of customers with a brand.

Customer service entails at enhancing customer satisfaction which is achieved by addressing the concerns of the customers. Through customer service, the organizations help its customers in making a good buying decision and in getting the customers accustomed to the purchased products. The customer service executives train the customers to effectively use the product and troubleshoot common issues thereby ensuring a great buying experience.   

Customer experience, on the other hand, refers to the total of all the interactions that a customer has with the company. It includes the interactions in the entire customer journey from discovery and research of the products to following up with the company after purchasing the product. Customer experience entails at measuring and improving the physical, emotional, psychological and emotional connection that customers have with the companies. It gives an account of how customers feel about the brand. Customer experience includes all the touch points that customer has with the brand.

The major difference between customer service and customer experience is the nature of these aspects. Customer service is reactive in nature and would be needed when customers have an issue with the brand. Just when a customer would raise a complaint and is dissatisfied, customer service would come into play. On the contrary, customer experience is proactive in nature. It entails reaching out to every single customer. In fact, effective customer experience can avoid the situation of contacting customer service. Customer service may be a one-time interaction between the customers and the company while customer experience may involve many interactions throughout the customer’s journey.

Customer Experience is measured by Net Promoter Score (NPS) that measures the likeability of a customer recommending a brand to his/her friends. Conversely, Customer Service is measured through Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) which measures the satisfaction level of the customers.        

Is CEM Customer Experience Software Replacing CRM?

A decade ago, it was quite easy for businesses to attract new customers and to keep the old customers intact. It was so because the customers didn’t have access to different tools to compare the prices, quality as well as the performance of various companies. In such a scenario, it was the pitch of a company that straight away swayed the customers. Conversely, in this technology-driven era, the customers have access to various tools to compare and contrast different brands before making a final call.

Today, the customers judge the companies not just on the basis of the quality of services, price and performance. But, they even look at customer service, customer experience and customer care offered by the company. They look for reviews, ratings and feedback of a company and compare it with its competitors before banking on it. That is why simply improving the quality of products and services is not sufficient to acquire customers. Therefore, businesses should focus on enhancing the customer experience. That is why the businesses are making use of customer experience management software to accomplish the same.

A customer experience software ensures that the customers have a positive experience thereby improving the retention rate of the customers. Unlike CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management Software), the Customer Experience Management software empowers the company to create a brand experience that is catered according to the needs of the customers. Businesses can exploit a customer experience management platform to exceed customer’s expectations and to ace the market.      

A cx platform is bundled with different functionalities that facilitate the business to build a rapport with the customers in order to enhance customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. The cx management software keeps records of the customers so that the business can track customer journey and make requisite action plan to enhance customer experience. The best customer experience software is the one that analyses various customer metrics thereby gaining insights that can personalize and enhance customer experience. Thus, the businesses that realize the need of the cem software are replacing the traditional CRM software with it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. CXM software is a management system that focusses more on customer experience and gives business insight on customer trends. It is a bridging force between business and customers.
  • A. There are a lot of key functions that the best CXM software does. Some of them being:

    • Getting to analyze customer feedback and gain insight into customers’ needs
    • Easy harness to AI for better performance
    • The business will interact with customers in real-time
    • Quality improvement in how business is carried out
  • A. Not all CXM software consists of all modules of a CRM or another business management system. If the CX management software can be integrated with other information systems, all data remains in the same place and can be accessed easily.

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