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Best Business Card Design software

Finding the best Business Card Design Software for your business is now faster and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get free consultation to find the perfect software.

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When it comes to a short business introduction, nothing matches a business card. It is an effective way of creating a neat first impression and showing your professionalism. The conventional business cards used to contain information like the name of your service, physical/official address, fax, and email-id. However, now as marketing tools like social media takes hold, the business cards nowadays include information regarding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. platforms.

Now, arriving at the purpose of business card design software. The purpose of this is to make the business card designing easy and affordable. As business cards still hold a large part of the marketing and campaigning, it is crucial for them to be attractive and elegant at the same time.

Business card design software does just that. It provides the user with different facilities to design a fantastic business cards and to print them. Also, the card software lets you avoid the expense of bulk-ordering the printing press for business cards and the cost of hiring a graphic designer. The card software developed for non-technical persons is an ideal one.

Business card designing is not a very dynamic area, so, it includes some standard set of features. However, the concept has now started to evolve with the increasing digitalization and lately added features have enhanced the software performance and user experience. Some of the standards and additional features of business card design software are as follows.

Standard Features

  1. Templates: Giving various templates for visiting cards is an integral part of the business card software. Not only does it make the software more appealing, but it also makes it flexible as different businesses have different requirements for visiting card design.
  2. Editing: The feature of editing the standard layouts as per user requirements is the essential feature for a business card design software. It allows the user to add, cut, crop, and adjust different kinds of images, clip arts, texts, etc. Making the editing process easy is a determining factor for such software.
  3. Printing Facilities: After all the business cards are typically a ‘physical’ model of marketing, so, there will be a need for printing them. The business card design software which creates the visiting cards must connect the printing activities with it. Also, there may be different preferences for the quality and format of printing, so, it is essential that software facilitates all kinds of preferences.

Additional Features

  1. Sharing: This feature here is developed due to the increasing use of the internet and mobile phones. Sharing is what helps to provide your business card not only physically, but electronically as well. Thereby facilitating the use of business cards over any device connected to the internet.
  2. Video attachment: The feature is entirely new in the visiting card software realm. As a typical business card cannot feature a video, it is the advent of e-business cards that introduced this concept. This allows a short video to work as your business card and provide the necessary information.
  3. Integrations: With the involvement of the internet, along comes the feature of integration. It allows several business tools like CRM Software to work with the software. The purpose is the capability of accessing the customer database directly, so, you don’t have to type the sharing address of customers. There can be more integrations according to the need.  

There can be different types of the business cards as per the nature of the business and its customer base. Some of them are as follows.

Based on configuration

The classic business card: It is used when there is no need to fancify the visiting card, or you don’t have many ideas for it. This gives all the necessary information in a formal, conventional way.

The social networker’s business card: Social networker’s card differs from others based on the information it provides. Generally, it excludes the phone number and address. Instead, there are URLs or information on email-id, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, etc. social media platforms.

The wild-format business card: The format like this is used when you want to attract customers unconventionally. If the business card is something not looking like a typical card shape, the customer might not forget it easily. It is the one for a creative customer base.  

The gadget business card: The type here is not easy to produce but very likely to attract attention. The name is so because the visiting card is so made that it can transform into some miniature shape of the gadget you sell. The idea can be explored more on business needs.

The typographic business card: The type refers to a business card design based on attractive ‘fonts.’ That means you can use different types of font printing to attract customers' attention. The visiting card prepared like this leaves a classy, and a dignified impression.

Based on the paper used(thickness): It might seem odd, but the quality and the impression of your professionalism does depend on the material and thickness of your business card.

Original matte paper: This paper type is widely used for business cards. The paper comes in the range of 280-320gsm(grams per square meter). It is a standard and formal kind of visiting card material.

Textured paper: These are also 280-300gsm cards but differ from others in the aspect of feel. The textured cards give a sense of touch to the business. It is designed to leave a classy impression on the prospect.

Extra strong matte paper: These cards are 350gsm, i.e., they are thicker than conventional cards and durable as well. There is a notion about visiting cards in the market that thicker the business card; more is the gravity added to your business. This context gave rise to such thick cards.

Non-Tearable: It is a 200-micron card which is very durable. This type became famous due to its long life; that is, it will maintain your business identity longer than any other.

  • Personalization: Customers nowadays have an increasing taste for a personalized experience. The card software provides exactly that, the facility to choose, edit, replicate, as per their requirement, in turn, giving a personalized experience.
  • Variety: Variety of features, designs, tools, integrations, etc. given by the visiting card software is a striking performance benefit. This type of facility allows freedom of creativity to the user.
  • Ease of process: If observed strictly, the conventional method of visiting card creation is quite long. Creating a layout, finalizing the design, giving printing orders, receiving the order, and then use of cards. A visiting card software eases this as you can create a suitable design, and print it out at your convenience.
  • Increased reach: The visiting card software allows you to create and share e-visiting cards over all of the internets. So, your business card is not limited to physical use, but electronic usability also increases.
  • Enhanced experience through technology: Card design software permits video cards nowadays, which means now you can transform your visiting card to an audio-visual. Hence, giving an improved experience to the customers.
  • Versatility in work: The business card design software giving mobile support and compatibility with different deployment platforms is a grand feat for user satisfaction. Now, the user can work on the card design from anywhere and anytime using the Internet.
  • Serve more than one purpose: Different types of business tools can be integrated with business card design software to save, share, and collaborate ideas and projects. Thus, the software serves more than the purpose of creating cards.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • No, it isn't true. Undoubtedly, adding images and graphics can make a card more appealing, but it can create clutter on the card. Keep one thing in mind – your customers need to remember your information and not how nice you place the pictures.
  • When it comes to designing a business card, you must only include the right amount of information. You can put a tagline or a short sentence about your product or services. However, if you think your business card is the only opportunity to showcase all of your products, you can mention them at the back of your business card.
  • Yes, it is. When your logo is colorful, or you want to include a picture on your card, you will require paying more. The cost of the black and white and colorful card varies a little. But, if you are on a restrictive budget, you can use shades of gray to showcase different information on your business card.
  • A logo is the cornerstone of any brand. So, you must include your logo on the business card. It is essential to associate your company's name with its logo so that customers can build trust in you.
  • The price of business cards varies based on the following factors:

    1. Quantity
    2. Paper Type
    3. Ink
    4. Special finishing requests
    5. Die-cuts
    6. Black & White or Colored

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