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Best Complaint Management system

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What complaint management system means and the need for it?

Customer support and satisfaction is one of the foundation pillars of every business. It is essential to handle and resolve customer complaints as fast as possible. This is where the concept of customer complaint management enters the frame.

Complaint management is a method procedure to capture, acknowledge, report, resolve, and follow-up customer complaints. This was conventionally done on-paper by most of the businesses. Although the paper-based complaint management system is now old-fashioned, less efficient, and dispersed. It is now in favor of your business to automate the complaint management system using electronic alternatives such as customer complaint management software.

The Need for such a system

Mistakes are inevitable in every business, and it is only by the feedback of the customers that the service provider realizes faults in the product. Also, when people are becoming more and more vocal on social media, unsatisfied customers can bring serious harm to the brand image in the market.

The situation is not probable when your customers are satisfied with the company’s service and support. However, the customer complaint can reach you through many different passages like phone, email, sales reps, internal employees, etc. So, keeping track and sync of all such channels is a tedious job if you’re doing it manually or on-paper. Having a customer complaint management system in order will unify these passages. Hence, no complaint goes unheard or falling through the cracks.

Not only this, but the information captured by the complaint system is useful in making improvements in the process or the product itself. Besides, using software for registering grievances helps you keep track of the past mistakes, and measure the amount of improvement achieved by resolving the complaints.

Ideal and Advanced features of a complaint management system

There are a lot of moving pieces in a complaint management system, and an ideal complaint software is one which unifies the dispersed parts.

Ideal features

  • Ticketing:

    It is the core feature for every customer complaint management software. The process/feature allows complaints from different channels like emails, phone, etc. to be stored in one place. The name is so because the complaints can be converted to tickets, i.e., a small card-like note known by the keyword of the complaint. Moreover, this feature is also for keeping the support team on one page. That is, the agents don’t waste time on checking that no one else is working on the same ticket as they are. Also, it is favorable that feature helps to merge the same kind of tickets, save, and reuse the reply for them. 

  • Automization:

    Customer support is not always new tasks; there are a lot of repetitive jobs to do which are equally important; like following-up with the customers or filtering priorities. The software is worth something when it can save your time on such tasks. It can be achieved by automatic assigning of tasks to admin-specified agents. That is, assigning the tasks to specific agents based on their expertise, the query subject, the language used, etc. as specified by the admin. Also, the feature able to track and distribute the workload equally among the agents is beneficial in reducing the work-stress on employees.

  • Reports:

    A support supervisor has the most use of such a feature as they spend a lot of time gathering & studying the data and presenting the findings based on data. The intelligent reports and metrics feature in the software allow less time spent on the collection of data and more time resolving the bottlenecks in the system. By having automated and scheduled reports on how much time a team takes to resolve the complaint, what is the average time of response on a ticket, etc. the support can improve better. Also, metrics like the highest traffic day of the week or the highest traffic hour of the day can help to manage the schedule of the team accordingly.

  • Customizability:

    It is of the essence that any software used with your business is customizable, and so goes with customer complaint software. It is due to the factor that software should be able to adapt to the requirement and work-flow of your business. The system must allow customizing the ticket labels, SLA, employee access, etc. Moreover, every company has its way of working, so the complaint software must be flexible to the needs of the organization. Not only this, but custom templates for surveys, reports, feedback, tickets, etc. are of prime value.

  • Security:

    The complaint software used for your business is going to have access to sensitive data like employee information and customer information like email-id, phone numbers, etc. So, it is of utmost importance that you trust the software, and the software vendor ensures security. Also, the complaint software must allow you internal restricted access. That is, only specified personnel and office computers have access to it ensuring prevention of data-leak.

  • Knowledge base creation:

    There are always some basic and common questions or complaints regarding a product. Whenever a customer enters the complaint registration portal, if they can easily find the answer to basic queries themselves, it saves you time. Besides, it entails a sense of personalization in the customer, which is another crucial aspect of customer satisfaction. So, if the complaint management tool allows the creation of a knowledge base, then it is close to perfect.

Advanced features For Best Complaint Management System

  • Social Media Monitoring:

    This feature is associated with the cloud-based complaint management system. As social media is a significant factor contributing to the marketing of your brand, it is also a great platform of complaint submission. Thus, social media monitoring becomes a useful tool in complaint management software.

  • Survey management:

    Survey management feature allows the company to conduct, analyze, and manage customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys can help in identifying the trends in the complaints and resolve the errors in the services.

  • Live chat support:

    This feature is a trending one in the internet powered generations of software. A live chat with the customers ensures that their queries are not only heard but taken seriously, which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

  • Integrations:

    Different integrations help business tools to be versatile and improves performance. Not only does it allow various tasks to be performed on a single window but enhances the productivity of the business.

Benefits of a complaint management system

There are reasons why paper-based complaint systems are now surpassed by customer complaint software. Some of these benefits of using a customer complaint management system are as follows.

  • Increased Efficiency:

    Using software for capturing customer complaints is useful for time management. That is, a paper-based complaint management system will make you spend time on gathering complaints through different channels, sorting them, and prioritizing them. That left the team less focussed on solving the problem and more on piling them up.

  • Ease of monitoring:

    When your supervisor wants you to report how many complaints were resolved last month, rather than calculate or fish through files and folders, pull it out from the software. Hence the ease of monitoring is delivered and helping to make informed decisions.

  • Preserved confidentiality:

    The confidentiality of complaints cannot be treated lightly, especially in cases like harassment, bullying, medicinal failures, etc. Here, a complaint software allows to restrict access to particular subjects of complaints and preserve their confidentiality.

  • Accountability:

    Using a customer complaint tool will ensure automatic forwarding of the matter if the complaint is not solved within a specified time-window. Not only does it keep the team accountable for the complaints, but it helps to improve customer service.

  • Customer Loyalty:

    If a complaint is registered and is solved satisfactorily, the company gains the loyalty of their customers, which helps to promote your brand in the real market. Besides, other customers, see how you care for the service improvements, they will automatically gain you more organic customer base.

Complaint Management Software - Market Trends 

With increasing applications employing the internet, the market of customer complaint management software is moving more towards cloud-based tools. Such software includes centralized cloud storage for saving all the data, which facilitates massive data processing to be quick. Also, internet accessibility brings easy add-on and more integrations for businesses.

The cloud deployed software are becoming trendy, also because of the flexibility they have. The software can be customized to suit any category of the market divisions. Also, the complaint system market can be divided on several bases like deployment, industries, and size of enterprises. Hence the versatility of the software is increased.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Complaints are a part of any business. To ensure that you get valuable insights into these complaints, deploying complaint management software is essential. Some complaint management software help companies track customer complaints with support tickets, set deadlines for ticket response, convert emails into tickets, and more. Some are designed to handle customer interactions, collect customer satisfaction feedback, and assign tickets to the right department. This streamlines workflows and helps you focus on the areas that require improvement.
  • If a brand fails to meet customers’ expectations, they will go somewhere else, which is not acceptable. So, whether you are running a small business or a large corporation, customer well-being should be of utmost importance. It can either help your business progress or degrade. Hence, tracking customer complaints is an excellent practice to:

    1. Prevent customers from churning
    2. Improve agent productivity
    3. Avoid negative word-of-mouth
  • Some of the most common features include:

    1. Customer database
    2. Ticketing
    3. Knowledgebase
    4. Live Chat support
    5. Survey management
    6. Training management
    7. Alerts/notifications
    8. Reports
    9. Security
  • A help desk is a standalone application, whereas complaint management software comes as a component of a large integrated suite. Complaint management software works closely with CRM , help desk and call center management software .
  • An effective complaint management system helps a business:

    1. Save time
    2. Protect your brand image
    3. Increase visibility
    4. Centralize management activities
    5. Gain insights
    6. Access complaint trends

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