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Clothing design or apparel design can be defined in various ways. But it can be simplified as ‘creating new clothes and by enhancing or altering existing designs to perform new functions’ as defined by Li and Wong in their 2006 publication, Clothing Biosensory Engineering.

Clothing design is different from fashion design as it is more focused on the practical side of the business - the making of fabric, how it drapes, how it reacts to different stitches, how it can be used in various cuts, and with other fabrics. However, clothing design is more accepting of all as it takes into consideration all body types rather than forcing people to conform to a few selected sizes. It creates demand and caters to the mass market as well as the MTM (made to measure) market.

In clothing design, there are a number of things that have to be taken into account to create a piece of apparel (Apparel, Garment & Footwear software), such as:

  • Type of the fabric.

  • How comfortable is the fabric? 

  • Is it breathable? 

  • Ease of wearing and maintaining it

  • How does it interact with any other type of fabric used in the design?

  • What is the best method of joining two pieces?

  • Should it be sewn together or embossed?

  • How does it sit after being draped or joined?

Moreover, other expected aspects, such as the body measurement, and of course, the actual design, occasion to be worn for, color scheme and every minute aspect goes into making a piece of apparel.

To ease the process and lessen the burden on the designers, clothing design software or apparel design software has been developed. The cloth design software comes equipped with a database of various fabrics. Designers can add more and more fabrics to the database along with their descriptions and properties and use this information to create detailed illustrations on the dress design software. The designers can also save body measurements in the clothing creator software for it to be able to demonstrate how the clothing would look on different body types.

Clothing creator software or an online clothing design software is a computer program that is used to create digital sketches, designs, illustrations, and other related elements for designing apparel. This apparel design software is a graphic design tool developed with the goal of helping designers create quality illustrations to reliably give an idea of how the design would look after being manufactured, i.e., in a live environment. The software produces the virtual blueprint of the design.

There are a number of clothing designing software available today to help the designers through the steps of designing apparel. From creating the digital sketches, making patterns to providing a realistic-looking 3D representation of the design, the online clothing design software is capable of doing it all. The CorelDraw and Adobe clothing design software rank among the best clothing design software in the market currently. Though these are considered to be giants in the dress design software market, there are numerous new solutions releasing every week.

The designers often prefer to use multiple clothing design tools together to ensure the accuracy of the results of the various cloth design software. There are several free clothing designing software as well. However, the more advanced and premium clothing design tools are often behind a price wall. While many of the best cloth design software offers periodic subscription plans, such as Adobe clothing design software, there are others that provide lifetime subscriptions as well. Oftentimes, the pricing on the cloth design software includes license fee for the designs and patterns as well.

The industry for clothing design software is rapidly growing because of the shorter life cycle of fashion trends. As the designers have to create fast fashion more and more of them are turning towards automated design software. In this dynamic industry, numerous software are competing amongst each other to be the best apparel design software. The users of the design software include:

  • Fashion houses and labels

  • Fashion designers

  • Costume designers

  • People studying and teaching apparel design or fashion design

  • Pattern makers

  • Seamstresses

  • Tailors

  • Textile designers

  • Apparel manufacturers

  • People aspiring to be one of the above

The software can be broadly classified into two types: 2D fashion design software and 3D clothing design software.

3D clothing design software allows the user to have a visual representation of the design and the fabric used as well as the manner in which the outfit or the product affects the body. 3D clothing design software produces a much more detailed and life-like result which can be used to assess the final product quite reliably. 

The 2D software, on the other hand, shows the result as it ought to be rather than what it might be. A design that looks to be a good fit as shown by a 2D illustration might not sit as well in real life. It relies heavily on the judgment of the designer as compared to the 3D model clothing software.

Either way, both types of cloth design software have a plethora of tools that allow the designer to assess their designs before starting with its production. Some of the best fashion design software also has tools for automatically making the pattern for the design. Only the measurements need to be entered. The designer can get multiple patterns for various sizes and body types with just a few clicks of the button in a matter of seconds. It reduces the workload of the designer and allows them to focus on their designs rather than the mundane calculations and measurements.

Other than this the software also differs according to the tools they offer, the platform and device it is used on, as well as because of the software provider. Apart from the online fashion design software, there are other types of software, such as costume design software. These costume design software allow the designer not only to create custom outfits but also may help the designer in creating accessories, makeup, and hairstyles.

Cloth design software provides a bunch of benefits to the designers as it can be used effortlessly to control and coordinate the workflow in real-time with the help of digitalization, growth of 2D fashion design software, 3D model clothing software as well as other 3D clothing design software solutions. Most of the online fashion designing software has pre-existing templates as well as the option of adding new templates. This helps the experienced as well as amateur designers to use even the best cloth design software with relative ease. 

While choosing a clothing designing software, a designer should ensure that the software allows them to work on multiple designs at the same time as well as to view and alter the designs freely. 

The best fashion design software should also increase the productivity of the designer and their team by allowing various members to collaborate smoothly.

Some of the key features that the best clothing design software have and which you should look for before making a choice are:

  • The ability to export your design on to other software, applications or device.

  • Ability to match different fabrics through their description or properties.

  • Ability to create fashion illustrations with a moderate amount of effort and skills.

  • There should not be any unreasonable limitations on the number of designs that can be created.

  • The ability to save and automate repetitive tasks in order to save time and effort.

  • The feature to track material development with material management software.

  • Ability to create individual sketches, and then, be able to combine them with other projects if and when needed.

  • The feature of drag and drop sketches.

  • The software needs to have the feature to visualize the design.

  • Experimentation with the fabric, pattern, and color should not be restricted or difficult.

  • Ability to grade the patterns.

  • Ability to save the pattern, themes and color palettes, art and design.

  • One of the most important features that would make your life easier is the feature of creating 3D solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • There are numerous design software each with its own difficulty level. Some software are extremely easy to use and have little to no learning curve. However, some of the best software might require some amount of training and professional expertise. Thus, it would be wiser to look for software which has training guides and videos.
  • Honestly no. Nearly all of the design software are equipped with templates that can be easily customized. There is no requirement of knowing how to sketch. You can create your designs with the templates as the starting point to get professional quality sketches without any hassle.
  • While it is true that 3D design software are visually more appealing and preferred by designers, 2D fashion flats are no less useful. Remember that patterns are cut in 2D. With a little bit of training and experience you can achieve flawless results with 2D design software as well, so keep at it!

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