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List of top Call Tracking Software | Pricing & Features

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What is call tracking?

Call tracking is an advanced technology that allows marketers to measure the complete value of inbound calls that are generated by their marketing efforts. Most companies now invest in call tracking software that facilitates the monitoring of consumer behavior before and after calls, thus giving important insightful data that can enhance sales.

Cloud telephony software enables companies to activate toll-free or economical virtual call centers, and then associate those numbers with advertisements, webpages, or specific keywords. Call tracking tools to capture vital real-time data, and share it with sales representatives taking inbound calls so that they can perform better. Organizations should get best call tracking platform suited to their business requirement, as it will help them understand buyers’ intent, and provide customers with more customized solutions.

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Call tracking solutions are indeed radical in nature as they can help modern organizations accrue numerous benefits. Call tracking software can result in the following advantages:

  • Effective Call Routing and Recording: Call tracking tools to have the capability to route customer calls to available agents through automated routing or diverting. This is highly useful during peak work hours when organizations need to deal with heavy client traffic. Call tracking software ensures that valued customers do not wait endlessly in telephonic queues, rather quickly forwards the call to a free line. Call recording is another novel facility of call tracking solutions, and inbound call recording is a great way to assess common customer problems so that they can be resolved faster.
  • Gauges Agent Performance: Call tracking software can capture essential information about agent performance such as calls per minute, average call length, date, time and location along with the amount of revenue generated by each caller. This enables senior managers to check the key performance index of call agents, and identify any problem areas that need to be rectified. Investing in a call tracking platform helps companies harness the best performance from their agents, and provide an expectational calling experience to long term clients. 
  • Determine Return on Investment: Every company needs to be aware of the return on investment they are getting on their marketing campaigns. An efficient call tracking software can generate awareness about inbound call sources and measure how much each customer contributes to overall business revenue. Marketers get a clear picture of how much profit each advertisement or campaign is yielding, hence they can continue with targeted efforts in the best direction. Return on investment is a vital business metric, and a call tracking platform is the fastest way to determine it with complete accuracy and speed.
  • Improves Marketing Strategies: Recorded call conversations are a potent marketing tool as they facilitate marketers to understand purchase history, product requirements, and customer loyalty towards your brand. Modern call tracking software provides data-driven information that can aid companies in sharpening their marketing campaigns and boosting positive lead generation. It also pinpoints peak call hours so that organizations can schedule agent work shifts better and cater to customer call traffic efficiently. Demographic information of clients facilitates targeted marketing campaigns, thereby increasing bottom line results in all vital areas.
  • Enhances Decision Making: Sophisticated call tracking software have the ability to produce detailed reports with all kind of information on callers –call duration, timings, common issues, and purchase history. Getting a call tracking tool can greatly enhance the quality of marketing decisions as advanced analytics give managers a holistic strategic picture. Call tracking systems provide a wealth of business intelligence about customers and are a valuable asset that can give detailed insight into the level of customer service.

How does call tracking work?

Call tracking software is now a worldwide phenomenon and helps companies keep an up-to-date record of their marketing efforts. Call tracking may be understood as a simple process through which phone leads are monitored by inserting a tracking number in paid ads, client emails, website landing pages or links. This is a useful tool for marketers to check the value or results of their campaigns and targeted advertising propaganda.

When an organization sets up a call tracking software, it can invest in a local number or a toll-free number. Managers can decide where calls should be diverted ( office location, marketing department or home) and also which marketing campaigns should the system monitor. The specific information that a call analysis software tracks vary, but the broad categories are as such:

  • How many calls have been received on each line
  • Which geographic locations are your callers dialing from
  • The timings of calls
  • Which advertising campaign or website directed the call
  • Whether you have any missed calls and from where
  • Whether you have repeat callers
  • The duration of each call
  • Common customer issues, problems or grievances with service being provided

Call tracking is a structured and transparent process that can help your organization understand potential and repeat customers. This can lead to more effective marketing efforts and increased sales.

Why does small business need call tracking software?

Call tracking software tools are very beneficial for small businesses and start-ups. Successful marketing is the key to growing the customer base for new companies and creating awareness about the brand. Since small businesses do not have the capital to waste, they need to be very certain about the effectiveness about their advertising and marketing efforts.

Call tracking solutions can gather comprehensive information about business calling techniques, and enable organizations to get a swift return on investment. Here are some compelling reasons for small businesses to get call tracking tools:

  • It is a great tool for small businesses to expand through focussing on previously untapped geographies.
  • Call tracking software makes sure that new businesses spend their money only on specific advertising campaigns that will generate positive leads.
  • Call tracking platform help companies optimize their peak calling hours.
  • Call recording feature facilitates superior staff performance and agents can be trained to answer call queries efficiently.
  • It is the best way for small businesses to maximize their return on investments and reduce calling expenses.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. To set up the call tracking software, you would need to - Provide the business phone number that you are using, add the provided javascript code to your website, and also add the tracking parameter to your website.
  • A. This particular call tracking software is available in select countries, please get in touch with us to know more.
  • A. As call tracking software helps businesses track the sources that attribute to the incoming calls, it is immensely helpful. Marketing teams can build an effective marketing strategy, reduce cost per lead, and improve ROI with this software. Moreover, companies can store leads in the CRM software and easily access it when required. This not only assures accuracy but also enhances engagement.
  • A. When it comes to tracking multiple online ad campaigns, searches, and specific keywords, supplying multiple business phone numbers is beneficial. Call tracking software keeps track of every campaign, bundles together all the phone numbers, track different metrics and integrates with CRM and other applications to offer sales and marketing teams with the customer information.
  • A. Depending on the call tracking software you purchase, its ability to integrate with other software varies. However, an ideal call tracking software can be integrated with the CRM, marketing automation, and ad serving platforms. You can also integrate it with social media and web analytics software for in-depth customer insight.
  • A. While you set out to get call tracking software for your organization, it’s crucial to look for the following features

    • Intelligent Call Routing
    • Keyword Tracking
    • CRM Integration
    • Call Recording
    • Real-time and Historical Reporting
  • A. With a pool of software providers on the market, it is quite challenging to choose the best. However, comparing the following factors can help you make the right choice – network, customer service, pricing, local and toll-free numbers, and available integrations with your existing systems.

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