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What Is Content Writing Service?

With the advent of the World Wide Web during the early 90s, there came the need to represent the business online. The organizations started to create websites, which served their business and enabled visitors to obtain relevant information and engage with their favorite brands.

This information found on the internet is known as web content, and it slowly became intrinsic to the modern Web business. Soon enough, search engines like Google and Yahoo started to demand credible and well-organized information. Thus, it gave rise to the development of commercial content writing services.

Content Writing service, also known as online content marketing, is a writing service that is aimed at providing companies with their desired text. Content writing service agencies have a group of a talented writer who creates content that completely aligns with the brand's values, ethos, and style.

Content writing services generally include writing web copy, landing pages, articles, press releases, blog posts, and other business materials.

Why Do You Need Content Writing Service?

Every business — whether big or small — can create an online presence with targeted, valuable content writing.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs a content writing service:

  • Publish High-Quality Writing Regularly: Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are continually demanding fresh contents. They stop crawling and indexing your website if you stop publishing new content. Besides, if you want to gain more traffic to your website, you need to provide solutions to people’s problems. Only then, they will keep coming back to you.
    The only solution is by generating high-quality and new content regularly. And hiring a content writing service can help you with a non-stop supply of high-quality content.
  • Create SEO-Optimized Content: If you want to rank top on the Google search results, you need to create SEO-optimized content. SEO-optimized content follows the stuffing of specific keywords that makes it easy for Google to find your content. With SEO, you also need to provide quality and fresh content.
    Content writing agency can ensure a steady supply of high-quality and relevant content to improve your SEO.
  • Become an Authority in Your Field: To establish your authority in the market, you need to share your knowledge and wisdom with people so that they begin to recognize your business. It creates value for your brand. For that, you need to publish authoritative and expert blog posts regularly to establish your presence. Furthermore, you will need to share your content on social networking websites. People like to do business with companies who have a reliable authority in the industry.

What Are the Different Types Of Content Marketing Services?

Every company requirement is different. To run a successful content marketing campaign, one needs to create curated content for their audiences. You need to figure out the type of content you need.

There are many different types of content writing services. Some of which includes:

  • Content Marketing Strategy: There are a few content writing agency who offers content marketing strategy as a part of their content writing service. It involves creating and launching a full-fledged marketing campaign — aligning your content need to your buyer’s persona and journey. Some of them also provide insights — calculates ROI to measure the success of the campaign.
  • Keyword Research: To rank higher on Google search page results, you need to use the right keywords. Not every company knows how to search for the right keywords and use it to create relevant content for their visitors. If you are clueless about what long-tail keyword is or how SEO works for your website, you need the help of a content writing agency.
  • Press Release: A press release is a way to make people aware of your brand or new product or service launch. Earlier, the owners used to send these releases to the local newspaper or radio station. But times have changed, and there are e-press releases as well as to connect with online audiences. Reputed digital platforms publish them. You can get more visitors from the link. That’s why you need to have a sharp and concise press release statement to grab attention.
  • Blog or Article Writing Service: Many websites have a blog page where they regularly post articles solely based to educate and inform consumers about their products or services. It may include various niches like technical, non-technical, lifestyle, and more. Every content writing service specializes in a certain niche to help you write quality content for your business.

How Do You Choose a Content Marketing Services Provider?

Choosing a content marketing service provider is a big decision for any business as it usually involves long term collaboration. Few factors to consider while looking for the right content service provider for your brand:

  • Expert in Their Niche: Organizations are competing with content crafted by industry experts. Thus, a content marketing agency collects the most exceptional talent of content writers, which ranges across a wide range of industry spectrum.
    You need to partner up with a content marketing agency who have substantial knowledge and experience in your space. They should have a strong understanding of your core business functions and have industry expertise.
  • Analytics: A sign of the right content writing service provider is that they also offer visibility into and analytical evidence demonstrating your return on investment.
    The service provider should be able to explain to you the result of your content program clearly. Besides, the agency should have a sound knowledge of growing industries, new trends, and market movements.
  • Peer Recommendations: Don’t just settle down. Once you have shortlisted a few proper content service providers names, do some research about them. Check about their service and support through an online review or contact their previous clients. Don’t invest in a lesser-known agency.

Drawbacks Of the In-house Content Writing Team

  1. Increases Overhead Cost: Of course, having an in-house content writer team would mean that they stay entirely focused on your company’s work. However, hiring an in-house writer drastically increases your expense. It includes salary, employee benefits expense, and payroll taxes.
    So unless you have the means and resources to hire the right talent, an in-house writer can be a bad idea. Besides, for companies who do not have a regular requirement of content, hiring a single, in-house content writer doesn’t make financial sense.
  2. Lack of Available Content Marketing Talent: Creating content is not only about documenting the latest company event. Besides creating exciting and industry-centric content, a content writer should be able to curate content for its customers that drives more traffic and loyalty.
    There is high demand for a quality content writer, and the availability of the same is less. These talented candidates are in a good position to demand hefty paycheque. So if you are a small startup or business, you probably won’t have the resources to attract the right talent.

How Beneficial Is it for Budding Startups or Small Businesses?

  • Knows All About Google: Google search ranking is very competitive. To rank on the first page of Google search page result, you need to enhance your company website or blog drastically. And, it is only possible by using relevant keywords in your page or articles. Besides, Google algorithm keeps changing too.
  • A professional content writer would know how to use those keywords and how to boost your website traffic.
  • Saves You Time: An in-house staff may develop some content for your website if need be. But the question is if they will be able to deliver the quality of the content as well. A professional writer knows their job and has expertise in writing for various niches. Thus, they can even provide the work in a shorter period than your inexperienced writer.
  • Creates Compelling Copies: A professional content writer knows what he or she is doing. They can create a compelling and engaging copy, which drives more traffic to your website. From writing SEO content to blog posts, product descriptions, and web pages, a content writing agency can help you reach and efficiently engage your target audiences.

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