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Best Call Center Software for Small Business in 2020

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What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is one such software utilized by the companies in order to maintain a smooth calling experience while taking care of multiple communication channels at a time. Modern businesses face numerous accounts where the need for proper communication with the customer is a mandate. The type of communication adds value to the customer base and serves the customer better. 

Call center software, also known as call center CRM, is a software that helps the customer service associates to access the detailed information about the customer so as to improve the overall customer service experience. The right information and knowledge about the customer help companies enhance the conversation experience and improve overall customer experience. Typically a desktop software, a call center software integrates well with other applications and back-office applications.

Call center software manages the calls in an organization and makes sure to administer the incoming and the outgoing calls related to informational queries and product support. The purpose is to control the quality and gain maximum insight about the potential customer so as to boost the company’s sale by targeting the right audience.

How Does Call Center Software Works?

The primary motive to use a call center software is to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls. The target audience pitch-in and the incoming information query calls needs to be supervised so as to take relevant decision for the betterment of the business. The call center software typically consists of the following steps:

  • The call center phone systems and other sales calls are registered over call center software. The system retrieves the customer data if he/she has called previously and is registered with the system. For the new customer calls, a new identity is created with a unique identification number assigned.
  • The call center solutions are generally pre-installed with automated verbal replies. In case the customer opts to talk to a particular executive, the call is transferred to the available call center executive.
  • This call is then recorded and monitored by the software. This can further be retrieved and can be listened by the authorized entities for better performance and sales lead generation.
  • The system updates the authorized person with real-time status. If the call and the query are resolved, it tags it with the ‘success’ call and if not, it keeps the call in the ‘pending’ task and reminds regularly for the follow-ups.
  • When the status of the call is marked closed the contact center software marks the ticket as closed. An automated E-mail is then sent to the customer seeking feedback. Based on the feedback, the sales and marketing department can improvise and re-plan marketing strategies.

With the above-mentioned process, it is evident that the call center software streamlines the calling process and makes the job easier ensuring maximum productivity and providing quality support.

Types of Call Center Software

  • Traditional Call Center Software: Also known as on-premise call center software, this type of call center solution is installed on particular computers systems manually and is maintained by the internal IT team of the company. The major advantage of such a system is that, since it is maintained internally in the organization, the data remains safe and protected.
  • Hosted Call Center Software: In hosted call center software the data is stored at one centralized server. All the data is stored on the central server and can be accessed by the authorized person anytime. The software is hosted off-site and is connected to the network via the internet or VPN (Virtual Private Network). The workstation remains inside the organization while the data is available to access anywhere from the remote location. ?The software is maintained by the third party and investment is less since it is low-maintenance. One of the major disadvantages of this system is, since the data is centrally located, any breach to the security can make the company lost all the data.
  • Cloud-Based Call Center Software:  Also known as virtual call center software, cloud-based systems are technology rich. As all the data is hosted by the cloud server, it ensures high security and prevents a breach. The access to the information requires proper authorization and is cost-effective as the data and resources can be easily shared between the team members. It is more secure and easy to deploy with all the available resources and in-built features. The software requires minimal downtime for maintenance and support.

Call Center Software Features 

Any business small, mid-size or large requires to invest in contact center software so as to centralize all the tasks and calls and to drive the maximum returns from the customer data available. The following enlists basic features of a call center software:

  • Controlled Telephone Calls: The call center phone systems linked with the software can be controlled and monitored throughout and can be answered via the system. It enables the staff to hold, transfer, or mute calls with just a few clicks through PC or laptop. The system also provides features such as voice calls, live chat, email, conferencing, automated text messages, etc.
  • Automatic call assignment: The system assigns the calls as per the availability of the next available technician and there is no need to manually assign the calls. It routes the calls to the most appropriate agent and monitors performance throughout to gather more information.
  • Interactive Voice Response: The interactive voice response takes care of the initial messages like greetings, waiting for queue coverage and service prompt.
  • Voicemail and Notifications: This feature allows the user to drop a voice mail for the executives regarding the services in odd hours. The advance call center software is capable of recording the calls automatically and email the customer with an acknowledgment receipt for every call.
  • Real-time and historical reporting: The real-time reporting feature updates about the current status of tasks and records call for every day, take voice notes, records average duration of calls, records waiting time, mark service levels, etc.
  • Integration: The call center software integrates with third-party apps to extend the functionality and process and analyze the customer data in an effective manner. Connections across applications will increase the overall productivity with data being located centrally.

Benefits of using Center Software 

The call center software is designed to streamline the calling process and increase the efficiency of the overall work. It enables businesses to provide top class customer support and provide an optimal experience to the customers. Following are the benefits of using a contact center software:

  • Maintains Costing
    The call center solutions help minimize the cost by providing budget-friendly services. The software is in-built with many features and also allows cross-application integrations. This helps in minimizing the overall cost investment in individual applications and maintain the system while keeping it secure.
  • Enhanced Security
    The call center software, based on cloud technology and hosted platforms provide additional data security over the server. It is therefore mandatory to get a trusted and reliable server support that provides robust security, have security protocols and takes care of the overall maintenance of the system.
  • Operational flexibility
    The call center software not only manages the call but also maintains a wide range of information. This information can be used by the sales department to create new marketing strategies based on customer demand and adapt to better strategies to boost business. This system can also be integrated with the existing CRM applications and E-commerce marketing platforms to meet organizational needs at various levels.
  • Increased Productivity
    Packed with automated features such as monitoring tools, auto-dialers, voice messaging, time routing, call route matrices, prioritization, etc. call center software boosts the overall productivity of the organization by providing better customer experience. It provides real-time feedback on the performance by the customer support team. ?
  • Analytics Report
    The analytics report for the individual calls can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The report consists of the customer satisfaction ratings, feedback from the customer, call performance, executive performance and overall satisfaction of the customer. This helps in revising the scripts and processes by detecting the loopholes.

With any business, a high number of a service call or information seeking calls are expected. For companies dealing particularly in services, these number could shoot up as high. Providing customers with best on-call support not only help them have a great customer service experience but also boosts the company’s reputation. It effectively manages the company’s inbound and outbound communication by providing a smooth voice call experience to the audience. Also, it helps reduce a significant amount of strain on the customer support team by automating the services. Thus giving the higher management a better control and overview of the system. Call center software is one of the vital addition to any company, be it small, mid-sized or a large company. It not only makes the voice calls task easier but also streamline the process by providing a huge chunk of information about the potential customer.  With effective implementation of the call center software the product and services range can be expanded while providing a new set of customers and providing desired results for the business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Call center software is a cloud telephony technology, so it is compatible with any existing hardware, device, and operating system.

  • The advantage of cloud phone telephony is that the host does need to invest in any dedicated hardware installation. You simply have to create the account of your representative.

    • Improved customer service
    • Boost productivity
    • Real-time support
    • Enhanced collab among different departments
    • Develops a good relationship with the customer
  • Call center software intends to provide high-quality Voice over Internet service that performs seamlessly at even 8kbps.
  • Being a cloud technology, call center software can be easily personalized as per the business needs.

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